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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Perfect Time To Accumulate Free Crypto

Welcome to big boy crypto, we can’t let anybody else find out who we are my eyes are up here. I personally would not advise that strategy bugs funnier tweedy bird, how to make money in crypto. Oh you’re, killing me welcome to bit boy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the innerwebs. My name is ben everybody on this channel I’ll. Show you how to make money incredible if you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe.

Button, uh guys bitcoin continuing to bounce around in a really tight range. Uh we’re going to be live every single day at 11, 51 a.m. Eastern standard time, a little bit late. Today we uh – obviously – usually I wouldn’t say that, but we are a little bit late.


Today I got I’m leaving to go out of town, so we had some uh. We got a lot of our people out right now, so um for different reasons, sickness or vacation or whatever it might be so we’ll be back to full strength. Uh next week dc. Will be doing the show on Monday I’ll be out of town uh, be back for around the blockchain on uh Monday afternoon and uh back in the studio on Tuesday, not really planning on going anywhere until the end of the month at the end of next month. At the end of January, we are doing a meetup, a bit squad meetup in Austin, Texas uh.

We decided to do it in Austin, it’s central to Houston and Dallas. We feel like most bang for your buck when it comes to uh getting some of our texas friends into the meetup. Can’t wait to do. It can’t wait to meet some of you guys and then, in February the Thursday, before the super bowl, we are going to be doing a meetup in la with uh, Wendy and all coin daily, so be on the lookout for details. If you are in Texas or California on that, we are really excited to get out and meet the bit squad.

You guys are like family to us and we always love to do it. Um, what’s going to get started today, uh coming in 1.44 million subscribers on YouTube, we finally ticked up we’re at 744.5 000, almost 750k on twitter uh, don’t forget to follow us on twitch. You guys know we’re at um at almost 10 000 followers on twitch.

Don’t forget to check that out we’re at 2.7 million on tick tock, making some funny content over there these days about to tick up to 400k, and you guys can also check out uh. You guys can also check out um dad jokes for the win. This is my personal account where I take uh non-crypto photos.

I think we posted a picture of me and my wife on the uh on this. Didn’t we let me refresh it real, quick and see yeah there. It is there’s me, that’s the uh church. We got married at so we’ve been married for 12 years, so shout out to uh to the wife all right. Let’S go ahead and check this out here as we move into the markets, you adjust your margin just to touch.

Oh yeah yeah, i told frank, not to touch that other way. That way, all right, let’s go now the other side of the other side, all the way there you go. Okay, all right. We got bitcoin coming in a little bit of a pump um it’s showing down for the last 24 hours. Wasn’T it lower than that yesterday?

Wasn’T it like 46, nine or so felt like it was, but i think it might have had that pump. You know we’re 11 50 at this point, so that might have been right around 11 30 that that yeah yeah might have been um, ethereum 3700 ethereum holding pretty tough. All things considered to be honest with you, we’re going to look at a story with a lot of people, dumping ethereum, but is it real? Is this really having a drastic effect on the price finance coin at 522? So, on a dollar 75 i mean you got to go outside of tether.

You got to go all the way down to unstable coins to al goran number 18 to find a coin that is up yeah and welcome back tj. He was sick for a few days. Yay, i’m here yeah you feeling better now yeah feeling a lot better uh just needed a couple days. You know, get get it out of my system. I feel a lot better.

Yeah people are wondering what is going to get me. I’M teflon around here, guys yeah. I’M teflon um uh bitcoin dominant’s, coming in 40.3 percent, it’s ticking up e dominant’s, going down a little bit 20 percent volume, extremely low 86 billion. Did it go below 40

I thought i saw well, i only saw it at 40.

yeah i didn’t either. I was wondering if it was like a certain website thought it. Like you know, coin gecko always shows it a little lower than coin market yeah. So because i didn’t notice it go below 40 either, but i saw somebody post and say it did it on on queen gecko. It probably did yeah coin.

