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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Welcome everybody to the holiday episode where we’re going to rapid fire go through all coins that i think have major major upside in the next 30 days. Now i want to put huge caveats on this, that this is risky business and i do not want to see people jumping into the deep end of these waters unless they know the risk they are assuming for those that are the blogs and the pros that are Ready that are battle tested, then you’re going to love today’s episode, because I’m going to give my outlook on the next 30 days if you’re here means you survived the great dumping of December 2021, and that makes you a little bit better at crypto. Now, of course, during these ups and downs we see wild wild fluctuations in sentiment in price in community mana community numbers. Rather, we see viewership fluctuate, we see the amount of engagement fluctuate, we see the belief and hope and emotion fluctuate, and these are the key things that you need to essentially learn to eliminate. If you want to be really really good at crypto a lot of the best people that i know that have had the most success, essentially what they do better than anyone else is they block out the emotion, we’re gon na talk about all these strategies and more But first i’m to dive in and shout out some people, because we are having a holiday episode here, happy hanukkah and merry christmas to everyone across the land.

And what would it be? What would christmas and the holidays be if i didn’t have a little bit of holiday, cheer and giveaways? So everybody do me a favor. Actually, let me go to the other one. First um i just tweeted this i’m going to be giving away a thousand bucks uh.


So go ahead and re like retweet and comment ho ho ho for a chance to win a thousand dollars in eth um and, of course, what i need everyone to do right now is smash that, like button, because we’re gon na be going through a ton of Projects that i’m super excited about some you know some you might not know and in reality i think that this timing is perfect, because if you missed the last wave, if you missed the big build up – and let me actually jump in here and uh and show It, but if you missed the big build up that we had um back when, let’s just say in the summertime, when crypto was really really boring. If you missed this moment here, um in the summer, what you see is that we had this massive massive bearish period and then we started picking back up and we had these moments uh, where it showed that the market had strength. Maybe this little explosion is like right here in the uh june 15th and we still have more downside. That’s not really the issue for me. What it feels like to me, though, is that the downside is going to be similar to what we saw over the summer, meaning that this is a bullish reaccumulation, that’s my base case.

Of course i could be proven wrong. I’M just a person here, but i have a strong conviction in what this market is doing, and i also have a new rule which i’ve been explaining for the last few months, which is an allergy, a complete immunity to news related news induced dumps in the market. So if you guys can relate to this that every time we’ve seen you know the energy fudd and then the china man, the china mining ban. Rather and then we see here, we got the uh some crack down some regulatory crackdown news here, um and then here we see that we got. You know the recent fud from the fed and all of these things seem to be pretty baked into price action, and the the tantrum from the market seems to be.

You know essentially um more or less neutralized within a short amount of time, more or less uh or or also what i want to add to this uh, because i’m about to dive in here is that crown did amazing jobs showing how these market cycles are really Parroting themselves, where you had about two to three months at the top here in april two to three months at the bottom here uh throughout the summer, then we had you know about a 12-day top here about another 12-day top. Here we had about a month up here or so, and so it looks like we’re going to spend a month down here. This type of thing actually supports a theory that i published back on my channel in the summertime. Where i said, were we wrong about the four-year cycles? Now four-year cycles are without a doubt, the topic that everybody wants to know the most about um, because if the four year cycle is to hold true, that would mean that we should go bearish very soon.

But i believe that not only are we throwing out the the macro cycle, but we might actually be seeing this tightening effect on what i threw out a theory called the micro cycle. Now it’s just a theory, but essentially the idea is that these cycles are getting tighter and tighter to the point where we might just end up in a gradual. I guess it’s this way: a gradual uptrend right, um, so before i dive in here, because i have so many coins, as you can see at the top, i have so many coins, i’m going to go through uh right now. We have what is it almost 2600 people and there’s only 900 likes, there’s 2 000 of you out there. Please smash that, like button, we’re coming out here with a long live stream on christmas in the holiday season and i’m giving away money and all i ask that you smash that like button okay uh, so one of the first things i want to talk about here Is that i did this treasure hunt, you know a lot of people were really really excited.

They were really really hyped on. The idea of neo, tokyo and neo tokyo is about to do some mega things, but i also wanted to give people a chance to earn their way into amazing communities. So what i did is, i did this treasure hunt on my uh twitter, where i gave away 15 000 to one person with just a series of riddles. I really like this engagement, because one of my things is, i just really like encouraging smart people and nerdy people to be smart nerds. I think the more smart nerds we have in the world, the better the world is so my goal is just to sort of encourage people to pay attention and earn stuff.

I i also launched my own elio trades discord just to give this community a place to interact, share knowledge and, of course, if you’re, an nft holder, there’s a special chat for you, where i hang out there um and i spend some time on the voice chat As well so uh, this was really fun. Uh big shout out to yalu crypto, who solved this cracked. It like an absolute riddler, absolutely amazing, so um big, big congrats to her with the 15 000 take home prize. But i know what you guys are here, for you guys are here for those those nasty altcoin gains as becker would say, those those dirty red light gains and to me i feel like i want to explain what’s going on here, because it’s in these it’s in These in between times it’s in these down times where people start, you know turning their eyes away from the industry where they start thinking. Oh, they made this massive mistake.

The world is falling and that you know they were just such fools to have bought into this. This lie: that is crypto. That is the sentiment where you want to be a buyer right when we’re having up only charts and everybody is overnight, becoming a gaming expert right and all of a sudden. Everyone is in consensus that the market is going up and that metaverse is the future. We get these blow off, tops these parabolas and that’s usually, when you start seeing old contacts getting added to telegram in mass.

That’S when you start seeing viewership just go absolutely parabolic on youtube channels like this. That’S when you start seeing prices just get absolutely insane. New launch is just going absolutely wild um and when that stuff happens, you have to be prepared to take some profits off the table. And so before. We even jump in here – and i and i screamed about this during the last wave during the nft wave, but nonetheless it doesn’t stop it, and maybe this is just something that won’t ever stop.

But you need to understand that if you’re not taking profits once the market gets really really hot, then you’re doing it wrong, because there is always, in my opinion, going to be another downside of the market. There’S just dips in the future. I don’t think we’re in a dip free market anytime soon. So i want to be very, very clear that you want to buy when sentiment is bad and you want to sell when sentiment is really really good and the easy way to think about that is the crypto fear and greed index so buy one thing buy when People are upset by when people are screaming by when influencers are getting strung out in the public square and stoned uh. That’S when you want to be buying right when, when there’s this horrible horrible negative sentiment uh you want to be selling when the sentiment is amazing.

