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Nobody is Seeing This Bitcoin Move

Today, for the bitcoin price, and yes, what I am about to show you right now is what probably 99 of the people in crypto space are missing out on right now. I am here to calm you down in these times guys. I was here to tell you at 54 000 u.s dollars a dollar-ish. Well guys, if we go below 52, I am expecting a dump down to 40 000

Now, on the flip side that we are down now on the flip side, that everyone is being bearish, I’m here to calm you down and I’m here to open your eyes for a very new perspective for bitcoin, let’s get into it and guys.

This is an important one. I want you to watch this video. So, first of all, you remember before we had this massive massive run towards the upside here in April, hitting 64 000 us dollars, and yes right there i said i could imagine bitcoin going to 75. Well, we didn’t go to 75..

I also told you, however, if we are breaking this bottom here. I am expecting 29 000 us dollars as my worst case scenario. Yes, and this is then, unfortunately what happened. However, i was mentioning to you earlier. This is my worst case scenario.

What tool was i using for this? Obviously multiple ones? I use the ema ribbon to predict this bottom. I use the fibonacci golden pocket. You can see it right here to predict this bottom triple bottom directly into the golden pocket and well, as you can see, this is exactly what was holding for bitcoin and now.

The question is what is happening here right now. Well, first of all, let me pull out the ema ribbon you can see earlier. We were supported by the ema ribbon. We were holding the bottom right there and right now, bitcoin is very close to the ema ribbon. Once again, we are slightly below so now.

The most important question is: did we hit bottom already or can we go lower? I want to show you something. Let me let me quickly go over here and you know what guys before i continue. Let me quickly uh turn around here and actually ask you for something if you’re watching this video – and you appreciate these videos, no matter where i am no matter where, where i am what i am even if i’m coming out of the shower as right now, but If something comes to my mind – and i want to talk about that – i just need one thing from you: smash up the like button to a new all-time high. Just give me this feedback likes comments shares this is a feedback function to show me.

You want more of that, so currently people, please do it right now. I would truly appreciate that yesterday’s video going through the roof, i think it was the most watched bitcoin video yesterday in the whole world. 10 000 likes 130. 000 views. Thank you very much for that.

Now, let’s go over here back into the chat, and what you can see is that well, once again, the fibonacci golden pocket is very, very close to where the price is right. Now and yes, in seven days, seven hours, we are closing the candle and i have to say i would honestly love to have the counter close above 42 850. That would definitely be bullish. But on one quick note, i just wan na tell you whenever bitcoin is closing below like here, for example, look at this in july the weekly candle close below the ema ribbon. Obviously, technically you could say hey now the bear market is starting, but obviously that was just one last volume volume supported liquidation event was like the last week.

Hands were shaken out and after that bitcoin was breaking towards the upset for good, so simply adjust a close below is not yet sufficient to say, hey. We are going lower, especially when holding a previous bottom here. Please give it like three four more days of time and see: if maybe there is one last shakeout event and bitcoin is reversing towards the upside, because one thing i want you to please keep in mind just on the weekly candles. Please look at this guys. I mean we have a high, we have a higher high, then we’re having lows and we are having a higher low right here and even a higher low right.

Here i mean this low is still higher than this low. So technically we are in a higher high higher low trajectory on the weekly candles for big console. Please, ladies and gentlemen, please keep this in mind and if we then actually just to look a little bit more into the future. If this were to be the bottom somewhere here in the proximity of these areas, uh, then you could actually pull it up and then finally, we would get to the 87 88 000 us dollars. We were waiting for for a very long time, but this is a little bit too far in the future.

This is not something i would um. I would target right now as a price target, but definitely something if we are getting this bounce towards the upside. We can target here in the immediate, not in the in the midterm in the next few weeks to come for bitcoin. Let me know what you think about that, but i have a very important thing as well as bitcoin is here, potentially at least forming a bottom shortly or soon right around these areas around the 40 000 us dollar areas, if we are getting a volume, supported, bounce And we are reversing towards the upside again breaking the previous uh bottom here at 45, 700

I am going to get ready for my next big long position on bitcoin. I am going to get ready and where am i going to get ready?

Well guys, let me quickly show you right here: i am getting ready on by bit and on femax and, as you know, if you are following this channel for you, my subscribers, i have put together this private link where you not only in the pin comment in The video description you get a four thousand one hundred dollar bonus and, yes, guys please, it is not meant to use this bonus right now. You can just click, it register deposit and then stand on the sidelines until the good trading setup comes claim. The bonus, however, already and, as you know, private is tomorrow listing vpat. So if you are in between the first 1000 deposits, then you are going to get granted vpat for free. I think it’s 500 us dollar tether as a minimum requirement just to prevent bonus or or airdrop hunters link is down below click it.

The first ones are going to be the first ones and for the deposit bonus as well, and yes, we still have a deposit bonus over on femax. We just had to wait until the threshold was actually full and the deposit bonuses there are going to be distributed. Very soon as well, thank you so much for watching guys. Thank you so much for smashing up the like button to a new all-time high and we are going to see each other very soon at the next one of emma krypton, as always guys, as always bye, bye,

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