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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

This Guy Bought $2,500,000,000 in Bitcoin!

Michael Saylor said he bought $ 2.5 billion in bitcoins through his company MicroStrategy and other entities. Let’s take a look at an interview from CNBC where he talks about his bitcoin strategy.

Bitcoin is currently at its highest price, at $ 23,000. This interview is a week old and bitcoin is already selling for $ 33,000. Our next guest is set on fire in Bitcoin, his company MicroStrategy bought $ 1 billion in 2020.

Their stock is just rising, as is Bitcoin. It has increased by 130% in the last three months. He even tries to persuade Elon Musk to convert Tesla’s balance sheet from dollars to bitcoins. Yeah, I saw this post on Twitter.

Elon Musk even replied, “Are such large transactions possible at all?” If he just thinks about it, that’s good news. This would do investors a great favor. Let’s talk to MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.

Welcome! I’m glad I can be here. Well, you talked to Elon Musk about Bitcoin and said you bought $ 1.3 billion of Bitcoin in the last few months. This interview says he bought $ 1.3 billion, but this article says $ 2.5 billion.

Did he really buy $ 1 billion this week? Do you think you brought him to the idea? I can’t talk about the conversation with Elon, but what can I say, Because Apple, Google have the same problem “sitting” on a large pile of money, each year losing 15% -20% in cash. He must take advantage of this. The best option is to convert their cash into Bitcoins, as BTC grows more than 100% per year and loses cash by 15%.

His main argument is that cash loses value. This is certainly right because states print money and inflation is created. I don’t know if it’s 15% less every year, I think he exaggerated a bit, but otherwise, he’s right. Its main point is that most companies sit on cash, but if they transferred 1% to Bitcoins, for example, it would cause a massacre in further demand for Bitcoin.

Companies have cash because it is stable, even if you are right that cash is losing value. Bitcoin is but very unstable. Yes, Bitcoin used to be unstable, but I think it’s getting more and more stable in recent months. Bitcoin is one of the first safe-heaven assets created and runs on the first digital monetary network.

Every institutional investor is looking for a safe-heaven. They cease to have faith in gold and national debt. Bitcoin, therefore, appeared at the right time for society. I agree that Bitcoin is no longer as unstable as it used to be because companies have started investing in it. They invest in it for a long time.

They didn’t buy it so they could sell it again tomorrow. This makes it more stable, but that doesn’t mean there will be no correction. We will definitely have a correction. Bitcoin is but definitely more stable.

Hi Michael, you thought Bitcoin was getting more stable, but is there still the problem of credibility? If so, how to get through it. If you asked me about Bitcoin in February, I’d say, “Bit What?” All this, but changed in March, when these big players started investing in Bitcoin.

This is an avalanche of billion-dollar entities coming to Bitcoin, and they are not here as speculators, but as long-term investors who want the world’s best investment reserve. So since Bitcoin started buying companies, its stability has changed.

I agree, this is the biggest change. The company buying Bitcoin, it is now completely different than it was 3 years ago. That’s why so many people trust Bitcoin. Many things also play Bitcoin into cards.

Currency printing, the rise of inflation, zero interest rates, companies buy Bitcoin and also the adoption of Bitcoin, for example at Paypal or Square. You can buy Bitcoin on Paypal in America in Europe it will definitely go away in time as well. A lot of money goes to Bitcoin, that’s why it’s growing.

I’d like to go back to your idea of Bitcoin stability because it’s not a long time since Bitcoin was for $ 20,000 and then for $ 3,000. You can see how the moderator doesn’t believe that.

So you believe that you can store your money there and their value will remain because that a lot of money is currently flowing into Bitcoin, so there will be no such drastic correction.

Am I correct? They are absolutely different investors than before. They are big companies. There is no leverage effect. They have other investment methods. They will buy Bitcoin and will keep it for a long time.

“Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company” buys Bitcoin why? Because they want an asset that will be very stable in the long run. Bitcoin is very similar to gold. It has all the benefits of gold, but you can’t get more out of it, which is another benefit. It is very suitable for people who want to keep the money for a long time. There is currently nothing better here. How much money if you don’t mind.

My mom always told me not to ask people how much they earn, but how much money did you make on Bitcoin this year when it’s just growing? More than $ 500 million. That’s more than I earn. “Michael has already made much more than $ 500 million.”

Are you afraid that MicroStrategy will become such a Bitcoin play than what it was about? Are you going to risk losing your company’s identity when you buy Bitcoin? When companies started using the Internet, they were not immediately Internet companies either.

I’m not afraid of acting like a Bitcoin company. I think the best option To strengthen shareholder value is to join the world’s best first financial network and that is Bitcoin. Square, PayPal and we did it.

If Bitcoin will grow by 100% every year and there is no reason to think it will not. If banks keep printing money and as long as Bitcoin’s momentum continues, Apple will have no choice but to And any company with a large cash position will have to transfer reserves to Bitcoin if they want to remain solvent and relevant.

We see ourselves as the first pioneers in this space. It seems very rational to me and other people will follow us. This year will be really interesting for Bitcoin. Imagine that happening. That Tesla or Apple will transfer some cash to Bitcoins. If Apple, Tesla or any large company does this, it will be the beginning of a mega-storm around Bitcoin.

Imagine that it will happen and it can really happen because a lot of companies have already done this. Today, the price of Bitcoin is $ 34,000.

I made a video here about Bitcoin on November 17, 2020, that it doesn’t make sense not to own at least a little! Because there is extreme potential! Yes, there is a big risk, but the potential is really extreme and you won’t find one elsewhere and it doesn’t make sense not to have at least a little bit.

Deliberately, who bought Bitcoin after my video? If you bought it that day, you made an 80% return in that month. I’m not saying go all in because of course there is a big risk in Bitcoin (governments, etc.), but not having something there doesn’t make sense, given the potential and the direction in which it is going.

If you want to buy Bitcoin, I made an affiliate link on Binance, this is the stock exchange where I buy Bitcoin myself. They are probably the largest stock exchange. And if you use my link in the video caption, you will have a 5% discount on trading fees.

So thanks to this line you have a discount. Remember, I’m not a financial advisor, this is not a financial board. I’m just showing you how I see it and always don’t forget to do more research and decide for yourself.

Anything can happen here with Bitcoin. But I trust him a lot, I even made a public price prediction for November 2021. My estimate is $ 100,000 But when I look at how fast it’s moving today, it can easily be much more.

Deliberately, write in the comments how much do you think YOU will cost 1 Bitcoin in November 2021? Thank you very much for watching, be careful some correction will come one hundred percent, just do not know when.

On the other hand, here is the second risk that you will not have a bit and Bitcoin will fly to the moon. Thanks for watching and see you next time!.


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