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Inflammation is all we need as investors because it diverts us into the right perspectives. The organization on the top of this money chain we’ll make the most out of it, a deep expert, but it’s the companies at the top of the food chain that tend to make the most it’s.

So in the new financial order at the new monetary system being early and collating and holding strong enables to build enormous wealth. (00:42): So we have an idea for you. That’s gonna do two key things.

One, it’s going to capitalize on one of the biggest trends that are impacting financial services today, and second is going to be all of you in the room, a lot of money, right? So (00:55): now that’s what we are talking about.

I use all the presentation, right? It’s showing internet of value here, back in around six seconds, we can see the presentation in the background. It’s the internet of value. That’s the slogan of ripple the company. And they all know that that’s the direction we are all travelling do.

So being early makes us Weiss, but that also points us that we are early. We need to wait and we need to be patient. And it’s you and me as speculators investors play a role in building this disruptive technology. And it says, early in its ecosystem, we are making the volume for them to do their business. (01:40): And people say, well, don’t you think that the speculative volume that’s being created as, as harmful and at some level, yes.

I mean, it’s, it’s very risky. We don’t want people to go and spend their life savings, but it’s sort of an in making a, a market, uh, and a currency like this is a necessary first step you need to get, you know, you need to prime the pump and get volume started. (02:01): So personally, to those of you who have well, the viewpoints about holding for many years to come and the scientific investor’s opinion, the reward will be enormous in one way or the other read the spec leaders and investors started pumping the washroom.

So that, that it ignites a trillion-dollar market and igniting such a market it’s kind of unit, let us read. Well, huge rewards. So reading huge reward is not nonsense for me. I believe the scientific interest of the family is on the same. BGO with me, welcome to the scientific investor channel, where we discuss crypto and science beyond investing regularly. This is a reason interview, which I saw, and this particular interview gives us a lot of bread.

Trump’s like say he States three 50 financial institutions. So that’s kind of, you know, before the swale announcement, they are stating that 50 new institutions, you know, kind of nondisclosure agreements are kind of going away. (03:12): So that’s kind of how I think.

So by swell 2020, we can expect much more announcement. See if just an interview there dropping 50 in financial institutions as bread prompts, then it should be much, much, much more during the announcement itself. And then in the interview, Gupta Gupta, he actually talks about $27 trillion moving around, and one point $6 trillion in fees for that. So even if the disrupt and provide efficiency for the clients and from there to the customers, I see a 50% reduction in the fee.

To save still it’s 0.83 in per year as feasts. And again, not think 50% of that are 40% of that, or even 20% off that victim’s fee as a burn rate in the XRP ledger, right? Once the XRP ledger becomes the universal base for the settlement layer because that is going to be huge. The bond rate will reduce. (04:17): Now, this is, has two sides bond rate.

We’ll be it’s starting fees, but it really uses the supply. And it does at the same time, increasing the demand. So automatically it’s like pushing board the pedals. So the price should be much higher. And when we had gone much more in the same interview, exactly.

Also, seeds that, so the GBB does Philippon basal, it’s kind of life now. So if you actually listen, when they talk about regulated exchanges, now it’s through Mexico, Philippines, Japan, UAE, the darker bar, you know, Britain. They talk about all the different, good loads. Yeah. As we know like we do Mexico.

Now it’s going to be live from bound Philippine peso. So it’s actually building up and one day it’s actually going to explode. And when I see an explosion is coming to recharge your batteries and listen carefully is here to solve. (05:17): We are not here to make small changes to the existing technology, but we are here to make a dent in the universe. So it’s gear. They are also not actually looking at that small change.

The huge change in the entire monetary system is actually coming. Now, this video is not directly related to this, but it kind of indirectly gives all the viewpoints, which we have to understand what’s happening.

As of now, I just blinked a couple of seconds from that. I think the pandemic is a great cover for a financial system reset and shutting down the global economy. They could have not gotten a better cover. So it’s kind to believe it or not still in every aspect. Now, this is actually from silver bullion.

