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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

XRP Analysis Today!!!

Hi everyone. I hope you all. This is coins kid just gonna dive into xrp. Once again, thank you for support. Okay, we’re gonna come ski crew.

So i did this tweet yesterday. I think it was, and i just said to people you know. Imagine the friends of when xrp gets relisted on major exchanges in the us. Is there any update on when it will reach a conclusion, as in you know the court case? There’s lots of different replies.

This guy al said 2045 is probably right with that export discovery deadline has been deferred until the 28th of February okay. So i was under the impression there was something happening this week to be honest with you, so that looks as though it’s been deferred to the 28th of Feb., so essentially a bit more time to accumulate so to speak. So the last update was April may postponed to next Monday, 28th. So there’s a lot of people saying the 28th. The settlement, tech money future said the settlement could happen any time most likely scc.

Lawsuit will be over by September. Federal reserve statement coming up may also play into this time frame depending on what it entails. Hopefully it is not exclusively up CDC’s, so uh it will drag on for as long as people will stand to gain the most position themselves. I imagine next important date. Expert discovery pushed from the 18th of June, so yeah.

That was the date that was looking at roundabout now to the 20th of February. Because of ron uh, i don’t know what wrong one is earlier. Settlement would be towards the end of march and if it goes to trial, then latest verdict is September unless there are any further delays. That is, i just hope we have a positive outcome before the end of the fifth wave of the bull run. You know for me: i think that xrp this is good, because this gives us a lot longer time to accumulate xrp, because i do think that you know this is my own point of view.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean it’s financial advice and i’ve not got crystal ball. I do think that that it’ll be a positive outcome for for crypto and x hoppy, especially and just like, i said in the tweet here. Imagine the frenzy when xrp gets relisted on major exchanges in the us. Now, for those of you who look at the charts every day like i do, there was a blip uh a few months ago, where coinbase accidentally, relisted xlp and in in that timeframe it shot like 25 30 percent and then obviously it got took off and he’d Come back down so that’s sort of a looking glass into what will happen to the xrp price. Again, nothing says financial advice, but once the the relisting does come, wow expect fireworks.

So i’m just going to jump into the charts right now. Okay, so just diving into the weekly chart here for xrp, you can see you’re coming back right now in this falling wedge. Basically, you can see how i said to you tightening in this range, so we’re looking for a breaking resistance, start to come back up and attack. These highs. Okay – and this will be a beautiful little trade when it comes because from there you know, once you bring that key resistance, there you’re looking at a beautiful upside of 26 and then your technical target to retrace all the way back up to the wedge.

It’S around about 65, but you can see at that point you’re breaking key resistance, so i would imagine you’re going to get continuation you’re looking at around about 498 for xrp in this ballroom, providing it can break out and hold support. Basically, so you know when i was a fearful, be greedy and when it was a greedy, be fearful, you know, by the blood, by the depression, by the fear, basically and that’s exactly what we’re getting right now in these markets, as was this an opportunity, as was This an opportunity – you know, as was this, an opportunity as well so providing you can continue to hold support, you’re looking at continuation, it’s until you lose those key levels of support. You know then you’re going to roll over, obviously and start to come down even further. You take out that load just there and then obviously you can see you’re rolling here for xrp and you you’re going to come down, and i would imagine that this white line here would be an amazing entry point. But for me to say to you that it’s definitely 100 gon na do that right now would be hoping, wouldn’t it.

So you know if you, if you keep an eye on the bitcoin videos, we are looking for some kind of spring and some kind of breakout on bitcoin. After a level accumulation holding its key level support as well so providing bitcoin can do well, then xrp will do well. You know, so it’s all about bitcoin in a minute because xrp, even though we had the sec here, you know this capitulation event. When the news came out getting sued and things like that in the court case, exos peace still went on a little bull run here. Didn’T it you know and putting this high way back there in april uh last year, and then it’s retraced to this low.

Okay, because look! This is a 1618 target office high and low. That was the one six one eight, which i gave everybody. Okay, everyone fought some kind of market wizard when i was laying down that target it hit on the dollar and then it’s rolled to the zero five 05 retracement to this low. It’S held it and right now it’s coiling up.

Okay, looking to come back up and break this eye, so for me, you’re still in an impulsive break target to this high until you’re, not the only way to invalidate that technical target, this white line, which is one six one eight, is come down and lose this Low, so to do that, we need to start rolling here, okay and taking out that low and then, like i said in yesterday’s video you’ve, got technical breakdown targets for xrp. If that happens, but you know it’s not happening at the moment, isn’t it yielding structural support for the continuation of the trend that you were in, which is an uptrend look? Oh yes, look people forget to see that, but it’s why you always zoom out. So a lot of people say you know the road to 27 dollars is never going to get there and things like that, but it is the road to 27. This is a long road.

Now, each one of these white lines here is a fib extension. Okay. So i’m going to run this through with you again so from this low. Here to there look, you can see that we basically broke that high okay, and this is why i gave one everyone, the one, six one eight target at 198 and they met on the absolute dollar because you came up and broke the high. You retraced okay and you broke the high you coiled up here and it’s horizontal.

Then you came up. You broke this level of resistance. Okay, look at this trend line as well. You broke out of that and that confirmed the 1618 target and it was met like a boss. This was a whopping trade that i gave everybody off this technical support here in march.

You know, and i was covering and everyone thought what an idiot xrp is a scam coin, but from here it rode all the way up. That was a whopping trade of 360 okay, and at that point i said to you, look you run into key resistance. Let me show you that resistance in a minute you’re looking to retrace you know, take some profits. Do whatever not financial advice. Nothing to say is financial advice.

