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Hey everyone thanks for tuning in to cryptozx, i really appreciate you stopping by my channel today to all my viewers watching my video right now. Can i please ask you guys to smash that like button and hit the red subscribe button if you haven’t already, this does help with the channel tremendously, and it also keeps me motivated on making videos for you guys, but with that being said, let’s jump right in Today’S content, all right guys before i begin, i would like to say the disclaimer anything on this channel – should not be taken as financial advice, because i am not a financial advisor cryptocurrencies are super volatile, so please do your own due diligence and research before investing in These markets, looking at the overall crypto market cap today, we’re currently sitting at 1.7 trillion dollars we’re down 4.9 percent in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, btc dominance is currently standing at 40.

. Looking at the overall markets guys, we are seeing a lot of right across the board. If you guys saw um. You know i posted on my youtube community tab. If you guys would like to see an urgent late night update for bitcoin and altcoins a lot of you voted yes, so that’s exactly what i’m bringing you guys.

So if we’re looking at the markets, guys, you are seeing in the last 24 hours we’re seeing a lot of red across the board. Bitcoin did fall down 5.9 percent, i’m taking down other alt coins. You know double digits, as you guys may know, when bitcoin does fall, all coins go down even harder and that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. So what you know what is causing this we were headed towards.

You know the upside everything was starting to look very, very nice. Was this a fake out? What’S going on, you may be asking so i’m going to go over as to what is going on and what could happen in the future. So, let’s you know, jump right into it, so guys elon musk came out and made a tweet once again saying uh, you know her. This is the image it says her.

I know i said it would be over between us if you quoted another lincoln park song, but i found someone else him. So in the end it didn’t even matter and then you can see the tweet. He has a bitcoin emoji. Meanwhile, you know heartbroken emoji as well, so you know this guy elon musk is such a massive figure in the cryptocurrency space guys. He really did kick start this a bose cycle and you know, take uh krypto to the mainstream.

If you think about it, because this whole dosh coin mania started and along with you know, uh elon musk come out and say he will be accepting uh payment methods. Uh. You know uh bitcoin payment methods, uh for his company tesla. But then he came out and said: um you know we. I will no longer be accepting bitcoin, which really did uh.

Take us um. You know towards the downside. Uh created a lot of panic across the board, even though he did say that he does believe. Cryptocurrencies are the you know future, but he just do not does not like um bitcoin uh, for instance, because of the you know, environmental uh, you know effects the negative effects that it has due to um. You know the mining uh that you know bitcoin does so.

He said we might uh, you know, use another cryptocurrency as that payment method – uh. Well, you know people did not. You know uh pay close attention to that, and you know this goes to show how much power he really holds guys. He came and made a tweet with bitcoin and heart a break emoji. A lot of people are thinking that you know he might sell his bitcoins.

You know a lot of uh, you know. Theories are going on rumors uh, going on after this tweet came out, and you know what the whales did guys. You know what the whales did. They took total advantage of this tweet because they know how big of an influence elon musk is on cryptocurrency markets recently and how much effect these kind of tweets can have. So i believe they did manipulate the markets hundred percent and if you guys look on the tweets, you see justin sun coming out and say i will buy all bitcoin that elon musk sells bitcoin with heart shape, absolutely insane guys.

So a lot of things are going on, so we could see um. You know in the next 24 hours to 48 hours to see how much of an impact this tweet really has to mate or if elon musk does come out and say you know he was joking or something like that. We will see what happens, but if we’re going into bitcoin charts right now guys you guys can see we finally broke above this. You know level of uh uh. You know this uh crucial, you know sideways momentum and you know i did say i would like for us to break out of this range around that 38 200 level.

We were able to break above it guys, and you know everything was starting to look good. Bitcoin was heading towards 40k, but guess what happens? Elon, musk tweet comes out and boom we go towards the downward strand and right now we’re still above this level of support that i have been talking about. That is very, very crucial. Uh.

You know that is a 36 200 mark. We are above that right now, so everything is not looking so bad if we do have a bounce back up, like i said in the next 24 hours to 48 hours, i believe that’s a bullish indicator, but if we do break below this guys, you guys know Where i would like bitcoin to hold around, which is the last level of support for bitcoin in my opinion, which is the latest higher lows that we have created over this uh past weekend, which was at that 33 100 mark. If bitcoin is unable to hold around this level guys, you know um, i believe, there’s a strong, strong possibility for us to break below 30 000 and even head to 25k that i have been saying over the few uh days. You know us breaking about out of this uh. You know a trend line was very, very bullish, but right now guys we need to get back into this range.

