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Welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community and all the innerwebs. My name is ben everybody on the channel. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe. Button. Uh, first and foremost uh, you know we’re gonna be talking about today how to become a crypto millionaire in 2022.

Is it possible? Absolutely? Yes, I’m gonna lay out two scenarios for you. Secondly, uh today is Christmas eve. So merry Christmas, everybody.

I will be back with a video, probably tomorrow night, so I’ll have a video on Christmas, but this Christmas morning you know comes a little bit closer uh to you know to happening here. I would like to say uh merry christmas to everybody, so you guys can celebrate christmas with your families and have a great time and um. You got a lot of you guys know who watch this channel. I am a christian uh for sure, and you know, while jesus wasn’t born on december 25th, he’s born later in the year. This is a time that we celebrate and so there’s a time to come together, and i think we can all agree whether you’re a christian or not that um you know getting together with family is a great thing and uh make sure you guys are putting your Priorities first um, i can say you know becoming a christian um – was definitely something that changed my life.

A lot of you guys know my story uh, so something that’s very near and dear and passionate to me. This is not a christian youtube channel, but it is certainly a youtube channel ran by a christian, so definitely want to be upfront about that and um. You know you guys remember the the reason for the season. Okay, so becoming a crypto millionaire in 2022. Is it possible?

The answer is absolutely yes. There are two scenarios that we are looking at right now, both of them vote very well for people right now number one scenario: we have not seen a blow off top for bitcoin, yet, which means we have not seen the parabolic altcoin season. Yet that comes along with this kind of market the blow off top. The reason why it blows off is because retail comes in at the very end and then a lot of the smarter money starts pulling money out of bitcoin putting it into alt coins. That leads to an altcoin blow up top for many different coins and then, of course, the market crashes.

That is generally what we see. Okay. So if that’s the case, then you need to be positioning yourself into altcoins right now. Why would you not look at cardano? Look at xrp xrp’s, already had quite a bit of a move.

Cardano’S already had quite a bit of a move, but these are two coins that can return absolutely explosive gains and i believe they will. I still will go down swinging saying by the end of this cycle. Xrp will be the number one gaining coin. I i really believe that there might be some smaller coins. It’S gon na be hard to compete with the crazy numbers of solana and sandbox, but from this point forward this will be the number one getting coin uh.

We know brad garlinghouse already said he believes his case is going to be over in january. It should have been over sooner, but we’re not going to get into all that. We might talk about that a little bit more uh in a video tomorrow or later in the week. But here’s the thing so that’s scenario. One scenario one is: we have not got to blow off top, we haven’t got an altcoin season.

There are plenty of 20x gains out there, people that are going to become a millionaire during this altcoin season. These are going to be people that already have enough skin. In the game to be substantial, so you’re going to be a person who has probably at least 50 000 into crypto right now, now you’re not going to make it with bitcoin with bitcoin. You may double your money. You may triple your money, but you’re not going to turn 50 000 into a million dollars with a parabolic altcoin season.

That is definitely possible to not listen to people who tell you that it’s not when we see blow off tops. Almost everything is on the board for all i couldn’t hear coins. You said my watch did not hear what i said thanks siri i’ll get with you later. So the the point is that’s scenario. Number one that exists is definitely possible um, but for those of you that are newer, the scenario for you to really become a millionaire in 2022 is a much longer scenario, because that means that we maybe are already in a bear market, which i don’t think we Are or we are very soon, heading into a bear market which i believe is more likely by the end of the year for sure 2022, we will be heading towards a bear market.

Now i became a crypto millionaire in the year 2020.

I should have been a crypto millionaire, based on my first exposure to bitcoin back in 2016. 20. I think 2017 is when my original amount of bitcoin that i bought over that first year in 2012, would have been worth over a million dollars. It wasn’t that much money is about 10 000, but in 2017 is when i think it would have peaked over seven figures.

The amount that i bought at the price that i bought at, but i didn’t i wasn’t smart. I didn’t understand what i was looking at. That’S why i do this channel because i missed out on that huge opportunity, but the fact is is that you know really, even though uh. If we were to ignore that and say i went all you know full-time into crypto in 2017 january of 2018, even though i didn’t book home a crypto millionaire in my portfolio dollar wise until 2020. The fact is, it was the moves that i made back in 2018.

That set me up to become a millionaire in the future, so for a lot of you guys when you are going to look at this, bear market that we’re going gon na go through. That’S really when you become the crypto millionaire, believing in the future of crypto, believing in blockchain technology, believing that there is more to this than just um. You know uh, you know investing in three letters investing in potential, but you believe investing in an actual use case down. The road will yield massive results. You know – and i think that’s 100 accurate.

I i think that is kind of what you know uh. What we’re seeing right now and what we’ll see in a bear market, but the thing is in a bear market people are going to try to convince you that you’re wrong, convince you i’ll, tell you. I had questions myself about crypto in january of 2020. After all, these years of putting in all this work, bitcoin wasn’t moving and i was like: are we wrong? Did i hitch my wagon to the wrong horse, but the truth is no, i believe through adversity that crypto was going to rise and it rose, and i know a lot of people get tripped up on.

You know this prediction or that prediction, or will bitcoin be at this price by this month. The question you have to ask yourself is: do you believe in bitcoin? Do you believe in crypto? Is this technology here are the projects you need to be investing in a bear market? Will they still be around by the time the next bull market comes and for the vast majority of the top 100 cryptos um back in 2017?

Most of those coins are still here. You get to the 100s, the 200s, the 300s, the 400s. A lot of those coins never bounce back, but, i would say almost all of the top 20 projects from from december of 2017. I think they’re, all still around i’d, be hard-pressed to find one, not all of them hit new all-time highs. Dash, for instance, hasn’t hit a new all-time high bitcoin cash has not hit an all-time high, but the vast majority of those top 20 coins are still around.

I mean cardano tron eos, yes, it’s down in the 60s, but it’s still around you’ve got to pick winners when the bear market comes around and you have to be able to see through the clutter and the fud that is going to be everywhere. So there’s really two ways how people will become crypto millionaires in 2022.

Way number one investing in all coins and hoping we still have that parabolic all coin season, but for those people, you’re gon na need a little more skin in the game, because you’re probably not going to be looking, even though there will be some 100 x’s, though There will be, i don’t know if i would say: there’s you know, sort of micro caps, maybe a thousand x in a short period of time. We haven’t seen that before, but that’s rare, that’s kind of like getting your lottery ticket. Okay, most of the top 20 top 50 top 100 coins, they’re gon na pump massively we’re gon na see 20 x’s that that is very possible.

If we’re not. If we’re already in a bear market or we’re not going to get an altcoin season, then that’s actually what presents an even bigger opportunity for people to become a crypto millionaire in 2022. You may not see the impact on your wallet with the money that you’re putting in you may not see the impact in your portfolio right away, but before long you can look back and say: 2022 was the year that you made the moves to become a crypto Millionaire all right guys, that’s all! I got once again merry christmas, happy holidays to you, guys that don’t celebrate christmas, for whatever reason we love you anyways, be blessed, be boy out!

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