Gecko is a little bit lower uh because it’s got more altcoins, so it makes sense. Somebody said: try franklin’s, while i’m in austin i’ve been franklin’s me and jay chains went there quick, funny story, i’m at franklin’s and i’m eating a rib and the ribs. There are so good. You got ta wait in line like three hours to get in and we sat there and i go to take a bite off my rib and the entire rib. All the meat falls off the bone while i’m eating it splashes in the barbecue sauce.

If you’ve been to franklin, you know you sit around strangers. Barbecue sauce goes all over the guy next to me and he turns around. He looks at me and i’m just sitting there with an empty bone like what do i do so anyways, that’s a that is a good place. Uh market cap coming at 2
28 trillion dollars um biggest gainers of the day of anything’s up, probably near protocol. That’S about all!

That’S usually up. No, it’s actually not up for last 24 hours, surprisingly, we got gnosis an oldie, but a goodie uh algorand celsius, xdc network monaro, with a pump out of nowhere here, and you know, the interesting thing is almost everything that pumped today is up for the week. That’S interesting, isn’t it. It is interesting that everything that’s pumped today is up for the week. But if you go to the week for the top 20 coins, you got to go all the way.

Basically number 18 and number cut near protocols all the way at 24.

Wow, that is insane wow anyways. You got to go all the way, basically there’s three in the top 30 that are up for the week so interesting stuff and i do want to say a reminder: you guys make sure to check out the players: lounge dot, io um. This is the dgd mafia. Uh, this is for um georgia bulldogs.

These are these go directly to support the athletes on the football team really excited about this? I think this launches, i think it’s january 9th that is yeah january night, that it launches uh going down there to check out the georgia games. So if george beats michigan over the weekend uh, hopefully this launch is going to go really well. If they win a national championship, i’m sure it will, but i think there’s a really cool idea and you guys know we are the channel of the people we like to help people, that’s what we like to do. This is something that’s really cool, because this is going to help college athletes and support your local colleges if you’re, if you’re a fan of an sec school, ohio, state, texas, oregon usc any of the big college programs around the united states, you should be very interested In how this goes, you guys should want this to do well could be coming to your school next, i wouldn’t have lunch with aaron murray yesterday and the whole team there.

So really uh really excited to uh. You know, maybe in the partner future, with them on this uh, maybe in the future partner with them on this, as we think this is a huge i, you know big idea, considering all the nil stuff in the ncaa so support this. We’Re definitely gon na be supporting it buying some of these nfts, so pretty cool stuff there, all right. Let’S move on to q and a yeah, let’s jump into get start with all the go blue stuff. We look.

We love people from michigan, but i don’t like your football team this weekend right right. We got to get that uga win go to the national championship. I mean this is our year if they screw it up now, don’t all right: let’s do some q a um, real, quick thoughts on your favorite, stable coin and why favorite stable, i mean usdc, i mean that’s what we like to use, it’s the most stable and It’S going to in the long run probably become the digital dollar. So why not use it tether, there’s just too much movement against tether. Eventually, tether will probably fold or uh.

So something eventually will happen to tether and i don’t mean like all of a sudden you’re. If you’ve got money in tether you’re going to lose it, i think you’ll have time to move it out. I don’t think it’s going to be anything sudden overnight, but i think there’s too much backlash against tether and tether was stirred out very sketchy. There’S no question about it, so we just like usdc, i don’t love coinbase um. I don’t hate coinbase either.

I’M i like the convenience of it. Uh uncle brian up there does it does a pretty good job, but sometimes he says some crazy stuff, too uh. So they’re definitely rolled in with the financial cartel, the crypto cartel and um. You know digital currency group, so it is what it is, but uh yeah. We we roll with usdc around here.

