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Welcome to the last that news, i got top stories in crypto and bringing on a bite-sized piece today. Another scandal, this one with the federal reserve and just goes to show you that the people behind the scenes really do pull the strings. So it’s up to you to find the best strategy for what you’re going to do. We’Ll talk all about that in a little bit. Also we’re going to talk about what whales are buying right now, because uh the market today on the 9th of january, is not looking so hot we’re taking a little bit more of a beating and, lastly, we’ll take a look at samsung and their crypto play.


Then. Finally, finally, we’ll talk about an upcoming puerto rico, meetup, which will be this tuesday, so to go over all those things. First, we have to take a look at what’s going on in the market and today is just another in all honesty, a sideways day after a seven day, brutal hit uh for what we have going on in the market. The market caps 1.94 trillion.

So we lost a 2 trillion market cap now we’re below that we’re staying below that sunday is never a really good day and then the only thing that really matters is not matters but we’ll kind of see how things operate when everybody wakes up uh asian markets And then also on monday, when uh the stock market opens up, we’ll see how things go, because there was a little bit of a sideways action and monday, i think, is going to be a big day. But bitcoin right now is below 42, but it hasn’t slumped down to 39 or 33 or 30 or 20k, like some people have been predicting still kind of just floating around and over the last uh 24 hours. It’S up a whopping .06 watch out. Ethereum is still hovering around 3100.

It was around 32 lost a little ground 24 hours down two percent, but look at those seven day. Changes 12 for bitcoin 18 on mulch finance. Coin 17. Solana, down 20 uh. Tara is up 6 for 24 hours.

It’S amazing avalanche is up. Two percent chain link is up nine percent and 28 in the last seven days it’s like i talked about. I just i know people like why you hold on to chain link because everybody’s going to need it. It’S a it’s an oracle. It’S what they need to do to actually pull real uh data onto the blockchain, because they can’t do that.

So that’s what’s going on the market and you can just kind of look at it. I mean icp is up to 20 for no great reason. 7, for as said leo everything’s just down across the board, and just it is what it is. So that’s what we have, but what i want to talk to you. The big thing is the fed scandal and we, when we go over the story, i want you to think about just how hard it is to get in front of people with a bunch of insider knowledge, because there’s things that we’ll never know – and it’s very tough To kind of pick those spots because there’s some people behind the curtain pulling the strings and people always say: no, no, you can figure it all out by by doing this or that really it doesn’t.

I personally don’t think it’s like that. I think there’s people that shape what’s going on and i’m just along for the ride and that’s why, like we did a video yesterday where we talked about all these different hedge funds, all the quantitative analysis and all the things that they do and how great it Is but uh the best strategy that was found by this report from pricewaterhousecoopers in may 2021 was essentially the buy and hold that’s pretty much it. So let me know what you think about this after i read this nice little piece. We talk about the fed trade ethics scandal. Now this isn’t the first one: it’s not going to be the last.

So this is what we got going on uh new york times, author gina smielek wrote that correlated disclosures show that vice chair richard h, clarida. I think that’s that this gentleman right here, uh sold a stock fund, then swiftly repurchased it before a big fed announcement and uh if he was thinking. Ah, that’s not so bad, just one just wait: clarita the departing vice chair of the federal reserve, failed to initially disclose the extent of a financial transaction made in early 2020 as the fed was preparing to swoop in and rescue markets amid the unfolding pandemic, and it Gets worse, it’s not the first time. Last september, the wall street journal published an article that revealed dallas fed president robert kaplan made multiple million dollars plus stock trade in 2020, according to a financial disclosure from provided by his bank, and this controversy pushed our guy jerome powell to direct his staff. To start an ethics inquiry into the financial activities of the fed members, florida’s trades in particular, were reportedly settled the day before powell announced the fed’s emergency measures to help bolster the economy.

Here’S the thing i know: people, love ta and people, love analysis and people love to really dig into it and that’s good because it can kind of shape some of the things. But there are some things you just really can’t shape, and this is just one of those deals where, like somebody knows, somebody clarita, he knows powell owls says we’re going to do this. All right sounds good. Let me visit my broker. Let me purchase some stocks or sell some stocks.

Whatever else you want to do even uh kelly loffler did that thing and that’s why she’s, not the senator of george anymore, just just the thing just a little little history. So then that person knows that and then someone knows clearly then goes what’s what’s going on. Oh i’m just doing this thing. Okay, then they purchase or they or they sell. And then someone knows somebody and then they sell before you know it.

Usually the people at the top know a lot of rich people and before you know it, those whales are messing up the market. Before you know it, you got a bunch of cascade effects, and here we are so again, that’s why i just buy and hold it just makes sense. For me, i have my goals working out. Okay, so far, so let me know what you think about that in the comments section, because it’s really going to lead us to our next point, which is well. If that’s going on what are the whales buying right now, because it seems like a lot of people.

