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Hello, star crews and welcome to a beautiful morning and a beautiful day it’s here in thailand, i’m going to be going traveling today, which is going to be awesome. If you used to watch my videos a few months ago, you know i used to travel around a lot and make videos in different locations and today we’re going to be doing the same. I’M going on a road trip um going up towards bangkok, so we’re going to stop along the way and make videos along the way, which would be amazing. I just woke up so i’m a little bit sleepy, but it is beautiful morning here um today we’re going to be looking at the price of bitcoin to see where it’s going to go next, i want to say congratulations yesterday, if you’re watching my amd video amd Pop four percent, if you watch the tesla video day before it popped five percent, so i’m trying to now um i’m making the videos for the long term, obviously because we’re long-term investors, but i’m also trying to time them that the video comes out just before the Stock pops off um, so you just make quick gains in that way, but you really need to take my courses to fully understand what i’m doing join my 2000 other students and learn how to invest in the stock market. The right way in the cryptocurrency markets the right way using the right technical indicators using the tools that you actually need to invest in the markets, not just randomly hoping and buying random cryptos random stocks at random times.

But doing it very calculated with very specific technical entries, very specific prices and buying it specifically at the right times um to take my courses, you can go to our website. Www.Stockguru.Us you’ll find the stock guru master course and the cryptocurrency master course. I do recommend everyone.

Take both so you fully understand what i’m teaching um the stock markets. The stock cost is focused on the stock markets and brokers and how to open your brokers, how to make trades on your exchanges, how to um identify stocks and do fundamentals. The crypto course is about cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum, how to open exchanges there, how to buy cryptocurrencies there, how to trade them and also how to day trade cryptos and also how to find 100x coins. Www.Stockgroup.

s joined by more than 2 000 students, let’s jump into the charts for bitcoin, and i would love people if you can do me a huge favor and comment down below i. I woke up with a song in my head now. My voice is very croaky, but something like first heard it in the car then heard it in the radio. I would love to know what song that is. If someone can please let me know in the comment section below, i want to find that song and listen to it instead of me singing it with my terrible voice.

I want to hear it with an amazing voice. If you can, let me know the name of that song in the description. I want to find it on spotify. What we’re looking at here is bitcoin over time everyone. So this is bitcoin over time: bitcoin usdt on binance monthly candles and we’re zoomed out we’re going to look at the overall history of bitcoin then go in and make um and then find out and do technical analysis try and predict where it’s going to go next.

If you’re looking at these charts – and they seem overwhelming and you’re like blowing your mind, it’s because they’re beautiful and these charts are specifically mine – that i’ve been creating for 18 years, i’m using tradingview Com but i’m using very specific indicators here: squeeze mob rsi, stochastic volume, indicator m, a cross indicator and the stock gurubot support resistance lines indicator as well, which i’m going to turn on now, and i teach you how to set these up in the courses www.stockguru.us. So the first thing we look at bitcoin since 2017, massively trending up the trend is your best friend volume predicts price huge volume coming in. You learn all these indicators.

How to use them in the courses squeeze mob is releasing. It has already released this pressure and is coming down now. Rsi is coming down and close to the 51 rsi line and that’s quite important. Everyone on the monthly. This is the main reason why i’m very very one of the main reasons that i’m very bullish bitcoin, because if you actually look at the rsi, if you look in 2020 when it hit the 51 on the rsa, when you look in 2000 at end of 2020, When you look at 2019, when it hit 51 on the rsi, you can see that’s the time of the bottoms before major runs up on bitcoin and we’re coming very close on the monthly to the 51 rsi.

Again, that’s why i’m extremely bullish bitcoin, the stochastic is making higher lows and turning up the rsi is making higher lows and turning up stochastic turning up and the main thing also is the volume huge volume never before seen, volume coming into bitcoin monthly. This was the volume in 2017-18 run when bitcoin went up to a price of 19 798 dollars and look at the volume that we had there. It was minuscule compared to the volume we have almost 10 times the volume that we have uh 10 times more volume. Now bitcoin is trending up everything, looking bullish going into the long term, and it looks like it is following up this trend line and going to stay climbing up this trend line, um everything. Looking bullish trend, your friend, ma cross, open heading up volume coming in stochastic.

Turning up rsi turning up squeeze mob released its pressure. In my opinion, it’s looking very bullish mainly because of this 51 rsi line, and i will be accumulating more bitcoin here, let’s zoom in now on the daily charts and see, what’s going to happen to bitcoin for the next few weeks, the stock guru brought calling the Moves on bitcoin so amazingly well, and i really want to point that out again and just congratulate the stocky robot um. It was open source code, but we are working with developers to make it just better and better. So we can get more accurate, but you need to use the stock robot with all the other indicators and you get the stock robot in the cryptocurrency master course. The link in description and ping comment, so the stock group bought fire to buy back here.

