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With bitcoin right now struggling to surpass this near three-month long dump-a-thon wall, many analysts are eyeing this fresh week of january as the end of the bull gaping and the beginning of the splitting of the bear’s cheeks. But the big question is how many more baby bowls must be split, wide open before the liquidations begin. I’M your host bobby bighams and if you hate seeing the bulls, get absolutely milked bone dry. Then you’re not going to want to see what your sister is doing tonight. Absolutely time-sensitive alerts as well make sure to drop your comment below it is for subscribers.

Do the btc ledger competition very big uh, never send anyone! Your crypto! I have one twitter and one instagram and they are both linked below every other single one is a fake scam bot looking to diddle you dirty as well. If you’re interested in bonuses uh securing your crypto, getting all coins trading make sure to check out the links below and without any further spladoosh. Let’S make a mess very big after an extremely exciting weekend of price action, where bitcoin went all the way down to 42 000, then all the way back up to 43 000, absolutely insane very exciting stuff.

Bitcoin is now yet again back at 42, 000 uh, absolutely jaw-dropping stuff. Before we actually continue here, we actually see cardano, finally making a little bit of move to the upside up about uh. Actually, if we go back uh, if we go back even about a week, cardano’s up uh nearly 50, absolutely very exciting – i mean it’s been absolutely getting trounced in and slapped and spit on. You know it’s down 65 percent uh – or it was now it’s down about. Only 50 from all-time highs, so not too bad, but uh yeah, it’s important because we have actually broke now.

The 21 and 50-day moving averages, which ethereum has not done and bitcoin has not done either: okay, very, very critical, stuff there, um and as well. It is a holiday here, or at least the wall street is not open today, because of that, so we’re not seeing traditional. You know, monday trading, but bitcoin absolutely is giving us a ton of excitement, uh goodness here. What is this wow? A one percent candle very, very big stuff here before we continue, though this is very big, so bitcoin stays in a tight range, as the analyst sees potential interesting week for bitcoin uh.


As i’ve been saying, i personally think that actually, towards the very very beginning of february, is when things are finally going to start showing some liveliness. So that being said, you just have to sit tight and clench your cheeks because we’re not there just yet. You know it may be all quiet on january 17th in the absence of wall street, but bitcoin markets might not stay that way for long here. So uh one thing pointing to that is the highly increased leverage ratio of bitcoin uh remains at an all-time high and is showing concerns that massive volatility increase will follow up technically, you know one of this ways that this could happen is if bitcoin does break 40. 000 concretely – and this will trigger a big chunk of stop losses and uh, move that leverage a little bit.

Okay, and here you see the estimated leverage ratio on all exchanges and look at that very very high. This is the price and the estimated leverage ratio in purple here, and that is uh extremely high, as you can see. So that is one thing that i think. Well, let’s be honest, i think that’s what the entire market is kind of waiting on some kind of massive cascade uh, some sort of massive event liquidations to absolutely send us one way or the other. If we get pushed down below 42 and then down to 40 and then actually get pushed, you know in a quick move below 40, absolutely that will trigger a lot of liquidations there and definitely bring a lot of volatility back, which is absolutely must needed.

I mean, even if we look on this chart guys the volume has been abysmal for the past couple of months. It’S been so low. You just compared this volume to any time. In the past, it’s very very low. In the quiet.

It’S often the quietest before the squealing starts and just like my hockey coach always used to say squeal all you want. Nobody can hear you you’re mine, now absolutely insane here so yeah other than that, let’s be honest, uh! Nothing is happening so because your channel make your like script. Do you miss these absolutely time-sensitive alerts make sure to collect uh secure your crypto get any alt coins trading. Anything like that make sure you get below uh make sure to leave your comment as well.

Um and hopefully this week really kicks up tomorrow, wall street will be back and stronger than ever, maybe and uh yeah. Hopefully that can kick-start some sort of activity in bitcoin land. You

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