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Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Hey gang welcome in this bitcoin market is definitely not for the faint of hearth. We lost 2700 points in a couple of hours, all excited breaking 43k and then crashing right back down to earth, but we know the deal at this stage, we’re all veterans. So, anyway, hang tough make sure my audio is working. Yes, it is bingo wonderful anyway. Thank you all for being here.

We’Re gon na go over. What’S going on in the world right now today, so we’re gon na talk about russia, turkey, bitcoin el salvador numbers some stocks stock market and wherever else we go so, let’s just jump in math money and freedom and edutainment. So the story today, as i mentioned, it’s about 25 topics covering geopolitics, economies, bitcoin, luna, solana, nfts and a whole bunch more so too, numerous to mention, but first of all the biggest concern you all have is: are we in a bear market or not? And let’s go to our friend the real plan c, and he emailed this to me today. Thank you for that and according to his what we call entity, adjusted nupl glass node chart here we are not in a bear market.

We are in the bull market zone. Everybody, so please don’t panic um now this is assuming. Of course, the chart is correct, but according to it and according to real plan c we’re clearly in the either optimism or anxiety stage. But it’s still in the bull market zone and we’re not in the hope, fear or capitulation area, which is the orange and red below in that whole pink area. So that is the world we live in today, and the volatility is insane, but there’s good things going on.


So, first of all, bitcoin dominance back above 40, which is good even with that recent dip. It’S still good markets are very much going risk off right now, but the fact that bitcoin is holding strong and made it above that critical 40 level is actually a good thing. So that’s a positive and what other positive we have. We have some options expiry tomorrow. Now, a big part of the volatility we see today is because of this now i’m going to spend a couple minutes talking about this, because this is very important and we always do this before a big option expiry, which is tomorrow so bitcoin to river traders.

We’Re not expecting sub 44k prices when they got into those positions back in december and november, etc, when the mark was very different, but according to the january 21, options expiry, which is tomorrow and the there is about 590 million 580 million, depending who you talk to Of open interest and the bears score up to 82 million if bitcoin, trades below 41k believe it or not, it’s exactly a 41k right now and the bulls need 44 000 to bag over 103 million of profit. So the incentives are for a higher number. But the bears could easily pressure the price below 41k and they’re doing that right now and pocket that 132 million in gains 42 and a half thousand dollars is neutral and obviously regulatory uncertainty, the federal reserve, monetary policies, etc. Might be the reason for this recent market weakness, but again we just need a little five percent pump three to five percent and the bulls will make a lot of money. So that’s probably part of what we’re seeing you can see clearly that 2700 dip was a huge amount of token dumpage, obviously whale manipulation, so i always say: wear your seatbelts, everybody!

It’S going to be a bumpy ride, but tomorrow afternoon uh this time tomorrow, we’ll be through it and we’ll be able to enjoy. Hopefully a glass of champagne on the beach that’d be nice. So let’s talk about drainage again, this came out from sentiment, big! Thank you to sanjay for sending it to me. Bitcoin did pop above 50 43 and a half k today, but just tanked in the last hour or so, and that’s the nature of the beast.

But the supply continues to move off exchanges. Now, there’s approximately 8.91 million. More bitcoin sitting in non-exchange wallets compared to 10 years ago, and the total off exchange amount is closing in on 17 million for the first time in history. It’S hard to see that little red yellow arrow up there at the top, but that’s what’s happening now.

The amount on exchanges, as basically bitcoin hits 17 million. The amount of exchanges will go beneath 2 million and that’s not a lot. It doesn’t take a lot of money to deplete that level. That’S left so we’ll watch this very carefully. It keeps changing.

The whales keep accumulating, despite the prices michael saylor said today, he’s going to continue to buy, despite his company being totally oversold so we’ll just where are seat belts. So let’s talk about this one. This is the r huddle ratio again. Thank you, uh glass node, for this one. We are back.

If you look at the orange line here, we are back at the levels that we are at for this particular ratio. When bitcoin was at twelve thousand dollars going way back to 2020

So that is kind of staggering to think about this r huddle ratio is the ratio between the one week and the one to two year, rcap huddle bands and it accounts for increased supply by weighting the ratio by the total market age, and it’s typically an indication Of an overheated market, if you get into the red zone up top the market’s hot and that’s time to think about selling some. If we are where we are right now, the market is not hot at all, so again confirming the real plan. C. This market is not overheated and the relative value is where we were when bitcoin was at twelve thousand dollars, uh in 2020.

