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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! check-check Wanted to make sure this sound is good. I’m about to get in the chat real quick This is about making sure As you’re me, okay? All right, we’ve got about five minutes before we get lab on an air Saturn became Generally, shout out from Cleveland. I see you James was going on baby.

I’m saying two one six buffalo fruits we go in the building greetings from the Netherlands, Bosnia Yes Now I’m actually back in Atlanta All right, so let’s see here. Let’s you don’t want to hurt And so what I’m doing right now.

Let’s see. We’ve got 70 people watching 70 people so what I need We got three minutes I Want to see and then more people are going to come let’s see if we could get up to 50 lights So what we’re doing is I’m giving away free bitcoin every day. I can’t wait for free bitcoin We get 50 likes right now on this video I’m going to pick somebody out to chat, and then we’re going to give away some bitcoins.

So right now. We’re at Four lights, so you guys got three minutes? To get it up to 50 likes and Once that happens if it happens before the end of the timer I will pick somebody out to chat And get you some free bitcoin if not then oh you know we don’t keep the move So that’s what we need we need 50 lights you guys let’s see if we can get and I need to actually be distances hurt together at 40 while that was quick forty ten more 57 seconds, what are we up to 47 3 more? Yeah, okay, Artie.

I messaged you on Facebook check your messages. I said send me your wallet Unless if you like three days ago, so send me your wallet. I will send you their bitcoin We get there 49 Hi, baby 24 seconds remaining, how about it good Deal I? and now my question of the day is I’m doing this video and it is The top five cryptos, so that’s our topic of the day What crypto do you think is? Number one What’s the number one crypto for 2017? So the question today to number one crypto. We’re in the chat right now.

I am about to pick the winner and we’re about to get started but a question, I just asked what’s the number one crypto of 2017 what do you guys think? All right, cool All right We got a lot I think I saw it up there a few people know it. So that’s pretty cool Let me bring this window over in about three minutes and We will go ahead and get started at Bat one to ring right Live from the USA helping you get paid every day.

This is the bounce of bitcoin the creased out of creep Dope is the Avoid it. And you don’t like me you must not like the money the date is July 12th Bitcoin is still hovering right around $2,200 it went down quite a bit actually I’m sorry it’s down below two grand it’s a 1938 And as you know the market is in flux. It’s Sunday, July 16th.

Let me redo that that was absolutely horrible I’m sorry, I messed that up completely So what I’m gonna do that’s the day up and the price is so bad I’m still hungover from last night, so I’m gonna flash that And go back Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boughs of bitcoin the crease though of Crypto is your boy bk And if you don’t like me you must not like money today is Sunday, July 16th Bitcoin is right around Nineteen hundred Dollars it’s down over seven hundred dollars on the week.

So one of the things I wanted to do for you guys is let you know What the top cryptos were for the year with bitcoin descending like this it is an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor and to buy some prime time real estate on Some Soon-to-be penthouse properties and what I mean is you put money in now and about a year from now.

You will have a view much higher than anybody else that’s coming in behind you so with that being said one of the questions I asked our people in the chat was what coin do you think is number one and Every day.

I like to help my people get some money, so one of the things I’m gonna do right now is jumping into our chat and see you know who? Participated and picked somebody to give some relate to right away and that person will be What do you guys think?

That’s pretty funny wow Wow, Brady That’s pretty impressive Brady you hit the nail on the head And you just want some big coin So what I’m going to do I’m going to copy and paste your picture put it up in our Facebook group and I want you to go in the group vote it up and Send me a wallet so what we’re going to do right now is go through a list if you saw it.

Brady hit it pretty much on the head number one is – The reason I like – so much is because when bitcoin goes down – goes up and when you look at the chart, it’s still pretty crime To do this so one of the things if we go to our trading view chart we can see the different levels that dash has been trading in and Back around may of memorial day weekend June 2nd somewhere in there.

I made the dashes cash video and Since then it’s been doing very very well so let’s see jump over to – I Was pretty cool Brady you got all of them? So you can see that this thing is pretty much consolidating right now It has some significant levels That’s built into it and a long story short when bitcoin goes down – goes up, so during this next area, We’re in right now.

It’s a great time to give – to make sure That you are set up moving in the future not too long ago you can see – had a huge breakout this thing you know went from about 15 dollars to a hundred and fifty dollars in about six weeks.

