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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Top 3 Altcoins Ready To EXPLODE in August 2021

Welcome back to another place for all your investing needs in today’s video we’re going to be looking at three potential altcoins to buy so right now, in the past 24 hours, the market is pretty much flat. It is down about point three, six percent, our top gainers. Obviously, right here enzyme is at 39 or so trading at 102, highest volume, like usual, is bitcoin, so bitcoin is down about 2.4 tradings around this 30 39 000 area.

It’s been uh pretty much trading around this 40 000 area for the past, uh, you know five days or so. We’Ve has been bouncing back and forth and we’re hoping for some type of catalyst to push this one higher. Now Ethereum is down about one percent trading around that 2500 area.

Then we have finance going down a percent Cardano’s down two percent ripple down about a percent doge down one point: seven percent back into the 20s – I might you know, get back into the teens again. Everything else just seems to be either flat or down about a percent and obviously some outliers, where they’re a little bit on the higher on the green side, so different coins doing different momentums different movements, uh, which is obviously you know the usual.

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Three hundred dollars, when you sign up today, links are gonna, be in the description now, let’s get into it. So the first altcoin that we’re gonna be talking about in today’s video is going to be AMP, so amp, so AMP is uh currently down about four percent. This coin is trading at around six cents, six and a half cents, or so so point zero.

Six. Four, eight in the past week, this one is down about five percent hitting highs up here of about eight cents on July 29th in the past month, it’s up about 12.5 percent and we were at lows of about four cents. Actually, so if you would have bought at the four cents area and sold up here at the high of about you know eight cents, nine cents, you would have made about a hundred percent gains in a matter of a week or so maybe a little bit less Than a week actually right there, so there’s a lot of potentials.

Obviously, so in the past year, AMP is up about 580.5 percent, as it was trading at around one cent, or you know even less than a cent. Last year we hit highs up here. Actually of about 12 cents in June um, you know, even though the market pulled back down this one continued to get on higher and higher pulled back down and now we’re a little bit on an uptrend again. So this one is definitely a momentum type play. So this is one you would want to get in and out uh.

You know, maybe not a long-term hold, uh, but there’s definitely a momentum play right here: market cap being at 2.7 billion right now. Volume in this coin is in the past 24 hours at around 313 million, so the circulating supply is at 42.2 billion. So amp is an Ethereum token that aims to collateralize the payments on the Flexa network, making them instant and secure.

If a BTC or ETF h payment fails to do to unconfirmed or long transaction times. The am collateral can instead be liquidated to cover losses, while the vendors receive payments in a fiat potentially providing greater assurance to both parties. So that is what amp does definitely an interesting coin. Um, you know to see the progress of how they’re going to be performing in the next few months. Obviously, in the next few years uh, you know what can amp do that is going to be different than these other coins that we see out there.

So you know, as you can see there on the chart, this coin’s only been out since about September at around one cent. So since then, it’s up about 600 percent from uh that opening price right there, which is definitely interesting – that it’s been able to continuously stay on the higher you know higher trend, so definitely going to be adding to radar guys and see how it’s going to perform. In the crypto world, in the upcoming, you know the future, so the amp is that first coin. The second coin on the list is gonna be chain link, so chain link, also known as a link, is up about four percent today hitting highs up here at one point at 24.44.

Currently, the link is at 23.17. If we take a look right here in the past week, uh this one has been on fire so chain, the link’s been up about 28 or so in the past month, 26 hitting lows down here about 13. At one point, if you would have bought here at 13 and sold at the high of about 24 44, you would be close to about 80 to 90 percent gains already just on chain link in the past few weeks.

Now, if you look here in the one-year chart, obviously this coin is up about 149.6 percent, as it was turning around 10 last august, hit up uh. You know highs up here at 53 or so in May and then obviously, as everything else pulled back down as the large-cap coins continue to go lower, so did these ones, and so did everything else hit lows down here about 20 came back up actually to Buy the 30s and then after the 30s would continue to sell off, lower and lower, hitting those lows all the way down to about 13 or so here in July, and obviously now we’re seeing a back.

You know reversal uptrend um, with everything coming back up. Hopefully, we continue this momentum and get back into the 30s soon market camp. On this one 10.3 billion so a little bit on the higher side compared to some of the other coins that we talk about on this channel that have you know a 5 billion or less the market cap volume. In the past 24 hours at 1.3 billion circulating supply, 443 million coins chain link is an Ethereum token that powers the chain-link decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on Ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, APIs and payment systems, so chain link. Definitely one of those more popular coins.

You know here if you guys take a look. You know in 2017, when everything was booming, the high that it hit here in January was a dollar eighteen. That was the high. You know the previous bull run that we saw. Then we pretty much traded, you know sideways, and now we 20x pretty much since that January price in 2017, when we previously had those highs and as you can see especially here in 2021, it really started to get that momentum and continue to go higher and higher Uh, you know when we were up there at 50 or so uh from you know, beginning prices of January.

Here, if we look at about two dollars, you know we were up about 25 x, just in 2021, which is massive in about three or four months. It did a 25 x, so if you had invested about a thousand dollars into chain link, it would have been worth around 25 000 at one point, if you would have sold towards the top, if you didn’t, you would still be up about 10x, so it’d be Worth around 10 000 right now, so lots of momentum plays right there with a chain link as well and then our third coin guys is going to be a theta, so theta.

