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What’s driving volatile bitcoin trading right now

All of this is happening kind of quietly and maybe not in the headlines. It seems to be maybe more established that maybe bitcoin is here to stay.

>> it is kind of hard to ignore. When we talk about bitcoin prices, the world has to absorb $36 million bitcoin mined a day.

People want to buy $36 million of bitcoin a day, prices go up they don’t, the prices go down heading on the point where the smart people I listen to are pointing to the last investment. Open to the NFT exchange the companies that are investing in them are visa and PayPal.

You have d.c. companies and banks traditional asset managers you say, there must be something going on they had been an outspoken critic she kept talking about snake oil salesmen and then something about that it could be an answer to the bank not everybody lives in the united states and not everybody has a stable currency.

If you work hard for a living and you have a cell phone, you can actually preserve some of your earnings. You could have a billion people using bitcoin to save and preserve their hard-earned wages.

You live in a stable place but you live in the rest of the world. You have inflation rates you have to have a flexible way to better, it makes a tremendous amount of sense.

 >> We’ve got work to do. The same thing could happen. I didn’t have the heart to say you could divide it at that point. Still needs to happen with regulators and the political class and everything else.

There’s a lot that can happen every four years, that number halves and that gets to bitcoin 2140 we are going to have a huge part.


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