An xrp’s came back, it’s held the lows. This trend line see this trend line which you’ve broken out of. Like multi-year trend line, basically one big massive cup and handle plan which you’ve broken out of and you’ve landed on, support just there in the summer, okay, you’ve held it. You see that and the 55 you start to come up. We trace this site, but you fail to break it and right now you’re coming back in a falling wedge, which is the bullish reversal plan.

You know essentially some kind of big cup and underlie if you cut – and this is your handle coming back, you come up and you start to break resistance boom. You can see you’re gon na come up and break that target. Just there now, your next one, six one eight target is this white line just here for xrp, okay. So this is why i’m still bullish on xrp and people think what an idiot you know is chatting he’s talking about his ass. But i’ve got to be because you’re holding structural support for this scenario until you come down and you lose structural support.

Not for that scenario. This is why i remain in this scenario. You understand that so it’s technical analysis. 101. You come up made a high made a low made a high making a higher low at the moment.

So right now, you need to come up break this key resistance and take out that high, which will put you in that target to that white line right there. Okay, so what are these lines? Why do i have them targets in my in my charts right here, so for those that are new and those that look at the thumbnail, and i think i’m click baiting or something like that? It’S the road to 27? Okay!

This is the road to 27 for xrp. Now, i’m a massive believer in xrp. I love the tech. I think it’s amazing technology and i do envision it being up here at some point. Okay in the next, you know i can’t this is a trouble.

I do try to give a time frame, but you know who can who can give a timeframe if you, if you put a time frame, you’re some kind of genius, so it’s just supporting resistance to get to that target. Basically, so i’ll show you again this you come down, you would trace it. This high okay, you retraced off this high came down. You were tracing to this low, which was a one six. One eight target met like a boss.

So right now look from here to here once you start to come up and you break that high, just like you did here, and everyone was in disbelief and i’m telling you down here is an optimal entry point, the fear, the blood and everyone was saying. Oh, no, it’s a coin going to zero, but you’re, creating a beautiful, horizontal and eventually breaking out give you 300 uh long opportunity right there and he met the one six one, eight like a boss and right now it’s coming back. It’S all in support and you’re coiling up for another one, six, one eight target, which is this here: okay and again from this point right here, you know of this zero five volt fib retracement from there to there there’s another whopping 784 percent, long opportunity that i Gave everyone in the summer so so far, we’ve come up. Okay, we’ve run into resistance at this green trend line and you can see we’re coming back retracing in a beautiful falling wedge, providing we can hold it in great resistance and come back up and take out these highs. Okay, then you’re.

Looking at that 1618 target up there 4.54.60 right about that area, i’ll be more precise on the daily when i zoom in and show you, but right now for me, xrp is equally in a larger fibonacci retracement here from the the previous bull market high to the Bear market low, you’re coming up the stairs. Basically, you know and there’s a thing that i say it’s not my saying it’s a an age old saying the balls go up the stairs and the the the balls go up the stairs and the bears come out. The window: okay, look, there’s an example of the bears coming out of the window; okay, so when we do have them bear markets.

Look at that huge correction into the depths right there, so you’re putting your bull market top and you’re putting your bear market low. Just there march capitulation and you slowly started to come up with stairs mckinney’s, higher highs and higher lows. We just stay. You rent a level of consolidation, as you did off this impulsive brake high as well. Okay and you’re, going sideways and right now, you’re going sideways.

Basically, it’s essentially caught between a range, so providing xrp can do this and start to come up stairs. These are my fibonacci targets. This is why i’ve got the one six one, eight at twenty seven dollars, which bitcoins already met, is one six one eight target. Okay, then you’ve got a one four one, four, thirteen, fifty eight and then you’ve got a one, two, seven, two eight four: now each one of these levels is going to offer an amazing level of resistance and a profit taking point as well. Okay, i do think that this white line here once you break the all-time high, is going to offer an amazing profit taking point, because this was an amazing profit.

Taking point okay ride, the waves start to come back up, retrace essentially to 786, who knows and then start to come back up, and you know you’re on this long journey right now to 27. This is why i do put on the front of the thumbnail. The road to 27 – okay, it’s not click bait; it’s not trying to get views or anything like that. This is the road now to invalidate that particular target xrp has to do one thing: it has to roll and lose this low, so you are in that technical target until you lose that low. Now, when you lose that low, we have to readdress the charts and look and see where we are, but right now you can see you’re working through the fibs here, you’re working through the fibs slowly but surely working through the hips.

This is why i do envision. You know, and i do accumulate xrp myself because i believe in it. I think it’s fantastic technology, and this is why i’m you know confident that we are going to be looking at that price tag you know in in whenever it is, and this is the thing i wish. I could tell you when, but this is what i’m looking at for xrp to 1618 at 27. I am until i’m not.

You know to invalidate that we have to roll deeper than that, but you know imagine imagine if we did come down there. I don’t think we will to be honest with you, but what do i know, but anyway, yeah looking at the weekly, you can see that we’re coming up through the fibs running 786 we rolled down held the 5-0 like that came back up, got above the golden Ratio and right now we’re putting double m top pattern on the golden ratio of support. We rolled down, you can see: we’ve not necessarily tested tested the zero five. Oh so for me that would be a key level support if you will see a roll and a wick grab down here come back up. That would be an amazing entry point if there was a bit of a capitulation event here for xrp, because you can see you’re losing the zero six one.

Eight they’ve gone on ratio you’re running into resistance just there, so essentially you’re crawling up here. If you can break out amazing get back above the golden ratio, you can see that you’re gon na break out to the upside take out 786 and you retrace to the all-time high and you’ve worked your way through the fibs right here for xrp and it’s poor Run so this is why i’m bullish until i’m not take care. Everyone hope you understand that update stay, hopefully, stationary stay tuned, take care everyone, bye-bye

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