Are selling so? What are the people who look in long term? What are they doing? Well, this is a pretty decent article from daily hot they uh whales, splurge 36.5 million on ethereum based altcoin, here’s what they’re doing so, the fifth the 557th largest whale.

I can’t imagine the biggest whale uh splurged uh 36.5 million on 1 million 49 000 ftx tokens, that’s ftx uh! That’S the exchange sam making it free to believe uh. 8
8 million on 4.2 million matic 17, almost 18 million ave and 61 400 link whale stats also found the fourth ranked largest eth whale on the planet, known as light.

That’S a pretty funny inverse name hauled in 624, 625 000 engine worth about 1.5 million. Imagine being able to really buy the dip, i mean really by the dip by millions and then there’s another list by whale stats. The top 10 purchase tokens by eth wales in the last 24 hours are stable coins, usd coin and tether. First of all, why they accumulating those?

Well, if you can accumulate stable coins, there’s a lot of different platforms. They’Ll give you 10 12 16 yield and, if you’re buying millions of dollars worth of that, that’s the easiest play you can possibly do it’s a stable coin and you get millions of dollars out of it. That’S what i would do too. I just don’t have uh the 30 million. So what are you going to do?

Link matic, wrapped bitcoin also also being scooped up play to earn gaming token yield guild games, crypto exchange, mxc foundation engine and the gaming altcoin gala games, and that’s actually one that i’m uh. I’Ve been dollar cost averaging for quite some time, uh as well as matic. So, if you’re looking for what i think, what whales are doing behind the scenes? First of all, they’re kind of screwing everybody by buying and selling stocks, because federal reservations take a look at second. Other ones are hey.

If you’re gon na sell and you’re gon na you know have a knee-jerk reaction, i’m gon na buy a bunch because in the long term it’s gon na be okay. Anyhow, let me know what you think about that in the comments section which leads us to our next little snippet of information, which is the samsung crypto play and uh, i’m always trying to figure out where things are going in the future. I like to be ahead of it if you’re watching this video you’re, probably a futurist yourself, you probably try to look at what’s going on, because that’s why you’re here, you probably purchase a little bit of crypto so for this one i thought it was interesting that Samsung reveals a virtual store 837x in decentraland, which is the metaverse plate with uh pretty cool stuff. So this is what we got. The company has opened a store samsung within the blockchain virtual metaverse decentraland.

The samsung 837x store is modeled from the physical location in new york city and the virtual store will be open to decentralized visitors for a limited time, and i got to tell you. I’Ve been talking back and forth with uh bosun protocol and one of their higher up says that he believes that everybody is going to own a virtual version of the physical things that they buy and he kind of laid it out to me and explained to me And it made it made sense because we’re going to have a dual identities as time goes on. I know that sounds crazy, but didn’t it sound crazy, like 30 years ago that you could stream a movie uh across the internet like there’s no way that could happen and there’s no reason for that, because i just go to the movie theater. I can watch it on tv and now look where we’re at so it’s kind of like expanding it. So when i see these things, not just the decentralized plays but bigger companies getting into it, it makes me think, okay.

Well, i’m glad i purchased that the central ant pieces parcels also the sandbox parcels also for the sandbox and the engine coins and all those things that we’ve been doing and kind of accumulating behind the scenes, because i think in the future it’s going to play off. Pretty well could be wrong, not financial advice. Just what i’m doing and to finish up the company for the details of the visitors will be able to experience the connectivity theater, the sustainability forest, which i believe they partnered with cardano on that one and the customization stage. According to samsung fans perusing through the theater and forest can complete quests along the way for nft badges. The stage will feature a metaverse mixed reality live dance party hosted by dj gamma vibes.

I will not be attending. That sounds great for somebody else anyhow and that’s what we have going on and then lastly, like we talked about just want to finish up with this, i’m going to do a puerto rico. Meetup uh this tuesday and i’ll reveal where it’s going to be at and all this stuff and the time just follow me on twitter. It’S at news asset, very simple links in description and the reason why i want to do this because i went to a couple meetups here in puerto rico and they were at some super fancy. I mean expensive, like hotels, which was great even i was walking.

I was like god damn. This is kind of intimidating uh so like when i think about these things. I’M like is this. What the average investor i mean kind of looks and goes okay. This is for me, or is it just kind of be like, and there were so many people there and also another thing is: is we had like a hedge, a traitor who was talking about how great derivatives and futures markets were, and i was like who the Hell who, who are you talking to do you really think that that bitcoin futures is awesome, it sucks and then, of course, uh.

My friend brian was just like in my ear the whole time going, this guy’s full blah blah. The point is, i think we can just kind of pare it down a little bit simple place. Little bar place to meet up talk, crypto make it super simple. That’S the goal in here. Anyhow, let me just think about that in the comments section, but that’s it for today.

So if you like, today’s video follow value, give it a thumbs up. Also consider subscribing, we talk about, are time sensitive and that’s it for today. So thanks so much for watching. I appreciate it see you in the next one

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