So starting to see now, let’s talk about a little bit of russian news. Russia is in the news from a whole bunch of different perspectives. I covered a week or two ago the fact that russia were going to embrace crypto, and i spoke about the petro dollar, the bitcoin dollar, the petro bitcoin, all these different variations, but turning using uh energy as a functional denominator for crypto and vice versa. I’M getting all muddled up here, but here this one uh russia is banning bitcoin again best at ever. Bank of russia seeks to outlaw mining and trading of crypto in russia, so it’s kind of like what happens in india, flip-flops back and forth between.

What’S up what’s down what’s banned? What’S not now the country central bank is calling for a blanket ban all across the board, all crypto and we’ll see what happens, but this is typically the best advertisement in the world. Things that are banned tend to be very much sold after so another good ad and per the market. Before we jump into what the market thought of this ban, ukraine is heating up now. This is kind of related there’s a lot of stuff going on uh in china and russia.

I’Ve been talking about it for a long time now, but this was in the i think wall street journal today and putin loves to roll the dice. Ukraine is his biggest gamble yet so there’s a lot of stuff going on. We need to be aware of when we’re trading in these markets, and i remember somebody saying that when uh vladimir putin was a young kgb recruit, his intelligence was off the charts. Super super smart guy, but he did have one character flaw and he had a very lowered sense of danger, which means this guy isn’t afraid of anything. So watch this space carefully.

Now the ukraine is heating up. No doubt the us has given approval uh for three. Three baltic nato members to send american made weapons to ukraine. A u.s official said today, so they’re upping the ante again scary stuff going on there, but bitcoin did shake off this latest russia ban didn’t bother at all as bitcoin 43 500 earlier in the day.

It’S just tanked the last hour, but that’s the nature of where we are again seat belts, please so not related to russia but related to turkey. This was a stunning piece of news that’s flying around today and what it actually means. So could turkey be plugging into the bitcoin network? I’Ve been talking a lot about turkey, hyperinflation erdogan, having tons of financial problems, the country being fundamentally bankrupt, but uh erdogan now has met today with uh naibu kelly, the leader of el salvador and they’re, going to talk about making potentially bitcoin legal tender. We’Re not sure exactly the turkish central bank is in a world of hurt, they’re trying to keep interest rates low, but it’s crippling the currency and inflation is completely to the roof.

I think i think they want to compare notes about what el salvador is doing with the bitcoin bond, which is a stunning use of an actual bond. Maybe maybe erdogan could float his own bond and bring some life back to the economy and some stability to the currency if they could peg it some way to the turkish lira as they go forward. So this i’m dying to see exactly what falls out of this. But this could be exciting. There is a chance that maybe turkey could be the second country to adopt bitcoin as legal currency, but i doubt it i think erdogan likes to have his own currency kind of like trump.

I don’t see him doing this, but maybe maybe there’s a small chance of kind of a bitcoin bond type deal which could save the day for turkey. So watch carefully now quick comparison of turkey versus el salvador. I thought it’s interesting to note population of el salvador. Six and a half million turkey is 85 million, which, coincidentally, is about 1
08 of the population of earth and the gdp is 24 billion for el salvador and 720 billion for turkey. So i think the population is about.

What’S that 13x, the population and 30 times the gdp, so it’s a much much bigger country, so fingers crossed having good. Now there is an interesting angle, though this came out today as well, coincidentally, and there’s a new fatwa against crypto and, as you may or may not know, 99 of the population of turkey are muslim, and this is a new piece of uh sharia law and uh. According to the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies makes them imperfect as an investment tool and crypto tokens are believed to contain uh obscurity, which means they’re not backed by anything like gold. So, according to this new fatwa, um cryptocurrencies don’t meet the standard of exchange like gold, but they do. If you go to places like el salvador or the cash app or whatever else, and the fact that the bush and gold they must work for peter schiff.

I’M not sure but uh one of the things that was interesting about this article. When i read it was the fact that speculation is forbidden by law and if i wasn’t allowed to speculate, i would be broke this challenge by financial freedom. So i’m wondering what people that are under this law of god – if they agree, they shouldn’t be allowed to speculate. I think it’s terrible to take that opportunity away from people anyway, nothing to do with religion, it’s just religious law. Let’S move on jp morgan says: ethereum is losing nft market share.

They didn’t go into too many details, but they said they’re losing a lot to solana very very quickly. Now there are some really cool options that make a lot cheaper. Trade nfts energy volume hit an all-time high the other day. It’S still an exploding business everybody’s. Getting in.

