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VeChain To The Moon July 2022

Hope everyone’s having an amazing day, I’m matty g from it hope you’re wearing a mask you’re going to need it for this video because we’re going to v-chain all these people at all-time highs we’re going to be giving them specs of v-chain in the supermarket. It’S gonna be absolutely criminal, they’re gonna make sure none of their chicken has the konarona or wherever we fabricate next guys, detainer partnered with all kinds of the stars. Can you believe it can you believe your eyes? The 2.4 billion dollar revenue on the DMV GL can you imagine, buying featuring at these prices partnered with all these high revenue companies.

We’Ve also got PWC with a 37.7 billion revenue. We also have the national research consulting center based out of China. We’Re going to be chained all these Chinese people as well. The idea will side all these Chinese v chains, sheeple as well.

One of the biggest real estate developers focused on developing industrial parks and smart cities. So you can smartly and safely Vechain your products in the supermarket bit ocean. We also have a china national level. Partnership with the central Chinese government can you believe, buying v chain of these prices, also directly imported goods, a leading wine importer. We’Ve got china, Unicom, kelina, nagal, DB, schnecker, BMW, I believe.

That’S louis vuitton, yeah, l v m h, my hennessy louis vuitton. Can you imagine buying featuring at these prices when we’re mugging off all these sheeple all-time highs? We need to make sure our don peregnon is official, our Dior is official, our Givenchy is official. Our Louis Vuitton is official. Our marc jacobs and tag here is official.

We’Re going to be mugging them all off all-time highs. Can you imagine partnering with Reynold fang, Huang, bright food log, safer, shanghai, e-grid, consulting cup, and more at these prices? It’S just seven and a half cents. I believe it’s bottomed out here doesn’t get much lower than this. If you’re in a v chain investor or all-time high, you don’t get much lower than this.

I never see the v chain guys in my comments, anymore, you’re all probably balding bankrupt by now, but guys i believe it’s a good time to get in. I believe it’s a good time to change your life today. I believe that we’re going to mock off all these sheeple in the supermarket, it’s going to be absolutely sinister um, so I believe it’s going to bounce around in this zone could reach all the way up. Here all the way up to 18 cents, but I’m telling you guys don’t full mow in at 18 cents. It’S not time to go because it’s not just this chart analysis.

It’S basically all my cryptos. All the cryptoanalysis is pointing towards October. Could it be October when we get the regulations for the crypto space? Will, they drag it out till then here’s a reason why they could. I believe that when the universal, whatever it’s called, unemployment stimulus program ends in September, they’re going to drag it on and on and on and all these people who have their Vechain bags packed and all their other favorite cryptos, packed and they’re.

Holding on hoping to wish praying that it’s going to hit all-time highs in a straight line, just like 2017 They’Re going to get me, I’m sad I mean I hate to tell you, but this whole politics thing is a total charade and it’s not real. It’S the fabrication of everything you see on the media, everything you see coming at the government, it’s a fabrication and anyone that thinks any of these politicians are on your side. Just know you have another thing coming in September when they try and renew this unemployment stimulus program. You’Re gonna get a wrecked man-wrecked wreck there, just like all these v change people so guys. I recommend this and I try and recommend it in all my videos.

Sometimes I forget you need to improve your income. You need to increase your income because there’s going to be some large between the badge on your payments between the first to September or whenever it runs out in September, I’m not sure until like halfway through October. Who knows when all this is going to move? I think all this is going to moon at the same time, sometime in September or well, it could be October November. It could push this out longer.

The longer you wait, the more people are going to have to sell their assets. It’S going to be so sinister, because, right now we maybe have 10 people going to take part in the new world order. I don’t think they want that. I think they want just one percent of the people I want. I think they want a clear difference between them and you, I believe they want a class society with such a difference like, like the people at the bottom.

Just can’t even scrape a few shekels together to buy a home after working 50 years, their life, that’s where they want you in the eternal peasantry and that’s what you’re gonna get I’m telling you in September, it’s gonna, be so criminal. Wait till you see the content I come out within September when they’re dragging their feet when they want you impoverished when they want all your to leave you, man, that’s when I’ll be center stage on youtube. The man saying this is a scam and you’re all gonna say no. They want to help me. They want me to be successful.

That’s why we started these bailouts in the first place. They want me to be part of the new one percent. Invest in all my unemployment stimulus programs and my favorite cryptos, I’m telling you guys you’re gonna get wrecked and you’re gonna watch it go up in a straight line and you’re gonna have no money to invest. So I hope you guy’s worst-case scenario has a job best-case scenario: have a business making millions and billions and trillions of dollars. But if you’re stuck on this unemployment stimulus program huddling on your crypto in September, I think from my wisest opinion.

Knowing half of these mugs you’re gonna get and wrecked dude, so you better think of an income before then, because you’re gonna be selling all your cryptos did. But anyway, I think it’s gonna play out into this zone. Boom boom boom boom, probably finishing up down lower, but before they send it, they’ll probably have one last push out right down to four cents or something messed up, and then it’s gonna go boom rocket right past all these people, man look at this 60 cents On the next breakout or even higher 63 cents, so I would take maybe 20 off the table here at 40 cents or just before 40 cents. That’S what everyone else will be doing and then again around 60 cents, not financial advice, but it could just save your life during the new world order and game master plan where we’re reaching all these people in the supermarket they’re going to be buying their kellogg’s frosty And they’re going to be so desperate for just a speck of v chain that they’re scanning it all and making sure it doesn’t have kona runa or something even more sinister, all right guys so the end of July. Where do I think this is gonna go?

Do I think it’s gonna go to the stratosphere? I think the worst-case scenario is going to be around the same price – maybe even 5 cents, but that would be quite scary for the average v chain. Investor best case scenario, end of July. I can see up here, 17 and a third cents, but don’t be filled, don’t fo mow in at these prices. I don’t think it’s time to go.

I think if we finish up there into July, we’re gonna see some red in august, as we bounce around in this zone. Hoping wishing praying that your unemployment stimulus program comes in and then one day when you run out of money and you sell all your cryptos at the low boom, the price explosion beyond your wildest imagination, guys, I’m mighty hope you understand the list of Vechain partnerships. It’S going to be absolutely criminal when this thing hits the clouds it’s also partnered, with Walmart in China. Can you imagine your bank account when all this goes live and all these people are forced into it? We’Re gon na force them into it.

Just like we forced them into everything, guys love! You guys have an amazing day. Remember when we force them into it. They’Ll think it’s their own idea because of weeks and months and years of programming we’re smarter than them we’re better than them. That’S why we are the new one percent make sure you’re taking this bull run seriously.

This is the biggest wealth transfer in human history by exponents guys, if you miss out on this crypto bill, run gods help your family. Please don’t have children, it’s going to be sinister for them, and if you’ve watched anything that happened last year, putting on all these kids did. This is just you know. This is just the beginning. I don’t remember any of this bs when I was growing up, but it’s stuck firmly in my memory now, and this is just the start.

These people are gonna get new world order and game master-planned all by design catch. You guys in the next episode share this video with an average peasant

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