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VeChain and the Pharmaceutical World Team Up!

The cryptocurrency market has seen a major boom in the last year with many cryptocurrencies at record prices. A v chain cryptocurrency in recent months has been popular and has good investment returns. Experts in cryptocurrencies believe that VeChain is one of the underestimated cryptocurrencies with future blows, ensure to watch the video until the end to know about VeChain and its partnership in the pharmaceutical world.

Hey, people welcome back to the channel if you haven’t yet become a part of our community become one without hesitating by subscribing to our channel with that done. Let’S start, the impact of the global pandemic has made medicine reform a global priority.

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology holds huge promise. The blockchain will unleash a wholesale disturbance in our existing systems, from advancing key health services to produced and supplied drugs to advanced ai imaging facilities to raise global health standards.

As the world’s leading public level, enterprise blockchain VeChain is devoted to taking advantage of these opportunities and advancing healthcare in a manner never achieved. The following chronology of events represents an exciting journey, but it is just a starting point. On may 16, 2020 v-chain collaborated with I donate to co-develop the COVID19 RTPCR archival solutions for test registrations of anti-core and eh-cert applications.

The EH-CERT app was accepted as a digital tool in the passenger check-in process between June and august 2020 by Larnaca international airport, Cyprus, with more than 8 thousand passengers using the app suppose, Cyprus, citizens visit the hospital’s, povid19 laboratory and pass RT-PCR and antibody tests. In that case, they will encrypt and upload the tests and medical records to the v chain.

Thor blockchain and show the immutably documented findings through the cert native app eh search complies fully with the GDPR. It allows the owner to have total control over his profile and the medical records that can be utilized to prove their health status under their agreement. EH search complies fully with this GDPR with his profile to return to work and take flight citizens in the Republic of Cyprus will meet local quarantine and medical standards.

Covet 19 has prompted an expansion of industrial power in healthcare. That is a long way from over. A recently published report found that 33 of the 50 u.s hospitals tested work for amazon, google or Microsoft. The internet giants are also striking comprehensive agreements for data storage and the development of hospital software, as according to the wall street journal, the technology giants struggle for control on cloud and healthcare markets.

Then there was news that a new blockchain-based traceability platform is being developed by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. In his interview on May 28, 2020, Bayer china revealed that VeChain had chosen to provide the latest blockchain-powered solution to track clinical drugs throughout the supply chain.

The system loads onto the blockchain a batch number for a certain drug known as c-secure the time. Stamping of each drug and user identification information at different points of a route can then be tracked as it moves through the supply chain due to the immutability of the blockchain. A non-permitted third party cannot change the data back in 2019 after VeChain proposed to consider implementing a blockchain-based supply chain solution.

It was granted the right to work with Bayer china. In a competition, the proposal became c-secure. Subsequently, the system uses toolchain a proprietary blockchain as a service baas system that allows VeChain to design and develop comprehensive distributed leader technology solutions for customers, specific requirements Bayer china is the latest in a series of leading blockchain partnerships last June, both the Chinese supermarket chain Arm Walmart and big4 PWC worked together with VeChain on a new food tracking solution for china. A statement by CEO, sunny LIU co-founder of the company, said he was thankful that Bayer tested VeChain’s c-secure product design. The rigor of the medical industry has been experienced by working with Bayer china.

He said I feel the professionalism of Bayer and its excellent work ethic for medicine and healthcare as a whole. Last year, the president of Uganda backed a similar disconnect tracking project to use blockchain technology to combat the issue of counterfeit medicinal products built on VeChain. Thor my care offers an integrated framework based on DNV hospital standards delivers best practices to the industry and provides risk management skills.

Viking Line was the world’s first verified shipping company on June 17, 2020. The authorities in Sweden, Finland and Estonia determined Viking line’s ability to operate on the baltic sea, the health directives and infectious disease control manuals are a key component of the company’s safety work which are constantly updated and used in its activities.

This work has now been stepped up and expanded due to the covet-19 pandemic. These measures start before boarding at the terminals and end with the disembarkation of passengers. Land-Based personnel and crews of vessels are continually informed about the current guidelines and how and which protective equipment should be applied for a particular period. Then, the next month, a declaration of compliance to DNV infection risk management based on my care standards was received from the color line. One of Europe’s largest ferry companies.

The declaration covers the company’s management system, including its 6-gram cargo ships operating between Norway, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the terminals involved DNV’s. My care assessment statement will immediately be displayed to users with confidential and unmoving information stored in the blockchain VeChain thor by scanning the QR code embedded in the Trustmark to ensure the highest safety standards. My care approach includes hospital-grade healthcare standards.

My care combines best practices for risk management, hse systems and maturity, safety standards with blockchain technology, which ensures the confidentiality of the data involved in a methodology, DNV announced on August 6 that it had been verified, blockchain-powered using my care methodology, infection prevention processes and measures By Disseco, the world’s third-largest producer of pasta, the secco can identify improvements and strengths in the processes and operations related to the prevention of COVID 19 and infection.

Through my care methodology, the secco was regarded as a part of the essential services of Italy to ensure that Italians could feed themselves even during the Italian covet 19 lockdowns, the supply chain and production of their products never stopped.

Deseco has adopted my care methodology of DNV to ensure that the risk of dissector infection remains low. The secco can identify improvements and strengths in the processes and operations related to the prevention of covid19 and infection. Through my care methodology, the beneficiaries include the Pharah san Martino and Ortona pasta, factories, olive oil manufacturing factories and the Pescara business district. The first intelligent, tumor treatment center enables the Chinese Renji hospital in partnership with VeChain and DNV. It announced its launch to the world on December 10, 2020.

The facility includes the complete life cycle management of the hospital tumor process and thus to improve efficiency and patient results in combining v-chain’s blockchain technology with DNV’s professionals. The technology of v-chain assists in full patient ownership and enables them to control licensing and manage medical records in and outside of Rengi hospital research institutions can access authorized data to improve clinical research performance.

In addition, the regulatory authorities can use data to conduct business compliance checks and establish a credit assessment system in medical institutions. The most recent is the launch of an intelligent medical care project. My baby, the world’s first blockchain-based in vitro fertilization or IVF application, was initiated in partnership with VeChain and DNV.

A leading hospital in china affiliated with the shanghai Jiaotong university school of medicine on June, 2nd 2021 for many women and families around the world. Ivf is a highly emotional and physically stressful journey. It is a huge burden for a couple that they go through the IVF process, beginning with a diagnosis of their inability to conceive a child, naturally to train themselves for and seek an adequate specialist. My baby is the first service of its sort to combine data verification guaranteed by third parties and blockchain technology. Immutability.

All information, imaging and trails of data from medical devices to the zygotes delivery are securely uploaded to the blockchain of VeChain thor and can only be accessed by authorized my baby users. So there you have it guys and with that, we have come to the end of our video. We hope you enjoyed the video and, let us know in the comments about your views on VeChain, make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up. Thanks for watching see you in the next video

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