I do recommend that people should at least be versed in how to mint an nft and how to market it, sell it etc. If anybody wants me to do a quick video on that drop, a comment below and i’ll, do it for you guys and i’ll show you how to do it for free as well no fees. Now this is a funny one um, i think uh dokwan is playing with acronyms. He created a thing called the luna foundation guard or the lfg, and we all know what lfg means in the crypto business so uh. But this is a new cool mandate and he’s trying to find a way to create new ways to build more capability into terra, stablecoin network and ecosystem development.

And he really is going after making a pathway to drive sustainability and decentralization of money. And this probably rattles a lot of people, if i was a central bank, i’d probably be more concerned about luna than anybody else right now, because dokkan is doing spectacular things he says: where’s, the effect of a decentralized economy needs decentralized. Money and lfg provides another nexus of resources to achieve that end goal so watch the space carefully. This will take off and soon i see luna going above 100 bucks again, let’s watch it so funny now crypto.com um, it’s kind of funny.

I know from the past. If there’s any type of pr crisis, you come out with the truth immediately and don’t try hide the ball. So these guys came out crypto.com and they said no users suffered a loss and they said oh 5 million dollars was lost. Then it was 15 million.

Now it’s 34 million, so the game keeps changing. So as far as i’m concerned, crypto.com has lost a lot of credibility with me, but for those losses i hope to make the customers whole again, maybe take it out of matt damon’s salary. What a bad time to start advertising for crypto.com complete disaster, but this is the wild west, and this is a dangerous place, so be very careful with what exchange you use make sure they have reserve and backing and everything else, and i think the total amount of Accounts that were breached about 500.

I hope nobody here in the audience is one of those, but again pretty staggering: 34 million from 500 people, big chunk of change on average per person, so riot blockchain, i did a minor review. This is a great article. Thank you. Sanjay as well for sending two um considering, i did my mining video the other day earlier this week and i always kind of slated right because they’re all their ratios and i look at 37 different financial ratios, but it was fared poorly. It was nice to see this medium article today, posted so riot has historically fared poorly in the cost control department.

The riots mining cost per btc is twenty. Thirty. Nine thousand five hundred now hut, eight mine bitcoin at 25k, a pop, sometimes 27k, depending on the day. So, to have a forty thousand dollar mining cost per bitcoin is very, very high compared to the competition, and the impact is obviously the not mining as much compared to the competition. So i’m glad to see i’m not the only things riot and marathon need a haircut again.

I always say it’s a cutthroat business ruthlessly thin margins and incredible increasing competition from day to day. So watch it carefully. If you’re old riot be careful um, they are facing a lot of financial headwinds unless they drastically change their cost structure as quickly as possible. So i know a few of you out. There do own riot, never liked it.

I like hud, i like clean spark because i like well financially engineered companies, especially hut right now they were the winner of the last competition. So let’s talk about amazon now this is another interesting one. I’D like to dig into exactly what makes up a business and the components to try and kind of put a value on it. So this was another interesting article from medium and the market’s getting super weak amazon’s. Getting super oversold a little bit of news out of europe that potentially will constrain how amazon operates, but you know they don’t really get through that, like apple got through it, microsoft got through it, google got through it, they all get through it.

Eventually. Maybe a slap on the wrist whatever, but it’s not. It shouldn’t be a concern. But when you break out this, what this article was about is it looked at the evaluation of just the subscription business? That’S amazon, prime and 150.

200 million people use it around the world, but the article came out and said: the amazon prime subscription business alone is worth 450 billion dollars. I analyzed last year that the aws business at the time was worth a trillion dollars. The market cap of amazon today is one and a half trillion, so that means the rest of the business is worth 50 billion dollars. So this like, if you could extract aws trillion dollars worth standalone company, the prime business membership, nearly half a half a billion dollars is huge and forget the infrastructure. Forget the trucks forget the 200 distribution facilities they have around the world that are heavily automated.

All that money, all the infrastructure, is basically valued at nothing right now, so i do expect amazon to have a strong rebound going forward and the growth of this company is incredible and it’s just growing faster because nobody can compete with it. Like you know you you just want something you order it you get it the next day, it’s just they’re, just crushing everybody, which is very bad for other retailers. Anyway, let’s talk about a little bit of regulation regulatory news from gary genser. He was on yahoo finance. He gave a great interview that carpet on it was a very well-run interview actually by the interviewer and they covered a whole bunch of different topics: um the com, some of the key takeaways that i really found useful were.