In october 2020, we went from eleven thousand dollars. I made videos in may last year, saying urgently buy bitcoin at nine thousand, but the stock group bought code at eleven. We went from eleven thousand, it turned to blue on the buy on the stock robot all the way up to sixty four thousand. Then it warned of a sell and i warned everyone of a waterfall sell-off, so we caught the movement from nine thousand to sixty four thousand. Then we sold it to fifty five thousand, and if you followed that we went red on the cell on the stock report came crashing down.

And then we started to re-buy a bitcoin at the 29 000 many times along the last few months and we compounded our gains like crazy because we bought the bot we bought. The 9 000 had the run up to the 64 000 sold the top and then rebought the bottom. So if you’re one of my subscribers, you made huge huge gains on bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. If you’re not hit the subscribe button, the bell the thumbs up button join my 50 000 subscribers. My goal is to teach to have five million students take my courses.

They have two children each. That means i’m helping. 10 million children have better financial stability, better stability in their lives, incomes, better education, better food and just something i didn’t have when i was young, which was final financial stability from my family. So i want to have that, for i want to teach as much of that as possible. I’Ve been teaching for i’ve, been investing for 18 years, starting off in forex markets, stock markets and cryptocurrency markets.

Since 2012, i’ve been teaching for 10 years and the last year i’ve been making this channel, and i have more than 50 000 students on this channel and 2 000 students taking my courses at the moment so on the daily we. This is what’s also important on the daily the stock guru bought, just like it fired back in october last year before we had that run up from 9 000 to 64 000. The stock guru bought about five days ago, seven days ago, sorry fire to buy on on the stock robot. It fired a buy at 33, 000 Um i made videos to buy bitcoin at 29 000 and on this 33 000, with the 40 000 target. If you followed my live trades, the join button is down below uh on your phone.

There’S a join button down there. If you click it, you see all my live trades that i make in the markets. You’Ll see my limit orders targets for my trade reasons. For my trade and my stop loss you get alerted youtube. Will pop up on your phone and alert you to my live trades join button down below.

I bought bitcoin uh just a bit more than a week ago, at 29 000. i made buy orders for bitcoin and we skyrocketed up from 29 000 all the way to up to 42 000. So we made mega gains there. Now it’s come down a little bit. It hit exactly my f look at that it hit exactly my 42 370 target and then bounced off amazing.

It exactly hit it and bounced off now we’re going to try and predict where it’s going to go next. So, in my opinion, we’ve got the stock robot firing by. We have large volume coming in the last three days or four days it has been selling volume, but overall strong volume, the stochastic is still coming down. The rsi was overbought, but it’s come down and now it’s turned to head up. The squeeze might be starting to release pressure.

In my opinion, it’s still looking bullish for bitcoin um. It’S still looking quite bullish for bitcoin. It was in this channel, but it broke down out of this channel. So now i’m going to delete these and we’re going to see where we’re going to try and predict where bitcoin is going to go next. It it hit my target of 42 000 and then came down like expected.

It’S come a little bit further. It came down and bounced off exactly my support line. 37. 461. Look at that everyone!

It was a little bit off. It was about 30, it was. We went to a low of 34 642. My support line was 37 461, so it was very close to that. It was just about 300 off amazing on the technicals.

Now are we going to start heading up? Is the question let’s get rid of this target and see what we can do with the technicals? The yellow tags are my targets where i think bitcoin is going to go. The red tags are my supports. The major major support is that 31 140 That means, if bitcoin ever comes down to there, it’s a huge support that you could expect a very strong bounce off the 31 000.

It would be very hard to break these supports. Also. We have a very strong support now at 37 461, where we bounced off and we have another really strong support at 34 549.. In my opinion, bitcoin is looking bullish here, mainly because this bounce off this support, i think, after this is a very strong support, because many times when we tried to come up the last few months, it’s found big resistance off there.

Many times it found resistance and get rejected. So when it comes down onto this support, it’s going to find heavy support here and bounce off. In my opinion, iris squeeze mob, releasing pressure, rsi heading up, stochastic coming down volume coming in, but to the cell volume m a cross heading up and buy volume coming in. In my opinion, i wouldn’t short bitcoin here, because it’s also formed a giant cup and handle that i talked about in the last video and cupping handles. As i teach you in the cryptocurrency mastercards, you learn.