So that’s just one thing i want to get in here and i just want to nail that into your head, because a lot of people had the chance such a big chance to stash away thousands, maybe even tens or hundreds of thousands on the last run and They didn’t because they thought that a thousand percent gain in an already multi-billion dollar asset like sandbox, was just normal par for the course when they didn’t realize that this was a symptom of an overheated market. Now i also want to talk about calling tops, as you know, as a youtuber calling tops on specific coins can be very damaging to projects saying hey. I think this project’s going to go down, especially when i have a huge community in that coin. It can be very damaging, so i tend not to do that because i don’t want to potentially have a bunch of people dump and then it hurts other people if the market dumps, then the market dumps. But i want you to exercise your own better judgment and learn to take profits, and that’s something that i can’t teach you.

I can’t do for you. So these are the things that these are the big warnings that i need to put out there before i dive into the coins. I like, because a lot of people don’t take these pieces of advice. They don’t factor these in when the market gets hot and exciting. You just want to see the green numbers, but you don’t think about what the red numbers will do to your portfolio.

So with that said, with those disclaimers out of the way and with 3 500 of you beautiful people in the chat, uh and and still almost 2 000 of you that have not liked the video, if you like, the video like the video okay um, let’s dive In i have a couple of super chats, i just want to make sure i get to them, because i always forget these. It’S it’s it’s the holidays. You can’t ignore super chat, um curious about your thoughts, oh on on arguments over thumbnails yeah. This is a great one. Look here’s the deal um in the end, youtube channels account for some astronomical amount of financial education and everybody when the market heats up or in general, wants to hear price targets.

So those types of videos and those types of packages oftentimes get astronomically way. Many more orders of magnitude. More clips now there’s two ways to go about this: you could either completely ignore it and not use clickbait and not have sort of exciting high. You know bright colored thumbnails that get people’s attention with titles that they want to see and then you have and then the result is that less people watch right. I’M sure you guys have noticed on my content that oftentimes, i don’t make short-term price predictions, even though it it appears on the thumbnail as if i will um.

So. My sort of my sort of belief is that, by drawing in the attention of the community and then educating and providing a very well-rounded nuanced and detailed strategy that can help manage risk but understand the opportunities, that’s what i think does the most good for the industry. I don’t think becoming irrelevant and having nuanced titles that just won’t get any attention online does the most good, because someone else will step up to fill that void, um and so yeah. I think it’s a complex topic, but i think the reality is is that youtube is where everyone’s learning about crypto and, if you’re, not sort of offering people what most people are searching for, then you’re going to become irrelevant, you’re not actually going to get a chance To educate people who are looking for those things, oftentimes the most vulnerable and the most in need of good guidance. And so i believe that this channel has struck a balance between uh catchy titles and high quality information.

And that is the line that i intend to walk um, although i’m not done changing the content on this channel. I actually have a huge, huge change in mind for 2022

I’Ve been really rethinking what the content is going to be on this channel. So um, you guys are going to see a lot of stuff. This uh, this treasure hunt here is just the beginning. Just the beginning of oh oops.

This treasure hunt here is just the beginning: i’m going to start having a lot of interactive content. That’S going to allow you opportunities just by engaging with this channel, to get ahead and stay ahead and there’s going to be a whole lot there. So it also dovetails nicely with this conversation. We had that’s how i feel about it. I have a lot of data to back up what i’m saying.

Um i’ve made over a thousand videos here on youtube, so i think i know a thing or two about how audience receives different types of videos. Um. We have another uh okay, so if you guys are gon na super chat me about some random small small cap, uh coin or project typically um, i won’t. I won’t shout that out or read it aloud, just because people tend to take that stuff out of context. So uh the the the chingus says the only cryptochem i want for christmas.

Is you big love? Thank you. Thank you. Um. Okay, someone’s asking like a very specific super chat question about neo-tokyo vaults, i’m gon na not answer that right now, because it’s too too long of an answer, but i’m gon na stay focused all right.

Are you guys ready? Are the non-likers? Have they stopped lurking and liked? Okay, we’re good 2.3k likes.

We can dive into the content now, let’s do it. Okay, first of all, before i get to specific tickers, i wanted to point out, and it’s a good time at the end of the year, because the end of the year just feels like a nice time to sort of wrap up thematic and larger trends. Now, of course, i did scream in yell in december of last year, almost exactly one year ago, to the day that nfts would be absolutely massive in 2021 and i believe, the same for 2022. Of course, the type of nfts that do succeed will change dramatically. However, what we’re seeing is an amazing amazing growth of nfts, as as a topic right, you’re seeing nft searches go absolutely parabolic.

Is this because of board ape having all the rappers? Is this because of the recent debates about web 3? It’S hard to say what the exact reason is, but nfts continue to smash and pound their way into the public uh eye, and that is amazing. That is amazing, and i do want to point out for a lot of people that have turned their back on nfts, that you know essentially the theory that i had, which is that effectively. There will be good nfts that have strong enough communities that they would just run out of sellers at some point.

The strong hands will hold and then or they will buy, and then those nfts will come back and so seeing this massive flipping of nft and crypto. For the first time is quite interesting, you can see here they’ve just flippened um with nft in blue, and that is a trend that you need to keep your eye on. Specifically in asia, it is going crazy, and so what you need to understand is that nfts i hold are going to be bigger than crypto itself, and that is because of the nature of their flexibility. This is a big move. This is a big movement.

This is a huge movement and we’ve only seen the beginnings of it. Pfps are just one very, very early use of this technology. There’S going to be so many more and it’s just important that you keep your eyes on it. Don’T don’t necessarily it’s not needed for you to do anything about this, but i just want you to be tracking the data, because i did say that while the market starts moving once it gets boring, it it’ll probably be another opportunity for nfts to make a move. Now we’re not in anywhere close to full-blown bull.

Nft euphoria like we were back in late summer, however, that’s not when you want to start paying attention. You want to start watching and paying attention way before then um and there’s actually been several instances of nfts that have done incredibly well. Uh board ape yacht club, actually uh flipped for the first time in history, crypto punks uh, which is definitely of note. It’S something that you definitely want to be tracking, because obviously crypto punks um were the biggest baddest uh, most highly valued, nft collection in history and to see boarded yacht club, which are by all measures out building them out marketing them. Um.

Absolutely amazing um very, very impressive. What board api club has done and so seeing them. I don’t think it’s currently the case. I think the i think it might have come down a bit, but for a moment they flipped uh punks and, to me it’s only a matter of time right because board ape is doing a ton of good things, and so this community is one to watch and, As i said, i imagine that mutinapes after they’re dipped down to i think it was about three eth. They dipped down to mutant apes, i said coming into coinbase would be one that i would expect to do really.

