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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Welcome back to cryptozeros, i am George, we’re all George, so what’s next for bitcoin we’re coming into week, two! So, let’s discuss what’s going on with bitcoin. Also, i want to give you guys an update on cardanol and v chain and what you can do with your ada and vet token, while you’re waiting. So, let’s get started as always: smash up the like subscribe to the channel two streams, almost every day: 11 30 and 8 30 p.m.

Central standard time make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram and check out all the latest news. Article guides at cryptozeros.com welcome, welcome welcome 888 people. I see that’s a lucky number, all right uh, let’s get started alright, so right now, bitcoin is uh above 42, 000. So a little a little more and uh.

I guess a little bit uh. It looks a little bit better. Let’S just put it that way: let’s go go somewhere else, but it’s okay, uh, it’s looking a little better, it’s still hovering between us, 42-5 and 41-1. Obviously, the fear level is not as great as when bitcoin fell below to around 40 000 when the fear level hit 10 extreme fear right now. It’S about 23

Same as last night, let me show you something interesting because i’ve already made this correlation many times, and that is when there is extreme fear, especially when you get down to about 10.

That’S usually a good sign of a reversal. Now, here’s a here’s, an index that actually plots that so visual view, and you can see that it looks very, very similar to bitcoin’s chart right. Of course, you can see here. This is when bitcoin fell down like drastically drastically down to about four thousand. This is one bitcoin hit three thousand something.

This is when bitcoin hit 40 uh. 20. 30. 029. 8.

000.. This is one big one, 40 000, and this is where we are bitcoin hitting 40 041 000 right, and you can see whenever there is a lot of clumps of red, which is fear and deep red extreme fear. That’S usually when the market turns around. Sometimes it stays there for a little bit, but you get obviously the correlation.

That’S why i told you guys, when you get to that point of extreme fear where you can’t just you can’t hold on anymore you’re at your breaking point, because you just feel like everything is down the shutter and it’s not it’s going to get worse. Usually, that’s why you need to hold one more day and that’s usually when things turn up. It’S always like that. I know that sounds silly, but when it comes to crypto i’ve seen way too many times where people have given up and there’s just so much fear and even myself, uh there’s been times like whoa. What is going on right and then you wait one more day and things get better, so it does look like things are getting better.

There’S a lot of movement with all coins. Today, bitcoin is about 42 and if we’re using this as a as a as a bottom and top indicator. Well, we are at that bottom right now, all right. So first, i want to lead off with that. Give you a visual look of what the fear and greed index and how it’s a great bottom and top indicator.

Also, i want to talk about this now. I’Ve talked about by the way crypto quant re-change your site, so it looks there’s more data, but there’s two that i always get back to reserve exchanges and net flow okay. So you could see this goes back all the way to when it first started tracking down. In 2013 i was looking at this bitcoin’s reserves on exchanges kept going up because the miners were mining and there was more being sold and more being moved in exchanges. But i decided to look at when exactly was peak because you could see right.

Obviously it did go up up up up and then it peaked and ever since then it’s been going down regardless of the price. When was that peak, and if you look at it, it’s not a coincidence that was actually march march of 2020, when bitcoin had that black swan event, okay, and that is when things started, coming down in a big big big way. Well, actually, this this didn’t zoom out good enough. Let me zoom out. Let me try to do this right here right.

You could see that was peak right around three million bitcoins on exchanges, and that was when bitcoin hit 3 800. We had a black swan pandemic event, a lot of scare and ever since then, bitcoin reserves have been dropping, and i thought about it. Why? What’S so significant about that? Well, it seems like there’s some smart people out there right that thought about it.

It’S like well. If the pandemic is going on and the government is probably go react, there’s lockdowns, there’s, there’s quarantine stores are being mandated to shut down. Obviously the government has to do something right right, uh have to print money, give it out, sustain the economy. There’S going to be a lot of printing right and since then we know a lot a lot, a lot of printing a lot of buying by the fed – and this is this – is why the the fed minutes revealed that okay, it’s enough. They need to do something about it.