We use tether too, but we prefer ustc and i would say one part of why we use it. So much is because it’s on the most platforms where we need it, you know so you know we’re seeing more and more usdc and slowly paxo sliding into that discussion. Where you see those things used a lot. Here’S kind of another question on that same topic, something that uh an audience. Member asked and i’d be curious to hear your opinion.

There are stables in other currents. You know like we obviously here in the us, think a lot about stables to the dollar, but if we think you know they’re gon na you know the u.s economy is going to be hit. We think the dollar is going to be strengthening. So that’s why we like to have it in the u.

dollar stable coins, but they were asking about the potential of like maybe getting it with swiss francs or whatever their currency. Are. You know like there’s a couple that have backing to other more stable currencies over time. What do you think? I mean it’s obviously a very advanced strategy, but what is your thoughts on that yeah?

I i think for americans um for most of us we’re just not as well versed with the other currencies around the world yeah because you’re getting into forex a lot with that trading experience. You’Ve got a lot experience at 4x. You probably know how to move it around to me. It’S that’s just too complicated yeah i mean to me it’s either moving in crypto or moving into dollars, maybe move it in there’s gold back stable coins. If you want to go that route, there are some other rounds.

I i would prefer to move into something that is backed by a basket of assets right, that’s backed by physical uh. You know physical or precious metals like gold or silver um, gold. Being a little more stable than silver, i i believe, there’s suppression, manipulation in both markets, though um also you could consider you know. Obviously we have stable coins that are backed by the price of ethereum or the price of bitcoin. I mean we have some stable coins that are pegged to prices of crypto uh, so you could use those as well.

I i would do all that before i would get into you know in investing in the stability of currencies around the world, because if we really move to deflation in the united states, uh – which i do believe that we will at some point, if we, you know Or we have some kind of black swan event like look what happened with the pandemic, all of the currencies around the world weekend at the same time so yeah, i agree, that’s good advice, um colby nelson was wondering. Have we ever done any yield farming yeah? We’Ve? Definitely done yield farming tons over last summer. We did a lot of different yield farming videos um some of it worked out well, some of it didn’t work out.

Well, we we more follow on the side of um just staking with celsius. You can do that at bitboycritter.com sticking with cardona you get to our cardano pool, we’re going to have a lot more staining pools, cartesi avalanche in the works um. I think we have a one chain node we’re more into staking than the yield farming the yield farming. It takes for for when you’re like the size of our operation, it’s a little difficult to just you know say: oh, let’s just move to this platform in yield farm, whereas for you, as a user, you have advantage you’re, probably more flexible, more fluid to be able To do something like that, so yield farming is a great way to get returns.

The key is when you’re yield farming. You have to make sure that you’re mining and appreciating asset, not a depreciating asset oftentimes when you yield farm smaller projects as you’re, yield, farming them and cashing it out everyone’s doing that too, and that has a negative effect on the price and you’re really just sitting. Still so you know, that’s why i say: if you’re going to yield farm, do it with some of the bigger projects yeah, i agree the trick. Is you got to watch it very closely and when you’re doing a lot of different things like us, it makes it tough, there’s a lot of opportunities there for sure for sure uh last question: do you have any thoughts? On spell token, i know it’s like been pumping a lot lately.

Uh, i to be honest with you. I don’t know much about spell. I believe this is not similar to infinity right. It is a gaming token abracadabra
Money um, you guys can see here it allows you to produce magic. Internet money, looks like a little bit of a game.

Just don’t know much about spell. Maybe we can check it out. Are those numbers legit, yeah, yeah, 4 600 viewers, uh 812 likes everybody’s on vacation everybody’s on vacation today. So if you could do us a favor, make sure to stop what you’re doing hit the like button x out of the live chat, if you’re watching on mobile come hit the like button and go back into the chat, it’s a little tricky. If you’re on your phone, if you’re watching on smart tv, bottom left-hand, corner, screen more actions more options and then make sure to uh, come back and hit that like button, so helps us out tremendously.

