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SIA Coin Accumulation Strategy

All right guys, this is sort of a bonus, video, I’m kind of going to give you my personal strategy on my crypto accumulation. So I call bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum, well-established foundational coins. I call those spine coins. I call every other alternative currency, a vertebrate coin or a rib coin. Right, like you need a spine to live, but you don’t necessarily need vertebrae like you could live without one of your ribs so kind of like an archaic way of putting it.

But it’s kind of true so when I’m accumulating my bitcoin portfolio, I’m looking to at the end of the day kind of restock my bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum once again, because these are foundational coins. So there are four elements that I want to bring up, and we’ve talked about this before you have to have a short-term mentality to create these short-term profits.

It’s necessary that you have a long-term mentality also like these companies, as these coins continue to have. An increased demand, continue to change current world problems and thus continue to increase in value. So those are the first two elements.

You’Ve got to have your short-term strategy and your long-term strategy now at the end of that, whether that’s a day a week or a month or a year, you need to also be looking to take these leveraged earnings, where you’re, using all these cryptocurrencies to leverage building A bitcoin accumulation, you need to leverage those and retain a portion of those earnings to return back into bitcoin or Litecoin or Ethereum.

Why? Because, currently, as I’m, making this video, bitcoin and Litecoin and Ethereum are the coins that give you the most options? And by that I mean, if you wished to turn cryptocurrency back into fiat currency government-issued money, you would do that through bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. You cannot currently as I’m making this video, and this could change in the future.

So as this market is, fluidic be witty and wary to understand when that’s happening and if other currencies become liquidatable coins that you can turn back into fiat currently bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are the coins that you can do that with you might be able to do It with bitcoin cash as well, you might be able to do it with ripple in the future, but right now, bitcoin, liquid and Ethereum. So all 1350 alternative currencies that currently exist.

What I’m doing is, I am picking and choosing a few that I want to invest in and exponentially growing them in both a short-term strategy and a long-term mentality having both of those two mentalities and retaining a certain portion of that coin for the long term, when the Coins exponentially go even higher than these little short-term scalping and swing trades, that I’ve made I’m keeping a certain portion for that and then I’m taking some of those profits and returning it back into my spine coins.

The coins that I have to have my the coins that create these markets. Bitcoin creates markets, Ethereum creates markets, Litecoin has markets, there are no other coins, currently that have their own markets or other coins that are being traded against them.

In other words, so I have my short-term mentality, which is necessary for short-term scalping and swing trades. I have my long-term mentality for the long-term projections. The long-term mindset of these coins is solving current world problems. They will have an increased value and demand.

They will go up in value and I’ll make even greater profits later on by retaining a certain percentage of these coins for the long term hold and in the stream of all of that, when I do earn, I typically on a monthly basis, reflect back and take A certain percentage of those earnings of those profits or of that net, and I go okay, I’m going to return a percentage of that into my spying coins, my bitcoin, my Litecoin or Ethereum, which are currently my liquidatable coins that, if I wanted to, I could convert Back into fiat currency, I could pay employees, I could pay for my house or whatever some sort of company that doesn’t yet accept cryptocurrency, and I could put some money in my bank.

If I wish to do that – or I could be even smarter and just keep it in bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, so I can use it on cards like bitpay and shift and different visa cards that transact cryptocurrency into local fiat currency. That’S what I would do, but when I liquidate those coins back into bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum, they are more liquidatable now, because those coins currently have a huge amount of volume. I can sell them back into the market on sites like coinbase, for example, and be very liquidatable like that, and I have diversified my core portfolio back into three extremely foundational coins that are all going in an upward trend because they’re so important. They all control markets. So that’s kind of my strategy with doing that and, for example, I did this with c a coin just the other day.

I brought this up as an example. So here we see the market I’ve just labelled label. Here we’ve come out of a bowl trend into a very apparent bear trend right here and we could have created some profits here on the way down. But it went from 847 satoshis down to a bottom of around uh right about 50 Let’S call it reached a level of sustainment had a little breakout hit bottom, probably hit bottom again here, had a breakout, run, came down, fell, lost, support, resistance and then break out, but overall, in the grand scheme of things from about the end of November, beginning of December 17, coming into 2018 here, we’ve seen a bull run here, having invested down here or even out here. I’ve created huge returns up here and I’ll show that over in my order section.

So this is a coin, for example, that I said all right: I’m going to have a short term mentality in this particular example, I’m bringing up I’m going to invest whatever quarter bitcoin 0.37 bitcoin into it and I’ll just go into my orders and I’ll show you In here um what I ended up doing with this coin, just in a matter of a couple of days right so we’ll scroll down I’ll bring up sc right in here to my completed orders, and then I will change it to the type right here. So it categorizes it uh there you go so you can see it here. I bought and there’s a really cool extension. If you’re using Bittrex there’s a cool extension, called Bittrex enhanced for google chrome, just install it’s like a plug-in for google, chrome install it and if you’re using Bittrex, it will give you local dollar amounts, and it will give you an enhanced chart view.

And it’s this little extension right here and I can bring it up and I can actually click it and then choose what sort of settings I want on it and it will project us dollar amount for me. So you can see the dates here. One one one, four one: four one: five, those were my buy dates, and so over a four day period, I spent 657 1194, I spent 447 and then one one five three. So I spent three thousand four hundred sixty-eight us dollars worth of bitcoin to accumulate all this and then between one four and one five. I made all of this back and I ended up making seven thousand two hundred eighty-five dollars profiting myself.

Three thousand eight hundred seventeen dollars, so I literally profited myself a quarter of a bitcoin, pretty crazy right and then, at the end of the month. Three, four weeks later after I’ve looked back and seen where I’m at with this particular coin or my whole crypto alternative currency portfolio, I’ll take my profits I’ll take my net and I’ll divert a certain amount of that. The amount I do and you’ve got to do this yourself: okay, I’m not giving you financial advice but say I put in 500, for example, into cryptocurrency and 30 days later. That is now worth five thousand dollars. So I have a forty-five hundred dollar net profit.

I will take that forty-five hundred dollar and I will take 35 of it and I will return it back into bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any spine coin. That currently exists at that point, and I will hold it in that coin, without the intent to reinvest in alternative currencies, then that still leaves 65 percent of my net profit left over to continue snowballing and accumulating more of those assets so put in 500. 30 days later, you’ve got 5 000. In this example, you net 4 500. I take 35 percent of that I diversify into bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any spine coin at that particular point whether or not you’re watching this video.

You know a day after I’ve made it or a year or a decade whatever, and I take 35 and I put it back in the bitcoin, Litecoin Ethereum or a spying coin. Without the intent to reinvest, then I use the remaining 65. So you know 4. 500. Maybe you know 20 500 or 3 000, whatever it is probably three thirty-three hundred dollars – and I take that – and I continue to snowball for more accumulations a month later.

I do the same thing 35 output 65 percent back in and I keep accumulating that and then I can take that 35 that I’ve accumulated and then I can go. Do I want to pay myself like do I want to do? I actually want to spend this money on something to get gas to swipe my bit pay card or my visa shift card, or do I want to sell some of it, convert it back into USD or Australian dollar or Canadian dollar Chinese yen, or whatever put It back in my bank. What do I want to do with it? So that’s kind of my accumulation strategy as far as my crypto portfolio goes and if you need to pause play repeat this video you’re.

More than welcome to and I’ll see you in the rest of the training

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