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What is VeChain Crypto

Class III medical devices are responsible for extending lives. Guaranteeing product integrity is vital to such high-risk use cases. VeChain’s blockchain solution can track end-to-end production processes to guarantee safety and quality at every control point.

Devices are assigned immutable data records, so manufacturers can obtain certification from international authorities. The entire journey of the medical device is available for review at any points.

With the patient’s authorization, VeChain can help patients to securely share their biometric data with their doctors, to enable real-time monitoring and help the doctor to react swiftly to side-effects, or even predict issues in advance.

With access to this data, manufacturers too can gather feedback to improve current and future product lines. VeChain can also be used to enable big data analytics, powering innovations in current treatments.

Patients can stop worrying about the safety and authenticity of their medical devices, and focus instead on loving their lives and those around them. VeChain makes the production and use of medical devices safer, better regulated, efficient and reliable.

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