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Will be another crisis, it will be more significant and you know we need to actually start preparing for that. Now. When we do see this next crisis, it will be faster than what we’ve seen with covid uh. The exponential growth rate will climb be much steeper. The impact will be greater and, as a result, the economic and social implications will be even more significant, even more significant.

What is this next crisis that we just heard? Jeremy jurgens harvard educated, managing director of the world economic forum describing well now, let’s hear from klaus schwab himself. We all know but still pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack, which would bring to a complete heart to the power supply transportation. Hospital services, our society as a whole, the cobai 19 crisis, would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack to use the kobe 19 crisis. As a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons, the cyber security community can draw and improve our in preparedness for a potential cyber pandemic.

Yes, a cyber pandemic, and before we even talk about what that is, i just want to again appreciate that we just heard two leaders of the world economic forum promise that we are going to have a new crisis soon that dwarfs covet, which has already spelled the End of the world, as we know it welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the bearable bull here, and i got this aggressively average content for you today. As ladies and gentlemen, lectures 116 and 137 have an a-rated goliath of a crypto that is due to make all of you mass sums of money. That’S in my udemy course in the description below and i gets started with this video. I had to play that clip from the world economic forum, their leaders and klaus schwab, essentially ensuring stating explicitly there will be a cyber attack, a massive one.

This is not me speculating it’s coming out of their mouths. At the same time, we’re looking from bbc news that a gang behind a huge cyber attack is demanding 70 million dollars in bitcoin. Ladies and gentlemen, let me make myself very clear: this will be a monstrous catalyst for regulatory clarity and an anti-bitcoin narrative bitcoin. Being the king of the crypto space is toxic. Bitcoin and krypto are going to get negative publicity.

Remember the media was shilling crypto. Just a few months ago, making retail buy at the top and now that we’re being suppressed. These are fear campaigns they’re, trying to make the price drop they’re trying to make you so they’re trying to make you lose money, never listen to what they say, watch what they do. Regulations is coming very soon and when regulatory clarity hits. Ladies and gentlemen, i guarantee you our xrp bull run, will come rob art, just a subtle reminder: he lost seven thousand followers while calling for the 15 cent xrp bottom.

He lost a lot of people because of that now he’s calling for a 7-13 xrp, and i trust that we’re gon na hit those targets and potentially much higher. We just saw vincent appointing a new chief cryptocurrency advisor. This happened for the first time ever. Remember. In 2015, fincen declared that xrp was a virtual currency, not a security.

They got a slap on the wrist fine and we thought we had clarity. This sec lawsuit is progressing, but i predict that we will end in a settlement. Slap of the wrist pay a couple million dollars and we’ll be good to go, but in the meantime we see our community attorney. Jeremy hogan stating the sec must use its full authority to address these risks, and congress must also step up to close these regulatory gaps. This was a quote stated by elizabeth warren, us senator and she gave the sec until july 28th to figure out crypto regulation.

Could this in one way shape or form be targeted against these cyber attacks? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a deeper look in this senate document. Something specifically elizabeth warren was writing to gary gensler was about crypto exchanges, how they’re not regulated like the stock exchange or the nasdaq? How a lot of the volume the trading volume from these exchanges are fake. I told all of you.

Exchanges will be come after and look at what finance has been going through a lot of people try and dismiss the flood. I’M telling you there’s something there. We know we know what it’s really about, but they’re really clamping down on all of these exchanges. Some of the sketchier exchanges you may be using currently to buy some kryptos will go out of existence, especially if they’re not complying no amo, no kyc and you’re going away they’re bringing the hammer down soon. Cyber attacks will be a reason.

Money laundering in exchanges will be another reason: they’re gon na, say, investor protection, but they’re. The reason investors are getting annihilated, guys, 99 of cryptos will go away and one of the big things the elephant in the room that nobody wants to discuss. But we have to talk about is this cnbc is now reporting what i’ve been telling all of you for months tether. The world’s third biggest crypto has got economists worried, they’re, stating already the predictive programming has begun they’re, releasing the narrative, the third biggest crypto in the world by market value. Has the federal reserve worried as the federal reserve’s attention they raised the alarm about tether and called it a financial stability risk?

Some investors believe a loss of confidence in tether could be kryptos black swan, an unpredictable event that would severely impact the market and, i believe, that’s possible. Ladies and gentlemen, if there’s one thing i can tell all of you it’s that i believe this all coin season will happen. I’Ve already been looking at indicators that make me believe that this all coin season is already beginning. We see high quality low-cap kryptos exploding in value. Quant is one example.

Zinfan is another. This is an indicator to me that the high quality low-cap cryptos that need to get money pumped into them, because they’re going to be valuable in the future, they’re rising. The reason they’re rising is because an all coin season will be coming, but that’s not without short-term hurdles and short-term volatility. That’S coming with regulation, exchanges, obliterated tether, obliterated. A potential correction is on the table and i’ve been telling you.

I have some more cash, i’m accumulating on the sidelines, just in case i’m not buying any more crypto. At the moment. I have all the crypto i’ll need for this bull run. So now, what i’m doing with my money is being greedy with entry points for some of you that may not have enough crypto yet aren’t satisfied with your bags. Continue accumulating, accumulate, accumulate, dollar cost average.

I’Ve been doing this for years. I can afford to be greedy and i can’t guarantee that we’re gon na correct before we explode, but i’m willing to gamble on it because i’m being greedy and because i have my bags packed. Ladies and gentlemen, i’m gon na say this again. So it’s thoroughly inculcated into your minds: tether exchange regulation, the binance foot, bitcoin mining, getting obliterated. The narrative behind bitcoin mining is already negative, they’ve already begun it.

