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Sunday, September 25, 2022

What Went On in Crypto This Week?

I’m Rachel from Paxful, and here’s what you missed in crypto this week. This week, Cristiano Ronaldo, Patrik Schick, and Karim Benzema all won top scorer awards. They’ll also receive a Blockchain-based collectible of their award. The S&P Dow Jones introduced five new crypto indexes this Tuesday and hints that more is coming.

Now, this is exciting because investing in an index vs a particular coin can spread out your risk. Football star Saquan Barkley announced that he’ll be taking payments for endorsement deals in Bitcoin…which is also a fun way of announcing, “Hi! I’ll endorse your product.

Pay me, please!” Finally, to send us all into an existential crisis before the weekend, artist Damien Hirst launched a series of NFTs called “The Currency.” Now, these NFTs have physical counterparts and the buyer has to decide between the digital or the physical work.

Whichever isn’t chosen will be destroyed in a year. Alright, well we’ll leave you pondering about that. But this has been your Weekly Crypto Roundup. I’m Rachel from Paxful. Have a good weekend!.

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