So what I’m looking is now that it’s consolidated about two-thirds down and settled right in the middle of that range – should be primed to jump out this year and to break all-time highs north of $200 So that is number five on the list number four on the list we have tight point Right Coin is solid because litecoin the light is bright, so to speak like the coin is reaching all-time highs even as we speak right now?

I picked this coin out probably around $32 about a month ago and What we’ve seen is even as the market has? Contracted about 30 40 percent in the past few weeks Litecoin has still remained Pretty resilient and what I think is ready to happen right now like when and – are more or less pressing through support levels Resistance levels and this will definitely be one that you want to have in your holding Throughout the remainder a year.

I think the light coin will break $100 this year I called it about two months ago LTC times 3 and 2017 so back at $30. I said it was going to. It was Going to triple Right now it’s pretty close to doubling and you should see it north of $90 before the end of 2017 so that gives us – litecoin the next one that is a Breakout potential purple ripple is a very very very powerful the Cryptocurrency and the reason I like it so much is because it already has the infrastructure built out to make it Profitable and the businesses have already adapted to it.

Many many many banks are using ripple, and I’m trying to find a good chart for you guys Without one that I’ve written all over So what we see is that? We had essentially a major descending.

The triangle that basically has pushed us down for the better part of two months But one thing to note Is that we’re getting to the bottom of that wedge and you can see basically we’ve been pushed all the way down so it’s only so much farther ripple can continue to go down Probably you know within a few days here.

We’ll be able to break out and ripple will never be this cheap again For us to be able to buy it. I think it’s like 15 cents eighteen cents something like that So you know it went up to 40 cents and some people is even saying that they expected to go north of a dollar? Before the end of this year so this is definitely an opportunity for you guys with this market looking to turn around in the next few weeks to again get on the ground floor and Maximize your growth moving forward and ripple will definitely Do that for you? The next one we have on our top five I don’t believe the hype but buy it when it’s low an Etherium this thing we saw Let’s crushed right around there, right around the time I made that video and a lot of people got mad at me a theory um went down like a rock, but we can see that you know Justice Justice bk predicted it’s potentially going to reverse here, but more than likely Will reverse down here.

I think it still has a little bit lower to go But even now is not a bad time to start Accumulating your ripple you buy on the way down-sell on the way up. That’s how you make a long-term profit and so even now right now between 0.08 and 0.09 Ripple is a definite buy it’s long term crypto that will be around forever And it’s solid it has really really good mechanics really good fundamentals and just the simple fact that we did you know Consolidate about 30 or 40 percent means that once it goes back up.

We’ll be getting through all-time highs pretty easily, so I’m sorry Etherium is definitely one you want to have on your list as well Especially now that it’s consolidated so much, so it’s a definite Buying opportunity for all you an Etherium fan out there You’re welcome so that gives us 4 – litecoin ripple an Etherium and The last one I had to jump on Coinage E4 and shares.

And Sears is Going to change the game And Shares is legit and the chart shows you that this thing even in this last bit of Bear market that we’ve seen it’s basically been Sitting steel so 2-minute the market recovers you can expect to see another spike just like this – where ant Shares jumps up and goes? North Probably probably closing in on $10, I would imagine What we’ve seen with ant shares is that?

Traded sideways for a little bit again came down about two-thirds down That first peak went back up to one-third and now it’s right there in the middle right there.

It’s it, you can’t really draw it any better so right where that first area of consolidation Happened going up the chart.

That’s where we’re at right now So I think ant shares when it does break out it will break out at that exact same angle That it did before and that will give you probably two or three times Your money that you put in it So I wanted to think I wanted to try to do is let you guys know how the future looks And it’s very very strong right now the market cap is I believe about Sixty billion dollars we basically cut almost in half Over a month and some people are saying it may shrink down to about 30 or 40 billion But even given that information out somebody’s major Cryptos – like one ripple.

They’re not going down Anymore you understand so that means the money that’s inside of them Is there to stay all of the speculative money has left? So now is when you want to be buying because you’ve essentially Increased a lot of the risks the speculative money is out the door and the long-term money is on the floor And that’s where you want to get in right now.

So this was just a real quick video You know I wanted to put together for you guys to let you know As this market is moving down a little bit, and I think it’s almost over I think we might have one or two more dips, but inside of 2 or 3 weeks, we’ll be back on the rise.

