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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

TINY Crypto Coins How To Make 100x (full guide)

Do you want to make 5 10 20 x 50 x gains in crypto? This video is going to show you how to do it more. So it’s going to show you how to do it on your own. This is going to be the absolute guide to taking tiny little micro cap coins, making a ton of money on them and then taking the money out and buying. God knows whatever you want.

Look it’s pretty obvious. Why you’re? Here you are a piece of it’s okay, unlike every other crypto channel, where they expect you to be here for the technology and the future of bitcoin freedom money. I’M gon na tell you it’s completely okay to be a squad in this case, because i know where you’re feeling, right now you go to a bar. You see all your friends drunk as hell waving their phone around making money doing nothing and you’re thinking to yourself.



How can i make money doing nothing because you’re a piece of it’s okay? I am too, except what i want to convey in this video is that you need to be a good piece of you need to be a skilled piece of, and while i’m not the world’s most successful trader, i would say i’m a highly competent piece of i Have turned hundreds of thousands of dollars into many many many millions of dollars in crypto and in this video i’m going to show you step by step, how i’ve done it in other videos. I give you coins to look at i’m going to continue doing that, but i want to show you the mythology behind this, because when i give you guys coins or i talk about micro caps, you guys don’t really know how to handle these things. Okay, it’s like. I just gave you a a, i don’t know: a 50 caliber machine gun and you’re trying to eat soup with it.

It’S you know that that’s a 50 calorie machine gun. It’S it’s meant. It’S meant to be used. This way don’t stop trying to eat your campbell soup with it bro, and so i’m going to go step through step over everything i do when it comes to trading micro caps and then hopefully you can copy this and next time we have an uptrend you’re, not Going to lose your ass, like everybody else, because all your friends who are drunk at the bar showing off their micro cap gains, guess what they lost all of them. They lost them all because they don’t know how to do it correctly.

I’M going to show you do it correctly in this video talk about how to buy the coins, also how to sell the coins and, if you actually want to see the coins i’m getting into. Like always follow me on twitter at css becker, no, more jokes! Let’S begin so, actually i have a full agenda right here, we’re in classroom mode right now, i’m going to teach you teach you about watery. So look. Why should you get into all coins and micro caps?

It’S very simple: you’re not going to become rich investing in top 25 cryptos. I know michael saylor and everybody who’s popular on twitter loves to tweet about bitcoin. If you put 50 bucks in bitcoin best case scenario by the year, you’re gon na have 100 bucks in it you’re not going to get rich investing in these top 10 cryptos. You might as well stop listing these people because they just want you to buy them. So they can get richer.

Okay, that’s that’s what they’re doing the only way you’re really going to make a lot of money in crypto is, if you’re able to trade, the lower cap coins and the problem and why everybody doesn’t like these coins is because people try to treat them like top 10 coins. What micro cap trading is is a very proactive form of trading where you are finding things you are reading, narratives, very early and you’re trading in and out of things you have to be able to make decisions very rapidly. This is why most people suck at it because they like to get in the crypto and just hold or scream diamond hands, because they’re beta, who, who can’t make decisions and make calls making calls, is hard holding, is easy and holding is a great mythology when it Comes to high coins, it’s not good when it comes to micro caps. We got to be good here. So when people talk about micro caps, that’s usually why they talk so negatively about them.

People lose their money all the time because they get into this the wrong way and they think it’s really risky. If you understand the flow of micro caps, is it risky? Yes, but i would say it’s almost as risky as top 25 crypto training. I mean those. Take 50 losses all the time.

The difference is here when you hit one here, you make a 20 50 x and so you’re able to work with a lot lower capital, and so the reason why i think it’s a lot less risky is because you’re able to work with lower amounts of capital. You can only invest 20, 30. 000, at a time, if you’re, if you have that money, you can also invest 500 to a thousand dollars at a time in these things, then you can make big gains and you can take it out and you can reset at a thousand two thousand dollars. You don’t just keep doubling down, whereas with big huge coins, you have to keep large amounts of money in them for a long time and have massive market exposure. Micro caps aren’t that risky.

If you are getting into markets when it is going up and you’re pulling your money out before it goes down and you’re constantly going in this back and forth motion, if you do that, while keeping the amount of money you keep in low, taking out your big Gains you never take much risk and you’re never exposed to the market for that long, and the biggest risk in crypto is being exposed to the market for a long period of time, because the market eventually goes down the shorter amount of time you’re in the market. The faster you make your money, the better, that’s why i think it’s less risk and that’s why i don’t really buy bitcoins and so, in short, my definition of risk is staying in the market for a long time holding and being exposed to market. That’S risky number! Two, the first thing you need to understand and the thing you need to get when it’s comes to trading micro caps and getting good at trading micro caps is first things. First, most people in crypto are idiots.

