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Will Verge ($XVG) RISE Past Monero ($XMR)?

What’s going on snipers now email a baby here, hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today Let’s go ahead and dive right into our daily cryptocurrency content for today We’re gonna be talking about verge as well as its number one competitor in Manero.

We’re gonna be talking about the i2p protocol along with the Rath protocol That’s about to happen for a verge as well as the covert protocol. That’s gonna Be implemented into Monero, and we’re gonna talk about the differences between the two, and why I think verge is gonna have an amazing 2018 as you guys can see this is the verge chart right now.

We just broke Resistance levels if you guys know what resistance levels are we do have a free resource available to all of you guys it’s called Discord and you guys can actually go on here chat with the community we have over 2,000 members now and if you go to trading 101 you can go up here and read about a resistance level a price level that may prompt a Net increase of selling activity. Because it’s a higher price quote-unquote.

But I like to buy past resistance levels because when something breaks a resistance level obviously Typically this is supposed to enact more selling activity but in this case. Obviously, it just broke typically what you’ll see is a breakout because now demand is increasing and supply and demand is what determines price So pretty easy chart here with the verge.

I always like to look at the XMR chart as well Whatever coin was comparing and in this case, it’s Manero as you can see we’re seeing a lot of consolidation And that money could be going to Virge and I’m going to talk exactly.

About why that could possibly happen right now? When we look at the two coins on the coin market cap, there are a couple of different distinctions. I didn’t want to mention here so number one Manero has an infinite supply Currently the circulating supply is at 15 million and on the verge, we have a 14 billion.

Circulating supply as well as a max supply of 16 billion so What does that mean that means that you’re probably not going to see Verge’s price go to two hundred and forty-eight dollars or four? Hundred and sixty-eight dollars like Manero because it has more of a circulating supply right now.

However, what you’ll want to focus on coins like this is what is the market cap so it’s at two billion Versus Manero at seven billion so Monaro is its number one competition because they’re both privacy coins.

So this is what I want you guys to get out of this video take Manero and take verge and put them both in your head and say alright if I’m going to determine my Investment based on what has better technology, which one would I choose so this is what I did And I’m just sharing my opinion with the view of course.

This is not legal advice I legally can’t do but let’s go ahead and show you guys this really quick you guys I implore you guys to make your own financial decisions make your own decisions on what you want to trade just take different Perspectives from a lot of different people if somebody ever tells you the man.

you should do this you need to do this don’t listen to them because Typically my mentor taught me anybody with an extreme Ideology whether it’s positive or negative is not somebody to trust because it’s typically good to be in between be questionable on both the positives And the negatives don’t be an optimist or a pessimist by a realist right so that’s my at least my philosophy my values But we look at this chart this may have been a more Virg biased chart.

I’m sure we could have gotten a chart That was Manero biased and then it listed all the things that Manero has not verged But I do want to show you guys this because it is interesting you know you can get a lot out of every perspective Right so transaction speed two minutes versus 30 seconds Verge has 30-second transaction fees transaction capabilities adaptive locks eyes versus a hundred you guys May not understand that, but that’s the transactions per second next coin supply infinite.

Supply versus sixteen point five billion This up who skates I’ve never heard that word I don’t know why they used that they could have just put masks user IP address because it Typically uses the same system as towards called I to P and it’s where it masks your IP address completely And it shields it from being tracked so as you can see miner does not do that but Verge does but Manero is?

Working on a covert protocol to enable that so obviously it’s something that’s already lacking in Manero But Verge already has it so keep that in mind throughout this discussion Public blockchain here Verge has a public blockchain versus manera, which doesn’t and this is some.

This is one of the reasons that people like me narrow the fact that it doesn’t have a rich list so this is a rich List if you guys don’t know what a ritual assist you can go on most coins like Bitcoin for example.

There are other privacy coins like Z cash and pip X that You can’t do this with I’m some of them You can but for monaro specifically, one of the biggest reasons you see it at you know top 15 day after day is because it doesn’t have a rich list you can’t track.

Where the money is in which wallets if you go to a Bitcoin rich list you can see who has all the Bitcoin and so Forth but Verge does have that now this is what Virg is working on the kind of like how Manero is doing covert e Verges working rath protocol to enable not only the ITP protection which is already on But the ability to be on a private ledger, which will mask the transaction so as you can see here mobile privacy.

I don’t know how this was determined so we can just kind of skip that and then we’ll go straight to the Verge chart here, so this is pretty much How the Wraiths protocol is supposed to work it not only will put it on a private ledger? But it will give you the option to use a public or a private ledger now This is where things kind of change for me.

I loved Manero prior to reading about virgins I’m so glad you guys talked about this on the discord Thank you all so much because I really want to be able to see the coins and the technology that I want to invest in long-term because I love putting in long-term investments for coins like this that really have a Potential or companies like this and concepts like this kind of like Ripple, for example, It’s partnered with over 200 banks over seventy percent of Japanese transactions touch the rippling net I like that you know and I also like the fact that Virg as You can see it allows you to use a public or a private ledger that I think based on the hack that recently happened with coin pouch where they took a ton of Virg They were able to see which wallets and went to but of course.

I had me to P protection. It was private I don’t think they ever recoup those funds, but it would have been like that if it was a Bitcoin hack I mean arrow hack or store the fourth manera.

You wouldn’t have even been able to see where it was sent, so some people might like public Ledger’s But just want me to keep protection so that’s why I really like Virg so you basically send it the Tor ITP it hides IP Address here this one keeps it public this one keeps a private and then BAM.

It’s sent to the other person so This is really interesting guys. I went ahead and put in a position once again If you guys want to purchase a Virg you know if you want to purchase a bird’s corn or multiple coins I’m going to put finance the link in the description below, so you guys if you guys want to use finance? That’s my favourite coin exchange. You can actually trade for extremely low fees using their B&B coin It’s a buy Nance coin, and that it kind of acts as almost like an intermediary to get Trades done at really low cost more than anything.

I’ve ever seen, so as you can see This is an awesome exchange if you guys want to purchase virgin more than welcome to this isn’t trading advice I’m just showing you guys how to do it because I know I’m going to get these questions in the comments But I hope you enjoyed this video guys if you guys want more of this to put in the comments below But that’s my opinion on the verge.

I really like it I’m glad that you guys showed me this coin on the discord you guys just talked about it like crazy We now have these chats And everybody’s talking about Virg Virg Virg so such awesome resource guys if you’re not on discord definitely check it out But I hope you guys enjoyed this video once again. Thank you so much for watching I want to hear your guys’ opinion on Virg so post that in the comments below What do you think about Virg versus Manero?

What do you think the differences are and do it work to the advantage of verge or Manero? So thank you so many guys Until next time we’ll have our live stream tonight and sorry about yesterday’s video actually said on the video that a support Level was resistance, and then I mixed up that I mean I was pretty much in a rush for the past two days But I now have a lot more time to focus in and do what I got to do, so I love you guys Thank you so much.

If you need anything. Just let me know and that’s it for today snappers out.

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