Well because it’s like you can get your hands on a blue chip which, right now i see no blue or blue chip, except for one project which we’ll talk about here. More than a mutant ape yacht club um in this sort of og nft category and the coinbase crowd is probably going to want to get their hands on a more accessible blue chip seeming project. So that’s why seeing this floor? Peak up to eight was a welcome change and it supports my theory that some of these nfts will move positively. Now, of course, does this mean that you should be jumping into nfts?

Now, i’m not saying that i’m just saying keep your eyes on the trends, because when i started bringing you nfts in may, that was because i was spotting some wild trends and it ended up turning into a big snowball. So that could potentially be something you just want to be watching just keep your eyes on this section of the market. You don’t have to do anything now, of course, i’m very excited to see that neo, tokyo outer identities um, is pushing up at seven eth. Now, of course, i wanted to show this for a lot of people. They don’t even understand how neo tokyo works um.

So i think this is a very useful site: neo tokyo tools, um for people who don’t understand because there’s so many moving pieces of neo tokyo, which is what makes it hard to understand, but also what makes it so great and which is why the values have Gone so parabolic is the game theory. The game theory involved um in nft in in this nft set is more significant than, in my opinion, any other by a wide wide margin, not by a small margin but by orders and orders of magnitude right um. So you have a citizen floor of 41 board apes at 51 and then you have a set floor of the un uploaded identities at 43 here. So some combination of these two numbers would give you what the what the original citizen floor is now, of course, based on how much yield you’re going to get from or how much. How much staking rewards you can get from the nft project.

There are different floors with the highest being a 175 each floor, which is almost a million dollars. Seven hundred thousand dollars uh. So you can see there’s a lot of different ways that you could navigate this particular collection, there’s also various component parts that people will need to get new citizens um, and you can see the their various floors here and then there is the elite floors, uh, which Are essentially the top 500 of these of the of the season one and then there’s season two here which you can see is 6.9 um, almost seven uh. Then we also have the the bytes.

Let me see if i can make this a little smaller, then we have uh the total volumes here, as you can see, 37 000 ethereum across the collections um and the price of bytes, which is the the the utility token for minting new identities and other fun Stuff, okay, so if you guys want full breakdown check out neotokyotools.com uh again, i consider neo tokyo tool, neo tokyo, the only new blue chip that has really entered in uh. I love cyber kongs. I love sup ducks. I love them all, but i consider uh board ape to be the next real blue chip to follow in board.

Apes footsteps has been neo tokyo and the community is just crazy uh. For a little bit of of an example here, uh neo tokyo is hosting a tournament here on twitch with front page visibility on twitch uh sponsored by animoka g-fuel and several other extremely uh, high-profile sponsors um right right now we have over 800 000 in prices, uh Prizes committed, and it looks like there will be up to a million uh by the time. The tournament goes live january, 8th anyone can play in this um and we already have a number of professional gamer streamers, with over 20 million eyeballs. That plan or 20 million combined following uh that are committed to playing so lots of crazy stuff going on keep your eyes on it and again stuff like this, that that busts into the mainstream. These are the ways that that projects can differentiate themselves and do things you know to to really grow that network effect in the brand of being the meta.

First. Builders hq okay, okay, i know what you i know what you’re saying i can hear it. I can smell it. Oh one final uh thing: i had a an honorary uh nft that was made for me by the catalina whale mixer, and it was one of the few projects in the last few months that i retweeted and i also shouted out to the groups. I was involved with in discord um this one just absolutely went bananas right.

It launched at one sole um and its average price right now is 16 sole. It’S had uh sales as high, as i think, 35 000 and almost 50 000 sold in total volume um with a floor of 11
8, so keep your eyes on projects like the catalina whale mixer. I don’t know if this is a good price or not. It’S definitely been very hot, but it’s definitely a super cool project, very low supply um and to see a project like this bust out. So much on solana, it just shows you that there are major major gains.

I mean when’s. The last time you saw coin, do 16x right, that’s a massive massive growth um. So that’s kind of the opportunities that i’m starting to see some some interesting growth in nft land keep your eyes on nft land, because this stuff is happening. Okay, um! So, let’s dive in today and let’s talk about what’s going on one we’re seeing a little bounce here time for the coins, if you guys are excited for the coins smash.

The like button for the coins, because we’re gon na be talking all about coins strategy and ways that i see the market moving um sushi having a nice little bounce here sushi has just been a absolutely miserable chart. Uh, since pretty much early 2021, we saw a peak here in march and then since there then it’s just been sadness. It’S been sadness, it’s been um, i don’t know if you guys saw that movie inside out, but sushi would be the sadness character. That’S what it would be um, so this has been sort of the nature of all what we call d5 1.0, like the original d5 majors um, but it’s starting to feel like there is.

You know a lot of people are starting to talk about these d5 coins. These d5 majors having bottomed, i don’t know if that’s the case, but i know that what we have seen from some of the lesser talked about, but remember i made a lot of videos about conflicts, at least two or three videos about convex back in the first Crash and the convex chart has been absolutely incredible so while some d5 has been very rocky like sushi look at this convex finance chart and the reason why i like convex is because look at this look at the tvl ratio. The tdl right now is 18.1 billion dollars. Now, of course, i made several videos about how you could farm uh apy on convex and they’re, paying you in the cvx token, and so, if you were making 10 apy and the token, by the way when we were covering it, i was covering it right down Here at the two dollar, i was like guys look.

This is a really good buy um and i covered it a few times, but then we got swept up at nft land and i just didn’t really check back on it um. But i had been farming a lot of convex, and this just shows you that, having conviction in some of these more interesting, higher, uh higher quality defy ecosystems, d5 is not dead, it’s not dead and there are still opportunities like convex to go in this case 20x. With amazing yield and if you are farming, these tokens uh with stable coins, you have almost zero risk. Obviously the risk of the protocol uh being exploited um, but no, not as much directional risk. So what am i trying to say d5 feels like it is alive and well, if you know where to look.

Obviously we caught spell and popsicle and um time uh all of those projects by daniele we caught those very, very early and brought them to you. First um and we’re gon na continue to unearth trends. So what i’m saying is the point of this segment is not to go ape convex or sushi, but just that defies might you know, there’s there’s motion in defy and that d5 could do really well. In the beginning of 2022,

I would not be unallocated, i would not be ignorant of d5 over the next few months, even though i have been less interested in it for the last sort of half of the year last two quarters: okay, here’s just the easy! You guys already know this, i’m not going to belabor the point, but if you guys someone’s asking if they should buy my ens name, i haven’t bought it.