Okay, i’m not saying this just to be mean to people in crypto. Most people in crypto don’t have the experience in life when it comes to finances to make good decisions. Okay, they bought at the right time, but just because they’ve made a lot of money doesn’t mean their mind, has actually picked up any lessons or experiences that allow them to manage or work with that amount of money or make good decisions. I’M not saying people are stupid, low iqs, i’m saying they have very little experience in business. Managing money finances are making hard decisions in life.

They have a nine to five worker brain and a big bank account now you’re, also going to see a lot of people that are just religious about this um. That’S why you’re gon na get so much conflicting information when you first get in the crypto, when i first got on the crypto, i’m all excited about this stuff. The top 25 coins going up and whatnot and you’re going to slowly realize that people that behave by that hype of ideology. They don’t really make much money. Okay, they make maybe a 2-3 x since the beginning of 2021, but for the most part, the people that made all the money are the people that went back down into the micro caps and so don’t pay attention.

These people they’re obsessed with the top 25 top 100 coins. These are the bags that you want to be selling and then rotating into the smaller coins, if you’re here to make lots of money, if you’re here to make two to three x rois. Obviously, this does not apply to you. This is all very specific to micro caps. Now the next thing you need to understand is when you first get the crypto micro caps.

You might be early here, maybe you’re, just starting to dig in the micro caps is. Everybody has this huddle or diamond hand, fascination and the reason why they do that is because weak minds are attracted to things they agree with. That’S why stupid ideas are popular. People will gravitate towards ideas not because they’re right, but because they make them feel good. So, that’s why you see an excessive amount of stupid ideas in crypto.

Holding in diamond hands is put in some altruistic way in crypto, because people don’t want other people to sell because then, if other people are selling, then they have to think about selling and selling is difficult and it involves a lot of fear of missing. Out of the higher prices – and it’s a really it’s a hard thing to do, pressing the buy button is easy. Selling is hard. That’S why everybody’s always telling people bye, bye, bye and then screaming diamond hands. No!

No buying needs to be hard. Selling needs to be the easy part. What you need to do before you get in the micro caps is reject this altruism of diamond handing or just any form of this higher moral high ground that goes on in crypto when it comes to not selling, because that is baby men who are all screaming That and it’s a very damaging thing: you’re going to hold hold, hold all the way to the bottom and micro caps. It’S it’s super dangerous to have that involved. You so just completely drop it now.

The final thing you have to understand and the thing you need to change your mind about micro caps before you get into it – is that people interpret selling of micro caps as disloyalty to the company they’re investing in and not believing in crypto. It’S a really weird habit that people have. I had it back in the day, i went whole coins because i really believe in the company you need to understand, especially in micro caps. We are not trading companies or tech 99 of stuff in crypto doesn’t work. Okay, even the stuff that does work, isn’t generating any revenue.

It has no real world application. We are literally trading narratives and human opinions. We are not trading tech in the slightest way, especially when we get into micro caps, so the free price of a micro cap, the price of a coin, has nothing to do with the business behind. It has to do with what people think about the business, and so there’s been plenty of times where i’ve sold coins, where i love the founders behind the business. I love the company, but i know people’s opinion of the business is overheated, i’m not going to trade.

The business i’m trading opinions, and so that is why it’s very easy for me to sell companies i like or even buy companies i don’t like, because what i’m investing in is people’s opinions, the narratives and the vibes of the market, and i want to be super Clear about this, you need to understand about me as i watch this video some people, trade based on the tech and ta and and typical trading, i’m not doing that. Okay, i’m playing to my strengths, and so when i talk in this video, you need to understand my experience comes from watching and predicting large amounts of people online, because i’ve been in business for 10 years now i’ve been marketing for almost a decade, and so what I’M really good at is watching large groups of people, their behaviors on twitter, on social media and then reading what they’re, thinking and then building products for them and selling the products to them right. I own a tech company, for example, and i need to figure out. What’S going to make them buy, what’s going to make them tick, so what i do is i figure out how what people are thinking and then i predict what they’re going to do that works very, very, very well in microcast, because really all we’re trading is what People are thinking so if we can read the investors in the marketplace, not so much the products in the marketplace, but what people think about the products in the marketplace? That’S how you make money in micro caps, because what we’re doing is we’re printing, where these people are going to put their money where investors are going to move their money around into and we’re going to be there.

First, that’s what we’re doing and that’s how i operate as a trader. This entire video is focused on reading humans, not so much the products, and so it blows my mind when i see other channels and people like, i only invest in companies. I believe in, and i sleep easy because i just hold for years. That’S absolutely not what you want to do on microcaps everybody who does that loses all their money. Why?

Because it’s stupid, because they’re attaching the value of the company to the company instead of where the value is actually coming from, which is human opinion, so just be completely okay selling your coins rapidly just getting rid of them as soon as human opinion overheats. The company is not overheating, human opinion is overheating, selling is not disloyal to the company or saying you don’t believe them, it’s literally trading human opinions and then finally, the worst thing is when people sit down and they have to hold a company forever. If the company doesn’t go all the way to the moon, it’s always the moon, it’s always the absolute top. What you must do is be okay. If you sell the next bitcoin it’s about going and getting consistent, five 10xs and enrolling them into another 5 and 10 x, not getting your 10x and then it two to three x’s from there and you get a 30x, because if you go and get a 10x, You take it out, you put it back in another microcap, you get another 10x, that’s 100x.

