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Passive Payout To BTC Wallet or Paypal

And this is what I received on my BTC. I received 0.00049966. That’s the exact amount that I received from them. So let’s look on the history, that’s February 12. I received it yesterday. So let’s just wait because it is still loading. So that’s on February 12. So that’s 0.00049966 BTC and it came from– Hello, mga ka-sharing! How are you today? I hope you are in a good condition. So today we will talk about an application that I will share with you and it is very legit.

So welcome back to my channel and if you are new to my channel, don’t forget to subscribe, hit like, and hit the notification bell because we have a lot of new uploads that we can earn online. I also have a Facebook Page, Sharing is Loving. You can also message me here and we also have giveaways and updates here. If you are already here, kindly like and follow. So this is the application that we are going to use which is honeygain. I also have a previous video about this and this is the thumbnail.

The thumbnail is flashed on your screen. I will also put the link in the description box below. Just click it if you do not know how to use honeygain. So I will do a live payout now. So this is my current balance here and by the way, if you are new to honeygain, you will receive 5 dollars but you can’t payout because you need to reach 20 dollars here to request a payout.

So as you can see, this is my equivalent The 23,827.56 is equivalent to 23.83 dollars. I have 3 active devices here which are my laptop and my 2 cellphones. So you can use your devices in your house. You can use all of them to farm faster here and if It will use your extra data and those extra data will be converted into cash. So as you can see, my current balance is 23,837 MB 23.37 US dollars. So it’s very simple. It seems like we are just mining here. To those who like to mine, this is good because it will just use the extra data.

If you have data that you did not use, it will be used by this app. So all you need to do is to open the app and it will run in the background. Even if you close it and open it back, it will still run. You can see it on the notification bar on your cellphone that the honeygain is running.

So what I will do is to make a live payout and if you don’t know how to start on honeygain, there is a link on the video description which is part 1 of this video. For you to be guided on how to use it. So now we will have a live payout and if you already reached the minimum which is 20 US dollars, click on the request payout.

So here, you can pay out on your Paypal or in BTC. By the way, if it doesn’t– Sometimes it loads slower, So what we will do is to go to more. Click on the more to be directed to our profile. There’s a payout there and that’s what we are going to click. On the settings, turn on the shared internet and earn and use mobile data to earn faster here. You should also turn this on because it’s turned off, honeygain will turn on or you will only earn while charging.

But if it’s turned on, you can earn anytime and even you’re not charging. okay, so let’s go back here. You can see the payout there and let’s click on the payout. On the payout section, like what I said earlier, we can withdraw our money through Bitcoin or PayPal. In case you prefer PayPal, just click on PayPal and click on continue.

It says, “Are you ready to collect your earnings?” It takes 48 hours to process the payout. Okay, so if you like PayPal, just click on request payout. So let’s go back. If you prefer BTC, click on Bitcoin and click on continue. It says, ” Important: We will send you the equivalent of 23.83 in BTC at the moment of us making the payment.

The payment will be processed in two business days.” So they’re the same which takes 2 business days to process the payment. “..We’ll process the payment in accordance with exchange rate provided on the BitcoinAverage.com.” So we will put our wallet address here “. So we will delete your wallet number in 30 days after your payment request submission.” Now, the payout that I will use is in BTC.

So let’s see. So I will put here my Coins.ph wallet. So we are nowhere on my Coins.ph wallet. So let’s click on receive to get our wallet address. That’s it. Then let’s go back to the app. Then let’s put our wallet address here. That’s it. Then click on confirm payout. Okay. Let’s click on confirm payout. Let’s just wait. It says, “Security check before continuing. We’ve sent a verification code to your email inbox.

Please input the code below.” So they will give you a security code. So this is the sample of the email that honeygain sent to me. So I’ll copy that code then put it here. That’s it. Then click on submit code. Okay. So let’s just wait. The equivalent of 23.

83 in BTC will be sent in 2 business days. So I will screenshot that.

That’s it. Then let’s click on okay. So as you can see, my current balance is back to zero. So let’s wait that the payout in BTC will arrive in my Coins.ph. A Few Moments Later. So as you can see, I received an email from Honeygain Team. That they sent to my BTC address or to my Coins.ph the amount that I withdrew which is 0.0005 BTC and is worth of approximately 23 dollars.

So let’s go to my Coins.ph and it’s on February 12. So I received it on my BTC. So I received 0.00049966 BTC which is the exact amount that I received from them. So let’s look at history. It’s on February 12, I received it yesterday. Let’s just wait because it is still loading.

So that’s on February 12. So that’s 0.00049966 BTC and it came from honeygain. So it’s very legit and paying. You don’t need any capital all you need to do is to open the app and let it mine honey. So that’s what we need to do– So that’s it. You need to open it up and when you reach the minimum, all you need to do is to payout.

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