I see it. I see it’s for sale, i don’t know i just don’t like being exploited for my own. My own names, i don’t know like somebody had leotrades.com, they tried to sell it to me, then they ended up coming around and just giving it to me and now we’re friends and we chat and we’re buddies and so i’d much rather have that, and it makes Me want to interact with that person as opposed to paying someone. Some egregious amount of money, for my own name just doesn’t feel right anyway, but on to the majors here.

So the i believe that what we’ll see over 2022 just to talk about sort of general cycles, i believe that what we’ll see over 2022 is that we will see um a very rocky market. I believe we’ll see a very rocky market where we see fits and starts um, but on the whole i think we’ll grant grind our way up, uh through at least the first half of the year, and i do believe we will see 100k bitcoin before all of This is said and done, but, as you can see like, we only had really one move. That was like super parabolic here and it started here at the the end of september, beginning of october, and it went until about you know. This was really feb. The middle fab, so we got like a a three-month wave of wild parabola at the end of last year, beginning of of this year, and i would say that ever since then it’s just been really a grind.

I could see it continuing to be very, very annoying right. I could see it to be very annoying, but the only way to play this is to have narratives that you understand that you know why are valuable and then to have enough conviction to allocate to them. While things are looking bad right and if you look at this chart, what you see is we have a big, we have a massive rise, then we have a dump and it really caught its support here around the low 30 thousands a little fake out below and Then onwards and upwards, then we had another dump and it actually caught its support here around you know what was this around 42, then we had a pump and we’ve caught our support. We did wick down around here, but we’ve caught our support higher. So we see this and we actually see that we’re in a nice sort of you know overall grinding up market, and so this is why, for me, i see a nice healthy uptrend still in the market and anything that’s been like news induced like the fed, like The mining vans, like all these, the energy stuff, the elon musk stuff, all that stuff should be kind of like shelved and put aside when price action is really showing you on chain.

Metrics. We’Re showing you that really the market has a lot of belief in the upside. That’S what it really really feels like um, so jumping in now. Just to tell you, i think, something like solana, something like tara luna, which obviously we’ve been covering very heavily. I haven’t covered it as much as it’s gone up up and away because i feel, like you know, i did a lot of coverage of this in the in the 4 to 20 range, and that, of course puts this community way ahead and then what we’ve seen Is just amazing strength so like when you see projects that have this much strength?

Um to me, it means that there’s something special going on with solana, avax and luna. Those are like the three horsemen of the non-ethereum chains right, so those chains, i think, will continue to have strength right. Does that mean this is a good price? I don’t know, but i see a general uptrend right, that if the market continues in an uptrend, i believe will continue for these coins. So if you want something that might be a little more spicy a little more saucy than ethereum um, then you should be looking at these three sort of big challengers and one of the things i love is that you can farm 20 apy on luna on anchor Protocol i’ve talked about it a lot.

I’Ve done. I’Ve done videos on it, it’s just a beautiful thing: okay, avalanche the same right. These three are just like. If you want to split a bag of eth competitors and allocate to those on dumps, that’s a not a bad idea right. I’Ve not even remotely reached to touch to sell any of my avax any of my joe.

I have still a wide exposure to the avalanche ecosystem. Next, let’s get into the games. So on the whole, i want to explain something: everybody thinks we just saw. The gaming run false, so false disgustingly, false, unbelievably ignorant right. The gaming run will happen when the world’s most powerful most exciting, most fun games, empower their users with nfts in-game economies play to earn and all of the bells and whistles of crypto.

That’S that’s just it. There’S no reality in my mind where this doesn’t happen and here’s why the gaming industry thrives on a free-to-play uh model where essentially, here, let me let me this free to play gaming revenue chart. Let me see if i can bring this up to you uh, for you. A lot of you will probably know about this um. Let me see if this one will do the trick.

Um yeah, here’s, here’s one! Why not um! So if, if we look at this chart, what we can see is that you have oh gosh, okay, so you have up here in the light blue you have free to play right. Is this right? So what you see here is that the vast majority of pc console gaming revenue and this isn’t a perfect chart, but it just shows you how much money is in free to play now.

What it means, when you have a free to play game, is that you are paying nothing to play the game, but you’re voluntarily choosing to buy stuff inside the game. Digital stuff, digital assets right, whether it’s a skin from my character, land, gems. Whatever you want to call it you’re voluntarily choosing to buy stuff in the game that makes your experience better right, you’re buying a possession in a digital world that exists purely digitally. There is no other industry on earth on earth. You could say nfts, but let’s talk about realistically throw crypto away.

Where else on earth are people buying digital assets at scale to the tune of a hundred plus billion dollars a year it doesn’t exist, it does not exist. Gaming already has perfect product market fit, meaning that the users are already doing this behavior at scale across the world. So when i say that the gaming run hasn’t begun, it’s because the hundred billion dollars being spent here is pretty much zero percent on crypto gaming. So far, but once players realize that this benefits them that this is only a positive to them, because some games will be there’s a there’s, an assumption from the gaming world that all video games with nfts will be pay to win so that you won’t have this Fair enjoyable interaction that you’ll just have rich people coming in and owning all the owning the fun that’s one very short-term model, most of the most profitable games, fortnite, dota, league of legends, etc. By the way shout out to arcane, i love that show most of those games.

All of those games have a pure cosmetic approach. The most profitable game in the world does not sell any item that makes you better at the game. There’S no stat boost in fortnite right, it’s the biggest digital asset store in the world fortnite and they don’t sell anything that boosts your stats. So what we see is that cosmetic upgrades are a huge, huge part of our digital future and that, in my opinion, making them nfts is only a positive for the user. I don’t even think that is an opinion.

I think that’s a fact right, because you give someone ownership over something instead of a rental for the same amount of money or maybe a different amount of money who knows, but the reality is is that this is an undeniable fact. So once you understand why this is big, it’s not just because i think gaming’s good fit for crypto the numbers are there, the data is there, it is undeniable, it’s scientific. This is going to be nft revenue and just like, when everything comes into crypto, it will have this wild wild expansion of value. So going back, that’s why i believe we have not seen the gaming run. That’S why i know for sure that all of this new capital being injected into video games is just the tip of the iceberg, and i am yolo long on the gaming industry, because i believe that those ecosystems, not all of them, many of them – will fail.

But the ones that succeed will crush it in a way that we have never seen a crypto project crush it. It will infiltrate and completely inject itself into modern popular culture into gen z, into all of the ways that we know new digital stuff grows. So, let’s get to the coins pyr uh we’ve talked about this several times, um the cool thing about vulcan forged, not cool for them. Obviously they had some exploit or hack. I don’t actually remember all the details.

I haven’t looked into all the details, but from what i could tell um. This was not related to a mistake made by them, but nonetheless, there’s been a massive dumping of the token by the hacker, and so we get this massive fire sale where we’re down. What is this um we’re down negative 55 from the all-time high, not too shabby for a full game. Studio. That’S cranking out real playable games.