Technical patterns, a cup and handle is a very bullish pattern, meaning going up and the way it works. It forms a cup and then a handle, and then you usually break out towards the direction of the trend to the base of the cup from the handle. So we’re looking at a movement like this for bitcoin and that cup and handle on bitcoin is quite large if you actually look at it. It’S it goes from here down to here and then it’s formed the handle. So if we make that distance, where we could expect a potential movement, it’s huge for bitcoin, we could be looking at a movement of it’s actually a really large movement.

In my opinion, this is potentially it will go to the fifty thousand dollar mark. If this cup and handle forms – and we hold this support line at thirty seven thousand four hundred and sixty one bitcoin – could be very quickly going up. Forty two thousand forty three thousand forty five thousand and fifty thousand would be the target of this cup and handle rsi is looking like that. Stochastic could come down more and we just need more buying volume coming. But in my opinion i wouldn’t be shorting bitcoin here at all.

I really wouldn’t be shorting bitcoin here everyone. This is a. This is a very like obvious cup and handle if it holds 37 000 if it doesn’t hold 37 000. We come down to 34 000 and then expect a major bounce off there. We have so much support at the 34 000.

It would be very hard for bitcoin to break 34 549 In my opinion, but we’re going up, this is form the cup and handle that i was expecting a few days ago. It just came a little bit lower, but i was expecting this and i think we’re gon na break out to the upside and start moving up towards these targets. A lot quicker than people would expect with this cup and handle. For me, that’s my targets for bitcoin. Going into september and october 50 000 is the key and why it’s so why?

This is a really good trade actually is because the risk to reward rate ratio. We have so much major supports here. We have a major support at 37 000 major support at 34. 000 and then one huge huge support at 31 000, so you can be accumulating bitcoin without that much risk at the moment. In my opinion, i’m going to be buying bitcoin after this video because of this formation of the cup and here new cup and handles as i teach you, the cryptocurrency mastercards are very, very bullish patterns.

So i’m going to be buying bitcoin here for this expected breakout towards the 50k. Now i’m going to zoom in one more time – and i just want to say really a big congratulations to all stock gurus everyone that followed my saw, my live trades. The join button on your phone buying bitcoin. We bought it multiple times at the 29, 000 30 000, which is huge gains considering just a week a bit more than a week ago, we were buying it at 29, 000, now sitting at 38, 300 That’S um a gain of 9 000 or about 25 in just a bit more than a week, but not just that we accumulated. We sold all the cryptos at the top at the 55 000 mark and we bought them all at the bottom.

So we made mega mega compounding gains so again, big, congratulations! All stock gurus! I really recommend use that money to take the courses, the cryptocurrency mastercard. So you learn much more you if you try to. If i told you to go fix a car and you’ve, never you’ve never had any education about car repair.

Mechanic repair you’ve never been to a mechanic school. It would take you a very, very long time to fix that car. It’S the same with investing. We did a poll and we asked how many of my students actually have taken my courses compared to how any courses compared to how many investing 30 percent had taken some form of education when it comes to investing but 80 of the people were investing and that’s Crazy to me, it’s like trying to fix a car and build a car, but you never had any lessons about what how a piston works, how an engine works, how the spark plug works. It’S the same with investing save yourself, 18 years of my lessons and take the cryptocurrency mastercards and stockroom oscars.

It’S only 333 dollars. If you followed my live trade just a bit more than a week ago, you made at the from that twenty nine thousand to the forty two thousand. You made thirteen thousand dollars on bitcoin in a week and that’s just my trades just firing every day. If you follow my trade on amd yesterday, the video you’re up five percent in one day or four percent. If you follow my trade on tesla the other day, you’re up more than 10 or yeah 10 in just a few days – and this is we’ve made 700 on bitcoin – let alone the trading that we did along the way.

So our our gains were massively compounded. We made three thousand three hundred percent on doge when i said to buy dojo three cents: three thousand three hundred percent means. If you put a thousand dollars, you would have thirty three thousand dollars, take my 333 dollar courses and learn this information. The reason we charge 333 is because i like the numbers and two we have 10 a team of 10 people, so it’s paying for all the people that are working for us um. I make my gains mainly from all the investing that i do in stocks and cryptos.

If you’ve been following me for a year, you know that i’m no joke and i make mega mega gains, and so do you um. If you’re new to this hit the subscribe button, the bell the thumbs up button, if you’re skeptical just watch me for a while and see what happens over the years and if you’ve been following me since 2009, on twitter, you’re, already very, very rich person. If you’ve been following this channel for the beginning of the year, you’re already very also wealthy, if you’ve been following just a few months, you’re also wealthy, but it’s the long-term game. I’M not doing this for the short term, i’m going to be here for years again. My goal is to have five million students take my courses, two children, each.

