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Safe moon just announced its master plan to beat the top player in the market. Yes, it’s the trust wallet what’s that plan and how is it going to destroy the trust wallet? Hey? Are you someone who is listening to a lot of safe moon wallet nowadays and is curious to know what exactly is happening? If, yes, then, you have landed on the right, content, hello viewers and welcome to our funds and finance channel where you learn everything about crypto stocks, finances and money noticing the demand and uprising of safe moon wallet.

In today’s content we will discuss safe, moon’s, new updates about their upcoming wallet and how it planned to conquer the market and our views on whether this can happen or not stay with us till the end to find out quick in this channel, we weekly give Away 100 worth of cryptos personally to a random subscriber of the channel, so please smash that subscribe button and leave a comment saying I am subscribed and get a chance to win this free money without any further delay.

Let’S jump into the content as mentioned earlier, we are now going to discuss the trust, wallet and its existing features and its future competitor, Mr safe moon wallet, and we also explain why this is the best time to get ready to fly off to the moon and, Honestly, you will be surprised after knowing the crazy features that safe moon wallet is bringing on the table when compared to the features of trust wallet. So you own some safe moon tokens and I think most of you guys are holding your safe moon tokens in the trust wallet. But we are damn sure you don’t know the true story behind the trust wallet in this short discussion. We quickly try to compare the present features of the trust wallet to the upcoming brand new wallet from the safe moon.

By the way, we are just curious to know: where do you hold your safe moon tokens? Are they on the trust wallet or on an exchange? Please let us know in the comments section. Thank you now. Let me start with the true story of the trust wallet.

First, what exactly is a trusted wallet. Trust wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency that supports over 160 digital assets and enables users to stake their coins to gain interest. Initially, it was designed to carry ECR 20 and ECR 223 tokens eventually with the boom of technology and cryptos in the market and as well as the response in the market. It expanded and now allows to hold tokens based on other blockchains too, including the bitcoin trust wallet is partnered. With the cyber network’s native decentralized exchange.

With this technology, we can easily purchase any coins on the platform, by the way, the trust wallet app is free to download for both android and ios. Most of its versatility is due to the fact that it’s programmed in native languages of respective platforms, which is swift for ios and java for android. The overview of this wallet, the trust wallet, cryptocurrency app, enables you to securely exchange various cryptocurrencies. The app gives you a high protect access key, which acts as a safeguard to all your crypto assets and protects you from unauthorized access. The technology of the app supports multi-coin transactions, which means it allows its users to buy and exchange thousands of coins and different blockchain types.

You can buy your crypto coins with your credit card too, as mentioned earlier. It’S available for both android and ios. The code is completely open-source, so developers cybersecurity experts and anyone who wants to work around this or make it better are welcome to do so. The major aspect of the trust wallet is its focus on the user’s privacy and protection, and the onboarding process on this is so smooth. It doesn’t ask for any type of kick to create an account with them and it is a non-custodial wallet that hardly stores any of their user data.

The trust wallet allows its users to keep their secure private keys on their own devices rather than on their servers. Let’S quickly know the top seven important features of trust wallet that are to be noted in order to use this platform for exchanging cryptos number, seven, the simple and easy to use interface.

This feature makes the user’s onboarding experience so smooth from a simple download to install and create an account and start the crypto investing journey over the years. It gained the people’s trust with their service and it acquired more than 5 million users. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration with Binance, which was revealed in July 2018, officially, the collaboration with the biggest name in the crypto space and its deep pockets is making sure to keep users flocking to trust wallet and will certainly fuel.

The growth of the trust wallet may expect additional features which make the users like much easier number six, it’s a free platform to use there are no hidden or upfront charges or subscription services. The only fee that you have to pay is the gases fees for the transactions happening, but technically speaking, they are hardly on the account of trust wallet. These seeming trust wallet fees, often go to miners or proof of stake chains. Number five secure access, additional security measures are incorporated for the users. These measures include pin codes or fingerprint scanning.

You can activate this feature by going into the settings feature in the app, but the most popular two-factor authentication is not yet available in the app, but the trust wallet provides you private access, key ensuring that only you, the owner, has the safest access for your Secure financial assets number four: the technology supports multiple cryptocurrencies. There are numerous cryptocurrencies available for us to investors. To exchange the trust wallet. Technology supports a large number of them. It gives you the freedom to buy, sell and swap various coins, blockchains and other digital assets.

In one word, it provides full control and management infrastructure for your cryptocurrencies number three. It pays you the interest. The whole system is designed to make money for you with your money. By just stocking your coins in the wallet, you will receive a variable interest. The program provides its coin holders opposed certificate, which means a proof of stake certificate which allows you to start collecting interest on your digital assets.

In one word, it pays you in return for keeping your assets safe, your coins will continue to earn on their own number two. It allows credit card exchange. Several crypto exchange platforms made it difficult to purchase coins, but the trust wallet addresses this problem by allowing everyone to buy their desired cryptocurrency with their credit card, and they can start trading just like that number one powerful and efficient backup system. In the end, we have to look up backup when something happens. Accidentally trust wallet offers an effective solution by using a 12-word recovery system.

While setting up the wallet address, the trust wallet provides you one of these phrases to note down or to store safely so that you can use them in your recovery process. If something happens accidentally, don’t worry. You can regain access to your account by these exact phrases. Therefore, it is important to note that, when going to the setup process, you should note down or store these provided phrases. This is all about trust, wallet and its existing features.

Now the big question that we have to discuss is how the upcoming safe moon wallet is different in terms of features technology and rewards for their users, how safe moon plans to destroy the trust, wallet and conquer the market. So let’s discuss this. The official launch of the safe moon wallet and its wide usage opportunity to its users is planned for the end of July month. As per official details, it claims that the safe moon wallet contains a 15.00 encryption which makes it the most secure wallet in the crypto space.

As per the information available, it is known that it contains some special features like crypto pays. 10-second cancel feature integrated. Smart calculator and many more now, the interesting thing is the safe moon wallet card will have features like apple pay, chip and pin and contactless tap compatible, and there will be no more than 10 transaction fees when you use the safe moon wallet card, the safe moon Wallet will collect only the card transactions fee. Here comes the beauty of the safe moon wallet safe moon is in the works where taxonomies will be applied across all your cryptos. Yes, you heard it right.

This means, basically, you will be getting reflections from any crypto. You hold this is the master plan of the safe moon wallet which helps them in getting the majority of the crypto investors into the safe moon projects. Just imagine you will get paid for every type of crypto you hold not just for the safe moon, crypto wow. What do you think please comment below if you think this will make all crypto investors move to the safe moon exchange or not, and personally we think that safe moon wallet and exchange will be combined in a single app to make it much easier to use. Do you think the same?

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