So now is that probably the best? Opportunity to buy you will have all year We started this latest Bull run and around February March So now it’s you know solid four or four or five months So it’s a great time to start looking at getting in Bitcoin.

Once we bottomed out which will probably happen around $1700 between 17 and $1,400 and some of these other coins and shares litecoin Aetherium buy and while they’re low because towards the end of the year you know.

Everybody is Going to be back in the market and so just a simple fact that you are on this video right now will give you about a Three-month head start on the rest of the market and maximizing your profit With that being said I did want to let you know that we do have the number one bitcoin group in the world That’s the name of it on Facebook.

It’s three thousand and four hundred members There is no charge for it the doors are always open everybody is welcome and as you can see 24 hours a day.

We are on the charts we have new people posting their charts this guy did say this was one of his first charts, and there’s actually really really good So you know whenever I can I jump on you know we basically help other people Empower each other we empower each other so even this guy, this is just the 7 2177 on a logarithmic scale so this is essentially the bitcoin market right now.

And you can see that blue line is basically a straight-line run, and what we’ve been over the past two years So to market does need to self-correct here a little bit I think if you put that copy and paste that blue line and threw it on the top you’ll probably get where we.

Touched the market right there around 1700 so that’s gonna be where you want to start buying bitcoin at right around 1700 We might drop to 1450 But we will bounce back pretty soon and the rest of these all coins.

Telling you we’ve seen it on the charts they go up about three times faster than bitcoin because when the market comes back Everybody is trying to find the next big coin and more than likely a lot of people will be putting it on this one So if you haven’t gotten it now, it’s an amazing opportunity to do so please join us in our Facebook groups It’s amazing Community everybody’s really engaged.

It’s really positive People just learning and helping each other and then lastly there’s a link in this And for this as well if you’re interested in doing a one-on-one meeting with me just to look over different charts to really deep dive Into how I go about putting my charts together and the methodology.

This is the link it takes you to an event price You pay $25 to deposit and confirm a time and then that opens up my calendar snd from this, you just simply pick whatever time works best for you Thursday at you know noon lunch bam there you go.

We’ll set up a meeting now email. You set it up We’ll do a video session. It’s really cool. I’ve had some amazing one-on-ones, too where we’ve been able to learn together And ultimately that helps everybody so again if you do appreciate this type of content all I ask Is that you like subscribe and share? The biggest thing is to share because I think this is the most important time in our lifetime to be able to accumulate actual wealth Fiat currency is not wealth it’s not influenced.

It’s not affluence It’s more or less a debt-based commodity that is Centralized and regulated and outside of our control.

It’s restricted and does not empower the people I believe the best chance we have is to jump in on these crypts and learned how to read these charts so we can understand When a maximize our profit and the debt being said I wanted to open it up to our people I told you I’d give our I give our people some love I’d give them some money.

You know I’m Santa and I show them a good time in the chat So if you are on the chat right now do me a favour and shout out your country I See earlier today. We had a Chicago, we had Brazil I believe Yeah, shout your country out right now.

We will get that going and Also, also if you’re on the comments even when you’re on the comments feel free to shout to the country out and let me know what? A type of video you would like to see in our Facebook group or on the comments of this video? Because one-two things I want to try to do is make sure that that this is relevant for you guys and what you’re looking for in the crypto community.

I see we have about 200 people Live on the air right now, so after this video posts if you can just go in and comment You know what type of video you would like to see next You know that would definitely help me and inputting future videos together for you So let’s see what we got we got right now.

We got chilli baby turkey. I haven’t seen those two countries That’s pretty cool Morocco Bosnia, San Antonio, Texas soul Holland Iran, what’s good to my people in the middle, East, Michigan? The UK across the big pond Ups down in Miami, West Texas, Lafayette, New Haven, Connecticut Cambodia Netherlands you know Australia jerk money Texas you can see the baby. It’s a kaleidoscope of countries. So, if this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best.

I am the boats of Bitcoin, we got a global Nation just like DJ. Kelly said we global With that being said it’s about that time of the day no matter.

Where you stay Brazil California All the way out to Germany Good night. Good morning And good night. Y’all take it easy. I’ll catch y’all on the flipside stay Cryptic y’all.

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