Go check them out, go play them for yourself. This is another thing. Let’S talk about this before i go too deep. All y’all don’t want to play the games and i don’t know why video games are not a pain to play. It’S fun, go play, it’s not a big deal right, and so what i, what i suggest you do is you go down the list and you figure out what you can play and go play it and see if you have fun right, like i’m, not gon na Flood a project, but i played a lot of these games over the last few weeks and a lot of them are trash right.

A lot of them are garbage. I wouldn’t come back and play for the gameplay. Maybe i’d grind to go, earn some coins um, but i’m really looking for those games that are fun, because that is the opportunity to expand the audience to billions of new people. Billions right – and so that’s kind of where that’s where my head’s at so pyr is interesting. Again uh.

You guys need to understand by the way that any one of these tokens could tank 90 to 100. This is a hugely risky market. I just want to keep that drilled into your head. You shouldn’t be putting all your money into one exotic gaming coin. These are the high risk.

High reward plays that you want to be allocating small amounts of money that aren’t going to ruin your life to these projects in case they do dump which they will 80 90 50. Whatever percent, and if that’s an a ruin, your life amount of money, then you’re not going to be able to do the thing you need to do, um which might be hold or buy more average down you’re not going to be able to do that because you’ve Over invested by a lot as hard rock nick would say: okay, sandbox. The reason why i’m showing this chart is because look at this look at this trend. We had a peak, we had a relief rally where we saw a bunch of distribution. Then we’ve been in distribution, every peak is met with a big sell-off, except for boom.

We get a finally a pump here that gets us up to above all of these past peaks right so for all of the the previous pretty much the entire month of december. We haven’t seen a price this high since um since december 4th. Let me see where we’re at right now. Let me refresh the page um and look at this yeah. So you see it’s up up and away now, because people are seeing it as a breakout.

So am i telling you to ape into sandbox? No, i told you to ape in a sandbox at 50 cents back in the summertime right and if you miss that it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, have some allocation to sandbox. It’S a good project right, i’m gon na put on the uh the air, so i don’t sweat too much in front of all. You doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allocate to sandbox, because it’s a great project by the way – there’s 5555 people in here and on that magical angel number. I want to say there’s 2 000 of you.

Why does it have to be the case? There’S 2 000 of you that have not liked the video. If you like the video like the video there’s so much it’s so much information here come on, okay, so um. What i want to say here is that you shouldn’t be going in on all in on something: that’s just gone, absolutely parabolic. We also have a fully diluted valuation of 18 billion.

So realistically i mean how much higher. Could this go like 5x from here and then you’re at 100 billion, so keep that in mind we’re at pretty kooky kind of like facebook, apple, google type level numbers um, you know uh as as it starts to grow from here now. Do you want to be allocated to the projects that are proven winners? Yes, because there’s a chance that maybe sandbox is this. This big network effect that has a fortnight like audience at one point: a robot, a roblox of the blockchain who knows, but what i can tell you right now is that having having seen how this works, sandbox is like a thermometer for the gaming industry as a Whole just like axi infinity, sandbox and gala axis sandbox gala, maybe elluvium uh.

These are ones that show you general general sentiment right. So what we’re seeing is that there’s a big bounce sentiment here, um, and does this mean that the bull market’s fully resumed up? Only no, but it does feel to me like maybe the worst is over, like maybe this dip down to the 450 area. Maybe we’re not going to see that again, we might see you know fives again, but i doubt we see these uh these 450s again, at least until we get a proper bear market um. So with that in mind, understanding that sandbox is showing that the gaming side of things is looking healthy again, it looks like there’s interest again and remember i told you there’s just zero.

There is no other industry that works for crypto, like gaming does in 2021 2022. Maybe in 2030 there is, but in 2020s i believe it’s the decade of gaming uh for crypto, and there is just no changing my mind period um. So as you go through this uh particular chart, i want you to check out the games. Try to play as much as them as much of them as you can and understand that these top ones will be your sort of your sort of majors that indicate the general health of the market um. Okay, here’s one that i haven’t talked about about much because it was so overhyped at the beginning and once you see the chart you can see why.

Well it had this massive pump and then a massive dump and it’s sitting currently at about negative 40 percent um. But what they did is they actually launched with this sort of open-ended uh fundraise on ftx they ended up raising a hundred million dollars so uh they also put out a a recent update. Their game looks playable from what i can tell, and so what what’s actually really interesting to see is uh. This seems like they’re gon na have a playable game and, and quite frankly, the fdv is high. 1
3 b, but it’s not insane as we can see it could go 15x and still not be as high as um as sandbox right.

So there’s a lot of room for growth here as well, a playable game, and maybe more you know it’s a different kind of game like i actually like the auto battler, the auto chess style gameplay. That arrory is doing, although it does have a smaller potential sort of market um. So even at a circulating market cap of 129, who knows, i think a rory is, as you see here, it’s it’s bottomed here around the 12 mark several times right. It had once here in october once here in november, and we can see that it doesn’t really want to go below that 12.3 right, and so the chart sort of seems like hey.

This is a as far as risk reward, given the fact that we know they’re super well funded, given the fact that we know that they have playable gaming content. Given the fact that the chart looks like it doesn’t want to go much lower and it’s not exactly peak fomo season, a rory is on my it’s on my shopping list right. Does that mean i’m apingling all at once? No and that’s another topic. Let’S talk a little bit about how to allocate, because i i’m jumping a little bit back and forth stream of consciousness here you don’t buy all your.

You don’t buy your whole position all at once, because if you buy your whole position all at once, then, if the market goes down, can you dollar cost average down no right, you’re, essentially you’re you’re, taking a time risk you’re you’re, taking a time-based risk? That is, if you don’t have the ability to buy lower, then you have no ability to buy the dip or to potentially get a better entry. So you’re just betting that effectively you need to go up from here, so take chunks. Um buy in 10 20. At a time, um and and decide how much you’re gon na buy in and then spread your bets out and maybe even wait for a dip right.

So if you bought in all of your coins up here, you know you wouldn’t have anything to buy in down here. Just think about it. That way, so aurora is an interesting one for sure to consider now. Uh ufo, as you guys know, i’m a big fan of ufo um. I uh just spoke with the team earlier uh.

I think that they’re gon na have some really cool stuff. Coming out um, i like their they’re, a scrappy team, they’re, really interested in just pushing stuff out really fast um, and what i like about the chart as well is: if you look at this chart, it really seems like this sort of 2000 uh. I don’t know 2 000, whatever i’m just going to call it 2 000, because the numbers are too small. This 2000 level seems kind of resilient much in the way this 200 level kind of seemed resilient back. Here we see that it bases off it in august and then again in september and again in late september, and then we grow from here, and i was really shouting out ufo and these these valleys right here and again, when you see here that the chart has Just had all of these tests down to this level of 2000, it goes all right.

