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These are the best metaverse investments that you can make in the cryptocurrency space in 2022. Early buyers into these niches within the metaverse space are probably going to make truck loads of money. My name is lark every day i make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if that is a topic that you enjoy, you appreciate learning about. Maybe you just take a quick second and tap on that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm.

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Now, let’s go ahead and get into this topic. So these guys over here at fool.com, are saying why facebook is a must own metaverse stock in 2022.

The metaverse is going to be massive. It’S going to be one of the bigger investment opportunities in this decade, as we start to see this roll out.

It’S not going to happen overnight. The metaverse is a big topic, a big idea. It’S going to require lots of development hours lots of money to come into it. Not everything is going to succeed. Obviously it is a risky space to invest in because it is so new.

That’S why people will invest in facebook stocks because they say: hey it’s facebook. It’S got the history, it’s a safer investment and yeah. Look if you want a safe investment, that’s probably not going to give you a very high return. Go buy some facebook stocks man. However, if you would like to find the big returns and not support a centralized nightmare network like facebook, then perhaps you want to look a bit further afield for some more interesting opportunities in the metaverse space and, of course, we’re talking about crypto.

When we talk about those further afield, more interesting opportunities stocks, man stocks now, first, i would like to talk about metaverse land. So we already have a few big crypto metaverses. We have decentraland and we have sandbox, which are both pretty big uh metaversus sandbox recently released. You know uh to the public. Decentraland has been out there in the wild for a bit longer, but what we have been seeing are some record big land sales happening in the metaverse space.

So here we go 2.4 million, freaking dollar land sale in decentraland. That’S insane! People are buying virtual real estate for millions of dollars, millions of dollars it’s absolute insanity now, what’s even crazier is not the person who bought it for 2.4 million dollars, but the early land investors who bought land in these metaverses for pennies on the dollar essentially and Have made 50 100 x, 500x returns the guys who were buying properties back in 2019, for example, or or whenever 2020 before the whole nft metaverse gaming thing really took off.

These guys have made truck loads of money simply by believing early in some of these metaverse platforms. Now is there still money to be made by investing in the big boys by buying land in decentraland or in sandbox or an axiafinity of course? Of course, there’s still money to be made there, but it’s harder to make the gains there. I would say, because now you have a lot more people paying attention to these big networks that have made it right. They’Re, safer investments.

Now, because the networks are big, the the metaverses are real, etc, etc, and people are really taking notice. We have this here somebody spending 450 000 to have a a bit of digital land next to snoop dogg, because that’s cool snoop dogg’s, a neighbor man only for a half million dollars cool, but what i would be watching as an investor looking for opportunities in this Market, instead of chasing what everybody else is already chasing the crowded trade, if you will look for the next things to come up, elluvium would be one place that i would be keeping an eye on. This is a very interesting game. Uh coming to ethereum. That is got a lot of people excited, the graphics are cool, the gameplay looks cool and of course, we will have land coming soon to elluvium.

So if you are an early land buyer, you stand a interesting opportunity to take advantage if this game actually becomes really big. You can be an early buyer in this and there’s look. There’S lots of other games out there too. It’S not just elluvium. My neighbor alice is another interesting one.

Now i’ve been a fan of my neighbor alice for a while. I’Ve talked about it quite a few times here on the channel. They have been doing land sales already and they will do more land sales. Their game is coming up in the not so distant future again if this game takes off basically uh animal farm but uh animal crossing, but um on the blockchain right, this kind of style of game. If my neighbor alice manages to bring in users as the other platforms have, then the land in this game has the potential to be worth a truckload of money in the long run, another one to watch out for would be wilder world.

This is a beautiful, beautiful. Looking metaverse and they have been doing some um cribs sales already, so they haven’t actually started selling their landing. You can see that’s still incoming soon, but they have started selling cribs. Now what are the cribs? These are literally apartments uh in the blockchain world.

You can see here you can buy different units apartment units. You can actually buy this apartment unit, so this is digital, real estate. You can see this one here, it’s not even not going for that much. It’S only uh 1700 bucks right. So the the idea is, if you get into some of these ones early on again, you buy it now for 1700 bucks.