Now, of course, there’s going to be plenty of coins that you sell that do go to the moon. That’S fine! We’Re not trying to focus on the exiting at the absolute best point we’re trying to focus on total, consistent profits that we consistently pull in. It’S like we’re at a batting range and we’re trying to consistently hit a home run, but not the greatest home run of all time. That’S what people are trying to do with their micro caps if you drop all these beliefs – and you drop these habits that i just talked about you’re going to do very, very well!

So now, let’s talk about what we actually want to do when it comes to buying these. The first thing you need to do when you’re buying micro caps is find just one niche, so my niche obviously is crypto gaming. It’S a great niche to be in, but you can make a ton of money in any niche. What people try to do when they get the micro caps and kryptos they try to figure out everything. It’S the same as business.

It’S the same as getting good at anything in life. You can’t do everything what you can do exceptionally well in micro caps, especially, is you can understand one niche and just watch that, like a hawk when you do this you’ll understand every new product coming out. You’Ll understand what the products do deeply you’ll understand the nuances of what makes a good product and a bad product and, more importantly, you will watch the niche so much that you’ll be able to pick up on the behavior of the investors in the niche. What you’re trading in micro caps is not the companies. I have to stress that you are trading the investors, opinions in the companies and so it’s far more important.

You understand how the investors will behave and what they’re going to think and what they’re going to wonder and what they’re going to believe and infomo into than the actual companies themselves. I see people talk about micro caps, all the time and say well, i look at the team and i look at all the stuff and the technology behind them and blah blah. I do that too, require. Of course, that is important to a certain extent. We don’t want to invest in straight-up scams and but i don’t think anyone would be upset if you invested in shiba new right.

That being said, when i look at the team, when i look at the business, when i look at the things behind it, i look at it based on what i think the investors or other investors in the gaming crypto space are going to think about it and What they’re going to fumble into there’s so many projects that are absolute garbage that have great marketing uh, have a great angle and have great descriptions that get the the industry or the people in the industry excited, and they they blow it up to a billion dollar Market cap that has nothing to do with the business i’ve seen some of the crappiest games. I’Ve ever seen hitting huge market caps when they’re just copy and paste crap. It’S nothing to do with reality has to do with what the business and the industry and the people investing in the industry are going to think that’s why you need to focus on one niche, because it’s really hard to read that many types of different investors we Have d5 investors we have the whole range of everything that goes on crypto, there’s hundreds of different niches, so pick one understand the vcs understand the people in it and then you will always be early in it like, for example, i’m always very early in gaming crypto, Because it’s all i watch okay, it’s not that hard for me to be early when it’s just the only door in a very crowded mall, full of doors that i watch. I see everything that comes through it do the same and you’re going to have a much easier time now before we get into any deeper tips. One of the reasons why i don’t think this is risky either is because you, if you can read the overall markets, there’s a lag between bitcoin in the top 25 coins and micro caps.

There isn’t a lag between bitcoin and bitcoin. So that means if bitcoin is going to start dumping, it’s the first one to dump. So it’s very hard to predict you know and if bitcoin’s gon na pump, it’s usually the first one to pump. So it’s again very hard to predict because it happens. It’S it’s leading, so you can’t get in front of it.

Okay, there’s no lag time between it, so there’s a little bit of lag time between bitcoin and the ethereum, but it’s like 40 minutes to like an hour. Okay, so you really can’t trade. The top 25 coins based on top 25 coins and then some of them just pump randomly over time, okay, but what you can trade is, if you see this, this trend right here. So if we go look at bitcoin pumping up right here, okay, look at the dates right here august to uh october 10th. That’S where the peak is all right.

So let’s go look at something like d-race, okay. This is when i made a lot of money in so let’s go. Look at the the last pump on this okay, you can see the pump started slightly after bitcoin and ended after bitcoin. That’S why i love trading micro caps, because what i’m gon na do is, when you see bitcoin really start to take off. The micro caps is about a two week delay and then they start getting rowdy okay.

So this gives you time to go and say all right mark it’s resetting and you can buy things that dumps their prices. This is why i find it so much easier to trade microcaps, because i can get in based on what the top of the market is doing and then, when the top of the market crashes, these usually pump a little bit harder. After you know, the peak of bitcoin was about the 10th. These usually will keep going up or when bitcoin crashes, these don’t go down first, because people don’t abandon their micro caps over a bitcoin dump. If anything bit, people are really resisting the bitcoin dumps and it makes them more emboldened.