The flipping all of these things together will shock crypto markets, but out of the other side, will be the massive wealth transfer. We’Ve all been expecting this time. Right now is about accumulating and looking and gearing for great entry points. The decisions you make today and the entry points you get in now will be life-changing in months to years. There’S no question in my mind: there shouldn’t be a question in yours, ladies and gentlemen, or three i’ll continue to say is the biggest blockchain company on the planet.

They will be using xrp. That is a massive use case and massive value that will be flowing through the xrp ledger. The flare network is launching, who knows, but it could happen as soon as tomorrow. Next week, maybe the week after, but when that comes, the paradigm shift will be felt. The xrp community has been getting a lot thrown their way.

Fudd campaigns scc lawsuit, the listing of their crypto maxis talking smack. When we rise, we will have no mercy, we will not care about anyone else and we will be laughing to the bank. The haters have made us as powerful as we are and that’s why we deserve everything we’re gon na get. Ladies and gentlemen, as i pivot topics very quickly, we have this from james rule xrp showing connecting central bank digital currencies enabling cross-border and cross-network transactions. This is a meeting that will be held by r3, but it’s important that all of you who don’t already know see this clip, because it’s the reason why the xrp community continuously brings up r3 now guys.

Please look at this monstrous clip from notorious xrp and please give notorious a follow one of the greatest clip compilers this community has to offer he has some hidden gems, hidden on twitter and on his channel guys. Please look at this quincy jones crypto eddie interview because it should settle you for what’s to come. Our future is guaranteed. We just have to make it through the storm. Everybody wants to know if you think uh r3 will use xrp.

Ah, yes, uh. I think this is beautiful. It’S a it’s a beautiful question and the answer is yes. The answer is yes for one simple reason: um so r3, using the corda platform um they, the corner platform, has a series of features known as quarter settler. The port of settler allows you to do off-chain settlements on the accord of blockchain and be able to have uh integrations that go along with that.

Well, one of the main core to settle one of the main quarter. Settler tokens is xrp so uh. This is something that’s been in the works for a while. Now this isn’t like new. This isn’t like when they built quarter develop when they built quarter settler.

One of the first things they did was where they built it around uh and with xrp. As a settlement token, on top of all the other settlements that you can issue with it, um but xrp being interoperable with quarter settler and corda has been a thing for quite a while. Now it will be a thing in the future. It will probably be an even bigger thing in the future, but yeah absolutely corda will be using xrp they’re very much very much interoperable with each other and cord has been using uh xrp as a settlement token, in quarter settler for quite a while, we are taking Strategic investors, so it’s all about alignment, so there has to be really clear alignment with our strategic growth or a product and the priorities that we have in place about addressing client demand so that strategic angle and strategic alignment is, is the number one uh proof point Right, the second piece is also working with our own technology team and having the company’s technology validated by our own subject matter: experts right, uh: we are coming into these investments. Having already really kicked the tires on these companies from a technology standpoint um and collaborating with a lot of our colleagues across the bank to identify who is it that we’re interested in looking at as a potential investment, central bank, digital currencies?

Ladies and gentlemen, xrp has been at the forefront of helping central banks. Develop them. Remember the private ledger. That’S always been important. The bank for international settlements is getting trigger happy stating the world needs to consider international payments as part of their cbdc deliberations.

Xrp’S use case is international. Cross-Border payments they’ve been building the payment rails, they’re getting it all together. Ladies and gentlemen, we also see this cbdc’s would give central banks a clean slate for enhancing cross-border payments. Updating legacy infrastructure, integrating the coordination of international and national designs would allow reducing the frictions of today’s processes. A worldwide push for cbdc issuance is happening in real time.

The report notes this would therefore require tight integration of multiple cbdc’s and uniformity of design choices along specific measures designed to mitigate macro risks anders lumber posted this mac attack posted this, the imf, world bank and bis champion central bank digital currencies at the g20. This is so easy go with what they’re going with and you will get rich. Ladies and gentlemen, ripple’s website is stating it itself. Central banks will be able to join a network of cbdc ledgers that enables full settlement and interoperability. This will also allow each member to retain their monetary and technological independence.

This is exactly what the banks want and ripple is giving it to them on a silver platter, with xrp as the secret sauce the infrastructure, the plumbing of the new financial system, has been built in the background and we’re just waiting for the mainstream rollout. We’Re waiting for some more payment rails to be built were waiting for this sec lawsuit to get settled. We’Re waiting for regulatory clarity and elizabeth warning because she fired a warning shot is signaling that it’s coming. The us senate is getting involved. The sec has a july 28th deadline, let’s see if anything involving xrp has to come from that, but i know for certain the crypto apocalypse will be upon us.

Exchanges will face scrutiny. Tether is not out of the woods yet, but everything is looking primed and ready to go for xrp to take over the entire crypto space. A cryptocurrency coupe daytime is occurring against bitcoin’s throne as we speak, and the xrp army is on the right side of history to take over this space. We’Re gon na profit off xrp. It’S price appreciation, it’s mass adoption and then the flare network, chinese, bamboo baby.

We’Re almost there. This is the bearable bull here. Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for tuning in, as always, i appreciate every single one of you. A very special video will be coming out one of these days that i’ve been working on for a while, i’m working on some things in the background that you have not noticed yet, but once it launches, i promise you you’ll all be excited.


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