When you guys do that more people see the video we get better engagement in the uh uh, better engagement in the chat uh guys. If you think michigan is going to run against georgia you’re going to have another thing going on, i’m not saying michigan can’t win. I’M just saying: michigan is going to have to throw the ball they’re not going to go to alabama, couldn’t run against us. Nobody can run against us. So we’ll see what happens all right moving over here to the charts.

Um look guys. The charts are not super. Sexy um: it’s look, there’s nothing to be concerned about, in my opinion, right now with bitcoin, we’ve been trading in the same tight box between about 52, 000 and 45 000 for quite some time. Uh there’s a cervix he’s in here! Well welcome!

Cervix! Thank you for being in here um, but we’ve been in a really tight range for a while. Now now on the weekly chart. Here, you can see that we’ve been bouncing off this line of support. That goes all the way back to last year.

Uh you know in a couple days we can say two years ago uh, but right now we’ve been on a downtrend, we’re kind of at this spot where we’re at the bottom of a downtrend. But you know we also have a long-term uptrend going on and when you look at the weekly chart, it’s pretty interesting to me i mean this chart is really nothing to be concerned about for a weekly chart, i mean look, it goes up down up higher down Right now, we’re looking at for this entire bull run, are higher highs and higher lows, nothing to be concerned about right now. If we were to drop, you know back down below um. You know back under 40 000, like i’ve, told you guys before uh. I would be very concerned about that and would consider selling a lot of people are saying.

39K is also very strong support, so you know, maybe we amend that to 39k and see what happens if there is a wick uh. But what we’re seeing here is very interesting is on market cyber being right. Now you have this v-wap, which is curving back up this yellow v-wap. Yes, pull that up a bit pull the whole thing. Yeah there you go yeah!

Is that good yeah i mean you. Can see it you’re talking about yellow, i like to show the dates and everything. Okay, i just have the whole thing up there. Oh well, we got the delay fix. There was a delay for a while.

Yesterday we got fixed so anyways, this v watt, which is the yellow here on market cyber b. Whenever this crosses the zero line. That’S when you get these green dots. Okay, the point here is: is there is a strong chance that we are going to print a green dot on market cipher b, not a large green dot. A small green dot on the weekly there’s never been a large green dot on the weekly.

So a a small, green dot. Look at the last times that we printed those we had one right there, um go all the way back here, so you know in a bull run when you print these things, they tend to move this one, not so much this one pretty good. So that’s what we’re waiting for on the weekly chart uh looking at the the daily chart here, you can see that we are still in this tight range over here and the money flow not really necessarily cooperating with us money flow. It looked like it was curving back up here, red to green, but then it dipped back down again. So we’ve got the view up and the money flow down here in the negative.

We need those to turn back up. There is a chance guys just be prepared. There certainly is a chance at some point that we come back down to this wick. If you go to the may crash, for instance, you guys know we came all the way down here on this huge wick. We basically wicked down several times after that.

To about the same range, so definitely something to watch. Definitely don’t pay attention to we’re gon na have a all trading channel coming out for you guys very soon so uh you know, definitely be on the lookout for that. Probably in the next two weeks, we’re gon na have that going for our chart by the way we did print a large green dot down here. So could be a little bit of hope that we’re going to break out of this good chance that we move up hit that come back down and then we break it out break up or break down. So that’s really what’s going on with the charge right now so moving over here to the news top news of the day.

Did somebody say: green dots? Don’T work. I don’t think so. Nobody said that i didn’t. Oh james bly did oh, he said ha ha ha.

So he must be joking. Of course you must be joking, i’m sorry, so i’m not gon na go on that rain. Again, um yeah! Let me tell you what i’m kind of thinking. What i’m kind of thinking is.