This one is pretty much flat. It’S only down about one percent, almost trading at five dollars and seventy-two cents in the past week, theta is been up about one percent as well, so pretty much flat on the one week chart in the past month. It’S actually down eight and a half percent hitting lows at one point at 351 and then highs up here of 647 So you know almost 100 gain from the low to the high right there, just in a matter of about five or six days, so you could have made about a 90 gain in about five or six days if you bought.

You know on the low right here when everything was kind of down, so this one in the past year is up over eighteen hundred and eighty-seven percent. It was raining around 29 cents last august, from 29 cents. We hit highs up here about 16. In April, then we sold off and continued to go, lower and lower, hitting this low of even three dollars, and that’s exactly where the previous support was around this three dollar area in February. So three-dollar support.

We bounced right off of that support level and continued to go higher market cap on theta is around 5.9 billion right now volume in the past 24 hours on this one is at 227.2 million and then obviously the circulating supply at 1 billion coins on our theta. So theta another lower market cap. Obviously you guys, you already know the patterns as the large-cap.

You know, coins tend to go up the mid-cap and the low coins. You know follow the same patterns eventually, but it doesn’t have to be. You know what happens right away, but they usually you know, follow the same patterns um. You know on the upside and on the downside, obviously the same type of situation, but the lower the market cap, the higher potential it has to you, know 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x.

As it takes a lot less for it to get pushed on higher and higher, so those are the three altcoins guys now, let’s get into these other coins and just see what’s going on in the crypto market, so bitcoin uh, you know, like we said down about Two and a half percent hit highs up here at one point of around forty-one thousand.

Actually, I believe on Saturday a little bit even higher uh. If you take a look right here, it was around forty-two thousand six hundred and five dollars here about three days ago. Um, you know in the past week it’s up about four percent in the past month. It’S up 14 with those lows down here of about 29 000, so from 21 to 29, 000 to 42 000. Here, that’s a 13 000 gain right there in the past year.

This one’s up, 244 um, you know definitely nice, you know uptrend throughout the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, then we saw this downtrend and now we’re bouncing back up and hopefully, we’ll fill up this gap and come back into the 40s. You know mid-40s or so in the near future. That’S obviously what we’re all going to be looking forward to, as we want to see another bull market start with the crypto and hopefully another bull run.

You know, maybe not as good as it was at the beginning of the year, but at least to get back to those all-time highs that we’ve been trading at you know in the April and May time period that’ll be really nice to hit. You know by the end of the year so the market cap on bitcoin right now, 732.1 billion volume in the past 24 hours at 25 billion and then obviously the circulating around 18.8 million.

They have a cap at around 21 million, so that is the maximum bitcoin that they will ever be in. You know circulation, so that’s bitcoin, Ethereum down! One percent you know hit highs up here about 2655 at one point in the past week, it’s up about 14, almost in the past month, 17 from lows of about 1700 to highs up here about 20 2 700 at one point almost saw a thousand dollar upside.

You know it had right there that is nice over 50 to 60 gains in a matter of about two weeks or less in the past year. It’S up 557 percent from 400. All the way to 4 400 pulled that down consolidated for a while and now we’re on this uptrend, obviously trying to break through this 2800 area. Potentially that 3000 area would be really nice to get through once again. So there’s a lot of momentum right here, pushing Ethereum higher and higher.

Obviously, you’re gonna see some down days after you see continuous. You know five or ten green days in a row. You’Re gonna see a little bit of a red, so the market cap on this one is 295.7 billion right now, volume in the past 24 hours at 22.1 billion.

So there’s a lot of movement going on around the bigger large-cap points like bitcoin and Ethereum. Obviously so, there’s a lot of big whales, obviously watching this to see. If we’re gonna start to break those uh, you know barriers and resistance areas. So doge is down about 2.25 percent guys back under 20 cents, now uh 26.3 billion market cap volume in the past 24 hours at 1 billion in the past week. It’S down actually two percent past month 18, so we bounced off the 16 cents area came up here to about 23 cents. Then we pulled back down now we’re back to 20 cents. If it wasn’t for this bull market, I would not be. You know surprised if uh doge was, it would have been under 15 cents.

By now it would have definitely been under 15 cents by now, if we were in the red um, you know, as we were already trading at 16 cents, it would have definitely gone down to about 13 cents or so and continue to go lower and lower.

The only thing saving doge right now is obviously uh. You know this little bull-type run that we’ve been seeing in the past two weeks. Um, you know once the bull run, type situation ends or if it does end obviously – and we start to go, red doge is game over for DOJ. In my opinion – and I think it’s gonna you know become one of those coins that people won’t even be uh even really talking about too much it’s.

It was a meme coin. Obviously it you know, got pumped up really high here at the beginning of the year. I don’t think we’re ever gonna be seeing movement like that again in doge, and I don’t think we’re ever gonna hit that one dollar range, but that would we would have to literally go up to a market cap of over 120 uh billion, which is Just insane to think about because that’s about half of the market cap of Ethereum – and I definitely don’t see doge hitting those prices anytime soon guys unless something crazy happens in the market in the near future. So that is how the market is performing guys. Those are the old coins that we’re gonna be looking at um in the next few weeks.

Obviously in the next few days, what do you guys think is gonna happen in the market? Leave a comment below letting me know: let’s discuss as always smash that, as button subscribe to the channel turn on that bell notifications to get notified every time we make a new video and, as always sign up for, we will get your two free stocks valued up To 2300 I’m not a financial advisor guys, so this is all for entertainment purposes, only speak to your financial advisor before investing in any type of crypto or stocks. As the volatility is, you know very high and it’s a high-risk high reward type situation, so don’t invest any money that you are not willing to lose as always guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it and hope to see you guys the next one goodbye you

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