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Wanchain Coin Update

Welcome back to crypto news. I’m trying to give you the hottest crypto content on the internet when the lord when DeLorean’s what’s up and no surprise to you, but crypto it’s been bleeding. I hate it. When my wanbags are bleeding, even though the price it ain’t been looking nice all the fundamentals behind the scenes. 

It will definitely suffice to rhyme because there’s a reason they call Wayne chain, the true king cross-chain, d5 and while everyone’s been crying sleeping on the couch and drinking vodka for dinner, the Wanchain team has been steady, building laying that foundation for the inevitable rise to glory we’re gonna.

Take a look at the price action cut, it’s up a little bit but make sure to stick to the end-all, because this is the dub digital channel you know. I get that ta in the fa and I mix Itoh, oh because when a chain’s been expanding its options for swapping cross-chain. 

But what I think is off the chain are some of the breadcrumbs being laid on what’s truly being planned, by china using Wanchain tech. But you know what I’m getting ahead of myself: let’s pull up the chart, all right, guys, I’m sitting on the wind? The US!

Despair, let’s get it! I really don’t get a genius explanation for this. One price went down it went down a lot. In fact, it dropped damn near 83 percent chase, but let’s keep all of this in a healthy perspective that drop of 83 by an epic pump, up by 556, sometimes in capital markets, guys you gotta give a little to get a little. 

What I tell you, on this channel price progression, is sequential you take, two steps forward, one step back and whenwe analyze, wan chain’s bottom trend line over the last pretty much year, plus march of 2020 ranching and that date hit its lowest point at about seven cents and over the course of 497 days Wanchain has steadily made higher lows: what’s characteristic of a bullish trend, higher highs and higher lows.

What does this look like to you guys? And what about these right here and while why a chain seems to be volatile as hell? It’S creeping all stair-stepping stop digital shut, the hell up man when Shane fell down to death because Itsucks Nah guys want chain don’t suck LAN chain. 

Got released right before the bear mark in 2018, this project ain’t scared of a little adversity, they were born in adversity, but just as the old folks say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, let’s go ahead and apply a volume profile on this sucker you can obviously, between the dates of January 2021. In July of 2021, the area with the most sell orders was sitting at around 40 cents and fell down and wicked down at the 40 cent area, but when we switch into the daily.

You could obviously see us, then caught a bounce of about 24 and currently, we’re sitting at about 50 cents per way and over the last year, and a half wan chain has really only abided by this trend line on the up and up guys I’m, getting tired of all this ta. Let’S go ahead and look at some of this fa because this is the dumb digital channel. 

You know I get that ta in the fa and I’ll mix it out of that fundamental analysis because those closest to the knowledge profit simple as that because for those of you who’ve been sleeping under a rock where the chain is the true king of the centralized cross-chain. D5It ain’t no rap! Nothing assets backed by the actual digital assets, going back and forth, flowing from blockchain to blockchains, like water, all made possible by the storming node, the digital what’s, storm and node.

Think of it as a decentralised digital escrow allowing you to participate, incross-chain commerce and it just started with a few chains. But now that list of chains is growing and growing guys. 

I got trust issues over here I hate, third parties, dub digital, don’t like to, ask permission from anybody and that’s why I love me somewhere, swap I’m sitting on wan swap dot finance, a truly decentralized cross-chain decks and I’ve been a user of this protocol since, the get-go, the assets you’re able to Swap between, pretty much have exploded an amount lets go ahead and check out the 20 assets offered thus far phoenix finance when BTC, when doge went us, when eath when ICP when the link went, LTC when maker went ocean when sushi when uni went USD when UST went vibe when XRP in case you call. 