It’S just too much buying and inflation is going up too high right, but it does seem like there’s some people and it could be that the whales that already were in bitcoin or it could be the michael sailors of the world or it could be the large Institutions, wall street they put two and two together and ever since that moment, bitcoin reserves have been dropping regardless of the price you could see. Even when bitcoin went up to 64 000 and came down significantly to 28 000, the reserves barely moved up barely and since then, from 69 000 68 000. To where we are, the reserve did not even move it keeps going down right. So, ultimately, what this means is like i’ve been saying that there are a lot of buying going on behind the scenes. People are loading up bitcoin now more than ever, regardless of the price because they see it as the new gold as the best hedge against inflation.

But i just thought that was really really interesting. How the peak of bitcoin reserves came the same day that bitcoin had that black swan event and when the whole pandemic thing was ongoing and when lockdown started being announced right that very day was the peak of bitcoin reserves just thought. I want to share that right, but going forward i’ve been telling you guys these guys are buying otc they’re not buying on exchanges. A lot of exchanges does offer otc sales, for example, coinbase they’re, one of the biggest ones gemini kraken. They all do otc sales.

So whenever a big institution comes in and says i want to buy a hundred million or a billion dollars of the bitcoin they’ll, take it off their exchange, sell it to them otc, and that is why we see the reserves keep going down. Yet you may be wondering why the price doesn’t go up, because it’s the otc sale, it’s actually off the order book. That is the reason why so, these big guys keep buying more and more and more, and that is why the reserves keep dropping they just it. Just keeps going and going and going and and a look at a shorter term time scale since uh since december. You could see that a lot of this red this is all net flow in the negative.

This is all showing that bitcoin, yes, and you can see some of these big large red candlesticks right. These are all exits from the exchanges and you see a lot more exiting right now than being put back in so that is what’s happening right now. So, what’s my point: what’s my point, bitcoin is becoming more scarce each and every day you may not notice it because of what we’re seeing with price volatility on the order books of all the major exchanges and yes, there’s still some manipulation going on using derivatives. And yes, there is liquidations that does have a cascading effect. Sometimes, but ultimately, what’s happening is bitcoin is becoming more scarce.

The big boys they just keep buying more and more and one day, there’s not just go. There’S just not gon na be much left around right. So, that’s why you need to stay in the game and here’s something else: entity adjusted dormant dormancy flow, and this also measures basically uh the number of bitcoins out there. The number of holders right and basically how long they’ve been holding long-term holders and this measures against retail people coming in and whenever retail people really exit out the newcomers in the space get discouraged and they leave well that’s what this really measures and you can see That every time, retail pretty much leaves the market and all that’s left is long-term holders. Well, that’s usually when a rally is around the corner, and you could see that’s exactly what’s happening right now that this measurement is now in the green and that green mark usually indicates a pretty good reversal is on its way.

So this is something else. That’S measuring. What’S coming for bitcoin tech dev has also created this kind of interesting showing uh. You know the previous cycles. This is what tech dev does looks at previous cycles equates to what we’re going through right now, a little bit different, but he’s basically saying that there are certain phases right.

Obviously, there are capitulation phases, there’s black swan events or just just correction phases and there’s also bump ups right, and we haven’t seen that final bump up according to him and then afterwards we’ll go in that that consolidation capitulation period where we do have come coming down. But now that i’ve seen the bigger picture, i’m not so sure that this is the case but hear me out in a good way, because all these cycles always go through the same thing and there’s this mentality that it has to stay. The same that we have to stay in this four year cycle that we have to see about two and a half years to three years of down, and then we have to see that one year up well, i was here to say that this last cycle may Be the last cycle because we are now moving into year – five we’re out of year four and who’s to say that we won’t just keep going. We may have corrections but who’s to say that we can’t have smaller corrections and then making that leg up smaller crushes make another leg up. Smaller correction make another leg up and we keep going.

This whole notion of four year cycle goes away. Now we do have the having event, which still happens every four years. The next one is actually in two and a half years in 2024, but the landscape has changed completely for the better, and that is why maybe this last cycle is the last cycle that we’ll ever see for bitcoin and that’s actually a positive thing. A very positive thing all right, so that’s what i want to lead off with with bitcoin overall. This is a time where we need to stay together.

