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Top Five Crypto Picks for 2022

These are my top five crypto picks for 2022.. These are the coins that i have a feeling are gonna make some good gosh darn returns for investors, my name’s lark. Every day i make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if that’s a top you’d like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with, then you should definitely subscribe to the lark Davis channel, also being take a quick second tap on thumbs up button for YouTube.

Algorithm great fortune will come to you. Also, if you’d like to receive a notification I’ll put out a new video click on that notification bell by the way every single week, my team and i produce wealth mastery. This is a cryptocurrency investor report. Sign up keep you ahead of the curve in this fast moving market. Every single issue: you’re gonna get a step-by-step d5 tutorial, a deep dive on an altcoin, my portfolio updates token sales, airdrops, nfts tips, tricks news, trending coins and much much more.

All of that for less than 10 bucks a week for our premium report or if you’d like to sign up for free to our weekly newsletter, you can also do that down below using the link in the description now before i jump into those top five picks I’ll, just like, say, happy holidays. Merry Christmas, happy boxing day when it comes up, this will be my last video before the holiday season. We’ve taken a few days off. I hope that you have a great Christmas filled with lots of love and laughter and friends and family and all that fun stuff. I will be back making uh, probably a few videos before new year’s, but you know probably take a few days off around then as well, but uh, just let you know we’ll be having a few days off and you should take a few days off too.

After watching this, video get out of here go and enjoy your Christmas holidays spend some time with family and friends. Now that being said, let’s go ahead and talk about the top five coins for 2022, the goods. So first Ethereum and i know, look Ethereum. It’s the number two cryptocurrency: how much higher can it realistically go? Well, i believe that Ethereum will be a five digit asset that we could see a 20 000 Ethereum before this cycle.

Finally, rolls over and dies. Why do i believe that Ethereum in 2022 is a coin that you should definitely be keeping an eye on and potentially looking to, you know allocate funds to in your investment? Well, there are some massive catalysts coming up for Ethereum and look. We talk about this stuff at length on the channel, so I’m not gonna do a deep dive on any of this particular stuff, but we have layer, two scaling solutions exploding for Ethereum things like arbitrary, now got billions of dollars, total value locked. We have the move to proof of stake coming for Ethereum, that’s massive beyond belief, we’re moving from proof of work which is horrifically inefficient over to proof of stake, which will fundamentally change the economics of a theory moving us from a mine and dump economy to a Stake and probably restate get more rewards kind of economy becomes more of a virtuous circle versus the unvirtuous circle.

That mining has kind of been over the past years and mining was a great way to bootstrap the network. But it’s time to move on we’re going to prove a stake and it’s going to be massive for Ethereum. Then we have the triple halving so as part of the move to prove a stake. There will be a 90 percent reduction in yearly emissions of newly created Ethereum. It’s crazy man, that’s absolutely crazy.

That means that, along with eip1559 Ethereum is going to become deflationary next year. It’ll, just only be going down within the next, probably five to ten years, we’ll be back under a hundred million Ethereum, that’s crazy, stuff man. Then, of course the Vitali butlerin also recently announced that they’re going to start implementing limited shading next year. So this essentially is going to bring us a three to 4 x improvement in the transaction throughput for Ethereum. Eventually, that’s aiming to have a 64x improvement on transaction speed.

All these things are very, very bullish. Ethereum has some massive things coming in 2022, so very excited about that. The second coin on our list today, our old buddy Elrond man Elrond, is doing some pretty gosh darn cool stuff. Here guys, Elrond is basically Ethereum 2.0, but today yeah seriously it’s a great blockchain.

These guys are working super hard on it. It’s finally coming to life, which i think is a very exciting time and moment for Elrond, so we’ve finally seen them launch their my our exchange. So this is their native decentralized exchange kind of like the unit swap of Elrond, where you can now um trade usdc, the Elrond token uh, also they’ve got uh. So, let’s switch over to the ir page here. They’ve also got um other tokens now starting to come.

So the hollow ride token. Now we talked about hollow ride before that’s kind of the augmented reality like in car, gaming and vr stuff, which is super cool, looking backed by audi and other big car players, so very cool one. The ride token it’s listing soon, so we’re gonna actually start to see a lot of different tokens starting to list on the ir exchange. We also have exchange support from centralized exchanges starting to happen for Elrond’s standard tokens. So kucoin, for example, has already announced support for um the Elrond standard tokens Elrond.

It’S been massive if you’ve been following me for a while, we were back in Elrond when it was. You know millions of dollars in market cap and, of course, that we’re not worth billions. It’s been absolutely insane. This coin has been nuts and i expect good things from Elrond in the future. I feel like it’s just starting to take off and that is going to be massive coin number three.