I i think, there’s a chance – and this is just fundamentally there’s a chance that we see bitcoin after tomorrow’s close in the morning, uh for uh derebit and the futures close for the year. You got the monthly the quarter and the yearly. I think bitcoin is going to be free to run one way or the other, so we’ll have to see what happens, but i think tomorrow is going to be a pretty important day. Microstrategy purchases 1914 bitcoin now holds almost 6 billion in crypto companies. Holdings are valued at roughly 5.

billion dollars, representing more than one or more than 2.1 billion in gains from its initial purchase. You guys can see. This here is from michael saylor uh still sticking with the laser eyes. You were asking me dj, who sticks with the laser eyes: it’s michael saylor, 100 um microstrategy’s, purchasing additional 1914 bitcoin for 94.

million in cash and an average price of 49 229 for bitcoin uh. As of 1229. They huddle 124.4 000 bitcoin, the biggest holder out there. I believe, at least from a corporate perspective, publicly just publicly disclosed yeah.

So well, it’s grayscale right. Oh yeah, yeah, you’re, right they’re, number, two yeah they’re number! Two! I’Ve! Hey!

That’S that’s what michael sailor does he makes you forget about everything yeah. It makes you forget about what’s logical, i saw an interesting tweet. I wanted to hear what your opinion was on it, because i tend to agree like i like a lot of the stuff that michael sayler says. You know, like he’s very on point, with a lot of his ideology and thoughts, but it it is a little bit over the head of a lot of kind of everyday people, and somebody said you know if, if you add the sentence, if you’re already rich to Everything michael saylor says it makes a whole lot of sense and yeah. I think that is true.

It’S a lot of asset allocation, best long-term store value, different types of things. It’S not like. How do i get enough money to pay off my house and get out of debt, so it’s a very different mindset to be in um, so that was that was just an interesting. Take i heard on a lot of his kind of uh pontifications. I guess yeah, i’m saying well, there’s a large portion of people out there that really relate to him.

Um, i mean we tend to agree with most of what he says yeah. I think that he is he he cares about crypto. My my one concern about michael saylor is just he just sounds like everybody else, that’s new into crypto and has made a bunch of money in a short period of time. No granted. He was very rich before bitcoin right.

It’S not like. He went from not having money to this. Okay he’s certainly richer because of bitcoin, but some of the stuff he says and, and you know, holding through bear markets. And, oh, you know we’re not going to try to make gains on the money we’re just going to hold on to it. It’S because he you know it just seems very commonplace for people that are, you know, within a year or two years in a crypto to think like it’s just going to go up forever and it usually doesn’t now look it’s time to talk about this.

Maybe it does go up forever long term. No, i mean. Maybe there is no bear market. Maybe there’s not maybe he’s right. Maybe it will always go up from here on out now, you’ll have dips.

Maybe there will be no more cycles, maybe so that’s kind of what he said. He believes um, which we’ve disagreed with forever, but uh who knows at this point we’re going back to the drawing board. We’Re really trying to look at all these theories and figure out what we think going forward, because what we thought was gon na happen did not happen. It did not happen, so somebody else is right, so we’re gon na figure out who that person is and ride with them, but i mean you know if if michael saylor buys enough bitcoin to keep like, can he buy enough bitcoin to keep it from dropping certain Numbers i mean at a certain level when we’re at this size of a market. Pretty much i mean, maybe not him alone, but him that was one of the things that got my attention early on.

He was doing an interview with uh. You know probably somebody from cnbc or something like that, and he said all your charts, all your metrics, all your theoretical numbers go out the window. If me and a few, my billionaire buddies, just decide to all go. Buy bitcoin, like all your thesis is gone. You know, and it’s it’s a good point – you know so they could hold it up and i still hold out to see what happens by march if they really do stop printing, like that, will tell a lot about what the market’s going to do after the fed.

Isn’T propping it up, but um i do thi. I i do think that that is the. That is the thing that can throw the biggest wrench into anyone’s theories or plans, of course, is what happens with the overall economy in the next year, and that was you know what we were thinking was going to happen at the end of this year and it Didn’T happen so um; instead we got them. You know delaying interest rate, cuts and stuff like that. So all right, let’s move on here, ethereum technical indicator – has reached extreme oversold levels, which is good, very good for ethereum.