We need to stay strong and basically continue holding right. If you have the ability to to buy the dip to dca well, of course that is uh. That is an option, but otherwise you just continue to hold through this period we will get through it. We always do and there’s a lot of interesting metrics that do show that a reversal is coming right, all right now, other things i want to talk about overall uh market cap in terms of all coins i mentioned many are coming up today, right some big movers, Tara recently oversold one of my favorite projects – and you guys know i’ve been staking on anchor now enjoying those 20 apys and uh. It is up in a big way.

Today. Also solana is recovering. I just talked about solana avalanche yesterday and both of them are doing fantastic. Look at solana, 11, look at avalanche up, uh 11 right. I talked about liking both projects.

Uh these days, i like avalanche a little bit more because a little less vc uh vcs are holding but overall they’re, two of the big caps and they’ll continue to move forward and there’s many many ways not only to buy them, but also stake and get rewarded For staking and that’s the best of both worlds right, so i covered that last night. If you didn’t watch it make sure you do so, but today i want to cover two other ones: number one cardano and number two v chain. So, there’s a lot actually going on with both of these big stuff. That’S coming so i want to share. What’S going on, give you an update on them and also again teach you guys how to hold even better by earning some rewards?

Why not? Why not right um all right hold on hold on? Let me see if i miss anything uh someone says george, the turning of the internet off in kazakhstan, which can see uh the the okay yeah. Many people have said it. I got it right, it has maybe contributed to the downfall, but i don’t believe that’s the real thing um.

I think it’s it’s because the fed minutes and hedge funds uh freaking out that’s the primary reason, all right and then another question. I’M also staking on anchor. What do you think will happen as the anchor year reserves are decreasing. There’S no worry about it: okay, there’s still 70 million dollars of it, and even if it decreases to a point where it’s just not sustainable, the the interest rate will just go down. It’S that it’s that simple and if you guys actually do some research into it.

You’Ll see uh it’s mostly because of acura there’s other other projects. That’S utilizing some kind of uh amplifier to kind of decrease it faster, but overall the team has replenished before and um and if they don’t, then the the yield will just go down. That’S pretty much! It all right so moving on. Let’S talk about cardano, what’s going on with cardano, i think i don’t.

I don’t explain cardona to you guys. You guys know what’s going on with it, but well you guys know the project. It’S one of the bigger l ones led by charles hodgson, but this is interesting: uh the number the number of github a github um. If you look at the number of contributors and the number of activity on github cardano’s actually number one for 2021

That’S actually interesting out of all the big chains out there you got polka dot, kuzama ethereum solana. Obviously i mean some of the big boys cosmos.

You look down the list. Uh cardano led letting contributors and activity, which is yes a little bit surprising. A little surprising. Also recently, they made a huge partnership with samsung, but before that they made a partnership with this network too. So i decided to look into what is this deal with samsung, so samsung partnered up with this other plant management system and planting i mean excuse me uh vera tree, which is actually going to utilize, cardano and track the number of trees they plant.

So they’re going to use cardano as a management system right, that’s pretty big and samsung has evolved too because they want to. They want to be part of this, so that is what’s going on and of course, cardano already partnered up with this network, and this was released months ago, and this is where uh cardano’s gon na provide digital ids to users on the booth’s mobile phone. And this is what they’re, using in africa as well, so cardano is making ways with corporate corporate companies right now, and this will all add up in the future right. There’S gon na be a lot of users on top of cardano, but in the meantime, what’s really what’s really, i guess what what everyone is really waiting for? Let me put it that way.

Is this so sunday swap just announce, okay, that the main net for sunday swap will be coming out soon? They’D done some testing with their test net and it seemed like things were smooth. Although there was a lot of congestion. Okay, now there was some congestion and some difficulties using the faucet because they had to give out. You know tokens for people to play with, but they’re basically saying hey in the next few days, we’re going to announce exact date of when we’re going to launch right.