He wants crypto exchanges to be regulated in 2022, probably in light of what happened with crypto
Com, you can see as usual, everything is interrelated. Turkey is connected to el salvador. Russia is connected to the ukraine. Ukraine is connected to the miners, et cetera, et cetera. Anyway.

He said a couple of things. He was also very concerned about stable coins. Again, i just spoke about luna very, very concerned about the power of them, and he said: 80 percent of all crypto transactions are funded by stable coins, not fiat, which is an interesting stat and everybody’s beginning to treat them as a money market account. Of course, if you get 10 back in your stable coin, that’s peg the dollar. Why wouldn’t he do it, except for the risk he’s worried about the risk now.

The other thing he did say that i thought was very very interesting. Was he says the 6 000 tokens are likely securities? Remember the 16 000 out there. He said six thousand are likely securities, which means there are targets um. He also said it’s hard to unscramble um, for example, uh hard to unscramble how many trading platforms tie trade back from stable coins to crypto and payers and everything else, and it’s a really really crazy world.

He also used the term wild west, but the king, the big, take away from me that was a positive, was 6 000 tokens, not 16 000 tokens, so he’s not going to go after everybody he’s going to have to go after the most likely suspects as we Go forward so, as i always say, things like bitcoin and ethereum are very safe from scc scrutiny. Now that means a whole lot more r, but the level of um decentralization will be incredibly important going forward too. So let’s talk about some bitcoin etf news: mooches, which is scaramucci, who runs sky bridge, their bitcoin etf app, was rejected out of the gate, so the sec are rejecting some very quickly like valkyrie and others, and it wasn’t a delay. It was a straight rejection now. Others uh, for example, naidig.

They had a delay which is positive, which means they’re still thinking about it. Other ones are just being killed out of the gate, so that puts into light that, i think, is a positive news, they’re just not delaying all their delaying. Some very few killing a lot. That means they have a view to approving spot etf, hopefully by my june 2022 deadline. That’S the etf gensler news!

Now in terms of vc money. I know a lot of hardcore crypto people hate vcs, but last week i mentioned some bank from freed has dedicated two billion dollars to a fund to invest in early stage. Crypto companies well andreessen, horowitz a16z – would not be outdone by that. They are now coming up with a four and a half billion dollar fund to invest, and they already have three and a half billion of that committed raising another billion and that will be spent again seed, investments and startups across the digital asset space for people who Don’T know seed investment is extremely early. It’S where you buy like a third of the company for one to four million dollars before the company even gets off the ground, extremely risky 90 to 95 98 of them fail, but if they make it big, they make a lot of money.

That’S why vcs sometimes own a third of a company at the early stage because they invested at seed stage it’s how all great companies get off the ground. So i have to give the indicate that information to you all so don’t hate bc’s all right. I am not abc anyway um. Thank you all for being here. I’M going to take a couple of questions because i haven’t done that in a while.

So let’s jump in and see what’s going on in the world and big. Thank you as well to the moderators. In the chat i see preston there and who else is in there nobody else, k8 mises there hey visa um, i’m gon na wait. There should be. Ah, i have questions already a lot of questions.

All right. Thank you for to kh for bringing them all. Remember. Sometimes i talk too fast, so trust, no one. What does gbtc and microstrategy discount say about when the market is going next, one to two weeks um, the eth micro strategy pair is at the top and dc’ing at each to micro strategy.

Smart move always plan to profit in btc, very clever move. Actually we discussed this early this morning, uh a number of different strategies. The gbtc discount was at 28.5 this morning at one stage, which is like i don’t know, 500 basis points higher than i’ve ever seen before i saw 22.8 a couple of times never saw 28.

percent, so i am confident a spot etf will be approved. That’S why i talk about it, and i am also confident once that happens, the discount will go to zero because it has to the etf has to reflect the true value of the actual holdings. So from that perspective, yes, microstrategy is also selling at a discount about 10 percent, not 28.5, but 10, and i think this is what happens when if, for example, my strategy buys some bitcoin and they get underwater, they have to file that and that they are losing Money on that particular investment, just like they held a best baseball card or something is where the accounting rules probably need to change, because overall they’ve made nearly three billion dollars in their investments, so dca’ing out of eath to microstrategy, yes, um buying things like gbtc at 28
9 discount, yes, it’s a very clever situation and also what you could do is go along something like gbtc and go short related pair two which would work but don’t go short and things that are very, very oversold. Go for things that are heavily discounted.