They’re talking about silver, gold and other safer assets, but still, the perspective is clear. The financial system is travelling towards a reset. And as we look at other connections, offer people, see this one is off poly. (06:16): Same. And when we look at the guys who are working on this as highlighted here by Andrews, it is for sure that it’s not going to be small. If you remember in the, in an interview, David draws us actually stated this.

I actually want to stay at a sore damn pool, but you know, the regulations are his agreements. Won’t actually let him announce that stated in public, you know, the nondisclosure agreements and other stuff. But if you look at this highlighted here, late organization of 25,000 people, responsible, focused on 25% age of global institutional assets.

And what are we looking through? Yearn the poly sign. Wow, that’s actually going to be huge because it will be in connection with Claudius. Now the Mickey here is actually highlighting that actually gaudiness host will likely be really fine payments with IOP stream.

Wow. I guess I’ll be, is going to be the BESE off the new financial system in one way or the other, because it does the new way of value being transmitted. (07:24): Say the internet of communication.

It goes in small packets in the scenery internet of value. It would be micropayments or even NanoLumens, it can actually happen, but this area here, Bali sign, it’s not a random company asks you such as it’s going to be the huge one, because that actually has the backing from ripple.

The company, you can see CDO offered at bell labs there, and he’s also the good designer of XRP ledger, right? [inaudible] a second stepping back and understanding the connection between Bali sign body is a ripple, an ILP. It has kind of clear that we are all moving in this direction. It’s going to be huge biggest here. Relax up. Your boy is actually tweeting juice. Most I tweet art, sorry, Joe, small. I think I pronounce a drunk.

I’m sorry. Anyway, moving ahead. The global reserve currency point of view, and when he actually says global stable coin, keep in mind the stable GYN, the dome, they use it differently. (08:30): Yeah. Looking at the bucket gap, the desert and other than staying, Oh, the stable coin.

Not going to go anyway. $1 the maximum. No, no, no, no, no. You understood it in the wrong. We rehearse in the scientific enlisted channel, explained it with government documents, right? Stable coin. They are using that dome to state that the price will be comparatively stable, the movement and the fluctuation compared to other assets will be to see if other assets can actually appreciate a hundred percent of your day.

This will be digging five days a week or a month to go there. But I think if something is actually grinding to 3% of your day towards next one or two years, that’s going to be massive. If it’s doing that every day. Instead, if you are getting only one or two bumps like 10 or 20% in a month or a year, that’s not beneficial, but that kind of volatility is kind of taken back.

(09:25): Our weekends are so as of now, biggest unbuild, we are entering into a new monetary system that will be suppressed. But once that switch stunned on odd, you know, flip the switch thing, it won’t be walking directly in that manner.

Instead, they will flip the switch towards the new monetary system where it will all do slowly. It was big time, but it, we don’t slow because now we have escrowed amount of XRP and them, how hell lot of liabilities central banks are looking at the central bank, digital currencies. Wow. And they need something to base the money on. If you are with me on the same beach on this after listening, but this one year and looking at all the different aspects and reaching here, it will be kind of clear, right? That I relax, happy why street and Stuart pointed out, it’s going to be a change in the entire system and how they actually using it. (10:26): Asper Deschanel.

It actually States the current band media is being used for that. And to an extent, we can understand, yes it is. And the central bank, digital currencies. Yeah. As being represented as now, this is from Forbes, right? The bleed is from the digital autonomous conductor.

But the article is actually from flops. And it is actually showing you are pointing you towards the same direction, a crisis or a go-to tool for governments. Why? Because if they are going to base this on an intelligent protocol, then they will be able to actually dig out the Dom and funds, trillions of dollars.

See if they have $27 trillion that’s for McKinsey report, right. They can actually take back it. Please see half of that. It’s actually huge tea. For example, the fed has been printing money and it’s now $7 trillion that’s for the huge economy in the world. (11:16): Us. Now, if you look back at China, they also doing the same.

