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Today, for the bitcoin price – and you are probably asking yourself what the heck is happening to bitcoin right now and what the heck is going to happen next to bitcoin. Well, if you are asking yourself this, this episode is, for you make sure you’re watching it at the very end. You are smashing up the like button and you are paying very close attention to what i want to show you every member three weeks ago, almost four weeks ago, i talked about this year, bitcoin and crypto manipulation. I actually talked about this three peaks and domed house pattern and well i was talking about that. Actually, we were back then between phase 26 and 27 and then there’s one last.

According to this pattern, one last dump left for bitcoin actually before we can reverse towards the upside for good. Now, of course, i didn’t say i am predicting the price to go down. I predict 100 that we are going down. What i was telling you is hey guys. This is a very realistic scenario.

No one is looking at it. People are laughing at me, spitting at me for pulling it out, but it’s a possible scenario and if we are going below a very important threshold, i want you to be prepared that this is probably coming into fruition. Before i’m going to continue now – and i show you my next prize prediction for bitcoin – i wanted to show you this little clip here actually uh, where i was talking about here almost four weeks ago about this big con manipulation. Pattern. Look at this little clip here here, because what you can see right now after completing the domed house bitcoin is with well.

This is interesting. This is something to talk about, because what you can see right now after completing the domed house, bitcoin is within stage just according to that pattern. 26 to 27. That means 28 is still due. That means, according to that pattern, we still need one last dumb before bitcoin can go into a big pump and, as you can see, this is actually exactly what happened.

We had this bounce 26 to 27 and now in 20 phase 28. We are eventually breaking lower to lower price targets, and the question is: where is the end coming? Well, if i’m pulling out the ema ribbon, actually, then you might say well, this is the end. What we need for this door is, we need a weekly close somewhere here, remotely close to the bottom of the ribbon. What we do not want to see you can see we close below, but we immediately jump back in right.

What we do not want to see is the bitcoin price staying below the ema ribbon. If, on the weekly, the price days below the ema ribbon, this usually coincides with the beginning of a more severe bear market. You can see it right here, you can see it in multiple occasions the ema ribbon must hold and if we are actually closing below staying below, this is when this scenario comes into fruition. This is when i am actually looking out for another triple bottom, a triple re-test of our 30 thousands areas. I’M once again, i’m not saying this is where we are going right.

Now, i’m telling you if we close below the ema ribbon. This is what we can expect. In fact, if i am zooming out here just a little bit, let me take out the emi ribbon if i’m zooming out here you can see. This is what already happened, one time before, actually in the in the bull market of 2017, and then the bear market of 2018, where we had in the run-up here, consolidation right, then we broke down created. The bear market law had another rally, then in the black uh black black black thursday, or something uh dumb.

We went down here and had another triple re-test here before we were actually bouncing out towards the upside for good and well. Something similar on this on a seems, like smaller scale, is right now unfolding here. So the question is: is this maybe not the end yet is maybe this the end somewhere remotely close to the areas of twenty nine thousand twenty eight thousand eight hundred to thirty? Five thousand us dollars as the potential bottom for bitcoin here, as we were already before, forming significant significant volume bottoms here and you can see, there’s a lot of volume coming in and right now, bitcoin is somewhere where we don’t have so much volume traded. Actually, all of these things things i was mentioning before so now.

Definitely this is a moment where i’m standing still. This is a moment where i’m not trading bitcoin right now and obviously guys. Let me quickly go back here before i continue. Let me uh switch the camera here. I was talking about this scenario before and i’m talking about it right now where people were laughing and spitting, maybe just three four weeks ago.

They are not doing that anymore. This is why you are a proud member of the mm crypto family. You are pressing subscribe. You are pressing the bell pressing on all liking the video sharing the video whatever you do. It really helps me to push this content out into the world, because my mission is to reach everyone in the world with this content.

So thank you so much for supporting me on that mission. Also, i wanted to talk about something actually over on twitter. I can’t pull it up right now me and mo we just announced mo and me the other way around. We just announced a new listing for vpat over on bybet and people are going crazy. It’S the eighth exchange we are listed since the month, and this will be the exchange number eight to list us.

This is crazy guys. This project is breaking all records and people are staking like crazy right now, obviously, because of the staking rewards because of uh free ideola locations, nft drops for free everything for free for v-pet holders and v-pad stakers. This is truly the deal. This is why the price is bouncing right now, even though the the times are crazy, anyways guys. Let me know what you think about this three peaks and domed house pattern.

I know people were previously laughing at us for for even talking about this. Well now you can see, i have to say, unfortunately, this pattern coming into fruition. Well, we still didn’t hit the price target of it, yet the price target would be among among the 30 000 u.s dollar levels. The last hope is basically here the ema ribbon on the weekly canvas.

Let me know what you think about that guys. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for smashing up the life. I’M doing you all time. I and i wanted to show you something nice actually, i’m here in the old town of my uh of my city.

I can’t really see it, but it’s like very, very traditional, and i see i love it. Anyways guys, thank you so much and as always guys as always bye, bye,

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