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The Four Best Instant Litecoin Faucets In 2022

in today’s video, we are going to collect litecoins instantly. so guys let’s start by grabbing our litecoin deposit address in faucet pay micro wallet here it is. Click on your faucet pay micro wallet’s litecoin deposit address so it will be copied to your clipboard then let’s go to our four websites.

The first website is this one claim-free-coins you can check the links in the description for all of these websites I have four websites today so after you visit this website which is claim free coins dot io website just put your litecoin address you got from your faucet pay micro wallet and put it in this box then click log in. After that click continues then you need to complete these two captchas one of them is re-captcha and the other one is an antibot.

Alright, we can now click verify and as you can see here I got 340 litoshis from this website. Let’s go to our dashboard in faucet pay wallet and as we can see here I got 340 litoshis from this website now our second website is the faucet. Same procedure guys just put your litecoin deposit address that you got from faucet pay and complete this H-captcha then click claim.

After that click on this anti-bot link in this order. One-eight-ten-nine these ones are very easy to complete guys so these are easy money for you click get reward and as you can see here I got this amount of litoshis to my faucet pay wallet. Let’s check that in a bit. alright.

Now, this is our 3rd website, guys. the third link in the description and my guys, the best thing is the same procedure you can just put your litecoin address here and click log in. no need to create an account complete this H-captcha then click claim after that you need to complete this anti-bot link.

Alright, then we have to wait 5 seconds on this website after that we can hit get reward to get 213 litoshis to our faucet pay micro wallet alright my guys, now our last website for today, it is claimed. clicks dot com and you know what we have do right now.

Just paste your litecoin deposit address from faucet pay wallet in this box that is asking for your address then click claim after that as the step one you need complete this H-captcha now as ours.

Step two we have to solve this following anti-bot links please click on the anti-bot links in the following order which means this order alright ”how the one is created is by 3-2” and ”ten, 2+8 is ten” ”three, 2+1 is three” ”four is 3+1” alright, we successfully solved.

This anti-bot link. And now we can hit get a reward and then we can get 210 litoshis to our faucet pay micro wallet alright guys that were our all four instant litecoin faucets. Now we can go back to my faucet pay micro wallet and refresh that to see our all transactions from those four websites.

Here it is. Today is the 16th of January 2021 and as you can see here these are the four transactions I got from those four websites and guys that’s how you get instant litecoin for your faucet to pay micro wallet.

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