This means this could be a great price point to jump in at, but keep in mind during bull runs. They it tends to stay overbought for the whole bull run and in bear markets. It tends to stay oversold for a big, significant portion of time. So it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to go up from here, but historically this would be a good time to look at getting ethereum um. We could get one more bitcoin drop, one more big uh plummet down.

We could test the bottom of that wick and, if that’s the case, ethereum will drop. But if that’s not the case, then this could be uh. You know your last great buy point for ethereum uh is ethereum, and the crypto market in general are continuously losing their value. Due to a global correction. Some indicators suggest that the asset enters the extremely oversold zone.

The rsi indicator is one of the most popular tools used by traders for determining the actual trend, strength, stability and the possibility of a reversal. The indicator is also being used to determine divergences on the market that allow investors to see a potential reversal before it actually happens. So, basically, when you have these low points here or the high points on the rsi, these tend to be peaks and valleys for bitcoin. We are down here, as you guys can see, or with ethereum as well see with ethereum we bottomed, possibly right here. This is the lowest.

The rsi has been uh for quite some time. This is the one day chart. So you know in about two or three months: uh, whenever an asset enters the indicator’s zone above 70, the asset is being marked as overbought whenever the rsi shows a value below 30. The asset is considered oversold. According to the indicators data on ethereum’s four hour chart, the asset is entered into the extremely oversold boundary by moving below values of 30

Now, if we were to pull up the four hour chart here for ethereum, you guys can see here on market cipher b.

It makes this uh process very easy for you basically down here just shows the rsi and it shows if it is green, then it is oversold. If it is red, then it is overbought overbought means good chance. It goes down. Oversold means good chance that it goes up, because this is a good buy point you can see. We have the triple green dot formation on the ethereum chart, uh.

Of course we did have some yellow x’s for manipulation. This tends to be near bottoms, um, so interesting stuff. Additionally, to that you also had um uh. You also had justin’s son justin’s son deposited almost 600 million dollars worth of ethereum to binance wow, so i mean could he have been holding the price back a little bit? Maybe not, though, uh data on the change shows that justin sun has frequently deposited eth into binance um, while the transacted amount either could be considered significant.

It has still only made up less than 20 of the average trading volume cut 20, though that’s a big amount. Um, according to the market data ethereum’s lost 22 percent of its value, yadda yadda the longer the short of it, it doesn’t seem like justin sun was necessarily dumping this and affecting the price. Look here, here’s here’s the truth! The truth is a whale, can send money in to an exchange and can sell it off slowly over a long period of time over a month or two or three months, and even 600 million dollars worth of eat sold over three months won’t dump the market depending On how how much it’s done in a daily period – or you know, or whatever so um, just because he sold it off, doesn’t mean he dumped the market? But you know this is how dumping the market does work.

Is that you, if he sold all 600 million of that at one time for another, you know for a stable coin or for bitcoin or or another project have a dramatic effect on the finance market? So this story i made fun of last night. I made fun of this story. I mean like this is how you know that the crypto news is just all the all the crypto news drivers out there have packed it in for the rest of the year. You know yeah we’re seeing a lot of that right.

Now people are in vacation mode. This was the biggest story on all the on all the crypto news sites. Last night, the biggest story. It was two million dollars worth of matic tokens stolen by hacker before polygon’s recent upgrade. That was not it.

I mean. That’S two million dollars a drop in the bucket. It was this actually polygon upgrade quietly fixes bug that put 24 billion dollars of medic at work. So let me give you guys. Let me break the story down for you here.

