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Top 3 Low Cap BSC Launchpad Altcoins

Welcome back to invest globally today we’re discussing the top three low cap launchpad old coins in the Binance smart chain ecosystem. Now, there’s a lot of launch pads out there, not just in Binance smart chain, but in all the different blockchains.

That’S why I made this whole series on the launch pad ecosystem maps, basically laying out all the different blockchains and all the different opportunities inside each of those verticals. The link for that video is down below in the description. So that’s a playlist be sure to check that out and save that because in that case, you’ll be able to kind of cross analyze all the different opportunities to get into the early stage.

Altcoins. That’S essentially what this is all about. So let’s hop right into these three. We’Re talking about Walt, swap jewel, swap and seedify. Now, just as a little, I do like this.

It’S kind of cool actually with Walt this kind of cool like interactive logo, thing um, just as a little disclaimer here, be very careful with buying and smart chain. This is one of the most um scam ridden blockchains because it’s very very easy to start a project on here, but once they have enough capital, it’s a little bit better, but you still always have to do your own research.

This is why I have the video linked down below in the description, how to do IOR talking about all the different methods, sentimental, fundamental technology analysis, um part of that is always taking a look at here at the BSC scan to look at the holders, see if it’s consolidated because if one person dumps And they hold 80 percent of the supply, while you’re screwed right. So this video is really just to lay this out for educational purposes. Personally, I do not hold any of these projects, but I think it’s always interesting to look at okay. What are they doing?

That’S a bit different um from the rest of the competition so with Walt swap here they say: they’re, a decentralized finance protocol and they’re really focusing on three main projects, which is the w swap which is kind of like there’s the type of decentralized exchange. You have the lock which is kind of like staking, and then you have the w pad okay, so the w pad is what we’re actually going to be focusing on um here.

These are different um projects that have already gone through again with this video we’re just kind of skimming through these guys we’re not going to go super in-depth. If you want to see deep that video on any one of these projects, I’d be happy to do that and add it to the launch better get some map series. But again, the point here is we’re laying out these top three kinds of the low cap, and then I have another video on micro-cap um, launch pads, which is important to understand so e lure tools um this one here, uh yeah, so not too much else there.

You can follow them here on Twitter g, centralized finance protocol here at Walt, swap um I’ll have everything we talked about throughout this video link down below in the description. I don’t really see what they’re, offering necessarily that’s much different than anything else.

To be quite honest with you um, if you guys know a bit more about WPAD, let me know, but again this video is just to layout the information for you guys, but let’s move on to uh or here let’s actually take a look at the token. So WEX token mark cap is 30 million dollars. Um, let’s see if we can pull this chart up here.

Trading volume is pretty low at 6 million, but uh we can move on here. Okay, so again, I don’t want to spend too much time boring you guys with this, but again pretty much all these guys that we’re talking about the reason they’re low caps is that they have multiple things going on here, for example, just like we talked about with Walt finance um, it’s the w pad – that is the actual launchpad part of that with them jewel swap the jewel pad. Is the launchpad part of it right? So, while this loads, I can return back here if, if it’ll load for us here, we go yep. So you can see these are all the ones that happen.

These are closed. You can see um. You can request a project there. You just connect your binding to march and wallet, I’m pretty simple here again guys, I’m not recommending any of these be very, very careful just purely based off these names, uh, not not a big fan, but again you have to do your own research deep dive into These um if you really are interested in getting into kind of some hedge deals, because i know a lot of people on this channel are like some of them are like.

Okay, I just want really really safe bets, but then, if you have a higher risk, tolerance you’re, like hey, you know, maybe I’ll throw some of my profits that I made in something like chain link or something like bitcoin or Ethereum, maybe I’ll throw 10 of those Profits into more speculative place, um like launchpad projects in the Binance Martinique system, so again, very very risky guys do your own research follow them at dual swap next CDFI um, also the jewel swap mark cap is 13 million dollars.

Besides that, let’s see I mean like this max chart kind of lays it out. We peaked up here around what was it 50 cents or 60 cents just above 60 cents, and it’s been on a steady decline since then to two cents um. Lastly, cd5 is the decentralized incubator. Now, this is out of these three. My favourite I’ll be quite honest with you, these two are a little too risky for me um, but this is purely focused on the launch pad, which is pretty cool um.

You can visit the launchpad here. They have the CDF cd5 fund, decentralized, autonomous organization, which is the day you can see. This is their fund here, so raise capital in a community-driven way. They’Re, a decentralization innovation hub with a community-driven seed to stage fund incubator and launch pad to empower the next big things on the blockchain. So you can see these are kind of the different things that have launched on there um.

It’S always interesting to look back at this past IDEOS to look at okay. What’S the track record been and then hey, you know if you’re trying to start a project, I highly recommend you at least apply for this right, there’s nothing to lose. When you apply just like if you’re applying for a job application, there’s nothing, you can really lose right. It’S just your pride, it’s just your ego in the way so definitely reach out and if you’re interested try doing it right so um I’ll follow them here. Cd5 dot fund, um, blockchain gaming, incubator and launchpad.

That’S basically, I mean. Lastly, we have the s fund token, which is a pretty low mark cap of 10 million dollars. We go here to the max chart and we see that it peaks up at five dollars. Now it’s retraced back down to nine cents. So that’s pretty much all for this video.

If you guys have any questions, any comments, let me know down below in the comment section you can also join our telegram group, which is linked down below um. Also, follow us on Twitter at invest global underscore.

Oh, you can see that right here at invest global underscore. Oh, I update everyone there, but yeah join the telegram group, because sometimes you know recently, I just actually ran into this issue again, where youtube. I think the algorithm like deletes my replies to people’s comments that are like thoughtful comments and I’ll leave a long reply and then it gets randomly deleted disappears.

So the pull point of the telegram group is nothing gets censored there. Obviously, unless you’re spamming or doing something really, it just comes down to spamming right, like I’m always open for arguments conversations, I prefer conversations but uh it’s just kind of like you know let the best ideas win. That’S kind of the point of the telegram. That’S all for this video, if you enjoyed it like subscribe button, all invest globally until next time.

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