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Top 5 Cryptocurrency To Invest In For August 2021

[, Music, ] [, Music ] about the top five coins i’ve been looking at. I’Ve been hammering down some research. I’Ve been staring at percentages. I’Ve been looking at charts. I’Ve been what have you i’m trying to swing 100 for the challenge, all the way up to 10k, so i’m looking for coins that are about to break out for the for them to maximize percentage, to maximize gains and we’re uh and we’re we’re just swing trading.

Like crazy, so the research is real and here’s the top five coins. Let’S get right into it, check this out. This isn’t in any numerical order. It’S not my top! It’S not going to go from from least to greatest, but check it out, you’re not going to want to miss the last one.

I’Ll tell you that i wouldn’t sleep on cody all right. I’Ve been looking at cody. I’Ve been calling cody for a long time ever since cardano picked him up as a partner. You cannot sleep on cody, i feel like if cardano runs, cody’s running and every single time cardinal gets some momentum behind it. Cody freaking takes off.

Look it’s moving right now. You know what i mean: cody is the first enterprise greatest digital fintech platform, which eliminates all intermediaries and empowers any organization to build their own private payment solution and digitize any currency using our proprietary trust chain protocol. I would not sleep on cody check it out. Do your own due diligence? Remember i’m not a financial advisor!

I’M just telling you some of these coins that i’m that i’m looking at out of the uh out of the norm aren’t mainstream yet that have potential runs in them. That’S what i’m checking out number one cody number two pendle pendle is very very very unique. Pendle is a is a low volume. It’S a low. You can only trade 10 000 pendle, i believe in a 24 hour time period it’s kind of unique.

It’S kind of cool pendle is a protocol that enables the token tokenization and trading of future yield with the creation of a novel amm that supports assets with time. Decay pendle gives users more control over future yield by providing optionality and opportunities for its utilization check it out. It’S not a bad way. I’Ve been watching it. There’S there’s some swing trades.

You could actually pull on pendle. It’S moving. It’S moving. It doesn’t know what to do, but the volume is coming and last time, if you look up here back in may, when panel started to get some freaking volume man, we were like a dollar 88. 227 218 may 5th was 245.

So there’s definitely some room in pendle for some big gains and then, if we come over to june right when we start seeing that, like 1.2 million in volume, 1.14 95 So we’re back here we’re up to 1.2 million in volume and we’re hitting that 47. So i believe if bitcoin runs and we confirm a bull market, you can see some movement in pendle, but remember you can only trade it’s about twenty five hundred dollars.

I believe twenty five hundred dollars right now should get you somewhere around five thousand pendle, and you can only you can only buy five thousand with anticipation of you selling it. So you can only trade 10, 000 pendle in a 24 hour time period. It’S a pendle! Don’T sleep on it check it out, rip rep rep rep i’ve been chasing rep for some freaking time now and uh it messes rep messes with my emotions, and i don’t trade with emotions, but rep gets me. Rep is uh as aug.

You are, however, you want to pronounce. It is a trustless decentralized platform for predictions markets. It’S crazy! The way it works. It’S it’s literally like a gambling.

Auger is a ethereum-based decentralized prediction market that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to create a search engine for the future that runs on its own token rep, which allows users to create their markets for specific questions. Dude, it’s crazy! It’S like a gam. It’S literally like a gambling token, and i love it, check the website out, there’s a huge, huge ton of craziness behind it and it freaking moves. I sw, i, i traded it once already and um i should have got in yesterday at it was like 24 and changed 2450 somewhere around there and uh it likes to freaking move all-time high back in february 2016 is 341 dollars.

We’Ll see that again, i don’t know it’s a gambling token anything’s possible. It literally is all about how it is how it’s utilizing and the adoption if people are jumping on people got money and they start gambling again possibly check it out their website’s insane. If you really want to follow more about that check it out, rep cody pendle, don’t sleep on seller network we’ll go over seller network. I like seller. I like it.

I like it seller network, is a coherent technology and an economic architecture to enable internet scale. Public blockchains, through off-chain scaling techniques, it can scale out to billions of transactions per second and will fully unleash the power of blockchain and decentralized applications. Don’T sleep on seller network, anything that has to do with internet scale, public blockchains that i believe is going to start taking off, especially as we get more and more uh introduced or involved in blockchain social media and crypto social media. I think those are going to be huge. I think they’re going to get adopted.