Well, the chart doesn’t really want to go down to that 2 000 level so or 2, 000, whatever level so um, it’s a fraction of a fraction of a penny. That’S why i’m saying it like that so uh ufo again it had this blow off here and it’s again looking like there’s some rnr to be had here right, um and uh, and again i told you guys when it was first up here at about 2000. I said if it does a you know another few x’s, i’m going to take some profits um. So again, i’m not ever going to say when i take uh profits on a coin. I did take a little bit of profits up here on ufo and i want you guys to take some stock here and understand that when you get a 5x or a 10x or something like that and again we were talking about ufo down at like 20 30.

At this point, it was over 50 x ago that we were talking about ufo. If any of you are sitting on anything close to a 50x, i’m going to beat you i’m going to beat you with my slipper, if you don’t take some profits because most of you don’t know how most you can’t afford not to take those profits. So please, god take profits, um sidus! This is another one. I am an investor in situs i hold a lot of sinus.

I actually hold. I hold every coin. We’Ve talked about today, just to be clear. I hold every coin um because if i believe in a project enough to tell it to you guys, i believe i should be putting my money where my mouth is right: um situs, i was a pre-sale investor in this one um, so i did not buy in At these prices um, but observing the chart site is launched in a pretty weak market and for a game as high quality asis. I want to point out a few things that you should have on your on your uh radar here.

One. The peak volume here was 22 million that is very low for a hyped launch in 2021.

Hype launches in 2021 are doing nine figure, volume, 100, 200 plus million dollars right. That’S not what we saw here. Also, we see a fully diluted valuation again at about 2.

again. Remember: sandbox is almost 20 axia infinity got to like 40., so there’s definitely well. This is should be crazy to have a two billion dollar evaluation for an unlaunched game in this particular weird world. We’Re in there is still room for growth and look there’s just super low volume here, in my opinion, um this it’s dumping meaningfully and i’m not saying it will uh because of this next piece of piece of data.

But if this this thing starts dumping meaningfully, i do have confidence in this team. I haven’t. I don’t there’s no way to know exactly what a human will do in a given scenario, but i will tell you that this team seems super super legit and and that trailer that they put out is a very strong indication of how legit they are. So if this thing starts dumping down, i think there’s an opportunity. Small amount of tokens circulating um, there’s a market cap – oh it doesn’t have it, but i think there’s only five percent of tokens circulating.

So it’s very early in the life cycle here, but i will share with you. The unlocked schedule is something like two years long, so it’s a very slow unlocked schedule should soften the blow of of new tokens coming into the market. That said, um i do think if we get a big gaming run, sidus will start to show itself as a strong project um or when we get a gaming run. I’M a strong, strong believer. We will um where else oh yeah.

Finally, i wanted to talk about this, which is, if you go to the markets tab you can see. It’S only listed on gate i o, which is not a top tier exchange. It’S not listed on decks, there’s very low accessibility for this project. So far, so maybe that’ll mean it’ll dump when it comes on to other exchanges. Maybe it’ll mean it’ll pump, but just know as it starts to get listed on other exchanges, opportunities uh will will arise, and i believe that this is for a lot of reasons.

Something you should be taking a hard look at, but understand 2
2 billion is very high, but unfortunately, right now we’re not living in normal land and we’re not living in anything. That makes really cognitive sense on valuations, so in this world, could this thing continue to grow? I do believe it could just like a rory right um because they do have philippe. They have real games right, real games to me that seem fun to play. That’S the stuff!

I want to be long right because there’s no there’s no model for a true crypto game at scale at network scale. There’S no mental model for it. There’S no logic on what should or shouldn’t be the market cap: okay, star, atlas, again, uh. What we’ve said is: hey look. We were talking about it again in here um after talking about it here, as it was bottoming um after this big uh cool off, we said, definitely don’t buy it up here.

Um, we’re saying, hey! Look at these look at these lows. You want to see if you can snipe lows again. This feels quite dumpy. It feels like it’s probably not going to want to go too much lower than this 9 cents.

It definitely didn’t want to revisit that seven cents again. Uh back in october, i’m not saying i know the future, but i’m saying star atlas risk reward is starting to shape up again, um again 3.3 or 3.9 ftv, not amazing, pretty pretty big. But when you compare it to things like axe infinity, when it has this really high budget, looking game uh, there might be something there again.

I just want to point out to you uh the different ways that you can view these markets now, of course, what i want to say is that the biggest opportunities will be none of the coins i mentioned here. The biggest opportunities will be coins that are not yet trading at massive mass evaluations and that have interesting gameplay. Not every good game with with interesting gameplay is going to have a massive valuation, and the way that you can get ahead of these things is by actually going in getting your hands dirty and playing these games right. This is something i can’t stress enough, and so the coins i laid out for you are some of the the better r and r meaning that they’re bigger caps, they’re unlikely to completely disintegrate into dust um, and that you’ll have some time to react to the market. If they do, they won’t just go negative, sixty percent in a day um, but talking about some other projects in the space that i am interested in, i did invest in the big time land sale uh.

This is a fantastic project been covering it on this channel. For a while um, i think it’s a phenomenal phenomenal project uh and i was able to actually uh participate in a game test. So i’ve seen this one play: it’s like a world of warcraft, but like new and an unreal engine and yeah, it’s got all the characteristics you like to see right. The founder helped uh found and create uh decentraland as well, and then he had the same realization that i had back in 2018, which is the games need to come first before the metaverses. So that’s, why we’ll see gaming take the lead over metaverse at the beginning?

Um and then finally, this one heroes of mavia: it’s got a clash of clans kind of vibe to it. Um very interesting. I saw a research report that came out of neo tokyo. This is one of the other benefits and i don’t want this to seem like there’s, no there’s no sort of coordinated buying efforts going on in yo tokyo. I want to make very clear that, like there are discords that say, hey come into this discord and we’ll give you alpha and you can buy stuff cheap and we all all buy together.

That’S not the energy in neo tokyo, neo, tokyo is about value, adds long-term contribution and building the metaverse, and what we have is an incredibly talented group of people in neo tokyo, doing research like they’ve done on mavia, where i actually got a gorgeous beautiful pdf. That came out of the neo tokyo research lab uh detailing why mavia was a very interesting project. I wouldn’t have even had this on my radar, given how low-key their their twitter is and everything here, it’s really hard to discern all this, but we had some really smart people dig into it and create the most gorgeous pdf one sheet um, which i’m not gon Na share with you guys, because i don’t think it’s fair to to leak information from inside the citadel um. But i just want you guys to understand that, like there’s a really really talented group of people in neo tokyo, the smartest group of people, i’ve ever seen – and it’s very very amazing – to see the information that is that is uh created and shared in there. Very, very amazing, so uh, that’s one of the benefits of being part of neo tokyo is just being around other smart people.