Now the rest of the world, the economies are actually [inaudible] Lou. So if they are able to take out 1 trillion, 2 trillion, that’s going to be huge for them. Even half a trillion-dollar from the Dom and funds. I want to be huge because we sign Yuki banks. I’m actually digging out money from Darman savings account.

It’s actually going to the government now. So your money is not even safe in your econ. They’re taking that money. So once they understand that this is not enough for them, they need more. They’ll actually for the nostril Walstrom shit because the Rican solution is a huge pain in the ass for them.

Now, if you actually go to [inaudible], you can actually see the entire interview and this one, you get it all now. Yes, it’s a bit long, but still, it gives you a lot of information. (12:09): Now, if you don’t want to, or to all of that, yo next I’ll be argued. He has actually listed most of the summary here, but still, if you play at least 20, 30% of the radio gives you much more information when Naveen is actually docking.

So now we are actually leaning towards central bank digital currencies. So that leads us to a new system, right? This is based on the remittance market, but the entire system change will affect every single transaction. Now, in the previous video, we discussed the transaction, meaning the payments has two sides.

One is the payment message itself, and then the settlement or digging out the obligation for that particular payment right now, if they can actually make that in a single week, as the internet of value and internet of intuition moving together and kind of say in CU brats woods, it’s like a Jackie protocol, right? (13:06): You’re sending messages, you are receiving that it’s confirmed.

It’s done. So that is kind of the gene, which is transforming the entire remittance market. So as the new regulations are picking in, in that US they have clearly stated that July 21, 2020, is, should not be there after this, right? Meaning the customer.

If he’s going to send money abroad, then he should be able to know how much it will be to see, be received in the destination account, get into CLI it goes through correspondent banks and they all dig out. Kind of see there are fees and I’ve gone into the bank itself.

It’s seven bullets and each, so say you are sending $200 and they got $14 from that. Whoa, that is actually really bad. That is really, really bad because if you’re actually sending a hundred dollars, they’re taking $7. If you have to send like see a thousand dollars, they are taking $70. (14:03): That is really bad because an additional $70 for us, individuals who are listening to this, we’ll see it’s okay. It’s just $70.

But if you’re sending say a hundred dollar to developing nations, just take an example, India, at least then these are food, grocery and everything in that country, you can actually use that a hundred dollars at a hundred dollars.

We’ll take, you know, if it’s a below-average family, that hundred dollars will hate them to feed the entire family for the month. So that is going to be a huge difference in all the developing nations. And you can ask why that does important. And my answer is what is being stated by the IMF. It’s clear that the majority of the economies are going to end smaller this time. And after this particular, the depths are being projected unit.

We just stopped right at 17 has been bombed lagged that, and that creates unemployment. (15:00): That creates inclusion. And it is moving towards more inequality, rich and pores. Now like 99%, 1% is the rich having almost everything. Why? Because the majority would be lack the financial education or they don’t actually give proper financial education to everyone because they want a Greek.

Great reset. Now, why? Because now say, for example, they have 90% of the entire wealth, the richer, they are aiming for 99 percent and it’s going to be happening in the same week now. Yes. And at the same time, we can see doors wet in crypto. If you consider the total population of the world and who are holding XRP and another kind of these assets, the XLM XR DC and all it’s not even one person is 0.1 percentage of 0.01%.

It’s so small in numbers. So they don’t actually care about these number of individuals becoming millionaires or billionaires because they are not talking about millionaires or billionaires. (15:59): Now, after the reset, these guys will be trillionaires or quadrillion is, it’s kind of crazy when we talk about it now, but it’s going to happen after this reset. We actually need more information.

You can actually come into Twitter if you’re in Twitter, XRP, and it’s called Danny that’s me. Yeah, that’s exactly Danny one. And if you can go to my feed, I kind of tried to why include all of those items, which I talk here and along with that, you also get more information, which, you know, some of them I don’t actually use in the videos, but I feel like it is useful for you to connect all these dots, which we are talking here.

If you have any doubts, you can actually go through and find my own reduce to now, it’s not only [inaudible], but indirectly you can use this information to connect the dots and get that viewpoint, which you actually need to be accumulating and waiting for that profit.

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