Okay, then, when bitcoin really starts to dump that’s when all these start to dump really hard, you can see from seven dollars all the way down to three bucks. Almost a 50 loss, if you’re buying it up here so the key to micro caps is don’t be the idiot up here, all right, we’re selling to these idiots. These are the people who’s who don’t know what they’re doing and we’re trying to read these people. We’Re not reading d race, we’re reading these people and the narrative beyond d-race was super strong here, it’s fantastic company. I love it, i’m an advisor for it, but this was overvalued.

This was massively undervalued, okay, why? Why is this? Why was this here? Because bitcoin was in the dumpster: that’s why it was here: people just freaked out and stopped buying this other five million dollar market cap. So that’s what you need understand so now, let’s talk about buying micro caps.

So what we’re trying to do with micro caps is we’re trying to go in waves with them all right. We want to be selling our mic. This is this is probably at the peak of micro caps back in may. We want to be buying them right here and we want to be selling everything mostly up here. A lot of people are going to do the whole zoom out, one of those all the stupid things.

You say that’s great we’re not trying to long-term hold these things, and i don’t understand – i’m not even going to rant about bitcoin this video, because we don’t have time okay, but we’re not trying to diamond hand these things forever. We’Re trying to get in on solid pumps and get out then reinvest the money in the next reset, and so what we’re doing is we’re trading in waves and so wave one sell everything: okay, not we’re not going to sell the peak of bitcoin, but a little Bit after you’re going to see everything start the skyrocket after sell everything, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for max sphere, then wait for the clean bitcoin reset. This is the clean bitcoin reset right here. Okay, when this happens, pow pile back into all of our micro caps because we’re seeing the reset wait, wait, wait, wait, wait mark, it starts to fomo parabolic rise right here, sell everything, wait, wait, wait for the pain and we’re just waiting for a clean reset on Bitcoin right now, and so that’s what i’ve been doing, and i made a lot of money in this. I don’t i i’m not here to toot my horn, i’m not the world’s greatest trader, it was unfathomable.

I did exceptionally well. So the reason – and the thing i want to stress is in this first wave right here i was doing the whole top 25. The whole crap. You read on twitter, the whole believe in the technology, blah blah blah diamond hands up. I made a solid because i got my first bitcoin in march, so i made a really good return, but then i wrote it down the right here: okay, if you want to ride that and do that by all means, but one of these times it’s not going To come back, that’s not for me, that’s not!

For me. I want to, i want to exit here, be back exit here, be back good to go, and i made infinitely more money doing this than i did doing this, and if your goal is to make more money, this is how you do it. You look for market resets, so when you see bitcoin start to crash what you want to do is you want to have a list of coins? Okay, so, for example, when the market crashed before i really got in the gaming crypto, i said i’m going to wait for these coins to hit their dumpster prices. So you can see right here.

Here was the first pump right here and then cedifie went way down. Okay, and so i waited for the bitcoin clean reset, you can kind of see when we all started getting back in right here right. We picked this up at like 85 cents and it went to 15. Okay, clean 15x, easy one all right. So, in my opinion, i thought gaming crypto is going to go well.

So what you do is you get a big list of coins. Follow me on twitter. I give out list of coins, i’m looking at all the time that i’m not particularly buying, but i’m waiting for them to be at good prices. You get a good list of coins in your niche and then you just wait. You just wait for a big old panic and then you wait for a bitcoin reset.

You just look for those things and then you trade, based on that when bitcoin does that rude, powerful thing you go and find all the ones that are still at bad prices. Not all of them will be some of them start popping up, but there’ll be a bunch of them that were at bad prices. There were so many good coins. There were at bad prices, for example cedify uh altura. I was just ready to pull the trigger on these things.

Okay, altura was, it was nothing, you know it was at seven cents. This went all the way to the 50 cents. It was actually. It was actually like right right around here when we bought it was at nothing. It was less than a cent.

Then it went to 15 cents. You know it’s one of my big winners: how wait for the dumpster dumpster levels of fear? Alright? So that’s my first tip right: there have a big list of coins. Do you think are going to do really well and have a powerful narrative behind them and then we’ll buy them now?

How do we understand the narratives behind coins? Well, it’s pretty easy. How do people determine the market, caps and value of coins? They look at the value of other coins that have done similar things, axia infinity gala. So when i saw axi taking off when i saw sandbox taking off what are people going to do how investors work is when they see something taken off and they miss it?

They say what’s next, and so they go down here to the dumpster of things and they start going what’s next now you want to be here before they start doing that. That’S what you want to look for. So when you start seeing these things start to pump or start doing things or you’ve seen something new pumps in the past, you can use that to gauge people’s behavior okay, so we got to look at how how the people are going to perform so everybody’s. Looking for the next axe infinity, so what do we want to look for um in these? We want to look for stuff, that’s connected to the major verse axe infinity, and we want to look for things that seem similar to these things or have really good stories behind them.

Ultra is the steam of crypto. You know it’s the steam of crypto. That sounds really cool. Doesn’T it that’s what peep that’s what people invest on? They don’t that no one!