Okay. Finally, i just want to remind you guys we have the neo tokyo tournament coming up. This is going to be huge uh. If you guys know any gamers make sure to tap them, we’ve already had so many fortnite pros and other types of pros get involved literally a brand as big as g-fuel animoc twitch uh. What more do you want?

Are you not entertained here? Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained um? I see some comments. Of course, talking about super farm, uh y’all, i’m so excited to show you the game, um and – and we we’ve just been working on the trailer uh.

It’S going a little slower than i wanted, but it is coming and i am beyond beyond thrilled for those people who want price predictions and stuff out of the token for super farm. I’M not allowed to do that. Other people are allowed to do that. Go. Do it knock yourself out?

I is the founder: i’m not allowed to talk about price for that project, so for people who are aching for me to do that, i can’t do that. You’Re welcome to do that. Um. The reality is is that the marketplace and game are coming out and i believe they’re, both industry leading and i believe, you’re gon na be very, very, very excited about what’s happening there. Okay, let’s hop into some comments, um in the chat right now and uh go ahead and just interact here.

It’S it’s the holiday time, we’re doing we’re, giving away money. We’Re talk. The market’s bouncing the the world is spinning on its right access, and i hope you guys are as excited as i am um thg is this. Is this satan yeah satan is? Is good?

It’S it’s really high, valued right. Oh yeah. I came way down. Okay, yeah. So i was saying this because it was up here at like it was up here at like what was it.

I think it was up here like a wild wild high valuation, yeah yeah, okay cool it was, i thought it was up at like 16 billion or something like that or 11 billion market cap. Okay, it does. It doesn’t show market cap um, but the fully diluted was like it was wild. So if this is one it’s down, 60 you’re gon na see me do some very poor, math here 65. That means that this is 35, so yeah i was up at like 11 billion dollars, and so that’s that’s when i was like i i don’t know it’s definitely a playable game, but go play the game.

Tell me what you guys think about it. I think it’s. I think it’s cute, i think the art’s cute, but i’m i really think you guys just need to play games if you want to know the truth or fiction of if the game’s good go play a game um. I do see a lot of people talking about. Uh defy kingdoms, which is a game on harmony, um bfk is pumping and that’s because it’s just like purely an economic game, really uh dfk whoa, what the heck!

Why is this charter like this people? Got people got wait? Is this right? No! No!

No! This is not right. This is the wrong chart. That’S the right! This is the right.

That’S the wrong chart d5 kingdoms. Is it jewel e5 kingdom jewel, okay, yeah yeah. There we go so this one is one that i got put on to by ansem: uh who’s who’s, a twitter persona that i absolutely love. Um he’s he’s a great trader. Uh he’s also playing this game like what it feels like.

Oh with a lot of his time – and this stuff is very interesting when you see big sort of you know very rational traders, get obsessed with these economic based games, something there and we’ve seen a pump about 4x from from jewel uh. He called out that this is going to be just like his his solana call a year ago. Uh is this going 100x, i don’t know um, but at 47 million trading volume at seven – oh, it is 7 billion fully diluted is that is that the case? That’S pretty high um 343 million. Who knows maybe there’s some upside here, just have it on your radar again, maybe maybe what i’d suggest is play the game, play the game and see if you like it.

This is what i can say play the game, see if you like it right, because if it gives you a feeling, then that’s that’s the first thing right and if, if it gets you hooked, then then that’s a big deal right. A lot of these games won’t hook, you um, let’s go ahead and dump jump in back into the con comments. Sorry can’t speak. What’S my take on jack and elon twitter rants about web3vc uh, this is a great question. This is a great question, one that i’ve wanted to rant about.

But the truth is i really like jack. Like i really like, i’m i’m i’m a jack maxey, i’m a jaxy um, i think he’s smart. I think he’s like a really good. I think he’s had a really, like amazing, amazing effect on the world jack. I also find his his commentary on web3, almost like it’s almost like he’s jealous of elon getting to troll everyone, and now that he’s not twitter, ceo and he’s not being held by this board.

You know with with duct tape over his mouth he’s like getting to be a memer again. I consider him high intelligence and most people with high intelligence, usually um like to troll they like to meme. They like to have fun. They, like they have a sense of humor, so this is one he tweeted and what i wanted to say. What i wish i, which i would have wanted to say to him was response – was now do web 2

Now now do web 2.

because the reality is that this graphic has zero drops for retail in web 2.
Now is it a fair critique that some silicon valley vcs are soaking up all of crypto yeah, it’s a fair critique, you know. What’S also the case with crypto. Is that as soon as something really works, take make or dao take um take uh anything. That’S heavily!

Vc uh controlled, like you, see, with um nfts on on dapper labs, with the nba deal or whatever the heck it might be. You see other non-vc controlled projects hop in and copy it and end up creating success in a totally decentralized world. So all this vc stuff, in my opinion, is fairly temporary. It’S like the vcs are supporting the testing grounds and once something really starts working, other people will create more fair launch versions of them and there will be tons of opportunities for retail. In the end, this drizzle of retail uh opportunities is way better than what we got in the previous world.

So that’s just something that you just really need to understand is that, while it is true that silicon valley vcs are doing a lot, the reality is is that it is way way better than what we’ve seen. I also thought it was really interesting because um, where is where is this he’s trolling beanie um, which shows that he’s actually following this nft stuff, which is quite interesting because beanie’s pretty pretty small account in the in the larger scope of twitter um, which means he’s Probably following or at least tracking um some stuff here on on this channel um, i don’t know, if that’s the case um, he says here again: vc’s are the problem, not the people um and he says uh and then cz says blockchain fixes it global fundraising from The people and jack says words, so he’s not anti-web three right he’s he’s giving some concessions here. Um, i think he’s trying to. I think, he’s trying to start a dialogue right. If you ask me, i think jack’s trying to start a dialogue and i don’t think he hates web3, i think, he’s literally just kind of trolling to try to create dialogue right.

If i were, if i was to say, what’s the gigabrain move, you might also be bored right, a board billionaire. I mean this guy’s at home, just going between sauna and cold tub. Maybe he’s just doing this for entertainment, right uh, maybe he and elon are just trying to have fun like what’s to say that just because you’re, a billionaire you don’t get to have fun like you know, i feel like there’s an expectation that they just sit on Their hands and, like you know, they’re, not politicians, right um. Where is this? Finally, where is this final one?

