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TOP 3 Crypto Play To Earn Metaverse Projects in 2022

It’s a new year filled with massive opportunities to make life-changing money in crypto and blockchain and we’re all here together, and one of these opportunities is with yes, you already know what we’re talking about the metaverse, especially when it comes to play to earn gaming yep. Now on today’s video, we’re gonna dig into three great play to earn metaverse games and, at the end of the video we’re gonna, let you know which project we have invested in. Please remember. None of this is financial advice, so make sure to stick around smash that like and let’s get that meta money all right. The first game we are talking about today is cornucopias.

The island awaits it’s a massive play to earn and build to earn and even a learn, to earn blockchain based game where players can be awarded and own land properties and other nft based assets with real world value. And it’s all by just playing a game. In a fun, safe, metaverse, all right: well, that’s pretty cool! Now the native currency copy runs the economy of the game and the token is available on pancake swap there’s a 3.6 billion token total supply with about 165 million dollar market cap.

So while it’s not considered a micro cap, it’s still pretty small for the overall vision of the project and it could very easily turn into a project that runs up to a four billion dollar market cap nice and that’s on the cardanol blockchain correct. Yes, very cool! Now cornucopia has just released a gameplay premiere announcement on their YouTube channel and it shows some really cool scenes of their metaverse. The house and characters look actually pretty decent and I’m excited to see how the final playable game actually looks. Definitely it’s always interesting to see.


You know how the sketches and some of the earlier videos translate into the final gameplay, but we’ll see how it all goes out. All right. One important note is the learn to earn aspect of the game. Now. Cornucopias is teaming up with some of the best educational centers in the world to bring learning into the metaverse yeah, so players, or should i say, students will be able to enjoy learning and earning rewards by playing educational minigames.

Now this learn to earn gameplay will bring a whole new like demographic and form of gamification to education. It’s very unique. I don’t think I’ve seen any other projects that are really doing it yet, although they might exist. No, i uh. I have not seen that before but, like you said, very cool feature all right.

I think that we should probably do a dedicated review on cornucopias back on the new money gang channel next week and take a deeper dive into what they’re doing now. If you want to see that make sure to smash the like on this video and then head over and subscribe to new money gang, the link is down in the description. Do it all right? The next project we want to talk about is star l metaverse, a virtual blockchain based metaverse, set in space, where you can explore play trade and socialize with other players, this one right off the rip, so cool yeah, the graphics on the website. I loved it.

Now I had a chance actually to hop into the telegram the other day and i learned from the community the top five things that make star l great. Those are the team, the community, the white paper, the road map and then a bunch of recent announcements within their development. I did see that they brought on two new, talented artists and rumor. Has it star l will be releasing a minigame in February, so stay on. The lookout for that you know, one of the things that i saw on the website was a question about making money in the metaverse and that’s what we’re all about here at nmg 100, all right, so the currency for this ecosystem is star.

L and the token allows you to get an abundance of virtual assets, upgrades and services in the star-l ecosystem, allowing you to monetize all the items on your own. So, yes, you can make money in the metaverse very cool. I don’t know about you guys. We love making money here at new money gang, so this one might be right up our alley now. Star l can be found on several exchanges, including unsnap.

This one’s got a 233 million dollar market cap on a 10 trillion token total supply, and now, in my opinion, 10 trillion tokens is quite a lot, it’s more than usually a project that I’d like to invest in. However, if they pull off what their vision is. This thing is going to at least 10x from where it is right now yeah and some key notables with star l is there’s no tax, no fees, no dev, pre-sale or private unlocks, no dev, token wallet and all the tokens already circulating. So that’s a great way to protect the community from getting dumped on when the tokens actually hit the market. You know what i really like when protocols are put into place to protect the community very good.

Now, speaking of the community, if you are in the star l community, let us know down in the comments and don’t forget to smash that, like button and head on over the new money gang channel, the link is down in the description below and make sure you Give us a follow! Thank you. The third and final game that we’re going to talk about today is ufo gaming. Ufo gaming is a fully decentralized intergalactic social gaming token, with play to earn metaverse virtual lane, nft gaming and ido launch pad. It is a true all-in-one.

Nice and it’s actually on the Ethereum network, so it can be found on unsnap and it’s also on larger, centralized exchanges with two of the biggest being gate, dot, io and kucoin. Ufo gaming has a 450 million dollar market cap with a 25.7 trillion token total supply. All right, i actually thought this was weird. The actual token supply is 25 trillion, 757 billion, 575 million hundred and fifty seven thousand five hundred and seventy five.

What is that about? I have no idea, i guess it’s. Some kind of marketing play to have a strange market cap. I don’t know, but i do know that they have a really cool video on their linked YouTube page with the ufog’s sneak peek on january 4th. They dropped the video with an exciting look at the upcoming nft mint.

Now that dates not confirmed, as of now so make sure to check their discord or telegram to get ahead of the game and get more info uh 100. Now, if you are part of the ufo gaming community, make sure you let us know in the comments. Let us know what your favorite part of the project is yeah. We actually like to hear from the community itself because they know the best all right justin. It’S time to let the viewers know what project we invested in.

You know what brian before we do that i just want to say. I actually had a great time learning about these projects and then visiting all the communities. I’D say all of them were really great and kind of me asking all sorts of questions totally randomly now. Sometimes, if you hop into some of these crypto communities, you know that they can be completely toxic. I found that to be not the case with any one of these projects that we talked about today.

That could be one thing to look out, for i mean you got to make sure that the community is inviting for all and especially if you want free to play games okay, so we actually invested a little into both cornucopias and star l. We are trying to diversify our portfolio on these play to earn games and we want to get involved with a lot of the p2e ecosystems early on. As this industry develops, that’s going to be the name of the game get in early. That’S what we’ve been preaching for the last few weeks, all right! Well, that’s all!

We got time for today make sure that you hit the like on this video and drop a comment with any projects that you are looking at and we may cover them on a future episode. Also, don’t forget to head on over to the new money gang channel and give us a like and subscribe and we’ll see you next weekend for some more meta money see you then

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