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The last few days have been pretty turbulent in the crypto world. That’s how it is. One day it seems the bull run is practically here, and the next day you see bears everywhere. As you probably noticed, Bitcoins value dropped by about $2,000 so far, sucking all the hope and life out of everything around it. Kind of like you do when you bring up crypto at a party full of normal people. If you know any. There’s one project however that seems to be thriving despite the current chaos.

TRON. Today, we’ll discuss why this project is the only project in green, top 15. Let’s get it. Need to exchange some crypto? You should try Switch here. It’s an exchange that holds two licenses. One is an exchange and one is a wallet. Switch here has different payment options and you will never get charged a hidden fee. Visit switchere.com for more.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! The hardest working channel in all of cryptocurrency. If you’re new, hit that Subscribe button and join both my free Telegram groups and my new Discord server, the BitBoy Lab, to learn more about crypto or connect with me and the BitSquad. Also, I’m giving away a CATX Node worth over 20K, a whole Bitcoin, 2 Ethereum, and 2 Litecoin at the end of September.

Take part in this giveaway, please visit 1btc.BitBoy.Live for details. Only subscribers are eligible. Alright, guys. Trons value skyrocketed over the last 24 hours, seeing its highest peak since 2018, reaching a value of almost a nickel on September 3.

Today, we’re going to talk about why that happened and what you need to know about SUN Genesis Mining. Also, at the end of this video, we have an update on a project I told you guys to keep your eye on that has been mooning. But, first, let’s check out another project. Hyper. As you guys know, I’ve been talking about Hyper for a hot minute.

We were actually pushing it on this channel when the price was down around a penny. Right now, I think its somewhere around 9 or so. Now, the Hyper platform is heading straight toward the launch of its social media platform, which is huge within itself, but I’ve got some breaking exclusive news to report you guys regarding Hyper.

The platform token, UDOO, as you guys know, is going through a brand and will be swapped out for the HYPE Token some point most likely this year. They will also be doing a token burn which we talked about last week. Now, in the meantime though, the token UDOO has officially been approved to be listed on KuCoin, one of the favourite exchanges on this channel.

Now, I can’t reveal the actual listing day, but I can tell you this. It is very soon. And I’m not sure if you guys know what happens to projects when they get listed, but generally, new trading volumes on an exchange as big as KuCoin means if you’re buying new, there could be opportunities for huge gains. Alright, so let’s take a look at TRX. Now, TRON is not a small project. It is currently ranked 13th according to CoinGecko and has been one of the top projects for a while.

But the incredible growth over the last week has certainly been surprising as this kind of growth is not something we see every day. The most surprising thing here is that TRON is the only project currently experiencing gains amid a period of red. Okay, a period of red might have been an understatement. It has been a solid sea of red.

If you see, the only other project above TRON that’s currently in green for the last seven days is Tether, and come on, we all know that’s not a fair comparison due to Tether being stablecoin, what? How did TRON manage to keep its head above the red sea when all other projects were sinking presumably due to Bitcoins nosedive? I’m glad I asked.

Back on August 31, Justin Sun tweeted about an incoming feature to TRON Network SUN Genesis Mining a feature that would benefit the network by taking advantage of the ongoing DeFi craze and yes, the craze is still ongoing despite the amount of red we’re seeing these days.

There’s a thing I’ve mentioned in the past and you need to remember it at times like these. Considering only the dollar value of your portfolio can be a grave mistake and lead to misunderstandings. You should be thinking in terms of satoshis instead of that pesky fiat currency some called the American dollar.

Mining feature was just recently launched on September 2, but the announcement was the event that initiated the uptrend. Justin Sun’s tweet was posted at 12:05 and it didn’t take long for investors to notice. What were you doing at that time? Taking a suspiciously long shower while I’m knocking on the door? Watching the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Well, whatever you’re doing, you should be paying attention to every single announcement from crypto projects including from Justin Sun. Report to me immediately when something like this happens. Not even daring to blink. Guys, otherwise, this is a one-way relationship. I can’t be doing everything for you. You guys have parents for that.

Hopefully, upstairs. Anyways, I guess that we should get back to the topic of SUN Mining. So, what is SUN Genesis Mining? Apart from being a feature intended to fulfil the narcissistic needs of the project’s founder by naming the feature after himself, SUN Genesis Mining is a social experiment that will be completely driven by the community and focused on TRONs potential for decentralized finance in response to self-governed communities like MakerDAO, Compound, Aave, etc.