For me to be. You know certain that the markets are indeed heading towards the uh. These uh price targets, but right now uh, like i said the next 24 hour to 40, ever eight hours will be able to tell us as to what is going on. I believe whales are taking massive advantage of this tweet and um. You know they are trying to create more panic across the board, so this does not come as a surprise to me at all, but also guys elon musk coming out and tweeting.

You know i don’t like how much power he holds. Don’T get me wrong. I’M a huge huge fan of elon musk. I believe the guy is a genius uh. You know he uh has built so many uh.

You know great products, but you know, i believe the amount of you know control he has on cryptocurrency markets. Right now is not good in my personal opinion, because one tweet he can make guys that can create a lot of panic across the board. So that’s one thing i do not like, but let’s see what happens in the future. You know so this ha. So this has happened for bitcoin guys.

We have seen a bitcoin fall uh. You know down just uh. Today alone we have seen bitcoin falls. Seven point five percent, but if we’re going on v chain you know v chain, wow, guys you guys can see. This was my price target that i was talking about.

We literally almost touched it, and you know the timing was not right for us and you know his tweet came out and boom we’re sitting literally right below this level of support, so that is a great sign. Uh we touched uh, you know this um, as you guys can see. We touched the 78 6 right on there and we got we bounced back up right off the bat and we’re sitting literally right on this level of support or right below it so far so good. But if we do bring out the measuring tool, guys uh, you know we are down in just one day, we’re down fifteen point. Three percent and all altcoins are down about the same, and you know uh cardano is down about the same as well.

You guys can see. Cardona is down twelve point, seven, three percent, so you guys are getting the picture. The entire market is reacting about the same right now. So it’s not just one certain coin, guys it’s the entire market. That’S reacting like this right now see 13.

So you guys get the picture uh, but i believe we will have a bounce back up as a bitcoin goes towards the upside, and this was just you know, a whale manipulation try to shake out the markets for a quick bit. We will see – let’s see if the bears are able to push the bitcoin price towards the downside. I highly doubt it because so far everything was looking good guys, but the timing is not right. Like you know, as soon as we did see, some sort of good momentum occur in the markets. You saw elon musk and come out and make the sweet guys.

That is kind of you know, weird in my opinion, like you know, as soon as the markets did start recovering, so i started seeing some sort of uh. You know um um, like good things happening for the market and actually, indeed heading towards the upside. You know what happened his tweet comes out and boom we’re back to where we were and um. You know all that you know. Uh good momentum that we were building has been shaken out right off the bat uh, but in the next few hours we will be able to see what happens guys uh.

You know i 100 believe this is, you know, whale manipulation at its finest uh, but i will keep you guys updated what is going to happen if a bitcoin, oh, you know, uh, were to fall further down or you know bounces back up above from these levels. I will keep you guys, updated uh, but if you have done your due diligence and research guys and and have invested what you can afford to lose, i always say guys: um, you know holding would be your best strategy and patience is your number one key to Follow you do not want to be shaken out during these week. You know during these times, because whales do want to shake at the weekends, and you guys know what happened. Markets do tend to recover very very fast, so you do not want to be shaken out and again guys. You know when you do see profits.

You know it’s good to take profits because you never know when these things can occur, and this is a perfect example right in front of us guys. You know everyone was saying you know the markets are looking uh very nice. We are headed towards the upside, but again this is why i always say guys: the bearish scenario is always a possibility, as these markets are heavily manipulated by the whales, and we saw that happen again and this happens on a con. You know this happens on a continuous basis in the cryptocurrency markets guys. This is not the first time and this is well.

This will not be the last time, and you know you just have to be prepared for that, and you know have some sort of strategy in place where you can lock in profits. So you can either buy back the dips or um. You know just use that money for your personal use, but so far i believe this is not a panic time. It was uh heavily manipulated, but again i will keep you guys updated what uh comes uh. You know if anything does come in the next 24 hour to 48 hours that i have to cover.

I you know it’s really really late here. I do want to sleep, but i had to make this update. For my you know, family cryptozx family, so you guys can get a better understanding as to what is going on. I know a lot of new money is coming into the space, so you guys might not know so. I’M bringing you guys that update right off the bat, but let me know in the comment section below where you guys could see um you know bitcoin and the entire market go in this month of june.

I would love to know your thoughts down below and please like the video and hit the red subscribe button, because this does help with the channel and get my video to a wider audience. So that would be greatly appreciated and also guys if you have not joined the telegram group chat guys. What are you waiting for link in the description box below we talk about cryptocurrencies? The latest news and trends revolving around the space and just have a great time at the end of the day, so come join the group and let’s build this community together, but with that being said, guys stay safe out there. Safety comes first, health comes, first, family comes first and everything else absolutely comes later.

It’S been cryptozx and peace out.

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