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The FEDs “Secret Plan” For BITCOIN REVEALED!!

Hey you, howzit with those holding the line, the Chico Jarhead crew & oh hey, you, you’re new? Fall in line, subscribe & drop the title of the viewer of the tube. My name is Tyler, the host of the crypto channel whose content is always like a thunderous ocean wave. The surfs up bruh, can you hold your line.

Its time for Chico Crypto! Now, usually, I make a video like this, when the markets have been a falling & a falling to blend in with all the other crypto YouTubers. I’m talking bearish markets and not just a cooldown cuz that’s when everyone is making videos like this trying to explain the reason BTC is falling.

But I don’t care, my subs gotta know it’s coming. Those in charge, they don’t like the truth, and they sure as heck do not like the population educated on it. This is what they like a servant population dumb enough not to realize they are being bumped flicked on a daily basis, but smart enough to know how to pull a lever on a machine or punch numbers into a computer.

Servant for a paycheck, of ever devaluing USDs, where the government takes more year after year, and we get less and less. Yet for some reason, they will continue to vote for the pricks that have done this for the past nearly 50 years. Let me try and get this through bitcoin holders heads right now.

Anything that threatens the US dollar status as the worlds dominant currency, will be attacked, manipulated, and thrown to wolves…it doesn’t matter which colour of party controls the US, they will try and take a threat down, because like I always say..the two are one.

Gold was a threat to the US dollar. Gold has been assaulted since the 70s, when the US, as the gold middleman, decided to take all the power for itself with the black oil monster.

I’ve made multiple videos on this topic, so I’m not going to repeat myself. But, since 2009, gold got help, the much-needed help. BTC launched from Satoshi Nakamoto and for its infancy, for the 1st nearly 10 years, people including the US government, thought it was a joke, it wasn’t a threat You want to know how obvious it was they weren’t scared of BTC, they had large amounts, they seized DNMs, the Silkroad large controlling market amounts, 2014 nearly 30 thousand BTC, they auctioned them off looking for 17 million bucks.

well with the current market prices, that batch would now be worth 450 million dollars.

The Federal government seized more than 144 thousand bitcoin from Ross Ulbrich, the creator of the marketplace alone, and auctioned them off sporadically from throughout 2014 and into 2015.

They sold them, they didn’t HODL and received under 50 million dollars for the sales. That entire batch would be worth over 2.16 billion dollars today. The US government funked up, and they funked up big time.

Remember those BTC were just from Ross Ulbricht, they seized many other people, and many other BTC and they auctioned it all off. They were a market controlling BTC whale, but because they were in the laugh at your stage, they thought it was hilarious people would pay even 50 million dollars for these magic internet money tokens.

Well, look whos laughing now. That is why we are right in the midst of the fight you stage. They got embarrassed, and now its time for them to accumulate the scraps of what is left. Why do you think just last week the Justice Department seized 1 billion worth of Bitcoin tied to the silk road? They had finally caught a hacker! Who had moved nearly 70,000 stolen BTC over 7 years ago? It’s a mystery individual as we can see from the filing they are dubbing individual X and only the government knows their identity.

Obviously, they just became a large BTC whale once again…getting close to half of what they auctioned off stupidly in 2014 and 2015. It’s the governments, secret black hole of BITCOIN that has been ramping up since 2018, fortune magazine covered it then in an article titled Inside Uncle Sams Secret Bitcoin Hoard and they say regarding the seizures and forfeitures by the government But the transparency is fleeting.

There are often long lag times between the date of a seizure and its appearance in a report. And reports aren’t archived online: Each day, when a new one appears, the old one goes away. Paper copies exist but nowhere, online or on paper, is there a tally of the cryptocurrency in federal custody at any given time It continues In theory, any Bitcoin in federal hands can be traced because cryptocurrency transactions are inscribed forever on a public blockchain ledger.

But while Justice Department documents sometimes publicly identify secure government wallets, many criminal cases do not, making it unclear where the Bitcoin went Seen in that light, discrepancies and gaps in the public record take on troubling overtones.

In tracing a sample of Bitcoins from court records and forfeiture notices, Fortune turned up several instances of coins whose seizure was documented but whose sale was not They are accumulating just like me and you, letting a few slip into their black hole, but they don’t gotta pay, they just seize.

And since there are a lot of dumb criminals in the bitcoin & crypto space, the US government will have a never-ending funnel of free BTC, which they auction off to those who know just what to do to take it down.

And please…this freaking advertisement shown in my face today, makes me think, these guys might just be one of the takedown players. This is Bakkts most recent advertisement, hahahahahaha who is this focused on. Millennials? An old guy that thinks he is a millennial? Why is an advertisement even being shown to me? I’m, not your target market unless your target is to convince us that you’re a good guy, here to help BTC.

I’ve known what you are for some time, you had me tricked in the beginning, and still, to this day you have many believing you’re here to help … but I’m educated, I know how to look into things. I know how to research..what they hate.

Wall St. that is what you are, wall st. that is USD dominated, a friend to the power of the dollar. You’re not a friend to BTC, and you’ll never convince me you are. If you’ve watched my channel for any amount of time, you know exactly who is behind Bakkt, Jeff Sprecher and wife cool Kelley Loeffler, the owners of the New York Stock Exchange.

And thank bajeezus, cool kelly is having a difficult time getting re-elected for Senator in the state of Georgia, she is a dangerous, dangerous woman for BTC & getting her out of politics is a good thing for the asset.

Need an example? Kelly is also the co-owner of the WNBA team the Atlanta Dream, well the WNBA went after her, even her own team…and helped create a runoff with challenger Raphael Warnock.

Your one team doesn’t like ya? Its probably because you BAD. Remember what happened over the RONA panic? Loeffler sold a ton of stock, with Hubby when she learned of the news, insider trading..which our nasty government dropped the probes in May of this year…of course, ya did.

So, ethically, you don’t think they have a plan to manipulate BTC?? Come on guys, they sure as heck do. Why do you think, they partnered with the BITCOIN permeable Micheal Novogratz?….. Ya a Perma bull, and the details of their partnership…from this article when it was announced over the summer, they would be offering white glove services that would target large asset fund managers.

So Bakkts trading volume it’s not much, right now, but this is all in the works still my friends, their Novogratz partnership, that was only 6 months ago…2021 will be the year we see Bakkts volume, suspiciously start to grow and grow from their white-glove services, like anything else in the crypto industry is a black glove.

So what is in the works in my opinion? Well, it’s not a bad thing for early holders and traders. Many of these people are accumulating, because the ETF, p&d, might just come in the next 5 years, or less.

What am I talking about, p&d, ETF? Well if you didn’t know, only a short time ago, GOLD got what the early gold bugs wanted, the launch of the first gold ETF in the united states. On November 8th, 2004, only 16 years ago State Street Corporation launched SPDR Gold Shares which surpassed $1 billion in assets within its first three trading days.

A crapload of money back then, and look at the price of gold, a Bull Market Until August 2011. Now, you’re average Joe, unless they were an accredited investor, or did the research on how to access which wasn’t easy, and didn’t have access to these markets.

It wasn’t until around 2009, finally, your average Joe or Jill could get some gold easily, like 401ks, were allowed to dip their toes in ETFs and ETF Shares..for only 2 years, the average American got to buy the top, as we can see GOLD fell, and for the past nearly decade has been being held down.

A similar thing is coming with BTC, I’ll tell you that. That is why it’s our duty, to educate, convince, and let the populations know, that you can obtain BTC right now, you don’t have to wait for your 401k, and ETF, or anything like that.

Don’t buy the ETF top. Cheers Ill see you next time!.


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