There’S still may be some hiccups, because this is the very first launch of a smart contract based dex ammon on top of cardano. So there still may be some issues right off the bat, but they are confident that they will get through it and they have done a lot of internal testing and looking at some of the problems they faced before and they think they have gone through it. So this could be absolutely huge for cardano. I’Ve been saying it. The reason why cardano has not moved like all the others is because no one is is uh.

Is you really utilizing a smart contract? No one has really figured out how to use it, and sunday swap seems to seem they seem that like they did, they figured it out right. So if this goes forward and it’s somewhat smooth – and they continue to make it better and better and better well, this will help cardano in a big way a huge way huge way and from a staking perspective too, because when you have a whole lot of ada Staked right now there is a whole lot of steak, but if you have the remaining staked into liquidity pools, well, that’s going to make it even better and more deflationary, so this is coming up short term. This is going to be absolutely huge for cardano and they said they will announce it in the next few days, so this coming week now in the meantime, while we’re waiting, i mentioned about a huge amount of cardano being staked because right now, what else can you Do with it right, not a whole lot. So if you are a cardano fan, then you should stake it and the best way to stake it into the best way to stake.

Ada would be into a cardano pool, and you could see very on top here about 71 of all the ada is staked right now. That is quite a lot. The remaining amount is probably on the exchanges and uh ended yeah. It’S probably just not exchanges really um. So that’s how you’re able to buy and sell ada, but vast majority of it is state and if you want to know how to stake, let me show you right.

First of all, in terms of staking rewards it’s about five percent anywhere from four to five percent. So it’s not crazy, but again, if you’re holding it. Why not so one of the easiest ways to do it is through the the yo-ray. I think that’s how you say it you’re, a wallet which is basically a browser-based wallet and you can see you can get chrome and firefox uh. You could also get this on your phone and it also works with brave, because chrome plug-ins also work with brave.

So i am using brave and it does work so basically it works just like all the other browser-based wallets. You download a plug-in and there’s a little. You know thing in in your browser, but once you go in you can see here. Uh there’s a number of things that you could look at, but if you go to the delegation list, this is where you can look at all those delegates and the pools and the pledge, and it gives you how much uh the rate is. Okay, so, like i said anywhere from four to five percent, mostly they’re around five percent – and it’s easier that so as long as you have ada in your wallet, you hit delegate boom.

You’Re done you’re done. Okay, so that’s one of the easiest ways to do it, but also uh because of the unique nature of cardado staking. You could also do it, while holding uh within your hardware wallet. So if you’re using a ledger and you’re holding ada within you could do so. As well ledger makes it very easy that they have they have their own software ledger live, so you could do it with ledger live or you could connect it up with an external wallet and stake while still holding right inside your ledger.

So there’s many ways. Many many ways to do so and um. You know what, if you’re a cardano fan right, you’re holding ada and you’re waiting for sunday swap to to come out and you’re waiting for samsung and dish network and everyone else. Well, why not stake your card on or earn five percent right, like all these other people, so there you go there. You go outside of that.

There’S some centralized options out there. For example, if you go to crypto.com uh you’re, looking at it, you could earn uh. Two percent with cardano okay, so that’s obviously not as good as just putting in a pool. So why would you want to put into a centralized um place like crypto.

om? It wouldn’t make any sense, but for v chain. Actually, it does make sense at two percent i’ll get to whine a little bit all right. So that’s cardano number two is well vichain v chain thor right, so you guys know i’ve supported each in a long long long long time they have a lot of stuff going on. In fact, they have 146 partnerships as of today, and these are no light partnerships.

These are some of the biggest companies out there in the world, including deloitte pwc, okay, uh also walmart of china, bmw louis vuitton, um, there’s the list goes on and on and on, i mean h m and they partnered up with some of the biggest utility companies. In china too, and insurance companies, i mean there’s just there’s a whole bunch of stuff. I mean in terms of b2b. They have that covered and it’s it’s in place. Right now.

There’S many videos. You go search on youtube. People go into retail stores like hmn, h m, and then you can pick up an item, scan a barcode using the v chain, wallet and i’ll. Tell you exactly where it’s been and whether or not it’s real. I mean it’s already out and operational, but here’s the thing all this is like b2b stuff right: what about b, to c stuff like what about things relating to d5?

