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As bitcoin explodes sideways and to the right to start off the new year of 2022, will this new year give us moon boys the cream to fulfill our dreams, or will we be left shafted, blasted and fingered like a turkey on thanksgiving day, i’m your host podrick Pickles and with every moon, boys, hopes and dreams now on the line will bitcoin be able to blast us all straight to gainer town or are we in store for a year of pain? It means absolutely time sensitive alerts as well guys we have uh one instagram and one twitter. The rest are fake, scammers, so never respond to them. If you’re interested in any bonuses or deals make sure to check out everything below and as well. I will be gobbling up some delicious eggs as bitcoin failed to hit a hundred thousand dollars absolutely devastating, so without any for the review.

Let’S dump on it thanks so before we jump into the bitcoin price today, billionaires are embracing. Crypto 2021 was a roller coaster. Ride a lot of highs, a lot of lows, a lot of ups, lots of downs, a lot of pumps, a lot of pumps and a lot of dumps. But one thing that did happen was that the big boys really took interest now did all of them get in no, but did an insane amount get in absolutely way more way more than i was expecting and i think 99 pretty much everyone. I don’t think anyone expected all of these people so, for example, thomas peter fee took out a full-page ad just four years ago.

Actually, i guess, five years ago now, because of 2022 warning of the dangers that bitcoin futures posed to capital markets, and now this billionaire is well-versed, he’s well versed in crypto, saying you know, two to three percent of one’s personal wealth in crypto is important, just in Case currency goes to heck, and this is not a new story. This is we’ve seen the switcheroo over and over and over again people saying they hate bitcoin, two magically now they’re, you know providing custody solutions or just saying that they’re, you know very much invested in crypto and uh bitcoin and ethereum specifically quoted here saying. I think you can go to zero, but it can also go to a million dollars per bitcoin. Uh i have no idea is what he said and really that’s that’s exactly the case. You know a billionaire me you, it doesn’t matter, nobody has any idea, but that’s the exciting part it could go to zero sure.

It could also go to a very big, extremely big, even amount of money, ray dalio, who is also not you know, that’s bullish on bitcoin a few years ago now i mean he came out recently just saying cash is trash basically like anything, but cash is a Better investment, so we see the tables turned, and this year one thing you know whatever the price does. One thing i fully anticipate is that more and more big boys are gon na be getting into crypto getting interested. The ball has already started rolling. The snowball metaphorically has already started rolling and once the juice is loose, you can’t put it back in the caboose, absolutely very big and as well guys just really important before we continue with anything. I see a lot of people saying that they aren’t going to be paying taxes or this and that uh guys i mean i don’t like paying taxes, but i still do it and i think it’s very very unwise to not do that.

One because it’s illegal and that’s pretty much the only reason so yeah. I don’t know why people are like there’s multiple threads about people who aren’t gon na pay taxes. I guess or something i don’t know big so with bitcoin guys. I mean technically still we’re at the bottom or the top of this descending running wedge, which again this could still. We haven’t invalidated this just yet uh.

Let’S be honest, though, we’re below the 250 and 21 dmas and the 50 and 21 weekly, although we’re kind of right below the 50 week moving average, so bitcoin is still in la la land. Uh we again two straight months of getting dumped on. Rsi has all but bottomed out. In my opinion, i think we’re ready for a next big leg up, but, as we see many many times before, we get those legs up. Sometimes there is prolonged amounts of time just doing nothing.

Okay, literally every time actually uh before we have those big moves to the upside. The market has to not only stop dumping, but it has to have a prolonged period of just boringness. Unfortunately, unfortunately, it happens like every time right. You take a look at all these massive dips. Okay, we were done dumping here, but we didn’t just go straight up.

We still need you know, weeks and weeks of just boringness before we could go up so again, that’s exactly where i think we are. I think we are prepared for next move up. I think that there is a lot of capital going to be flowing into cryptocurrency and a lot of new interest in this first quarter, but that doesn’t mean by tomorrow we’re all going to be rich right. That’S not what that means, so you still need to be patient, but um we’re getting there we’re getting there and um before the big pumps. You need to get absolutely dumped on.

So it’s just very important to look at that um alt’s kind of again just consolidating here. We just want to see bitcoin break above now, the 21 and 200 day moving average, which are both right around 48, 000. So absolutely very big. So it’s about time to eat some eggs. Unfortunately, due to health reasons, i cannot eat raw eggs because i’ll probably get sick and in fact i already have a little bit of a regular cold anyway, i’m not sure if it’s anything actually bad, but sometimes you just got ta gobble some eggs, [ Music ].

Not bad [, Music, ], so [, Music ] – this might be my least favorite video i’ve ever done. [ Music ], not bad [, Music ]. I wonder if anyone like is even watching at this point: [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], going in [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], [, Music, ]; ah so [, Music, ], so [, Music ], if you’re mad, that i’m not Eating raw eggs i gave away like i think, right about a hundred thousand dollars worth of free crypto to people that i’ve i’ve never met online and people that’ll never meet so relax, mm-hmm, [, Music, ], um, [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], so [, Music, ], so if these were raw, i would have thrown up like immediately, so i couldn’t have done that anyway, [ Music ], all right! That’S it! For me!

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