Can’t buy any XRP, you know where to go when ZCN when wasp, when, when and zookeeper went, are the excuses that I can’t get here because of this or that Nah, I ain’t having it but guys why stop there, because when the chain, tech not only lets you swap between assets but bring those Assets right onto the wan chain, blockchain via Instacross, tweeted out by wan labs, ltd on July 15th, 2021 polka, dots canary Network Kusuma, is live on wan chain thanks to installing cross look at it little birdie. But if you guys aren’t familiar with instal cross, you gotta hear about this because.

I’ve used this a couple of times and it’s far the easiest way to get assets from other blockchains right into your wan wallet, I’m sitting on Instacross. finance. You have the ability to choose, which chain you want to import funds from and, which chain you want to convert those funds and. 

At this point in time, you have the ability to port in eos, XRP, BTC, doge, USDC, USDT, ICP and small you got to do is put the wallet address. Where you want the converted funds to go to the amount follow.

A couple. Easy steps and bada bing Bada Boomwan chain is not only pioneering a future-forward technology continually improving the process for more and more people to be able to participate but guys. There are other reasons why I’m super juiced for Wanchain and what could be coming in the future, and it’s got a lot to do. 

With the news that was leaked out regarding Wanchain’s partnership with the state grid of China, Manchaine is the ultimate smart city foundation, while the 2020sis likely to be remembered for its introduction. Blank can’t say it the lessons it has brought have, undoubtedly spearheaded new ideas regarding cities in the future.

According to the United Nations, the number of megacities, whose populations are greater than 10 million is expected to increase from 33 to 42 by 2030, 

That’S a whole lot: of people, God, damn populations of this magnitude can pose numerous challenges for the city, resources transportation utilities and infrastructure to meet. These challenges governments have turned to technology to convert cities into smart cities put. 

Simply a smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect data. So imagine a smart fridge. Your know-how, it tells you you’re out of milk and stuff smart city.

Basically, does that time, 100 million bajillion constantly alerting the needs of the city to ensure it runs smoothly. This is done. By utilizing key technologies such as 5g internet of things ai and blockchain, realizing the full potential of smart cities means the cities will no longer be isolated. Instead, they will too have a high level of interconnectedness stop digital. 

What the hell where, where you going with this check this out in Japan, the cabinet office released a white paper on reference, architecture for, smart cities in march 2020, which cited interoperability as one of the four fundamental concepts that are important in promoting smart cities.

A recent blockchain-focused white paper was published by the world economic forum of theg20 global smart cities alliance sites. Openness and interoperability across cities are one of the main objectives for a truly smart city. Functionalitythere we go. 

How long have I been sitting up? Here on the internet telling, y’all interoperability is the name of the game and while it might be overlooked it’s going to be the item, sitting on the tip of everyone’s tongue and Wayne Chang’s positioning itself to be right in the middle of.

All of that hype, blanching is unique in that it already supports numerous blockchain bridges across many different chains. On March 30th, of2020, the largest utility company in the world the state grid corporation of china, announced its adoption of land chain, a state-of-the-art blockchain interoperability platform yeah. 

I remember that I remember, that china, being the world’s largest data producer, is racing to harness all the technologies necessary to make smart cities a reality and just an FYI guys. One of the dapps within the Wanchain ecosystem Langland is going to be launching a v2really really soon. Don’T got no more money to do stuff, be on the lookout for Wendland v2 coming to a blockchain near you all right guys.

I just want to bring you an update on Wanchain, because even though crypto has been down in the dumps: focus: on the fundamentals: you got more and more blockchain bridges being built right into the wan chain ecosystem and more and more blockchains being added to Instacross one of the most convenient ways. 

To get your digital assets right onto the when chain ecosystem but, more importantly, than that we’re starting to hear some of the rumors in the hallway. Why exactly china state partnered with Wanchain to implement some of its technology? Wonder if it has something to do with china’s ambition to be a leader and a global pioneer in the development of smart cities, that would make a whole lot of sense. 

We got japan talking, about how interoperability is critical in developing these, smart cities and the g20 naming openness and interconnectedness as a pillar managing over10 a million people and more because there’s one thing.

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