No one’s going and looking at the team, i love ultra. I love the team they’re great people, that’s not what people are investing in ultra they’re investing goes to steam of crypto. That’S what they’re doing all right so they’re investing in luvium, because it has actual good gameplay videos and it was one of the first things you could actually invest in look decent they’re, investing in ufo because again made averse promises. All the things are going on here, and so what we want to look for is we want to look at the connections. People buy vulcan forge because they think you can do a gala games and so the way i decide on games in particular the way i decide on things as i look for things that have really strong marketing stories.

Okay, if there’s a good, strong marketing story behind it, that’s going to work if there’s people actually using it, that’s a huge one as well mine’s at the laurier right here. It’S one i did very very well as like it has a lot of players. I don’t know exactly how many right now a lot a lot of people coming into it. So what i did when it was a dumpster price or when it just started, buy it and was at a dump, their dumpster price, buy more of it same thing with fade in arena. For example, that’s getting really really low right now, as well.

D-Race, for example, when i bought that one i saw that gambling in crypto was a very strong narrative. Zed run was extremely popular. D-Race was a brand new super low market cap game that looked better than zed run. You see how i’m making these these connections and the narratives said run popular bitcoin. This looks better engine, for example, it has to deal with nfts and connections.

I’M not the biggest expert on engine. I sound like an idiot right now, but that’s what that’s people’s general understanding of engine, how it affects and distributes nfts and plugs in the gaming crypto yada yada altura same exact thing: okay, it looked like a mini engine and i think it is a mini engine. I think what they’re doing with nfts is awesome and also nfts were heating up. Then. So i looked at it.

Clean company clean website, clean narrative, love. I love the team behind altura, it’s a fantastic product. The reason why people bought altura was the stuff i mentioned, though, so that’s what i’m going to look at when i’m looking at coins and the way you’re going to, let me stress is uh most of all you’re, probably watching this thing right now. Well, this is a mix until i pick out these coins. The reason why i can pick up these coins is all i do is watch gaming crypto.

If all you did was watch a specific niche, you would understand the narratives that make coins pump behind them. It’S a sixth sense, it’s a gut instinct and so my best advice to wrap up this one quick little tip is pick one niche and understand it. Like the back of your hand, watch the people in it and the way you gain understanding in crypto and understand investors. Is you watch them? You follow all them on twitter.

You watch their behavior, you watch when things pump up and down and if you watch it well enough, it’s just like you’re fighting a boss in dark souls or something like that. You start to pick up on how the damn thing moves and then you just move before the thing moves. Okay, you can’t do that if you’re in 50 different niches, it’s very easy to do if you’re in one niche in crypto. Now let me also break down what i mean by these niches, so gaming crypto is obviously a form of crypto where people relate it to the crypto to be used in video games, vr meta versus whatnot bunch of buzzwords. What i mean by niches is there’s.

So many other parts of it so, for example, the polka dot all right ecosystem, cardano ecosystem, okay, insurance insurance, there’s an endless amount of niches, file, storage, okay, little weird stuff. Like this, i really suggest you find something that you’re really into. Let’S say in in the real world you’re in the real state: okay: well, you could probably pick out and understand problems and narratives and issues with the real estate industry find something in d5 that makes real estate contracts and just only focus on the real estate niche Or the renting of nft’s niche there’s so many tiny niches out there and all the people that make the most money in crypto, for example, like all the people that made money in nfts, guess what all they did, they weren’t invested in everything they were just watching Enough teas for years, that’s it was easy from the catch. Do the exact same thing pick something you’re super duper interested in and it’s easy for you to watch and you’re passionate about. I love video games so naturally, as a person, it’s coded games is a fan of game marketing.

What do you think i’m going to watch, but i’m not saying just watch crypto video games all right. You got to use your head here now. The next thing you want to understand about downstream micro trading when we’re buying these is that you have to understand how investors work, just in general. What they do is they make money? Smart investors do stupid, investors do this, they get in and they go and start posting on about it on facebook or right about here, and then they hold it all the way down.

That’S what most people do diamond hand. The future megaverse idiots we’re not we’re. Not here to build a future right here, we’re here to make money or a lot of people are in crypto and if you’re sitting around trying to build the future, while other people try to make money in micro caps have a really good time with that. It’S great enjoy. Okay, your belief makes you great liquidity again we’re trading human opinions, not companies.

At this point. None of these companies really make money. You know, except for axi, that’s why it’s so strong sandbox might make money. We get down here we’re working with ideas and we’re trading people’s opinion on ideas, so don’t feel again disloyal about dumping companies that you believe in you can always buy them back when they’re up here and there’s a lot more stable investment in them. So understand.

Smart traders are going to make a ton of money on something like gala in sandbox. What they’re going to do is this is the thought process you need to have so, let’s say right here. We have we’re at we’re at four dollars right here. A lot of people sold right here that were smart. Why and a lot of people will make fun of people that sell right here.