I think it’s going to be the next big play. It’S going like look. How well nfts are getting adopted. You know what i mean. That’S just one part of it once we get more into social media, look at theta, theta’s gon na freaking rip.

I love data other than that check it out seller seller network and then last but not least, there’s so many there’s. So many we can go over. I mean i’ve been watching uma. You can check that out. Uh, you can check out anchor anchor’s cool scicoin.

I called i’m. Actually i missed scicoine. I was gon na buy in at 1470. Dang it i was gon na, buy it at 1470..

I had, i had a uh when we charged sitecoin. I thought it was going to take a rip and it looks like it can. There’S a there’s a lot i’ll give you here’s a bonus. Cycloid bonus. Psi is a decentralized cloud storage platform similar in concept to dropbox and other centralized storage providers where, instead of renting storage, space from a centralized entity, clients, rent storage space from other peers, the only difference in size is psy uses blockchain to facilitate transaction nodes, provide storage.

You know what i mean if that is huge. Eventually we’re going to we’re going to run out of room someone’s going to run a room, a company’s going to run out of room a business is going to run out of room. I always cloud storage platforms. Are great they’re great to have you have to think about certain things think about problems? What is what is the business?

What is the company? What is the corporation? What are they trying to solve? Is it an actual problem, i believe so and how are they doing it they’re doing it very, affordable, cheap and fast? That’S all businesses are looking for if you’re, if you’re theta or if you’re, i’m just using examples.

If you’re some some large-scale corporation, you don’t care. You’Re saying who can get the job done, the most accurate for the cheapest and the fastest? That’S what they’re looking for right so check out, cycoin, bonus and then last but not least, we’re gon na come over here and check out. Let me turn this off here and check out affinity. I got really excited it got listed on crypto.

om. I was actually going to buy it. I was gon na. I was gon na go all in for my swing bag and the challenge, and i was gon na because it’s huge next generation blockchain for nfts and then i found out you can’t buy it in the united states. You do you do whatever you want to do, but legally or however, they want to say it.

You can’t buy it in the united states affinity. Next, generational blockchain for nft scalable, decentralized, cross-chain network designed to bring non-fungible tokens to everyone, except if you live in the united states to trade it you can buy the uh you can, you can get in on. They got the white paper up, they uh they run. It’S a it’s a product of engine. If you don’t know what engine is go check it out, engine is uh right here.

It’S amazing engine coin: cryptocurrencies virtual goods created by engine engine is the largest gaming community platform online, with over 250 000 gaming communities and 18.7 million registered gamers. The engine team is designing the coin to completely around gaming, with the goal of it being the most usable cryptocurrency. I like engine a lot a lot. A lot lot.

I might actually get into engine we’ll see i’ll, let you know, but they created this. This next generation blockchain nft coin, called affinity check it out. Do your own research see if you like it, there’s a ton. I mean there’s just too much to go over. There really is there’s uh, there’s a ton.

If you just go up in here, they their website’s, really really really nice. It’S really really well laid out you can it brings it walks you through the entire process. I just stumbled upon upon it. It came up on my uh, my newsfeed. That crypto.

om is, is now tracking affinity, but i can’t trade it yet. Non-Fungible tokens powered by engine the feature of entities, affinity, tokenomics. It was found in 2009, but go check them out. They go check them out, see if you like it see whatever you want to do. It looks freaking, awesome and uh.

Anything nft is absolutely mooning right now. So do your own research, i’m not a financial advisor. I just wanted to make a video of everything. That’S in my head, because i almost have to get it out. I literally have too much i’m filled up.

I’M filled the freak up with too much so if you wan na, if you’re looking for something, maybe you want to trade, maybe you want to go log in. I don’t know what have you, but some people sleep on these and they just don’t know about it, and these videos might help one or two or three or four people see something they may like again, not a financial advisor. This isn’t financial advice, but i appreciate every freaking one of you subscribe. If you haven’t already look out for the live streams, because we have a ton of fun join the discord. If you want to hang out, follow me on twitter catch you in the next video

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