You sell it later for much more. Is the idea of course. Obviously again it really requires any of these games to catch on users. You can buy lots of digital land and a game that does nothing and lose all your money. So please keep that in mind.

Now, let’s talk about tokens so that was investment thesis number one buy land in the metaverse, because it’s on the blockchain you uniquely own it it’s pretty cool idea, second place to look for metaverse investments, the tokens of those metaverse worlds, sandbox’s sand token and decentral mana Token both have done super well for investors. There’S a lot of other tokens out there, though, that are not multi-billion market doll deal market multi-billion dollar market cap coins that have a lot of potential wilder world is one. We’Ve talked about here quite a few times on the channel. We still started talking around around 20 cents, it’s up 10x. Now it got up to like five bucks or something recently, i’m still waiting for a billion dollar market cap before taking profits on this one, though, the tokens for these metaverse coins do have a history of performing quite well.

So if wilder world can continue to deliver on their vision, continue to attract in users for their in-game stuff and as as the world comes, live right, they’re just doing nft sales and stuff. Up to this point, we don’t have the fully interactive world available. Yet right. We still don’t have land sales, for example, but when you start having land sales people start coming in using building. That’S when you’re really going to see the token price take off for something like wilder world still early at a 200 million dollar market cap or whatever the time the price it might be by the time you see this video another very interesting one to keep an Eye on would be high street now high street is another beautiful, looking metaverse, backed by some big names, working with some big brands.

You can see, of course, here just some some of the stuff of kind of you get a feel of what the high street metaverse would actually look like this one’s super early. It’S still well under a hundred million dollar market cap, which is a pretty sweet zone in terms of opportunity for getting in early on a coin and again, look everything that i’m talking about here today, we’re just highlighting briefly. You have to go out and do your own research, and actually, you know, figure out what these coins are and what the value propositions of any of this different stuff is before actually going out and putting your hard earned money into it. Obviously, obviously, i’m just highlighting the potential of some of the different assets in the metaverse space here now, if you want to explore beyond ethereum, you might want to look at solana. Solana has been getting a lot of attention, one that i would point out, for you is solace now these guys cross platform, vr metaverse on the solana blockchain.

It’S still super early days for the solana, blockchain gaming and metaverse space, so land sales or just buying the tokens just buying the tokens. One thing you do here is again a nice time to get in because we are so early for solana, metaverse, stuff and we’re still away from metaverse in general, but particularly on these non-ethereum blockchains. It’S really really early for some of these uh new players. These guys just came to the market like last week, so you know it will be getting in quite early and the third area of investment opportunity within the metaverse space infrastructure. So we talked about land.

We talked about tokens now. Let’S actually talk about some of the projects that will bring all this stuff together. Right actually make the moving of nfts across platforms. Easy actually make the creation of nfts and stuff like that easy. Well, effinity is one of them.

This is launched by the team over at engine, which is one of the og players. When it comes to the uh crypto gaming space. This is their polka dot play. So this is basically a cross chain super highway as they call it so massive massive scalability for in game and in metaverse nfts. This is an infrastructure piece.

This helps the nfts move from one place to the other from one wallet to another. So this is one to keep an eye on and another one to keep an eye on. This is a new one, breeder dow. They don’t actually have a tradable token, yet that will be coming so keep an eye out for go, follow them on twitter. If you want to stay up to date about when they are going to release their token into the market, but breeder dao, as they say, breeding life into the metaverse one uh nft at a time.

So they are an nft asset factory of block chain games. As they say, we provide high volume asset production tailored to specification for some of the largest guilds in the metaverse, so they can supercharge their play to earn economies. So they are an infrastructure play filling the gap between the games and the players by helping to bring these assets to them. So very interesting one, as i said something to keep your eye on anyway. Those are just my two satoshi’s for the day.

I think the metaverse space is going to be massive. I think the early investments in the metaverse space, while risky are also going to have the potential to have incredible returns for investors in the long run. Your question for today are you investing into the metaverse. Are you buying my reverse coins? Are you buying metaverse land?

That’S something very interesting. Let me know down below if that is something that you are doing thanks so much for watching today’s video and peace out till next time. You

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