Well, one i’ll talk about selling in dollar cost averaging out here in a second, you never sell everything all at once, but you you there’s, definitely points where you want to sell everything, but when we’re looking at this coin right here, why is it smart to sell Right here, because the chances of sandbox 2xing at this point right here were were low all right and the most you could really expect was a 2x, because, as market caps get bigger, the momentum it has and and how hard it is for it to keep pumping, Becomes harder you can see these things take 50 dives all the time it took the same dive as a micro cap did so you’re, really not you’re, not really de-risking by being in a bigger coin. Bigger coins take just as big as dumps, if not more, because there’s more people running out of them, usually with smaller micro cap coins, once you get to a certain level of dump you’re, mostly working with the initial investors that just aren’t going to sell you know And so i you can usually see almost smaller dumps in the micros. That being said right here, a dumb ass at this point would say to the moon eight dollars. Okay, that’s a 2x! So let’s say we have a hundred thousand dollars that we took from i’m just going to do really bad math right here from 25 000.

If we want to turn that into 400 000 where’s the easiest place to do that by exiting right now and getting into another smaller coin, while the market is hot, all right, if the market is not hot or we’re, seeing it peak out and blow off top Get the f out of it. Okay, or at this point right here, we would see this parabolic rise up right here and be exiting very, very quickly and preparing for the next reset. That being said, i just described the methodology you’re going to see from smart micro cap traders, so a lot of people will exit right here and they won’t care that the 2x, because what they’re going to do is they’re going to say where’s. What’S going to 2x next and they’re going to go down to something like ufo gaming, you say: okay! Well, this just 2x!

Now, let’s uh! Let’S do it here, okay exit! What do people do with ufo exit they’re going to go all right cool? We just got another 5x on that. Keep going down, keep going down.

Gaussian changes launch has a good narrative launching on immutable. Let’S write it up all right cool all right next, one all right, so axi did really good. Why did people buy axi? I just made a ton of money on axi. What am i gon na do all right fade in arena.

Has a lot of users and people are saying it’s an x-axis, much lower at market cap jump on that all right, so that that’s what you need to be ready for when you’re micro-cap trading, you need to be watching for this and then doing it. Okay, like when you’ve made a lot of money on something it’s time to say all right. I made a lot of money and so understand, that’s what the traders are doing, and so, if you can read that you can watch them a little bit and then watch their narrative, a lot of people. This point they’re going to say this is axie right here. They’Re going to get tired of axi, because they’re only making like 25 gains, i’m going to say what’s next well, if you can predict what these dudes are going to do again, you do that by watching a niche.

Well, tayden arena was obviously what was next or something else with a similar narrative. The really cool benefit about that as well, and when we get into selling is we can sell. Let’S say we took ten thousand in, we turned to a hundred thousand. Well, we just take the hundred thousand out, keep eighty thousand put twenty thousand into this, and do it again, that’s what i like to do. I don’t like to keep doubling down because eventually you get burned doing that.

So, let’s talk about the most important thing: selling! No one knows how to sell the biggest skill in all of crypto. You can mess up. Everything else is selling it’s knowing when to sell. Most people cannot sell because there is a narrative in crypto, that’s subscribed to you like a church, and it is diamond hoons.

If you want to do in the top 25 cryptos, there is a there is a debate to be had there. I admit that in micro caps, when we’re trying to objectively trade, it is stupid. It is dumb and you have to keep you have to reject this. Above all things and understand the reason why people do this in crypto, it’s the same reason: they they create religions out of everything, politics, actual religion, beliefs about dating anything humans, do not like they create a narrative focused on an idea they do like, and then they Push that narrative, because it makes them feel good regardless if it’s right or wrong diamond handing and that type of crap and the whole altruism, when people get mad about their coins, dumping or people selling coins. That is it being personified.

It’S a human, religious behavior and i’m not saying your religions are false. Calm down, don’t don’t let trigger you, i’m saying that’s what people do in crypto and so reject that with every heart part of your body there is no altruism in holding. It is only stupidy, there is no disloyalty in selling and this is okay to sell early and take profits. We our goal on crypto number, one number one. If you can write this on, the wall is survival, leaving with a lot more money than we came in with that’s it.

If we, if there’s a point in the market, where we have a lot more money than we came out in with it’s completely okay, to sell and miss out on another 200 300 gains, that’s fine survival is always key. Okay, it’s like you! If you were playing again dark souls or you’re playing some video game, it’s really tough in those video games. Your main priority needs to be not getting hit. Dodging attacks, not dying.

A lot of people’s main priority in crypto is getting in attacks. They get hit all the time and then they die. You want to dodge dodge dodge attack back off, attack back off attack back off. That’S how you want to trade micro caps in and out. So let’s look at this coin right here and we can learn a lot of lessons from this.

Okay. First things. First, all right, so this is altura right here. I got this at less than a cent okay and it went to 15 cents. I sold at 5 cents i sold at 13 cents, i sold it 20 cents, i sold it 45 cents.