Sun is TRONs first meme coin hey, their words, not mine designed to be an equivalent to Bitcoin, the almighty saviour of crypto that can make either all projects to rise in value when compared to the dollar or throw them all downhill.

So, the coin’s characteristics are zero venture capital investments, zero private equity investments, no pre-mining or reserves for the team, and is completely operated by the community by using open-source smart contracts.

Which means that it will be completely decentralized and free of external interference or manipulation. Something big old Satoshi Nakamoto would be proud of. The mining of this new coin started, as I already said before if you aren’t paying attention, on September 2, and will go into until the 16th with a total supply of 19.9 Million being available.

Now, the reason for the TRXs pump as a result of this news is in the way that SUN Mining works. You see, in order to mine the SUN, miners will only need to deposit their TRX to TronLink wallet and log into the official website using TronLink, then in 14 days, the smart contract will return all assets to the miners’ accounts.

And you know what? It’s free real estate. There won’t be any handling fees involved. TRON’s team has warned users not to send TRX or any other token directly to the smart contract as such assets will be lost. Like, they were pretty clear about it, the whole all caps deal and everything, you know. But I know you guys won’t listen to me, so at least listen to them. Don’t lose your crypto being stupid.

I showed you how to do that earlier this week. If you want to throw it away, I’ll give you my crypto address so you can tip me for all the great content that I provide to you. On September 16, the mining will end, rewards will be distributed and SUN will launch, in what the team has decided to call Sunday despite being a Wednesday.

I thought you guys think my jokes are bad when stuff like this exists is SUNthing that still surprises me. If you will take part in the SUN mining, I would advise you to take advantage of it now as the earlier stages of mining will provide you with an added 10% of rewards when compared to the regular season.

However, the regular mining season will accept more coins support by including coins such as USDT and USD. A part of the SUN supply will also be distributed to JustSwaps liquidity providers in the form of TRX, BTT, JST, WIN and more. Now, SUN mining is not the only announcement that TRONs team has made that has affected its recent performance.

On the same day, TRON announced that it would be collaborating with Band Protocol to bring secure and verified decentralized oracles to power its rapidly growing DeFi and decentralized application space.

Both TRON and Band Protocol have been focusing their efforts on improving the scalability issues some major network’s experience, which is why they want to create a high throughput, customizable and decentralized oracle for TRON developers to use. There are also plans for the addition of a TRC-20 BAND that could be used in TRONs DeFi apps as a collateral asset, store a value or other uses.

Just like with TRON, this announcement resulted in a pump in BANDs value. The difference here is that it was not sustainable and dropped some days later. However, the integration and partnership still will take some time to benefit both networks and this trend is just a result of speculation in the middle of that red sea I mentioned earlier.

So, only time will tell how does integration benefits BAND in the future and in spite of what the last few days suggests, BAND is still over the 100% growth rate in the last 30 days. Which is not bad if you asked me, which you probably didn’t.

I know the band was one of my picks of the month and it’s been murdered in the crypto bloodbath. With news like this, it could be back up on the way up in no time. Speaking of up, let’s talk about UniFi DeFi, a project we discussed a few weeks ago.

It’s one of my top DeFi gems. Every day in my Telegram group, people are asking me about UniFi DeFi. I know literally every coin we talked about on this channel doesn’t 100X, but we do find the diamonds in the rough and UniFi is a gem for sure. Check out this news of a huge partnership that UniFi just solidified with Ferrum Network.

This is going to help UniFi be able to provide their staking on their platform. By the end of September an unprecedented record for expediency, UNIFI token holders will be able to begin staking their coins.

If you miss the video where I discuss UniFi DeFi, basically this project is setting out to be the first solution to the insanely high gas fees of Ethereum. Gas prices to send transactions have gotten so high that they priced out much small fish we’ll get to trade on Uniswap.

I mean, what’s the point of making a small trade? We got to cover a $70 gas fee. That’s what some people were actually having to pay this week. With UniFis Nitrous Layer, users will get guaranteed low gas fees and lightning-fast transactions. That’s something we all need right now.

But now it’s your turn. What do you think about the potential of this meme coin as a viable project? I thought TRON itself was a meme. What other factors do you consider that it boosted TRON’s value? What measures are you taking to soften the losses in the recent bloodbath? Let me know down below in the comment section.

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