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Top Crypto Price Analysis TODAY!

Hello, everyone, welcome to my channel. My name is Zari and we will cover it today You guys have a great cryptocurrency price analysis so let’s dig into the basics first News. We have decided to drop the Canadian public company Ethereum and Monroe for bitcoin now It’s interesting, I can understand why they want to throw Monroe but I am.

They are not very sure why they want to throw out the number two cryptocurrency The second news we received this weekend is that some senior analysts are talking Bitcoin may see further correction but be sure the price has not yet come out.

Guys please be careful when trading and let’s look at our price range for today So our price trend for bitcoin is, therefore, the next level of resistance that bitcoin is trying It is worth nineteen thousand two hundred and seventy dollars for a touch or perhaps a passage.

He tries to touch bitcoin before we can see him trying to get to the next resistance. The stage is currently trading on a moving average because Bitcoin is currently the most advanced 17 000 has been trading above the moving average so it is currently the first support level. We have for bitcoin 17396 and it is the second level of support we have now It’s five thousand five hundred dollars.

Once again, I will use an hour table for this special occasion You people have different levels of support and resistance b Ethereum to better view price ranges and support levels and use for two hours. Therefore, the first level of support we see here is 550, which Ethereum actually has.

He pushed forward and broke the resistance level and the next level of support since Ethereum has 500, Ethereum is currently on the right track to try to target the 600 range. Again if we don’t have any major news or other major canvas right now, so now Check out the most healthy and positive wave executives bitcoin maximalism is over and beyond.

The price of ad, XRP will increase dramatically so in other news Ripple sells for 33 percent For those of you who don’t remember a few years ago, now Moneygram’s share.

That may be the reason for the XRP price increase when you decide to go it alone Buy MoneyGram and see how it was priced so you can integrate it with their system Okay so what we can see here is that. Ripple is currently above the support level 57 And he has now tried to double his level of resistance on various occasions.

More than 65 cents will probably be traded in this region so 57 and 65 cents is this range XRP approach as we try to trade in the worst-case scenario right now Another sale: so this next level of support is 46 cents Now we look at the stars.

So the first stable coin that started over the weekend in the lumen In Brazil and Argentina, now Umm Argentina and Brazil are too big for people who do not know.

A country with a large population, so I’m talking about 100 like Brazil If there are a million Brazilians in Argentina, maybe more than 20 or 30 million Argentines.

Great news to see if there are countries that have started using stars. He is very positive and we hope we can see some other countries starting Applying and using stellar lights. Now let’s look at the price tags. Because the stars are so healthy, XLM has been able to maintain its value Very positive for the last day or two and the next price is over $ 19 Trying to get 22 cents for XLM.

So 22 cents is the next level of resistance and now the stars it’s working well, let’s see it in the worst case, but it’s still a $ 15 coin to touch again Now the new range for stars is 19 cents to 22 cents. If you are very aggressive against the stars again and really want to start some marketing action.

Obviously, if you have a long position, I will probably look at the opening Look around at $ 19 cents and maybe $ 21 cents or if you have $ 20.5. You can try to shorten the XLM between $ 22 cents or $ 21 cents as you can clearly see the depression in XLM.

This is a region for you now we are looking at a chain link so the link support level is about $ 12 and it is now $ 14 and now it is time to touch and break the initial resistance level. The link should try to stay above the original reason level, so we basically need to see the link.

Stay for at least a few hours over $ 14 and then try to break the $ 15 resistance level So if you want to trade in a link now to make it worthwhile, it may not be.

The best time to enter is because we are just above the next level of resistance. You are looking to get in so you obviously want to see the same example here And then breaking up is probably something you should look at Now he wants to launch a native simulation of Cardano news Basically a simulated lock function similar to what we see with others.

Basically, the user can lock a specific symbol with a real key and this is intended to live directly By the end of December, this could be another reason for Cardano’s stimulus Prices. So let’s look at the card now so Ada now has a price range between them From $ 12.5 cents to $ 17 cents so if you are looking for a business then this is the area for Cardano Maybe there were a couple, as you can see here, waiting for a little correction.

He tried three times to break this $ 17.3 coin and this will be his next price If it can break and break, then we can move on I’m really here because I wanted to cover the polka dots for this specific video. The two-hour u chart for Polkadot is currently at an early stage of resistance From $ 5.2 and now the next one trying to break it down is really $ 5.8 Very bullish on.

Dot and you and you really want to get into this market this might be good He broke the standard of resistance now because the opportunity is yours If there is a big sale on the ad side by side, you can see it again when you try again Re-evaluate today’s $ 4.5 support level until you prepare for a happy week next time

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