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I am the most anonymous, most mysterious, most hated but most accurate chart analyst on YouTube! Dear Traders & Crypto Holders Welcome to the anonymous analyst channel 250 PIPS ON DOLLAR INDEX 7100 PIPS IN GOLD 350 PIPS IN EURO USD FREE MONEY That’s how I should call my channel I guess since I all I am doing is giving you guys free money.

All my financial market predictions have been accurate since the start of my channel. Including gold, bitcoin, XRP, euro USD, the dollar index, and a perfect prediction of the major recession that started a huge decline in dow Jones, sp500 and many more. Now you see I needed to make an entrance on YouTube, can’t give you guys the wrong impression.

In this community, we go straight through the bullshit and we pay attention to my analysis as it is your best indicator for long and short term timing predictions. With the help of my predictions and the community, you will be able to become a successful trader after you build some experience and skill.

Let’s watch the last 3 predictions of gold, euro USD and the dollar index. Here we have dollar index Perfect prediction my prediction made you 250 pips if you took this trade. Do you see how the market turned exactly on the date I predicted? That’s beautiful because if you had opened a call position on the 27th or 30 march your trade would have never gone into losses.

Only profits in this trade and you could have moved your stop loss into the profit zone to secure your trade. Another option is closing 50% of your trade-in profits and put a break-even stop loss on the other 50% of your trade. This way you will always profit no matter what. If you get lucky your trade keeps continuing and you get even more profits.

Let’s take a look at our gold prediction Here my prediction could have made you 7100 pips! Not bad for a couple of days of trading. Now some of you may think that this was a mistake. But that’s not exactly the case. This happens a lot. The timing part was accurate as always, the gold market turned exactly on the date I predicted the 27th. The problem here is there was timing in between which makes the trend change once again.

I can calculate these timings in between but it takes a lot of time and work to do that for each market. Now was my timing prediction date accurate? Hell yeah. Was this trade a profitable trade? Hell yeah! The most profitable. Gold is highly volatile right now, so I take my profits whenever I see good profits.

Gold has more potential to go up in value so if you take short positions make sure to get out fast. Once you entered this trade your account only went up in profits with a short stop loss.

You could have managed your trade the same way as in the previous prediction. If we take a look at euro is my prediction would have made you 350 pips Here the same scenario.

You could have entered with perfect entry and a short stop loss. Take 50% of your profits on the way and let the rest run for more. When we hit our next timing signal, you should consider closing all your trades. Do you think this is a game? I don’t play games. The results speak for themselves. I will keep making these predictions for the rest of my life. But that doesn’t necessarily mean these predictions will be posted on YouTube every time I make them.

The community will always get my predictions first. Right now there are 9 timing predictions left for bitcoin, these are posted for free in our community on a telegram. If you want to make sure to get these predictions for the rest of your life you should consider joining. Now I’m going to end this video with a couple of top articles and a quick update on the XRP prediction.

The link to my telegram channel will be in the description. How can YOU cash in on these predictions? COMMENT, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE (hit the notification bell) so you never miss a video of my future predictions.

Anonymous Analyst OUT!.

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