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Solana Matic Polkadot and Chainlink Breaking News!!!

Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily smash, thelike button. If you appreciate us coming at you andin today’s video, i want to put five six sevendifferent cryptocurrency projects on your radarand. Tell you why i think they’re gearing upto have a massive 2022. It’S either buildingintegration development because of what theseprojects are doing in the space. We’Ll recap someof their 2021s, because some of these projects havebuilt great momentum in 2021, but more than thatwe’ll talk about what these projects are doing.

In2022. If there is a coin that you wish us to coveron this channel going forward in 2022 comment thatcryptocurrency below like the video again, if youappreciate us, you know it takes two seconds. Ittruly does help out our channel with that beingsaid. Let’S get into it. Solana has seen so muchsuccess in the past 9 to 12 months.

I suspect in2022 over the next nine to 12 months that momentumwill continue. Now, how do we define success in thiscase? I’M talking about monthly, active users, andamount of solana, staked and people who are usingsome of their most popular interfaces, so let’stalk about their success, their momentum and talkabout. Why? This will continue in 2022 solana’sphantom wallet, perhaps their most popular hotwallet.

I suspect even solana, fans in our audienceprobably. I would suspect a lot of you. Probablyhaven’T even used their most popular wallet andthat’s. Why? I think, there’s opportunity for growthphantom wallet sees record growth over 1.

millionmonthly active users in nine months. This is a hugenumber, yet it’s a drop in the bucket when we’retalking about addressable markets. So if you’reunfamiliar solana is one of the most popularblockchain platforms in the world, right nowit’s highly regarded in the blockchain communitybecause of its speed and security since it usesproof of history. It’S also eco-friendly solana, hasbecome a very attractive cryptocurrency. In 2021as, its value soared by more than 5000 in a mereeight months.

Phantom the wallet is undoubtedlyamongst the fastest growing wallets within thisecosystem. It incorporates staking it offerssupport for ledger: nano x devices, hardware walletsit gives access to nfts and digital collectiblesgood ux good ui. Now, drilling down on active usersand staking phantom was undergoing beta testingin april 2021 and saw a four thousand four hundredpercent increase from forty thousand users in julyto. One point: eight million users in december theteam tweeted. In just nine months, we have grown toover, 1.

million monthly active users with nosigns of slowing down. This looks like awesomegrowth now when it comes to staking solana runsthrough the proof of stake consensus. Hence itsusers secure the network by staking their soulso. More people staking would be a good thing, nowphantom their most popular wallet platform, hasover 1 million in saul staked. So it’s had sucha good 2021.

Why am i so bullish on this? Because itjust got out of beta in 2021 and in 2022 there’sreally no signs of slowing down the trend is yourfriend. The momentum is still continuing. Despiteenormous growth, the desktop browser-based cryptowallet, has no plans to slow down. In addition, toexpanding to over 10 million users, the company isworking on finishing up its mobile applicationsfor, ios and android, so in 2022, you’ll be ableto download.

This mobilely and i suspect, they’remonthly active users, the amount staked all of thisstuff will continue as nfts become more popularsolana is secure. It’S cheap, it’s differentiatingitself from ethereum, and for that reason i thinksolana is gearing up for a great 2022

Next coini think is going to have a big 2022. It’S had majoraccomplishments in 2021 in 2022. I think thatwill continue. I’M talking about polka dots solet’s talk about where they are polka dots, ongoingparachain, rollout, so polka dot within this lastyear has just started rolling out.

Parachains ifyou’re. Still unsure what this does for polka doti’m going to explain, but polka dots, ongoing, pairof chains, rollout represents the final launchphase for its multi-chain sharded architecturefollowing, rigorous testing, optimization auditinginitially carried out on test nets like rococo andcanary network kusama. So, unlike a year ago, fromtoday when pair chains, weren’t rolled out over thelast few months pair of chains have rolled out andif, you don’t know what a big deal. This is forpolka dots ecosystem. Let me explain this to youso auctions and crowd loans on polka dotdiffer drastically from things like icosieos ideos.

Since holders are not compelled totransfer control of their dot in exchange, forthe project’s tokens, big differentiator in factdot, is actually returned if projects lose anauction bid slot holders. Meanwhile, reimbursesupporters, when their lease expires, so that’sa key differentiator project teams cannot usedot at their discretion or sell it on the marketinstead. They benefit from access to scarce networkslots, fee generation, opportunities and pair chaintoken launches. So assuming this trend, continuesassuming companies try to get on polka dots, pairchains, which i think they will by the end ofthe. First batch of auctions somewhere between4 and 4
5 billion worth of dot is likely to belocked up for nearly two years.

Reducing potentialcell pressure and circulating supply on the marketnot. Only does this demonstrate faith in polka dotand dot over that period, but it incentivizeshundreds of thousands of supporters to becomeactive users in the ecosystem. As it’s in theirbest interest, so you can see why dot is gearing upfor a big 2022 speaking of projects which continueto build, which continue to implement whichcontinue to keep going. Despite the haters cardanoneeds to be mentioned, they’ve done big things in2021 and they’re, gearing up for a big 2022. So takea look leaders in total development activity.

