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Top (2) ALTCOINs Who Are Still Undervalued?

It seems like everyone is wanting a piece of the crypto pie lately! Amazon is posting jobs looking for a digital currency and blockchain lead, George Soros’s investment fund is investing in Bitcoin, and even the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are dabbling in cryptocurrencies and crypto-based assets. Well, we have more, another major entity is looking to dabble in the crypto pie.

So do you want a slice of our warm apple pie? Just don’t Jim it please because it’s time for Chico Crypto! So who is this entity? Getting themselves their slice of pie? Well, it’s not anybody new. This year has been filled with headlines about them getting involved with Bitcoin and crypto! So who is it? Well, it’s the sock is. Goldman socks. Ok, Goldman Sachs. I’ll say it right just this one time, but for the rest of the episode, it’s Goldman socks! So what have they done throughout the year? Well, actually a lot! They have been putting out research reports on crypto.

In May of this year, they were saying it’s on the top of mind and a new asset class? Then the next month in June they started ramping up their Bitcoin trading, specifically with futures in partnership with Galaxy Digital and Mike Novogratz But that isn’t all.

Goldman started getting Wiley this month in July! Last Friday it was announced that Goldman was helping settle Crypto ETPs in Europe! The Coindesk article states “Goldman Sachs’ prime brokerage unit is clearing and settling cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) for some hedge fund clients in Europe, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter.

The services are currently being offered to a limited number of clients, and the bank has been reviewing the matter internally as it eyes rolling out these services to a wider number of customers” Well the sock is, didn’t stop with European ETPs this month. They are coming for America too. 3 days ago it was announced they were filing with SEC for a “DeFi” based ETF here in the states.

Although Coindesk the very next day, posted this article “Goldman’s ‘DeFi’ ETF Is a Nothingburger” with the subheading “Goldman Sachs filed for a “DeFi” ETF that would track stocks mostly associated with enterprise blockchain.” So their ETF doesn’t include any cryptocurrencies.

It’s for stonks involved with enterprise blockchain! What a bummer in the summer right!? Such a nothing burger well not so fast & this is why Coindesk is always going to be a step behind Chico Crypto and my coming competition to them, my own media website. Blockchain Leaks So, yes at your first glance, you would think stinky stocks this is a nothing burger.

But if you dive down the rabbit hole and see what others don’t. You realize that this does tie back to actual cryptocurrencies! So the Block also covered this ETF and they said “Per the filing, the fund “seeks to provide investment results that closely correspond, before fees and expenses, to the performance of the Solactive Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Index” So from checking out this index, Solactive we can see what stonks or companies are likely to be included in the Goldman DeFi ETF! Checking out the Solactive factsheet from the 27th, we can see the companies that are included within it.

A list of over 20 companies, from all over the world, who are somehow involved in blockchain and digital currency. But something sticks out to me….many of the companies listed are also a part of a consortium. Called the Confidential Computing Consortium. Listed on both.

Google Alphabet, Accenture, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, and Alibaba aka AntGroup! Soooo is this just a quink Iedinkie that 7 companies most likely going into the Goldman DeFi index are also a part of this Consortium? No, it’s not there are always more coincidences than meets the eye. So the next question is what crypto companies could be doing some serious things for these companies within the consortium? Well scrolling down into the members.

There is one that sticks out to us and the Chico Army. I project I have been a long supporter of. That is, IEXEC RLC!! So if you go to the projects of the Confidential Computing Consortium, all 3 of the projects that have been built, are all involved with TEE (Trusted Execution Environments).

If you didn’t know, IEXEC in collaboration with one of the members, Intel, wrote the EEA trusted compute specification, which as we can see Trusted execution environments is one of the trusted computes supported by this specification! And then, just last week, on the 20th.

IEXEC released version 6 of their platform and as we can see from the medium post about the release iexec says “ Public Worker Pools with TEE: iExec V6 makes this possible! Enclaves in production mode is a particularly exciting milestone as it allows for TEE Public Worker Pools! iExec has always had the goal of rewarding individual workers for executing confidential computing tasks. This means that machines are enabled with ‘Trusted Execution Environments’ (TEE), specifically Intel® SGX.” Hmmm is all Chico has to say!!

But there may be a crypto project, a new one I haven’t covered who could have even bigger connections!! But before we get into that, it’s time for a sponsored segment of this video supported by the team at Tenset.. and like always the full details of our agreement can be found in the description… So to begin. Who is Tenset?