I exited my entire position around here. Okay, there’s different reasons why i sold at all these points now. The number one reason i sold right here and right here is because i was in a 5x, almost 10x profit at this point, the end, the the little end you have to be okay selling early, because you’re never going to call the absolute top on coins. The only thing you ever accomplish by trying by not selling early is usually losing your money. More often than not, your coins are probably in a 2x after you sell them, they just are.

They just are and that’s completely fine, because again the goal is survival. So at this point right here at uh – let’s say: eight cents: okay, that’s! When i’ve started my first selling okay around then i’m not exactly sure i don’t have the dates pulled up right here. Anyways around this point, i start selling about half of my position. Why?

Because i’m in a 10x all right there’s another one right here goes up to 20 cents. So another half of my position why massive profit? Now when a coin also starts to start pumping, especially when the market’s hot? It’S really going to stop pumping for a while. Okay, so so we don’t want to sell everything all at once, but we want it.

We want to take substantial profit, we’re at a 510 x. We just do okay, so so half again we get up to another point right here we do another 2x from there. I’M going to sell it again. This is just basic good, old-fashioned selling 101

You just keep doing that every every time it pumps some more. You sell some more okay and when the market, when bitcoin takes a big old dump and then the micro caps start pumping.

That’S when you really want to start getting out of micro caps, because that’s when everybody else starts getting really reckless because they’re still drunk and they won’t, they won’t wake up. Here’S what we also have to understand about selling next lesson: what is the market cap and is it overheated, and why is the coin pumping so when you get in the coins, it’s very hard to give you a good rule of thumb on how to do this, But when we look at the market caps of coins, the way people generate market caps for coins is by looking at other coins similar to the coin. When they look at cardano, they go oh ethereum’s at 450 billion dollars. That’S how they just that’s! That’S where the price comes from: it’s not because cardano’s doing anything, i don’t have any problem cardona with technology.

I hate the holders, but that’s the truth. What about avax? What about all the other? What about uh harmony, one? Why is its market cap like in the billions of dollars?

Well because ethereum is at foreign, it’s, they use. Other coins determine market cap. So if we look at gaming cryptos a lot of gaming cryptos market caps is based around these market caps and they compare the projects and what they do, for example, yield guild games. Well. Good games guild sounds similar to that and get games guild pumped to the moon.

Why same reason people use market caps to judge other games, so when people see elluvium at a 665 million dollar market cap and they get the same vibes from ufo, they go. Oh this, this must be a reasonable market cap for it. That’S how people judge market caps you’re not going to be able to do that very well until you really watch one niche. So i bought this right here at this market cap right here and it went all the way up here. There’S plenty of other woohoo stories like this, but i’m just going to use this because this one is such a good lesson.

Teacher so altura right here at this market cap i when i originally bought. I thought you know what 100 million dollar market cap is a good market cap for this thing, that’s reasonable, because what altura can do shot past that you can see we’re at about 100, where where’s the support at 100 million right, where i started selling at where I aimed for, and so when you buy coins. What you want to do is you need to have a very good understanding of what’s a reasonable at market cap and when you should really be exiting and when it’s overheated anything past 100 million on altura. While it’s a great project, everyone’s throwing out 2 billion 3 billion on this thing, why it’s an early project they’re still building stuff? It’S not doing anything yet the only reason it would pass that hundred million dollar market cap is massive fomo.

So why did i start selling super aggressively right here? Well, very easy people were foaming like crazy. You might know the influencer. He was saying this thing is going to three billion dollars and an influencer started pumping the hell out of this coin around this time. Right here he started telling all his followers that bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, massive foam, massive fomo.

Well, you have to understand. Why is a coin pumping? So if a coin is pumping due to adoption, for example, axi right here, uh, let’s go back to when axis started, pumping super duper hard all right. Why did this pump occur because millions of people were using this and demanding the coin? This is a healthy pump.

We want to hold these things. You got to understand, you got to look at. Why is the thing pumping? Is it because it just hit an exchange that has nothing to do with the product? Is it because someone promoted it on a youtube channel?

Nothing to do with the product is it because people are getting excited and screaming about on twitter, nothing to do with the product. We want to sell those pumps if it does have to do with the product millions of people using it adopting it. We want to. We want to hold that okay, so that’s one thing i look at in games if, if a pump is sustained by actual demand and use for the coin, i hold the hell out of that. If a coin is doing this thing, which was a turret again wonderful company, amazing company, this first pump right here happened when it got put on kucoin or something nothing to do with the product.

Then right here the influencers started: pumping it nothing to do with the product. You can see, i’m not reading ta, i’m not looking at some technical analysis or the technology company, i’m reading the people and the behavior of the investors after after people jump on exchanges. After something that’s put on, exchange people usually buy buy, buy, and then it dumps it’s a great time to sell almost always when influencers are promoting something always a great time to sell all right. If you see an influencer pump, something which they’d love to do, especially certain ones, as you can see right here, sell that sell it. That’S what you need to do and so watch for it now and look before someone chimes in on this.