That means i’m helping. 10 million children have better lives and that’s one of my goals and another one is to feed villages all over the world which i’m doing also so, let’s zoom in now to the hourly candles and see what’s going to happen to bitcoin for the next few hours And again on this cup and handle formation, it’s looking extremely bullish straight away. When i see this, the stock guru bought called the cell really well at the 41 000 and we turned red on the stock group. But you get it in the cryptocurrency mastercard and we failed at 37 000. It hasn’t turned blue yet, but in my opinion, it’s about to turn blue rsi turned and it’s starting to.

We have a divergence here. We have a bullish, divergence, everyone, the rsi and the stochastic are heading up making higher lows, but the price has been coming down. That’S a bullish. Divergence rsi is oversold. Turning up stochastic turning up strongly squeeze mob is building mega pressure volume coming in, in my opinion, we’re about to have a cross of the ma and the stock robot fire buy and we’re going to be heading up quite strongly for bitcoin.

In my opinion, the target will be 41 000 we’re going to face from. We have one target also here. A big resistance at 40 200 expect that when we hit these yellow tags, we’re going to have some form of resistance and a bounce off. But these are the targets, but in in the long run i am expecting bitcoin to just move up very strongly. That’S my path for bitcoin everyone.

I really am very bullish on bitcoin right now, especially on the hourly. It also looks bullish so for the next few hours, i believe the stocky robot is about to fire a buy we’re about to turn blue ma cross is about to cross. It hasn’t yet, but just my experience in seeing the charts i am seeing that volume is coming in stochastic and rsi is turning to head up coiling squeeze more building pressure. Bitcoin is ready to fire. In my opinion, i mean we’re on the hourly candle, so it is much more volatile, much much more harder to predict on the hourly than it is on the daily and the monthly.

But in my opinion it is looking extremely bullish. All the yellow tides are my targets target one target two target three target: four and red tags are my major supports as we go up and i also notice yes, bitcoin is looking extremely bullish. Everyone, let’s jump into twitter, to see if there’s any major news for bitcoin again to learn these technical analysis. You know exactly the price to buy and sell your cryptos, so you can predict cryptocurrency market crashes and stock market crashes before they fall. Take the cryptocurrency mastercard link in description and ping comment.

So now we’re in my twitter. You can follow me on twitter. Stop guru, james, make sure my name and face matches. You can become one of my two thousand plus students taking the stock guru master course, and the cryptocurrency master course i’ll show you the cryptocurrency master course today um. This is the course uh learn the tools that i use to make ten thousand plus returns on my investment implement while studying know exactly when to buy and sell.

This is information about me, 18 years, investing early crypto enthusiasts more than 2 000 students taking my courses. Now more than 20 millionaire students um and you can 50 000 subscribers before the cryptocurrency master course you’re. Losing money, you’re, buying high and selling low you’re following and stressing out you’re gambling and losing money after the crypto course you’re buying and selling. At the exact specific right times, you’re making consistent gains you’re changing your mindset about investing you’re you’re identifying how to find a hundred x coins, meaning when you put a thousand, you try to get a hundred thousand dollars back. You can read about this in the course here the professional say i have an mbh, mhr and doctoral work in finance.

I could have just taken your course and saved myself eight years. If you, the course is for you, if you want to build wealth, expand your portfolio, make money every day, create passive income retire. Asap this course the course program. It’S 12 lessons and it’s got a lot of um study material, and they just did amazing. With this.

The course this is a trailer for the course i’ll show you please make sure you split the seed brace in half your first bitcoin amazing, and it’s quite a beautiful thing. When you learn to do this pressure, they do the pressure they put the pressure. I really dislike, i would say, hate the fat. That’S why i made lesson 9 purely about leverage, six trillion dollars of usd. We won at least 20 profit amazing production by team.

Just amazing, trailer, um and you’ll get access to the course. The 16 lessons high quality production, amazing production quality. They did on this course um. The package is the light course you get the the course the 333. The master course, including the bot, is 799 My students results your course saved me, making huge mistakes i’m going uh.

I stopped myself from losing 90 000 I’M up 180. 000 in the past two months. I purchased your course on tuesday, i must say: i’ve already started profiting in the market. Thank you for your knowledge and teachings. I made fifteen thousand dollars because of you.