The story is, there was almost some money that could potentially have been stolen, but it was fixed. So nothing happened. That’S the biggest story right now think about that guys. Luckily, michael saylor bought some bitcoin this morning, so uh or you know, put it out so at least that you know gave us something to talk about today. But you know to me: this story is not really that big of a deal for polygon, yeah, 24 billion could have been at risk, but it wasn’t they fixed it.

The bug is fixed, they did a fork and they fixed it. There was two million dollars sold in an unrelated incident. Uh stolen, i said, stole stole uh from polygon, an unrelated incident, okay, but the the fact is when this is your biggest story, this shows you just how much things have really dried up. You know in in the uh the short term here, and you know basically a little bit about the story here. All you need to know about the recent polygon network update and i’m glad they disclosed it.

It was good for them to disclose it. I think yeah for sure yeah and you know it makes them look like they did the right thing which they did, but the article is definitely sensationalized. 100 yeah, a security partner, discovered a vulnerability fix, was immediately introduced, validators upgraded the network, no material harm to the protocol and users. White hats were paid a bounty, so i mean that’s. What it boils down to polygon is one of our biggest hits of the entire year i mean polygon is one of the biggest movers.

We were telling you to buy solana when it was. You know down less than 10 bucks. We were telling you to buy polygon when it was at its lows as well, which i don’t know what its lows were. I mean probably somewhere in the 10 cent range. I think.

Well, you’ll, always you know how in crypto, you always remember. Like the first time you heard about a project – oh and if i had only bought it, then anytime, i think, of matic or polygon. I always think of zombie standing outside of consensus, telling us 100 percent talking about side change. You got to buy this. I think it’s going to go to a penny, i’m going to hold this one, and it was that, like a tenth of a penny or a fifth of a penny at the time i was at four cents at the beginning of this year, yeah wild.

We were down yeah, we were telling you january february back then we were telling you um. So you know, look here’s! Here’S the the thing timelines don’t always come to fruition, but in general these projects always go to where we say they’re going to go eventually, and i think polygon is a great example of that. So all right moving on here we have – and here was a story about sheba in you, hold’s largest token position is uniswap, replaces matic is the most traded token by wales, which was interesting. So sheba is the biggest position of tokens by ethereum wales, but uniswap has now replaced polygon as the most traded token, and i tell you, i was very tempted to put uniswap as one of my top coins for 2022

I i didn’t do it, it didn’t go on there, but this was one that i heavily considered and seeing this makes me even more bullish on it.

So i would definitely try to check that out all right back to xrp here, you’re in the xrp army, throw your ex up make sure to hashtag xrp army in here um gopo says: xrp is going to be delisted. What a what a great amount of insight there uh! We don’t where when give us some details, we’ll just say a general statement: uh bitcoin is a scam. You know same thing: xrp users move funds away from exchanges as inflows on crypto market increase. Xrp whales moved their funds away from exchanges almost like.

They were trying to make sure that the price did not dump interesting trying to hold some support. Xrp whales are moving their funds away from exchanges as inflows on the crypto market increase in general. First transaction shared by whale tier transaction tracker whale alert, appeared three hours. There’S the xrp army uh press time, with 162 million xrp being moved from the nexo exchange. A large transaction appeared only a few hours before the asset spiked down by 4.

percent. After the large transfer changes, hot wallet holds only 2 million holds only 2 million xrp coins very interesting. That was from whale alert. The second less significant transaction was worth 11 million. Both transactions were made during the large inflows trend when users have been moving.

The major part of their funds to exchange addresses finance has reported 7 000 btc reserves to increase, as 65 000 btc have been sent to exchange hot wallets, unfortunately, for holders a stable exchange flow does not help xrp to continue trading above 90 cents, which is sad. We were excited to see it go up above a dollar, hopefully, and it didn’t happen, so it happened briefly. It came back down, but i mean it’s a big psychological number coming here and looking at xrp um take a look here. Xrp i mean 85 cents or 84 cents. You guys can see the last seven days have not been kind after peeking out about a week ago, um – and i mean guys – i’ve got renewed hope that this is going to end in january.