Okay, yeah yeah? Okay, so where is essentially he talks about? He has vcs from all of his companies. People were calling about they’re like every one of your companies has vcs and he was like yeah. We had vcs, but they were chill or something like that.

I don’t know i can’t find the tweet anyway. The point is he: he talked about how he has vcs in uh square and and twitter and all that stuff, but they were, they knew their place or something anyway. In my opinion, i don’t think jack has a clear stance here. I think he thinks bitcoin is the most um censorship resistance without a clear single point of failure. I think that that’s a very salient point and that’s a very important use of blockchain.

I think ethereum is pretty close to that um and is making its way there. But the reality is that i don’t think jack is anti-web3 he’s, certainly not anti-new tech. He acquired title to do spotify or he acquired title to do much nfts and music industry stuff. I would be shocked if jack doesn’t go down as one of the best crypto innovators in history, and i would be shocked if he doesn’t put out a blockchain based application in the future. That is very, very much so something that we all are are very happy with.

So that’s what i’ll say is jack. I think is going to make huge contributions to the space. I think the the trolling and and the and the the poop flinging is just kind of a conversation starter, because if you, if you actually go through all of his comments, there’s some contradiction there anyway, i’m a big fan of jack. All i can say is i’m i’m a jack fan. I don’t think he’s a bad actor at all some low quality shills in the super chats.

I apologize. I’M not going to read those words. Elio trades crypto shout out to you denise p um. Will we be able to play in the neo tokyo tournament uh? Yes, you will be able to.

Yes, you will be able to all right, let’s hop in and find some final final chats here. We have been streaming for 56 minutes so we’ll round it out at an hour. I don’t know about dream quest, yet i’ll check it out. Yes, cypher’s sick, i’m an investor in cypher love that project um, absolutely love cypher. They are very, very, very, very cool um.

Let me see where have they done their token yet cypher? Yes, they have looks like they have um. Is it brand new brand new this one um, i don’t know, is this cypher they already done it um. Let’S see. Let’S see, let’s see, where is the information there?

We go yeah this? Is it this one’s sick, this one’s super super sick, um, very, very, very, very, very cool, so they raised 10 000 eth, 40 million dollars holy smokes um and yeah. No, an amazing project very well funded gameplay, looks great, i’m an investor holding big bags, full disclosure i invested in the pre-sale, so i’m not sure what the exact price was, but i’m excited about what they’re doing and it looks like they’re on a pretty nice dumparoo. Here so you know like when things come down here. If it comes back down here and touches you’ll see: okay.

Well, maybe there’s strength here: around 70 cents uh again the fdv is sitting at. Oh, it’s only 39 mil market cap with an fdv of under a billion. That’S that’s. The best uh risk reward setup, we’ve seen so that’s not a bad one. To keep your eyes on uh cipher is definitely definitely one that i am a fan of.

I’M invested into thank you for shouting that out and look this particular setup here is way better than what we’ve seen in the other ones, uh for a game that that looks. I mean they’re all of equal quality. To me right now to be honest, they’re all they’re, all it’s hard to tell until you’ve played them extensively. What the better game is, what’s more likely to get sort of global traction, so somebody asked for a super farm update for their christmas gift. Uh, we’re gon na be leaking some some little previews of the marketplace, and this is the marketplace beta.

Um that we’re leaking uh the marketplace beta is is very, very awesome, but there is a a full product coming uh very soon uh. That is something i’m very proud of. Uh we’re gon na be doing a lot of marketing and sort of thought leadership about it um, but the world needs a marketplace that is dow owned community run and has no middleman taking all the fees the community should own. The marketplace: i believe that that is the true killer, app of the nft marketplace. The nft marketplace is a public good right.

It should be completely controlled by the public um. So you know i absolutely love. Openc they’ve completely enabled a revolution of nfts no shade on them, but the goal is to take what they’ve done and to deliver a product that is truly user-centric and community-centric um. It is quite it is going to be the polar opposite of coinbase nft. It is going to be the polar opposite of what you’ve seen with other nft marketplaces, and then we also have the video game imposters coming out.

Uh the gameplay loop is super super fun. The fun aspect of imposters, i believe, is something that is going to be industry leading. So that’s the update from super farm uh and i can’t i’d like we have a bunch of marketing queued up, so i don’t want to like spoil it, but yeah i’ve been i’ve been killing myself to get these uh these products and these teams moved along uh At the quality they deserve for the project like super, so yeah, i’m i’m beyond beyond thrilled uh. There is everything everything i’m focused on right now is getting these uh these projects out to you guys, and i think you’ll understand once they come out uh what what we’re doing here and why why this is totally different than what you’ve seen from other projects and Why this ecosystem is going to be the core of the metaverse? Why the projects and the products we’ve decided to focus on are the best first steps, i’m very, very excited and, to be honest, um yeah, i mean we have this just insane community.

You guys know it: you come into the the neo tokyo, the elio trades discords, uh, the soon to be launched. Super farm discords you’ll see that the passion in these communities is totally unmatched and so i’m very very excited to combine the most important thing, which is community um, with these amazing products that we have been working on. I also um. I also don’t talk about this very often because i think it’s kind of like old news um, but we no i’m not gon na talk about this i’ll talk about that in a future episode. I’M gon na cut that one off i have more.

I have more. I have more unreleased uh behind the scenes stuff for you in the future. Anyway, i just want to say a big thank you. Happy holidays, merry christmas, make sure that you go and retweet my tweet on twitter and comment. If you want to win a thousand dollars, as always, i highly encourage you to have the bell notification on, because we’re doing time, sensitive content, not just updates on coins that have huge, huge upside and keeping you understanding how to navigate this industry.

But more importantly, i’m doing treasure hunts, because i want this community to have constant opportunities to get ahead in crypto. Just like there are air drops just like there are opportunities to get big wins with very with, in this particular case, zero risk from you, except for taking your time. I want that to be part of this community to be built in and to be promoting people who are smart, who are nimble, who are excited, who know how to research who want to value out to this industry. I want to help you get ahead, so if that’s you then all you have to do is have that notification bell on for my twitter and from my youtube and i’m going to be giving away wild price. Fifteen thousand dollars was just the first one and that’s a lot.

That’S like a that’s like a car right, um and – and we just did it on twitter right. There was no big. There was no big uh. There was no big uh like what was it. No big circus around it, so i’m going to be doing a lot more.

I’M actually going to be leaning into this and wanting this channel to become completely interactive so make sure you have that bell notification on there’s going to be huge opportunities. Big love, happy holidays, i’ll, see you very soon on the next episode.

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