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Top 5 Coins in Crypto

All coins have massive upside, that’s what makes them exciting and risky, but i’ve got the information on what’s happening with these coins and where they might be headed. There are movers shakers, whales and whalers that are vying for control of the crypto markets. So, while the pot is being stirred by the megacorporations cartels and billionaires, it’s the perfect time for you to make gains the market out. There is choppy right now, but these altcoins that token metrics – and i have been looking at for july – are the real deal and ones that the banks are talking about behind closed doors. Let’S get it [.

Music ] welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest crypto community and all the interwebs. My name is ben every day. I show you how to make money in crypto if you like money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button in this video we’re going to look at some altcoins that are being spoken of in smoke-filled rooms. First up is a long-time ethereum project and one of the first ever blockchain-based games. Decentraland we’ve covered decentraland a couple times on this channel and it continues to make great upgrades and innovations in both the gaming and blockchain spaces.

Decentraland is a virtual world, like second life or the sims, but the real innovation is the ownership that it gives its players, not a bunch of skins or dances like fortnite, but real ownership. That’S verified on the blockchain via nfts. There has been a plethora of growth at diesel trillium recently, with dozens of virtual museums and galleries, housing nft art made by the community shout out to all the artists out there in the bit squad comment art squad in the comments, if you’re a bit squad artist, Now, just a few days ago, the decentralian dow voted in a host of proposals, including an art grant. All of this creativity, taking to the skies of the cryptoverse, is truly an amazing thing to see. It’S no wonder that token metric sees decentraland as a project with a lot of long-term upside second is an altcoin that always seems to be reaching new heights.

Our old friend ethereum talk about ethereum on this channel literally every day, so there isn’t much else to talk about that. We haven’t said in this video or on the live show, but what’s funny is people need to be reminded? You can still buy ethereum pretty soon. You’Ll be able to stake ethereum on a 2.0 note.

Each should be a long-term hold for you. It’S on sale. Today, you can get it on the cheap. While you can, because when it flips bitcoin and it will flip bitcoin, the whole crypto game will change. Third altcoin, that’s catching.

A lot of chatter is uniswap the ogd project built on aetherium uniswap’s kind of like an ornate, multi-tiered, unicorn kite that isn’t just for trading ethereum, but for all sorts of tokens. You use it for analytics and you can use it for socks. Anyways the main reason i pick unit swap as an altcoin to watch is its release on unit swap version 3. The mainnet went live earlier this year and after having a bit of a stumble out of the gate, with higher than anticipated fees use. What version 3 has since stabilized into an overall good upgrade for uni uni’s price has stabilized over the past few weeks.

After dropping off from its all-time high of 42, back in may, it’s trading at around 20 bucks. As of this recording, so the uni token is still very attainable with the market cap coming at just under 10 billion. The upside for unizwab is obvious. For those of us already in the game and will be more obvious to millions more in the coming years, that’s not just a bunch of fluff, the mother of all of the nasdaq said recently that it sees bitcoin being used by one billion people in the next Four years, it’s certain the large percentage of the users or maybe more will also start engaging with d5. That’S no conspiracy.

It’S just science, a hedge fund, fat cat, taking notes in a smoke-filled room will undoubtedly scribble polygon on a scrap of paper. It’S one that token metrics and i really like and have for some time it’s a cross-chain protocol that connects different ethereum networks. The team is solid, the tech is showing immense promise, and the price well has seen a 5 257 rise this year. Even after the may crash polygon has held above one dollar for weeks, which is amazing, considering it was less than a penny for most of its life. That makes sense because tokenmetrics and i see all the potential polygon hats and if you want to see the potential in other projects before anyone else, does be sure to get the tokenmetrics deal we have at bitboycrypto.

om deals. You won’t regret it. Polygon, though, has had a lot of positive developments recently, including adding dyno swap a layer 1 liquidity provider in amm. They also were added to the open source wallet by ether wallet, which has been around since 2015. Polygon’S focus is not just on low gas and low friction token training, but rapid and robust dap development.

They are heavily involved with adapt development communities and boast over 400 different dapps that were either developed on polygon or have used polygon to optimize their projects. The best part about polygon, besides its atmospheric price action, is this: it’s only at step, one of its four-step road map, it’s plasma, secure chain, just launched with zk roll ups to follow this year, keep polygon on your radar, because this project is coming together at the Right time and the cartels know it before we get to the last altcoin for this video take a few seconds and hit that like and subscribe button. It not only adds you to the bit squad, but also keeps you in the loop on the latest developments in the cryptoverse and how you can keep making gains. Lastly, i want to look at the graph. It’S crypto that is focused on making more infrastructure for crypto projects, specifically finance, but eventually nfts and more.

It’S always a good sign in crypto when a project has a narrow focus, but it’s not just focus it’s the fact that the graph isn’t just another cross chain and so and so it’s an api that talks to different blockchains to make their public data easily accessible. The dapps that are using the graph are making graph apis called subgraphs, not just divide, but for governments, grants social media, entertainment and e-commerce. All this is what the graph is bringing to the new web 3, the decentralized internet applications. The mission of the graph is to enable internet applications that are entirely powered by public decentralized infrastructure. Full stack, decentralization will enable applications to have an unprecedented level of interoperability.

Users and developers will be able to know that software they invest time and money into can’t suddenly disappear. The web of today has a client server architecture which gives tremendous power to whoever runs the server a server admin has unilateral power to set the rules, grant and revoke access and control the data, often without users. Having a say or being aware, this is a massive imbalance of power that has served big tech behemoths over the past 10 years, crush competition, blockchains and storage networks. Don’T have any built-in way share data between each other. There are ways to do it to make an api that will pull the data, but those apps are centralized.

They live on a server defeating the whole decentralized purpose, but the graph aims to fix that, acting as the blockchain tech that decentralizes, the sharing of data between the internet and blockchain apps, all these projects have made sizable gains that have garnered them interest from the digital Cartel i i mean currency group and what the dcg thinks is a winner is usually a good play. That’S all i got be blessed good boy out bit swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges. Bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades. Bitswap is changing the game.

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