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Reef finance price prediction

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Friends and open in front of us: four-hour chart of reef tokens And the line we drew: the support line of reef coin Which is near 0.035 $ Which is its good support Because if we talk about the candlestick chart one day, it has bounced From 0.035$ Who bounces back from here to here But when the market of BTC is down Due to which all coins are seen below by breaking their support.

This is also visible in the reef coin If we talk about reef coin So the reef coin has broken its trend line And the trend line is moving below If it is an unsupported brake of its ascending line, then it can get a good pump.

Maybe its price will come down a little bit more And from here take the bounce back and go up Let us talk about how much movement can come at its price. Will comfortably touch the price of $ 0.041 And after that, it will break its all-time high Friends, you get entry into the same trade and you know the support and resistance.

No don’t take entry Neither will you be in loss But if you want to get an entry, you will say Right now the price of reef coin can go down further 0.030 $ where we drew the line.

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