Well, yeah, it’s finally coming so vechain announced their very first stable coin recently vusd. Obviously, this is going to be big in terms of developing that d5 ecosystem, which is, i would argue, the hottest thing right now right what everyone is utilizing to make some serious money uh, and this will enable them to push forward with web 3.0. So obviously this was announced. This is coming, but there’s other ways uh to take advantage of their d5 right now, but not only that, you know b2c besides d5 also expanding upon their nft offerings, which they have a few right now, for example, vim world is my partner.

They already came out. They have these vims very, very similar. It’S like a cross between axi and some of these other play to earn games where you can actually develop and nurture a vim and of course you can sell it, there’s a big marketplace for it, but they are building this out right now: okay, they’re building it Out, but in terms of staking v chain, it’s about as easy as possible, but you’re not getting much from it because you’re getting about 1.1 percent and you’re not getting vet back, because v chain is a dual token um system where v vet is the governance token And vthor is actually used for transaction. So basically, if you hold that you’re going to get rewarded in vthor and that’s all you have to do – you don’t actually stake, you just simply hold v chain and you get it, and this is a big reason why you want to hold it yourself, not versus Not on an exchange, because if you’re holding an exchange you’re not getting it, the exchanges are keeping that.

But if you hold it in your own wallet, well, then you’re gon na get it and there’s basically many different wallets. They have their own sync wallet, which is a browser-based wallet and as long as you have that held in that wallet, that’s it you’re getting vthor, basically every single week and you see a pile up. Otherwise there is the vechain thor wallet, ios, android and again all you have to do is hold that in there and you’re getting rewarded with vthor there’s no staking at all right. But it’s a big reason why you want to hold your own v chain so that exchanges don’t just steal that away from you, although some exchanges do give it back to you, but some are just keeping that for themselves. So why would you want to do that?

You just want to collect that right now, um now, besides just native holding the vet, you can also put it into or soon i should say into these amms. For example, there is one: that’s called the exchange they’ve been out for a little bit, but they just opened up um their liquidity pools so that you can actually stake your lp tokens and add liquidity. Although it’s very hard to see how much i did see this, where, if you do uh um v exchange versus vet, you could gain about 66 apr right if you do contribute and here’s another one. Wov vet for about 12
46, so it’s very very early. They just released this not too long ago, and there is another amm called zumoswap and there’s all these pools, but right now it seems like they’re providing their own liquidity according to their twitter.

They will be releasing incentives and token. I’M not token economics in the following days, and this was about five days ago, so pretty soon they’re gon na release this. So then you can also stake lp tokens and contribute to liquidity and possibly earn some pretty good rewards from it, but uh. But i did mention lastly, with someone like crypto.com right: if you, if you do, stake v chain or just simply put it in there, you can make two percent, which isn’t the greatest, but two percent is better than the 1.

, so just uh just to show you Guys there’s another option out there: okay, there’s another option out there, all right, that’s pretty much it so that covered cardano and v chain. So, while you’re holding these two, why not? Why not earn some rewards right? There’S many things coming for both of these fantastic holds. Fantastic buys great dca candidates, but while you’re, while you’re holding, why not earn some rewards all right, guys, that’s pretty much it now.

Let’S do some q a all right, scrolling up uh, a lot of cardano hate and a lot of cardano fans. This is, this is always the case for cardano. You got one side that loves it and one side that hates it. There’S like no in between right there’s no in between, but i share my story about uh cardano way too many times, so i don’t need to talk more about that. But carnano is, despite all the fun and all the stuff about it.

It’S sucky it’ll, never be complete, it’s a stable coin. Well, it’s still holding the top ten. It’S still holding the top ten and when the sunday swap is finally out and ready, it could be a game changer for them and they ready to start moving on to their bachelor era and and scaling, and that’s gon na be a big thing for 2022

Uh, all right, uh, okay, a lot of cordano a lot of cardano comments, uh yeah v chain, i’m. Finally, i’m. Finally, you know um finally seeing how they’re making a big aggressive push towards d5, and that is something i think sunny and team have just ignored.

