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It is such huge news that Safemoon partnered with apple. Watch this video until the very end to find out how their partnership works and how we can profit from it. Disclaimer. Also if you are interested in getting price predictions and crypto news literally every hour, then join my telegram channel, we already have more than 2400 people. By the way, be careful of scammers pretending to be me on social media.

I would never ask your 12 secret words. Links to my official Social Media accounts are in the description. This is a giveaway winner from yesterday. SafeMoon Wallet Partnered with Apple Inc. Hey guys, welcome to the channel. It’s great to have you around again and we’ve got a whole lot to talk about. Today’s news is really huge.

The partnership between SafeMoon and Apple Pay is a huge game-changer for us and I can’t wait to explain what that means for you. So make sure you watch this video to the end. But before we get to that, if you haven’t already subscribed, then make sure to hit the subscribe button right now.

On this channel, I talk about all things SafeMoon. So, if you want access to all the latest updates, then make sure you subscribe. Alright, let’s get into the video! I’ll begin with this post by CEO John Karony on Reddit. “Hey, guys.

Apologies for the quietness here (it’s not through choice) – I tested positive for COVID last Thursday. Since then I’ve been following government advice and self-isolating, along with the wider UK team.

Both Jack and I tested positive earlier this week and are doing well. I want you to know I’m doing good, I have the support of the wider SafeMoon team and you, the community. We’ll get through this. Sadly, it means because we’re self-isolating there was no SafeMoon Sunday last week (and won’t be one this week) whilst we work through this. I can’t wait to see you guys back on SafeMoon Sundays soon.

In the meantime, the wider team are making great progress on the #SafeMoonWallet and we will be updating on beta and launch timing this Sunday – stay tuned.

We got this.” So, as you can see this is a mix of both good and bad news. Of course, it’s terrible that CEO John Karony has come down with the dreaded COVID-19 virus. But it’s great to hear that he is doing well. If he typed that post himself, then that has got to be a good sign that he is indeed getting better. Let’s hope and pray that he and Jack recover fully soon.

That said, even though Karony is not in the best shape right now, he has confirmed that the wider team is making progress on the SafeMoon Wallet and that we can expect a beta launch pretty soon. This is definitely good news considering that some people were worried that there might be a delay as a result of Karony being sick.

This was a few days ago on Reddit, “John has tested positive for Covid, and when he was tested Jack was with him. So, he is self-isolating. Please, send your best wishes (Twitter, Facebook, everything) and nothing else. Don’t go off on a wallet delay because of this, please.

I could care less! We are family! We are SafeMoon!” So, this was a few days ago and speculations were high that the wallet won’t be released according to schedule. However, thankfully, that has been cleared up by John Karony. So, in other words, we’re on track. We’re still not sure when the wallet as well as the open beta version of the wallet would be launched.

But by Sunday, we should all know for sure as Karony has promised that there will be an update by Sunday. I am guessing that the wallet will be launched towards the end of July, though, like it was initially announced.

But we might just see the launching of the open beta on Sunday as open betas are typically launched about a week before the final version drops. Who knows? For now, it’s all speculation. But by Sunday, we should all be sure. And that brings us to the big announcement of today! SafeMoon’s partnership with Apple.

Guys, this is absolutely huge. And there are many reasons this is huge. First of all, everyone accepts Apple Pay, from the small businesses to the big businesses. Practically every place you can make purchases, you can pay with Apple Pay. Doing this would give SafeMoon some real-world utility.

With Apple Pay now integrated in the wallet, you can now pay for whatever you want with your SafeMoon token or any other crypto in your wallet. This could be groceries, drugs, fast food, gas, Starbucks, anything really. Another reason this is really amazing for us is that Apple Pay is accepted globally, as I mentioned earlier. Apple Pay currently works in 63 different countries all over the world with a user base of more than 500 million.

What this means for SafeMoon is obvious. We’re going to be seeing mass adoption of SafeMoon around the world, and this will work wonders for the price. Now, for those who don’t know how Apple Pay works, it’s pretty simple.

So, first off, all your credit and debit cards should have been set up on the platform. Then you simply double click your side button. It will bring up your default card, but if that’s not the card you want to use, you can just tap on it and it will bring up your other cards.

Once you’ve selected the card you want, you’d have to authenticate with either your passcode or Face ID. Then place the top of your iPhone close to the contactless reader. When the payment has been made, it will show a checkmark and the word, “Done” on the screen.

Now that we have Apple Pay integrated with the SafeMoon Wallet, it means that you can just bring up the SafeMoon Wallet app when you want to make payment with your token. Then have the contactless reader scan your app and just like that you’ve paid for whatever you bought. You’re probably wondering about the 10% tax.

As you know, any time you trade with the SafeMoon token, a 10% tax is deducted from your balance. Understandably, if you have to pay this transaction fee every time you make a purchase in addition to the sales tax you already have to pay, this could discourage people from getting the wallet.

But the good news is that the transaction fee will be waived when using the SafeMoon wallet to make payment. So, we’re going to be seeing even more people trying out the SafeMoon Wallet, that’s for sure. And if they are trying out the wallet, they are definitely going to be buying some SafeMoon tokens too which means more reflections for SafeMoon investors.

And since we’re here, I think I’ll just mention that we’re also expecting a SafeMoon card as well, which will also be supported by Apple Pay. Although there have been some leaks, we don’t know for sure when this card will be released.

And if you want to find out what to expect, you could check out my video on that. It will shed more light on the card and bring you up to speed. That said, buying and paying for things with crypto has always come with a hangup because of the volatility of cryptocurrencies. However, with the creation of the wallet, the exchange, and the SafeMoon card, SafeMoon will be introducing tokenomics into the world of cryptocurrencies.

And if we can do that, we will also be helping to bring in some level of stability into the market as well. This will mean that buying things with cryptocurrencies will be less frustrating since they will now be more stable. That would be a win, not just for SafeMoon but for the crypto community. And that’s it, guys.

We’ve come to the end of today’s video. Now, you know why this collaboration with Apple is a big deal for us. I guess all that is left now is to wait until Sunday to get what the launch update on the wallet and open beta version is about.

Until then, you can be sure that I will keep you updated with any new development. If you enjoyed this video, then please like this video and comment something, this would really help me out to reach the youtube algorithm.

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