I’M completely aware, when i talk about a bunch of coins in a video and what i try to do when i talk about any coins and videos is talk about 20 coins at a time, so the interest is spread out and i’m aware that interest in these Coins increases because of the video. So that’s why i try to talk about tons of coins and don’t talk about really small projects i’m getting into because, of course, that’s going to be unhealthy for the projects. What you want to look for, though, is some influencers. We know who they are are going to just focus down on one single coin and they’re going to make a video just about that coin. Well, when you do that to 50 000 people that one single coin, they all jump into it.

The coin goes parabolic. This is unsustainable because this level of interest right here is generated by a video, not the actual product. This is a great exit position, so just be aware of that now. Finally, you got to ask yourself: what’s going to cause us to continue so to add one thing to that: influencer pump, you have to look at. What’S the what’s the narrative in the market, gaming crypto is crazy, hot right here: okay, crazy hot right here.

So if the narrative is still super strong, like the narrative right here was just getting going, this is when the narrative was hitting fever pitch. So i’m going to hold through this narrative right here. This initial bump in, like people, are gaming, cryptos heating up if you’re looking at a narrative happening and people are like, you get the vibe, where it’s heating up it’s starting to get going. It’S it’s about to! Take off you want to hold to that when you get a narrative when everybody’s screaming going nuts going insane posting on facebook, like you’re, your uncle and everything’s talked about the matervers.

This is too hot. This is when you want to watch for these blow off tops. So you have to ask: what’s going to keep this continuing with gaming crypto the altura isn’t generating any revenue, it’s not doing anything and the rest of gaming crypto isn’t doing anything right now. I love it. I i work in gaming crypto most the coins are pre-revenue.

Most, don’t do anything, there’s no reason for this to be at a two billion dollar market cap there isn’t, and so you have to ask yourself what’s: why does this need to continue? Why does it need to keep being over hot? If you can’t really think of a good idea, just sell it, why not go put in a lower coin? If you want, if you want to roll the dice, then? Finally, what you have to also ask yourself as well, is: what’s the two to three x potential from here.

I sell coins when i think okay, maybe there’s a two to three x left in the tank two to three x – is not worth the risk. You want to start dollar cost averaging out at that point aggressively. Why? Because you can take the money and put into a smaller coin, what you need to understand is check this out all right. Let’S go look at like um cdfi all right!

So this coin, right here when i’m going and reinvesting the money and i’m thinking about the two of the three x you can see like what i look at is the bottoms of coins when i’m reinvesting. So if i look at c to fire right here, like this thing’s, not really going to go any lower, this is when the market was just in the absolute terror horrible place. The odds of this going much lower are pretty low because it’s already at like a five million dollar market cap, the only way it’s gon na go lowers. If, like the initial investors who have signed up to hold it sell all their stuff, they don’t usually do that. They just don’t like the team and the people who originally invested.

They don’t usually do it. They just diamond on that. That’S fine, like there’s a lot of coins that i’ve gone, that are just absolute dumpsters, there’s no point in selling them at this point, there’s a much greater chance. They do a 5x from here than there is they do a negative 50 percent so i’ll take the money from stuff like this and then put it back and stuff that i see it’s bottom out, because it’s a lot safer to have your money in something. That’S bottom out than something that’s skyrocketing: you have to understand that your odds of making a 5 to 10 x right here are infinitely higher than holding it right here.

So when people are most excited right here, get the hell out and reinvest in something doing this. Okay, this seems like investment 101, but you have to think about this way. A lot of people are afraid to invest right here, it’s not going any lower. It’S proven this is as low as it’s probably going to go. There’S no data to support this right here.

Okay, so if i’m right here and i’m saying all right, could this do a two to three x from here? Well to right here would be like no, it did a 12 to 15 dollars, not worth it every every clown who doesn’t understand how to make money. Would be like, oh you got up too early. That’S fine dude! I’M i’m waiting for this thing to happen again.

Okay, so understand be okay selling like right here getting back in right here. So what we’re really trying to do with this is we’re trying to get in a little late. So right around this big pump right here, get out a little early, just keep resetting back and forth. We do that bunch of times we get in that we get into a few trends like this five times a year. If you invested a hundred thousand dollars, you’re walking away with several million dollars.

That’s fine! It’s okay! It’s more money than people in the top 25 made sure you exited a few things early, but that’s okay. So that being said, that’s how i trade micro caps. I would still encourage you to watch the channel look at the coins I’m picking out looking into, and i wouldn’t look at them and say: oh I’m going to buy those right now.

What i would do is i’d look at how i’m looking at the coins and try and use the things i just talked about in this video to find similar coins, because that’s where you’re going to make the money at all the money in crypto comes the second. You stop looking to people for other opinions, you start being able to develop your own because then you’re the first people person having those opinions. So that’s all guys if you want to see coins, i’m getting into early coin tips. General rants about things. Follow me at css becker, if you like, this video leave a like and a comment and um.

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