Far too long because they thought that hey all the partnerships they have right will really push them forward and right now it is being used right, but that is stuck. It doesn’t have the d5 um aspect to it where it causes it to be more deflationary. So they’re definitely looking into that, and i think the stablecoin shows that they’re serious about it and pushing more into consumer-based d5 and nfts that’s going to help them definitely help that going forward and keep in mind that is also deflationary. Vet has a set supply. It doesn’t inflate v-thor does, but that itself doesn’t so the more you lock up that the better it is, but that you know the holding rewards and 1.

percent. I don’t know if that’s going to cause people to really hold it. That’S why you need like dexes and amms, and their liquidity pools to really cause people to to lock in their vet uh all right. Let’S see if i missed anything. Okay, i’m scrolling down zach and a lot of people says kazakhstan has contributed a huge reason for a dump.

I won’t discount it because when china kicked out the miners, you know i think that contributed greatly, but that was 50 percent 50 more than 50. At the time right, kazakhstan, i think it’s about people have said anywhere from 15-20 right, so that probably did contribute um, and if that’s the case i mean the miners eventually will come out right. If that’s the case, if they can’t settle down, it does seem like it’s getting crazy in there. Eventually those miners move elsewhere or the other miners pick up the slack. That’S that’s how it’s always been um.

Let’S see, what do you think is needed for a huge pump and gaining retail interest re. The only thing retail cares about is price. Okay, that’s the only thing people retail cares about so uh. You know, let’s go gain their interest as bitcoin starts pumping up. Let’S go help: bitcoin pump up is uh, these institutions that are holding they continue to hold and continue to buy, and you know these hedge funds that recently have started getting rid of their risk, odd assets and buying risk off assets.

They somehow associate bitcoin and and uh, and several others like possibly ethereum as risk risk on assets, but i think they jumped a gun. They um. They were just too reactionary right. I think that they’re going to regret it and they will come back while the true holders and minors and institutions and companies that bought it for the right reasons or held it for right reasons. They will continue to go forward and as the supply drops and as people look for a hedge against inflation and realize, there’s none out there they’re going to turn back to bitcoin.

So that’s ultimately, what’s going to drive bitcoin back up and drive retail back, but in the meantime, what’s helping greatly keep retail in is d5 and that’s why i’m making a big push in 2022

D5, if it was not for d5 i’ll, tell you this: if it’s not for d5, the market would be probably 75 percent worse right now, 75, and that is no joke. The reason why the all coins have not sold off 75 or more is because of this because of d5 because of how much liquidity is staked in how much people are making, and this is making them hold. This is making them hold. This didn’t exist in 2018. 19 and much of 2020, so whenever bitcoin dipped everything dipped uh much more than bitcoin, but that’s not the case anymore.

Things are more in line and some d5 projects, i mean, i should say some l1s, the network protocols, that’s hosting these d5 projects that have their tokens locked into these d5 projects, they’re holding and they’re. Some are holding even stronger than bitcoin, and this is the reason – and this is gon na – be the future. I i honestly think if there was no d5 like if d5 wasn’t what it is right now, the all coins will be 75 discounted 75 lower than what it is right now, um crypto for everyone, what to prefer george bitcoin’s a couple from traditional market, but volatile Or coupled with more stability and maybe better for adoption, newbies uh, you know what i don’t know. I don’t know you know when you have true decoupling. It’S not always good too.

Look at gold gold supposed to be decoupled away from equity market is supposed to be a hedge against inflation. It’S not supposed to follow anything really, it’s supposed to be a risk off asset actually, so that hedge funds and everyone else is supposed to be buying gold. Is anyone buying it? No, it lost in 2021, it lost for the last 10 years. So true, decoupling may not actually be that good.

I think some correlation is good, but ultimately people need to see why they are buying in they’re not just buying in alternative gold. They need to realize why bitcoin is better and why they should hold it so uh. I believe nexo is worth being mentioned when talking about c5 staking lending options. I have looked at them. Here’S the thing their rates look very, very good, except you have to basically hold a whole bunch of nexo tokens or get rewarded in nexo token, i’m sorry.

