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Will Raven Coin Beat Stellar Crypto?

Following a high market bump, the entire market has synchronized their movement, landing investment decisions on the difficult plane. Here we have two different tokens competing alongside, and we are going to assess which one among them has a higher and better return potentiality.

Stay with us till the end to learn more about these two altcoins. Hello everyone; welcome to the channel. If you are new here, make sure to hit that like button, subscribe to the channel. Press the bell icon, and let us know in the comments below which altcoin do you think would give higher returns. After Bitcoin created the shocking environmental impact news in the recent months, majorly because it follows a proof of work protocol, most altcoins following the same have tanked.

However, even though some coins do follow the proof-of-work protocol, they are more energy-intensive than, such as the Raven Coin. Will this new crypto outshine Stellar? Before we let you know the answer to this question, please note that the crypto market is highly volatile, so the rates mentioned herein might have changed by the time you are watching this video.

In addition to this, the information shared in this video is solely for informational and educational purposes and does not in any manner intend to be taken as a piece of financial advice. You are requested to pursue your own diligent research to make better investment decisions.

Raven Coin is one such altcoin that accounts for 4.32% of the total rated power of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, with a market hold of just 0.06%; however, the blockchain network that Raven Coin uses enables the coin to use ASIC resistant algorithms, making itself ten times faster than Bitcoin with a block time of just one minute and can be scaled to 1,000 times the capacity and block reward of Bitcoin.

Raven Coin is a digital peer-to-peer network that intends to deliver a specialized blockchain network efficient enough to handle the transfer of assets from one side to another. Being a relatively new token launched on 3rd January 2018, this token caught the majority’s attention due to its genuinely open-source project that focuses on building helpful technology alongside a robust growing community.

Unlike Raven Coin, Stellar was released in 2014 forking off from Ripple; its native cryptocurrency, the Stellar Lumen, powers the Stellar payment network aiming to connect banks and the traditional payment systems to the digital sphere. Raven Coin is currently trading at 0.05079 dollars with a red of 2.04% change on 20 July.

It appears to us that the Raven coin, named after the character of the famous television series, Game of Thrones, is following a downward momentum; however, there is high scope for a bounce off from the current support levels.

The coin prices were trading below the moving averages until 14th July, when the token bounced off the support at 0.050 dollars. We expect Raven to bounce back again, moving towards its immediate resistance at 0.66 dollars; a breakout from this would push the token to 0.76 dollars, 0.88 dollars, and 0.10 dollars, respectively.

An exponential wave waits after this price range. Stellar is trading at 0.2148 dollars with a red of 0.27% change on 20 July. Hit by the market, Stellar was declining; however, its recent rejection at 0.29 dollars on 30th June has led Stellar to a sharp decline. Despite the stellar foundation delivering their second-quarter reports, the token witnessed a 13% fallout in two days.

Stellar might decline to further support levels at 0.19 dollars and 0.17, respectively. Both the tokens do not give any short-term high return opportunity; however, they do give a solid buying signal. As a matter of fact, Stellar is in a much better theoretical position than Raven Coin, so research accordingly before investing; however, this could be the far most optimum time to take in your share of Raven and Stellar as both are expected to give high long-term returns.

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