I do have renewed hope for this sec settlement. There’S no project out there more contingent upon a result of something um than right now, um as we do need this sec case to to be over for sure um. But i i have renewed hope that we are gon na see that pretty soon uh we do have brad garlinghouse. That said, he did believe in january that this could possibly be over uh gas. Dow project forms air drop tokens to ethereum users that spent 1559 mv’s.

So look guys if you had gotten the sos airdrop or you had gotten some of the uh like imminently you’re, saying no, no uh the airdrop. From sos token, you would have done very well with that. It has dropped considerably since you got the airdrop, but those for users of openc. Now this is gas dow project. If you paid 1559 in fees man, we should be getting a lot of these uh.

A new type of airdrop has been very popular during the last quarter of 2021 um, as dows have been distributing lots of value to existing crypto users cast out airdrops tokens. Users have spent 1559 uh before the snapshot, and so here’s the point. There are a lot of places that you can go in order to uh try to get these free air drops, but you have to be careful with these free air drops as well, because sometimes you open yourself up to vulnerabilities if you’re seeking them out. If they come to you and you go in your wallet and they’re there, that’s great. If you move stuff around to certain wallets, to get snapshots, usually you’re, okay, there, but be careful with any airdrop that wants you to click any link, it’s probably a scam!

So you got to be safe and it is seems like the latest marketing tactic, for companies to airdrop all their users, and you know we’ve seen some companies do it. Well, some you know: do it not so well kind of being one you know uni, i would say, being one of the biggest success stories, but we’ve seen things like bomb token and other one. You know, there’s kick and other ones that show up in everybody’s wallet, but that aren’t that good and just kind of fade away. One thing that i thought was funny about this story. I don’t know if you saw this, but the gas dow token after they released it to everybody.

Ironically became the number one burner of gas on ethereum network, that day 1559 room eip 1559.

So it was funny yes, very interesting. Yeah songbird token was another airdrop there’s a lot right now we talked about that. We talked about this story yesterday, i’m not going to really go over it too much robin hood to roll out uh crypto wallets in january of next year, which is in a few days um. This is basically where you’re going to be able to cut self-custody um.

Your i mean self-custody the same way yourself: custody on coinbase. It’S not 100 self-custody uh, but this could be big. I mean we could see a lot of movement from robin hood to crypto exchanges and we could possibly read that as bearish, because you might have a bunch of inflows, it could be people just moving trying to get. You know more ownership of their own crypto. So very interesting, uh to to check that out.

So we’ll see what happens here. Uh last story of the day, then we’re gon na wrap up. Uh crypto makes history in 2021 five instances of governments embracing digital assets, el salvador, obviously as uh the first country in the world to adopt bitcoin is legal tinder, the uae cz’s new home, i’m telling you guys middle east is going to be big for binance pay Attention there um, we all it’s easy, cz, what a character in the bahamas. He wears bermuda shorts, middle east. He wears traditional middle eastern wear, uh number three, canada, crushing the global bitcoin etf race, they’ve, been approving them they’re much faster than anywhere else um and also uh binance just made legal again in canada.

I believe i think i saw that uh and then there’s another there’s another canadian story, something else big happened in canada over the last few days, can’t remember what it was uh singapore crypto is investment in prospective future, and then gibraltar will be the next target for Huobi exchange, so a lot of stuff happened in 2021 guys this is gon na be our last live stream of the year 2021 and 2020 have been great years. For me, the bit squad our families, a lot of really good stuff uh, be on the lookout in 2022 for things to drastically change here at bit. Boy crypto is, we are always improving quality, always improving the education. The information our mission is to empower people to find financial freedom through crypto assets and if you think we did that in 2021, you haven’t seen anything yet we’re going bigger than ever before, can’t wait to do it so happy new years to you and your family. That’S all i got you blessed bye, oh

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