My portfolio just hit a hundred thousand dollars crushed. Your master course in a day, the most amazing ever decision of mine um. This man here is a legend thanks for taking time to get us all in the game. I was doing okay, but with your hope, i’ve done 450 in my portfolio and that’s a lot better. Thank you, david um, since i bought the master course, i’m up 20 without doing much.

Thank you, james and just many many reviews from my students check those out and that’s a crypto course and there’s an faq. And yes, it’s amazing um, and this is uh. What i’ve been sharing on twitter, extremely bullish news for bitcoin. Someone is buying a lot of bitcoin. 99 of the transactions are happening off the exchanges.

Everyone pay attention to this possible. Over-The-Counter deals if big names announced they’re buying bears could be in trouble, i’m not sure about short-term price movement too. I am. It looks very bullish on the technicals, but a lot of tokens are being moved off. Exchanges fund flow for all exchanges that there’s not much bitcoin going on to the exchanges everyone.

So, in my opinion, what they’re saying is that 131 billion dollars worth of bitcoin moved yesterday, 131 billion, but only one percent from the exchanges deposit withdrawals. So that means a lot of bitcoin is moving over the counter. It’S moving like um person, deal to deal not just over exchanges anymore, and this is extremely extremely bullish. News pay attention to this. I shared it on twitter.

That’S why you should follow me on twitter and we made mega gains in the markets yesterday. Some of the gains all-time new highs a lot of these stock amd hitting all-time new hype. Big! Congratulations! If you saw my video on amd yesterday, um reports, fisa current vacation is set to full approval.

Yesterday, yesterday we made wells fargo, 2.2 percent, pfizer 3.9 amd 3.6 crew, paying 3.5 nice gains in one day.

Pfizer by the way is one of my biggest holdings, four percent. If you’ve been buying pfizer with me the last year, big, congratulations and what we can use twitter for is we can search bitcoin. You can search for me stock guru, you can search for elon musk. You can search for bitcoin, make sure my name and face matches this yellow icon, my name j-a-m-y-i-e-s, and what we can also do is we can type bitcoin and we get all the major news for bitcoin sorted by the top and um. That’S why it’s so powerful?

The other cash register company getting into bitcoin ooh nice acquiring cryptocurrency leader liberty, x, ncr, is getting into crypto. Um sequel, police cryptocurrency is maximum possible extent. Chair says regular credit will benefit bitcoin. We don’t have to agree on the problem as long as we have the solution. Bitcoin um we’re trying to find any major news.

Bitcoin has gone on to an absolute terror, and i believe so too so they’re, seeing that there is every time it touches. The lower st to f deflation trend line. Bitcoin goes for a run in my opinion is true. Today, google lifted a ban on bitcoin ads and they will be allowed now. That’S quite bullish, bitcoin will now allow and they they stopped ads for bitcoin, going back in 2017, bull run, bitcoin google stopped ads for bitcoin and now they’re, allowing it again so very bullish.

News for bitcoin um all bitcoin pairs, look strong when bitcoin crashes, 50 percent. There are no bailouts, but mainstream finance is quick to label as a ponzi screen scheme. Yes, follow carl from the moon. He’S amazing um. In my opinion, bitcoin is looking extremely bullish.

Everyone so be be warned here, i think it is going to bitcoin is a 720 billion dollar asset if you’re following me back in 2012 on twitter bitcoin at the time i think, was a few hundred million dollar asset or just hitting the billion dollars. So we’re up so much big! Congratulations to all of you! That’S the news for bitcoin! It’S looking bullish to me on the technicals.

I’M going to shoot out this video quickly, i’m going to be going on a road trip today, so you’re going to start seeing videos of me traveling around, which is awesome if you followed, if you’re following me before in the early days, which was just one year Ago of this channel um you we, we started off when i was filming, while traveling around so you’re gon na get some travel filming today, uh the next few days, which is beautiful. This is james from stockroom. Thank you for watching have an amazing day. Let’S make a lot of gains in the market bitcoin looking bullish, i’m going to acquire some more of it now and thank you for watching hit join my students join the chat, room and um follow my live trades. The join button down below.

Thank you all have an amazing day, and if i can leave you with some information, that’s not just about finance um, something about spirituality, every time, you’re thinking about the future or remembering the past. Remember they do not exist. They are not real. Every time. You’Re planning for the future or thinking about the future, it is not real, it does not exist.

The only thing that exists is here and now remind yourself this. The only thing that is real is here and now so just relax into your body, soften your body and just feel the air touch your skin and look around you and be here and now nothing else exists. This is james from stockroo.

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