In2021 cardano is at the top of the list. If you wantto know more about cardano’s bowl case in 2022check out this interview, we did with cryptojeb. He explains a lot of the value prop in 2022and. Again, i just encourage you guys to look intoit. Things are a lot different now than they werea year ago.

Cardano’S ecosystem is growing byleaps and bounds. Every day. Attention cryptoholders attention. Crypto traders do youinvest in crypto. Do you trade cryptoif?

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You set up an account. Take advantage of thislet me know. If you did so 2021 was the yearof l1s, ethereum, interoperators and competitorsas. You can tell i think, a lot of that momentumwill continue for a lot of quality l1 projectshowever in 2022. I think this will be the beginningof the year of l2s.

I suspect polygon maticwill continue its momentum in 2022, so let’s do alittle recap: dear polygon fam, in 2021 we achieveda lot: 100 million plus wallets three thousand plusapps one billion plus transactions, six new scalingsolutions and integrations top web three nameslike uniswap ave, openc, all bridging and comingover. To matic big brands like dng nfl macy’s happynew year, let’s keep the magic going, i think thisis just the start and i think 2022 will be moreof the year of l2s and matic is surely a contendernext coin. Making our list today is one of the topcoins. In my portfolio, talking about bitcoin ofcourse, a lot of people talk about the flipping ithink in 2022. Bitcoin will still remain number onebecause of metrics.

Just like this bitcoin’s hashrate opened 2022 by hitting a new all-time highthe decentralized network has never been moresecure. Bitcoin to me is like a savings accountmake tons of great gains in cryptocurrency portionof, those i always put back into bitcoin becausebitcoin. It’S not really a get rich, quick, schemeit’s, a don’t get poor slowly scheme. Am i rightso enough with bitcoin enough with l1s enough withl2s? Let’S talk about some other projects in thespace, i would be remiss if we didn’t mention theecosystem and different metric growth.

That chainlink has saw in the past year. Now, it’s interestingbecause price hasn’t really achieved an all-timehigh anytime soon. Yet we see so many great metricslike this. So i think chain link is certainlyone to watch in this next year, but in 2021 itwas, nothing short of exceptional experiencingexponential growth to over 75 billion total valuesecured over 1 000 end of year integrations andmuch more. So how is chain link going to continuethis momentum in 2022?

Well, they have three majorinitiatives for chain link in 2022, the release ofccip release of link staking abstraction layer, forenterprises, listen to this in the coming year, inorder to create these new services and these newcategories of activity that will jumpstartentirely new and innovative uses for smartcontracts. There are three key initiatives that arebeing planned for the chain: link network and thatare being planned for uh the coming year. Those keyinitiatives are the release of ccip, the release ofstaking and the solidification of chain link as anabstraction layer for enterprise and, of course, tome. The big one out of those three is the stakingstaking in the chain link network is set to bereleased within this coming year. This comes asmultiple chain link.

Oracle networks have reachedprofitability based on user fees alone, listen tothis. This is something that we are planning torelease or a version of this is planning to bereleased. In this coming year we do plan to seestaking and staking rewards being made possiblethis coming year, and now that we have reacheda certain level of profitability for some of theoracle networks. In the chain-link set of networksum, we feel that it’s that it’s a good time to todo this. This is obviously a very complex problembecause.

Just like oracle networks generate aunique form of decentralized computation, differentfrom blockchains, the staking that is applied, tothat, unique form of decentralized computationalso needs to be unique, and so we have been youknow feverishly working on different aspectsof staking and how to make sure that both thesecurity benefits and All of the proper incentivesare in place to generate the maximum pro maximumdegree of security, so do not count chain link, outthey’re continuing to upgrade and implementin 2022 do not count. D5 blue chip, ave outfirst announcement of the year ave is buildinga mobile wallet. Of course, ave is a d5 protocoloriginally on eath borrowing and lending in a morepermissionless way. Let’S talk about their 2022ave gearing up to accelerate its growth. The defymoney market platform ave has revealed plans tolaunch a new mobile wallet for users in 2022.

Itis also set to expand to curve finance and sushiswap to scale its markets. In fact, scaling of theave protocol could boost ave’s user base, whilepushing on-chain activity. On the platform i thinkthat’s correct. Recently, the protocol’s genesisteam launched a cross-chain governance bridge thiswill help the protocol be governed across multiplenetworks from the mainnet governance in additionto that the ave community is working on enablinggasless voting and making governance inclusivefor users on the network, all in all with a setof targets. For the first quarter of next year, aveseems to be gaining momentum, especially as far asecosystem-centric developments are concerned.

Soave for sure makes our list today again, if thereis a cryptocurrency that has big plans in 2022. Letus know in the comments below and let us know, whatthey’re doing subscribe to the channel join theteam see you tomorrow. It’S gon na be a great year.

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