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Welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the innerwebs. My name has been everybody on the channel. Show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money and crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe button. I got my my door handle in the frame here.

It’s okay, though guys today, i want to talk about crypto predictions and really the way that you should handle those and kind of my feelings about um. You know my predictions that we get closer to the end of the year here. You know. I see a lot of comments out there and uh a lot of comments say: uh bitboy’s always wrong with his predictions, literally always wrong every single time. If you do the opposite of what this guy says, you will make so much money.


If you just do the opposite, just fade him on every single thing that he says. I see. I see all these comments and um, you know. While they don’t bother, they don’t really bother me and the reason is because the people that make those comments are extremely low, IQ they’re, some of the most idiotic people that exist in the world. Why?

Because they get so hyper focused. We talked about this on the live stream, a lot uh, you know maybe two weeks ago, they get so hyper, focused on the regency bias and what has just happened and they can’t look at the bigger picture, because here are facts: if you did the opposite of What I told you to do on this channel, you would have not bought Ethereum at two hundred dollars. You would have not bought bitcoin at thirty two hundred dollars. You would not have bought Solana at two dollars. You would not have bought chain link at less than a dollar.

You would not have bought v chain at one cents, so I want you to really think or one cent – it’s not plural. If it’s just one. So I want you guys to really think about that stuff. Now look. There are two major, some would say three major predictions that I’ve made that haven’t came true number one XRP did not end in September, and I’m still shocked by this and kind of an extension of that it has not hit four dollars.

XRP will hit four dollars for sure. That’s not even really a prediction. That’s that’s just a fact. Now, when it happens, your guess is as good as mine, but the fact is, it will hit four dollars. I have no, no doubt about that.

The other thing bitcoin hits 100k by the end of the year. Now, look obviously it looks like that’s, probably not going to happen, I’m genuinely shocked by it as well. I mean, I think, a lot of people in the beginning of the year. If you go back to when bitcoin was at 42 000 in January, everyone thought it was going way above 100 000. I mean pretty much everyone that’s been in crypto you’re, CNBC people.

They might not have thought that because uh, you know they’re, they don’t understand the way the bitcoin cycles, work and stuff like that. But everybody thought it was a hundred thousand dollars by the end of the year. Most people thought it hit a hundred thousand dollars by the summer or by the late summer. Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera capital, said 118 000 by august, and i thought all those predictions were pretty accurate now, as the year has gone on, and this is why those people are very low IQ. You have to take in new information and kind of judge that against where you thought things would be in the beginning of the year.

I thought bitcoin would go to 225 000. Then i thought it might have a chance to go to 320 000, but then, once we had the may crash, i adjusted that prediction. Here’s! What a prediction is, what i think is going to happen. That’s it that’s literally all it is what i believe is going to happen and remember this.

The people. First of all, we told you most likely the price of bitcoin was bouncing in July, so every person that bought bitcoin after july, you are still about 50 or more in the profit. So so think about that we were the channel telling you guys the it would go up, it would go up, it will go up again, it will go up again. We gave you a timeline for when we thought it would go up and it didn’t. It hasn’t seemed to match that timeline.

Now, a lot of this based on information, that’s been given to me that i think is still correct. I just think that there’s a lot of high level things going on in kind of the macro economics of the world, but that that’s a that’s another story. Another video, the the point here is – is that if you did what i said during that time, you made money, but this is only six months ago guys this channel has been around for a lot more than six months. This channel has been around since January of 2018. During the dark depths of the bear market, i was telling people to accumulate and telling people to buy so people who came in at the peak in may they’re at a loss and that’s why they’re so negative.

That’s why they’re they’re so angry, because once again now those people are back at a loss again if they didn’t sell and take profits. So those people are angry and you see these people making all these comments. Guys, we’ve done nothing but win since this channel has been around that there’s a reason why we have the biggest crypto community, the largest American YouTube channel by a good bit. There’s a reason, because when we go to meetups people have made so much money based off of these videos. Do you think if this were correct and everybody who did what i said lost money that every single time we went to a meet up?

We would have four or five hundred people there telling me about how well they’ve done. That’s not true that that’s not reality. A lot of people out there are trying to twist reality and have you think, certain things about different people in crypto or different projects in crypto. But you have to take the body of work into consideration. The body of work on this channel has been to tell you to do nothing but winning for four years now.

In a few days, it will be four years of telling you how to win in crypto and the regency bias is so strong that yeah I’ve got a couple predictions wrong, but look at a lot of the other predictions that I’ve had throughout the years on telling You, where i thought bitcoin would go to um and and where it will still continue to go. Predictions are for fun. This is what you guys have to understand. Predictions are for fun, it does. Nobody is going to nail a prediction dead to rights.

Like oh Solana is going to be got at 527.32 cents, no somebody’s going to generally tell you about where they think it’s going to go. Predictions are refined. People love this on the channel, our prediction, videos and our top coins. Videos are our best performing videos of all time, our portfolio, videos as well do really well, and so this is the kind of content that people want and we’re going to continue to do that type of content, but don’t buy into this narrative that everything we predict Is wrong because we had a couple wrong ones over the year: that’s going to get people to where they don’t watch this channel and they lose big time down the road because they’re listening to the wrong people, when prices go down, people tend to want to see Bearish content, because when people are feeling pain, when people are losing money when they’re at a loss, what do they want?

They want to be more miserable and they want other people to be more miserable than they are. So when you have people coming out there that are uh, you know exposing exposing youtubers or or you know, don’t do what this guy says. You know you’re going to lose money. Look at all these people who have lost money. The fact is that they’re doing that for clicks, because they understand that in a bear market, one of the most popular channels in the bear market was a 100 negative channel.

All this person did was attack people over and over and over again misery loves company. But those who do well in crypto they’re able to get above that you’re able to go to a higher level where you’re looking at things over the long term. Because if you’re gonna hold on to these cryptos, for you know four eight twelve years minimum, then why does it really matter what one peaks out at or not? It doesn’t really matter the fact that bitcoin went from 3 200 all the way to basically 70 000. That’s a pretty good gain, that’s pretty big!

So i i think you guys got to really take a step back and look at the bigger picture and understand predictions. Are for fun predictions are simply what i think will happen and they’re not always correct, and i know look i i deal with this in my personal life all the time. I have a lot of opinions that i i feel like are facts at the time, but they’re just opinions or just just what i think um you know, especially with me and my wife. I deal with that a lot sometimes, but the fact is that these predictions are fun and you got to look at them for fun, but they are generally where i think things are going to and when you look at the history of this channel and you look At what we, the prices, we were telling you to buy this stuff at Cardano at five cents v chain less than a penny bitcoin at 3200. 200.

Ethereum, it’s 79. Actually, if you really want to get specific, if you go back to the mark scratch, especially for long periods of time telling you to buy it at 200, you will win. If you watch this channel for four years, you will win, we’ve demonstrated it anyone who is watching this channel before 20 000. Subscribers has crushed it so much that they don’t care where bitcoin goes to they’ve already made all their money when you come in and the best you’re hoping towards a 2x well, it seems to matter a lot, and i would really encourage a lot of you guys To get rid of your regency bias and look at the big picture. I know it’s so cliché but when in doubt zoom out – and you will find there’s a reason why this channel leads the pack, because people have been doing nothing but winning by watching this channel.

For the last four years, are you gonna do the same? All right guys? That’s all i got hope you guys had a merry Christmas uh looking forward to being back in the studio um tomorrow and uh. That’s all i got be blessed by the way out.

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