Well the project was only launched back in April and they already boast a top 300 Market Cap on Coingeko and as of yesterday was ranked number 240 with an over 146 million dollar market cap! Now switching to their website we find out they are building the bridge between cryptocurrencies and the world of traditional finance! How are they doing this? By revolutionizing the past financial systems, which are sold and creating the new system.

The Tenset ETF 2.0, which works in cooperation with each other to bring maximum DeFi incentives to the users! So now let’s take a look at the key components of their platform! Beginning with smart Staking. This allows holders of 10-set to earn passive income by simply holding the token in their own wallet. There are no special lockups or special wallets you need to hold in.

You just hold in say your ledger and you are automatically staking! And the token is highly deflationary! The protocol charges 2% on every 10-set transaction burning half of the fees collected then distributing the other half to all 10-set token holders. Now the next 2 components are quite unique. Every 10-set token is infused with additional value through their Smart Backing program, here 10-set invests into other cryptocurrencies, yield farms, staking opportunities and eventually dividend shares.

Currently, they have over $1,000,000 in USDC locked on AAVE earning yield and they also locked 320 ETH thru 10 validator nodes staking on Binance… 30% of the profits earned are put towards a 10-set token buyback from the exchanges immediately burning those tokens adding even more deflation and creating more value.

The final component is the Ten-set Gems Launch Platform… here they provide tools and support for startup crypto projects, a remarkable opportunity to assist projects looking to enter the blockchain space… but also serves as a huge value add for 10-set token holders because 10-set gets a little piece of every project that goes through the Gems platform…and provides 10-set token holders exclusive access to many of these projects before they launch.

The first project to go thru the Gems Launch Platform was MetaHero… and with 10-set’s guidance helped them launch the HERO token which instantly grew into a top 350 market cap project in their own right. And 10-set received 2% of the total HERO token supply having all those gains infused directly into the 10-set token.

Ad these types of token strategies have taken notice within many communities worldwide! In particular, their Korean token ambassador has just recently been hired by a Korean TV station where he launched his own show called, Coin Hunting… and congratulations to 10-set as they will be featured on the show’s premiere episode! So, if you’re thinking to yourself, where can I pick up this EFT 2.0, 10-set… well, they are an ERC-20 token currently trading on UniSwap and Gate.io… with many more chains planned for the future…

And first of which goes live on August 3rd when the 10-set ecosystem will be fully integrated on the Binance Smart Chain as much as I don’t like that…they wanted me to mention it and launches its a 10-set token on Pancake Swap.

So if any of this interests you links for everything Tenset can be found below! So now back to the members of the Confidential Computing Consortium! And I gotta thank a Crypto Swim on Twitter for this research as they were looking into Goldman’s ETF too! And if you wanna give swim a follow, his profile is linked in the description! But Mr. Swim tweeted “It might be a good idea to look into crypto projects connected to the consortium and to the companies within Goldman’s new DeFi ETF. OasisProtocol $ROSE is one of those projects.

Check out this tweet for how OasisLabs is connected to the consortium” Yeah Oasis is actually one of the founding members! Now let’s go dive into some more Crypto Swim’s research! Swim tweeted “Also we can see that TEEs are an important focus for the Consortium as well as a fundamental focus for Oasis In fact the CEO of Oasis, Dawn Song, is working to develop a new TEE called Keystone which is one of 4 projects the Confidential Computing Consortium is working on! Which he posts picture confirmation of that is BIG! That is hot! But CryptoSwim doesn’t stop there! With his recent tweet thread, he continued “We can also see the connections are more than just superficial.

In this presentation on Privacy-Preserving Computation, Accenture specifically gives OasisLabs a shoutout. They also discuss the importance of various technologies Oasis is integrating. Which if we click into the Accenture document and search by Oasis yes, it is true!! Accenture seems to be bullish on Oasis That isn’t all folks, Swim tweeted just under this “We can also see that OasisLabs is listed under partners for Google’s Confidential VMs. He posts the picture proof but we can confirm as well.

Going to Google’s Confidential Computing and clicking on partners. Yes, there is Oasis Labs!! Big connections for Oasis, and that makes me bullish! But remember, IEXEC and oasis, are both big players in the confidential computing space! Many of the Goldman ETF companies are a part of the confidential computing consortium. If Goldman is ever going to list actual cryptocurrencies within an ETF. I would think these two would be high on their list. Cheers, I’ll see you next time!


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