Otherwise, their rates are just kind of middle of the pack right, but i think they’re, one of the big three. Obviously you have black phi celsius and nexo they all been around for quite some time. Nexo is not based in the us overseas, but that’s okay, but their rates are kind of like middle on the line unless you’re getting rewarded in exo tokens, which then the rates gets pushed up. But then you know if the nexo token uh, you know drops it by a significant amount. Then it removes that that advantage so just got ta.

Keep that in mind. Uh all right, uh felix asks. What do you think about lto network and they’re pushing nft? I think that they’re kind of like they’re kind of like v chain, they’re very b2b, and they realize they need to go more into consumer stuff, so yeah. They release the roadmap for nft, 2.

and they’re going to try to do some interesting things with nfts right. But i think i think you know going to texas would probably be my priority if i had to choose. If i had to choose hey, get into defy or get into nfts, i i’d say: go into texas: nfts will come and go there’s a lot of speculation, but it’s it’s oversaturated. There’S too many every single day i get pitched like four new collections. People don’t know what to think about them anymore, there’s just way too much.

I think it’s much better to concentrate on games play to earn games better, verses and and, of course, defy just going straight into nfts. I’M not sure. That’S the right move anymore. Um. Let’S see i haven’t what about cabba, i haven’t kept up with kava.

Recently i mean they. They were, they were a huge, defy kind of ecosystem built within cosmos ecosystem, so they’re they’re combination, everything they have. They have lending and borrowing and um and pools, and i mean pretty much everything and uh. I thought they would take advantage of being kind of like the first player on uh cosmos or within cosmos ecosystem, but they i don’t see them really talking about it at all like they don’t want to. They don’t want to be that, for some reason i don’t know cosmos, you know in turn, cosmos.

The d5 ecosystem is still lacking. That’S one of the reasons why i think they haven’t shot up because they only have a couple of dexes and one that’s kind of like half done um. So i think more d5 projects within cosmos will definitely help carry it forward. Uh ben asks uh. Are we seeing that reversal?

We may we may right it’s anyone’s guess right now, but we have come down quite a lot. Quite a lot 50, in fact, from our previous high a lot of the indicators that i’ve been showing. You guys continue to say that the top is not in and there’s a lot of reversal indicators, and today i showed this one right, the fear index but plotted out and you could see all the major drops for bitcoin are in extreme red right when there’s extreme Fear, that’s usually when things turn around and it could have been that 40 000 that we just hit recently. That could have been the bottom right, so we’ll just have to see this coming week. I honestly think that you know that the hedge funds – they overreacted, they overrate it in the minutes and yeah.

I think their goal, they’re gon na regret that most hedge funds lost they lost against smp. Many of them were negative and they all lost according to bitcoin. So if they want to make their 2022 books look better, they should all be buying bitcoin right now, especially when it’s this low, because if bitcoin rallies up significantly in 2022, it’s gon na make them all look like geniuses, so uh space tokens. I have no idea. I think that’s a joke.

Voyager takes your v-throat yeah, you know see, unfortunately, that’s the thing with v chain and v, thor right. If you hold v chained in a wallet that you control you’re, getting rewarded in vtor you’re, it’s just popping up in your wallet right, but a lot of these changes. They take it. You know they take it away from you. So it’s a reason to hold your old v chain all right guys.

All you guys go overall today is looking better bitcoin’s back above 42 000, but many l ones are starting to come back significantly. So that’s good, but obviously there’s a lot of discounts out there. Still so a lot of a lot of really great projects that you could buy for cheap right now right, so i still remain bullish. I say: hey still great opportunity to buy, buy to dip or dca or continue to huddle, because greater things will come. But today i want to talk a little bit more about cardano and vechain.

To help you guys get more educated and get some rewards simply by holding d5 is definitely here to say and it’s the future. It’S the future. All right smash the like subscribe to. The channel i’ll see you guys tonight, 8 30 pm central standard time. Alright have a good one guys bye,

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