Our old buddy polygon man, matic thematic coin, has just been nuts. I mean 2021’s been crazy for matic. Now we were talking about matic, i think December or January. Here on, the channel was still like two or three cents per matic, and now, of course, it’s up to like whatever it’s worth nowadays, you know seems to be ranging between a buck 50 and like 220, or something for the past x amount of months, but uh. It’S been crazy, polygon’s been crazy and we’re seeing so many things happening for polygon.

That made me very, very bullish on it. Moving into 2022, you see because polygon right now it is the side chain for ethereum. A lot of major ethereum applications have come over to polygon. We have like rumors now as well that we’re gon na see uh uh uni swap coming over to polygon as well, which will be massive, obviously, as the world’s biggest decentralized exchange, so be sweet to see that happen, but more than just being a side chain. This is really important.

More than just being a side chain. Polygon is a broad scaling solution for ethereum and that, of course, can extend out beyond ethereum, but we’ve seen them really going into roll-up technology. So polygon has acquired two different um major players in the roll-up space, so they just acquired mirror protocol in a 400 million dollar deal. They also acquired hair maze a couple months back. This is just massive for their potential to to scale things up and to actually be a major major player in the layer.

Two scaling space beyond just the polygon side chain, so it becomes a a world of layer. Two scaling of course, working with ernst young on polygon, nightfall, also a big deal, and we just had news as well. The other day that um polygon has implemented eip1559 for polygons, so essentially every transaction on polygon now is going to burn a little bit of matic away long term. That’S absolutely awesome for the price of polygon, so users are going up stronger than ever new acquisitions. More apps coming, i’m bullish on polygon.

It’S going to ten bucks guys just question when the fourth coin solana now solana, i feel like, is just positioning itself so well for gaming, and that’s particularly what i’m interested in when i look at solana really is solana, ecosystem stuff. So beyond the primary solana asset, which is probably gon na, do pretty decent if we do see a lot of games starting to take off on solana. But you know, salon has already gone up so much it’s absolutely insane, but still potential for the main asset to go up, but i’m really really interested in the stuff happening on solana. That’S where that’s, where i’m getting very, very excited about what solana is doing. For example, we have a rory we’re on the light paper picture.

Let’S go over, so you can see some some sweet gameplay footage behind me here, a rory beautiful game, jrpg style game. This is one that uh i’m staking currently and i’m also buying some other nft characters. If this takes off in a similar way, like axi infinity, has then it’s a great investment potential. I think solana has a really nice user experience for nfts and tokens and stuff because the gas fees are so ridiculously low on solana so watching these gaming plays as well as some really hot upcoming games. Decimated is a very, very beautiful game.

So let’s go over here and you can see some in-game footage uh from decimators. You can kind of get an idea for the style they’re going with sort of the sci-fi post-apocalypse uh theme of the game, but it’s a beautiful game. It’S a very nice looking game! This is the kind of quality stuff that we’re seeing coming out of the solana blockchain guys, that’s why i’m bullish on the the crypto gaming space we’re starting to see really beautiful games coming out, but then, of course, you know a lot of it’s happening on solana, Which is very, very interesting. Another one here is legends of lumia, which is a very, very cool game with you know great nft, characters and stuff like that cool cool in-game play as well.

So you know this stuff happening over on solana. I think it’s going to be good for the solana blockchain, but i’m really watching those gaming plays within the solana ecosystem, in particular yeah investing in games, unlike polygon and stuff too, but solana has been bringing forward a lot of really hot offerings. I’Ll continue to keep an eye on those and the final coin that i’m definitely watching in 2022. It’S wilder world man wow the world. These guys just continued to impress and impress and impress metaverse it’s such a hot topic.

Metaverse is going to be massive. Absolutely massive. We’Ve seen all these um different players pile into metaverse after facebook announced they were doing whatever stuff. Well guess what wilder world was there before that wilder’s been building? Uh we’ve been talking about this one since, like 20 cents on the channel um looking for a billion dollar plus market cap on it, i think if it gets the same kind of success, that we’ve seen like the sandbox or, for example, um the central and get This is a multi-billion dollar potential coin.

Now they’ve been releasing all kinds of really cool stuff, they have so the the theme of wilder world is miami, but in the metaverse. So why emmy right wilder, wilder miami, but they’ve got nft cars that you can race against. Other people nft shoes, nft cribs, literally they’re selling, like you, know, fancy condos uh in the game that people can buy and, of course, nft land has been massive for early investors in that, so a very beautiful world, and i think that it’s one that’s going to Continue to get a lot of attention, as we see them, release more and more of this world release. More and more of this technology bring new nft um into their metaverse, so definitely the metaverse to keep an eye on without a doubt. If you’re looking for metaverse play, this is one i would suggest doing some research on and i think once you do, you’ll probably be pretty gosh darn impressed anyway.

Those are just my top five coins for 2022 that i think you should have on your radar. What do you think of my list? Is there a coin that absolutely should have been on this list that i did not include? If so, what is that coin? Let us all know what you think: the top coin for 2022 is gon na, be down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching today’s video and peace out till next time, [, Music, ], you

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