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Hey yo, what’s going on with the viewers of the tube Tyler here of Chico crypto coming to you guys, not live not in my studio but out in nature, aka, just my backyard once again, how’s everybody’s yeah Wednesday! Is it um bitcoins Wednesday is doing pretty dang good um, as everyone can tell bitcoin, is finally pumping bouncing off of just below 40k a few days ago, and now we jumped over 44k for a second but uh. The last time i checked we were sitting at about 43, five could be a little lower, could be a lower little higher when this video comes out, but I’m sure you guys could tell from the title of my video. It wasn’t necessarily good. It was you know, kind of almost bearish, you know um.

I said this bitcoin pump is a trap. This is the final setup. So what am i talking about? Well, um. Everyone should know the reason for the pump.

The pump happened because of the cpi data. That came out consumer price index inflation data. Basically so inflation data came in line with expectations. A lot of the talk top economists across the united states predicted that inflation data would be around seven percent and it came out today and inflation data year over year. From december last year to december this year we have increased by seven percent.

So if you had a hundred bucks December of last year, that’s really only worth 93 dollars now because yeah, seven percent inflation, you guys. So it’s not good. Actually um. We got to talk about. You know that number, so it’s one of the highest numbers since 1982.

Um last month we set 6.8 and that was the highest since 1982.. We just keep climbing and climbing, and whenever inflation has got to this level, you guys um just check back in the charts of inflation. We go into recession um.

The government has to step in and they have to start raising rates. So again you guys it’s not necessarily good, and if you check out, you know some of the traditional markets. Initially they had a pump. You know because inflation data came in line, but if you check out the dow, it’s been actually dropping since that initial pump um, because i think the reality is going to kind of set in you guys um. The government is going to have to raise rates and if they want to stop inflation, there’s no.

If ands ors about that um, i don’t know if they can stop it. I mean jerome powell, he talked yesterday and he said you know, i’m me and the federal reserve we’re going to get inflation under control and one of the only ways you know is to stop printing money, stop their bond purchasing programs and all that they’ve been printing Printing printing and it’s got to stop if they want to get inflation under control, the us population, you know most people, they deal in fiat. It’S going to get nasty for people, i mean food, energy, rent, shelter. Everything is increasing and increasing fast. If they want to, you know, allow americans to survive, they have to start raising rates.

So again you guys that’s one of the reasons. I think this may be a fake little pump out um, not only in bitcoin but also in the traditional markets, just check out the dow jones. You know um we’re gon na have to see as the next days go on what happens with the market um, but regarding bitcoin you know and a fake pump. You know we got to talk about leverage, so even you know with bitcoin getting down to 40k um down below 40k and the pump up to 43k. We have only seen you know: 80 million dollars in short liquidations the day before that, probably like 60 million.

In short liquidations, it’s not much not too many. There are a few people, but there aren’t many people who are shorting bitcoin right now and the only place these big exchanges, the whales can make their money is um. In long liquidations i mean, if you go back to bybt and you check out, you know the liquidation data you can see. The only days where they get 500 million in liquidations up to a billion in liquidations is with longs, there’s no shorts um. So again you guys, i do think we are necessarily not going to drop like this.

Isn’T a bearish bearish video where we’re going down down down? I actually do think we might go a little bit up and a little bit up towards like 45 to 48k before they do pull another um big liquidation, especially uh. If dow hangs where it is, we could see that because that’s where the money is being made by these large leverage exchanges, you guys um so be careful. You know with your trading right now be careful. You know, looking at necessarily all these different alt coins um.

What was worrying me about some of these altcoin pumps when bitcoin was getting brutalized brutally brutalized was um exit liquidity. I mean there are a lot of big bag holders in these altcoin projects, the whales that need exit liquidity and one of the best ways to do that is to create a fake pump. So they get people to buy and then they’re able to sell out their large bags at higher prices, so be careful of x liquidity be careful with a lot of big influencers out in the space them promoting. You know saying we’re gon na go bullish again, you guys it’s kind of scary. What’S going on in the markets right now, i’m not gon na lie, i’m a little worried.

Of course i mean i’ve lost a shot ton of money, a shot ton of money and um it sucks and you just got ta – be able to have conviction in what you’re holding and hold it for the long long term um. I know i’ve talked a lot about the last two raw in the markets. You guys and it’s hard for me to say i mean it could have been that last two rock could have been 64k and we are, you know, going to go into a crypto winter. A lot of people were talking about the crypto winter. I do i mean deep down for some reason.

I still think we have one more push-up. I mean there’s too much money to be made in these markets, but again it a lot of it has to do with the traditional markets. You guys, i mean bitcoin follows the dow. They follow stocks. I mean tech stocks go down and not necessarily all stocks.

It follows: you know: speculative more speculative stocks, like tech stocks, they go down, bitcoin crypto gets crushed. You guys, um, with a with an environment of raised rates. Of course, you know all speculative assets are going to go. Uh, oh down down down um and bitcoin. Isn’T necessarily immune to that i mean bitcoin’s supposed to you, know, fight inflation and all this stuff, but with bad inflation data bitcoin, you know, has been going down in the past um, but there is necessarily not i mean bad things going on in the markets.

Um there are a few altcoin opportunities that i’ve been eyeing um. I was gon na put out the video today um. I was gon na put out the altcoin video tomorrow, but i think it’s coming on friday now um three altcoins. I see big opportunity in um. One is altcoin, that’s out, but not out, it’s not trading on exchanges, but you can get it otc and it is coming on some bigger exchanges here soon and a few of the other ones just have really big releases.

But regarding big releases, you guys um warp warp finance um. I thought warp v2 was going to come out a little bit earlier, but it looks like it’s just around the corner. Now you guys um warp, i think’s down below 200 bucks, it’s ranked like 1 300

They’Re allowing leverage positions through element, finances and big apys, you guys. So when warp v2 comes out, it’s going to be interesting. You know to see the adoption that comes from their protocol and the type of return you can get from leveraging your element positions so that one’s on my radar and one final thing i want to talk about in the altcoin space is a looks and the looks Airdrop so of course claim it you guys, but i’d be a little careful.

I mean there are a bunch of twitter influencers that got some private round allocations. Some probably dang cheap tokens, they’re sitting on a big multiplier right now, so i would definitely be careful of that. You know don’t necessarily dive. All into looks. I mean if they do take a good piece of the market share from openc i mean nfps are going to be a multi-billion billion, maybe trillion dollar industry they take.

You know. Five percent market share maybe looks, is a good buy right now, but of course be careful of the influencers that have got in for super cheap um, zac zack xbt on twitter, great guy um. Regarding you know, investigations he’s been putting out um some content on looks so just be careful. You guys um, that’s it for me today, um again, i’m gon na do another candid video for you guys tomorrow, uh top altcoin video on friday so tune in. For that – and i hope you guys like this type of content, if not, let me know in the comments see you guys,

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