So good question next question is from nj: have you heard of sovereign btc d5 or alex d5 for bitcoin? What are your thoughts on the d5 native to bitcoin? So i looked at stacks and i looked at sovereign and i looked at the tokenomics. I looked at the adoption and the valuation and they weren’t attractive for me at this point in time. Also, the tokenomics are not perfect as well.

I’M going to take another swipe at them, because sovereign is, i think, no stacks. I think got listed in coinbase today. Um but i’m going to take another look at both of them together and see if there’s anything more compelling, but at the time there wasn’t very much tvl wasn’t very much activity and it didn’t look like there was a lot of potential for upside. So we will take another look nj, but right now, there’s better safer places to be, and at this stage in the market as well, you’ve got to be careful of early stage projects um the big. The big gains like we had in 2021 are probably not going to happen in 2022.

Bug duck kiwi luna is 68 of saul cap. Where do you see this going? Well, it’s a completely different animal uh, stable coin platform. I think the more ust is adopted, the more this thing will explode and if you saw my should i buy luna video. You saw the potential for luna to really go parabolic and i think that could happen, but if that does happen, it could also bring about some regulatory scrutiny as well.

So it’s it’s double-edged sword very bullish. Luna is my fourth biggest position right now and we’ll see but yeah. It could easily easily surpass uh card uh solana, market cap two because of the nature of it. It’S it’s very different. You can’t compare it to uh layer, ones c.

Any thoughts on cell took celsius tokens. Are there any downsides? Yeah i looked at um utility tokens. I looked at them all. Cro token ftt token celsius token, and they make sense if you utilize them.

That’S why i call them utility tokens if you use them for borrowing lending discounts, that type of stuff uh yeah, it’s a good thing, if you’re using it for speculation, i believe there’s better ways to do and if you look at the performance of some of these Tokens over the last year, they’ve gone nowhere, so i do not see them as a speculative investment, but they’re very good for utility. If you want to do things like reduce your borrowing rate or lending rates on platforms like celsius and i love celsius, so jks snipe price, please for tesla luna phantom and do snipe square. You know. Square has been super. Super weak uh hit a one year low.

Today, i think it’s under 1 uh, it’s incredible! The branding is not understood by the markets. It’S my take plus. A lot of these defy trad, fi d5 plays, are getting hammered. Coinbase hit a all-time low today as well.

The whole world is just getting smashed because of the risk of nature because of the fear of the unknown. When is the fed going to raise interest rates and how much are they going to raise when are they going to be done, tapering, etc? This just has the markets very rattled and then you layer, on top of that. You know ukraine and everything else. So there’s many many reasons to be concerned: inflation, so um in terms of tesla, i always said 850 to 950.

If you see it down, there grab some um, not financial advice. Luna i like in the low 60s 60 63, is where i buy and phantom um phantom change recently, but i don’t buy phantom until it’s give me one second to refresh my mind, because i have it on my computer here. My limit price um yeah phantom, is like a dollar ninety for me, i don’t buy it above two bucks at all, not financial advice and i’m very, very gintzy, and how much i spend, because i need to get a 2 or 3x return. If i don’t see that in the near future, i don’t do it. So that’s my methodology, your investment style might be different.

Um starfish, how are d5 platforms able to pay 9 10 10 on usdt and usdc for deposits, have uh even seen 19 for ust and anchor. How is this possible? Anchor is a different situation, so there my take is, after looking at anchor, they like to incentivize, give very strong incentives to bring people in to pay them back high apys and one of the ways in which they do that is they reach back to the pilot Tokens and give it so they have a huge treasury of tokens at the give back to incentivize these actions. Other tools like tether usdc when these things are being used for trading people, borrow the asset and pay high rates for it. So the people that actually borrow it pay much more than what you receive and the middleman takes a piece so, for example, celsius uh when they, if you deposit your bitcoin, they lend it up they and they give you 80 of what they get back for it.

And sometimes the window of time for that lending period is very small and the rates can be very high. So that’s why these amounts are extremely high, but remember, there’s always risk if you’re getting 20 apy and anchor there’s a risk um. So just be careful uh. There was a recent event i think over the weekend, where i can’t remember the name, but they lost a lot of money. It was a total rug pull last minute because at one stage the api went into the thousands of percents.

So just be careful, i’m much more about slow and steady wins. The race always preserve capital. First, look for alpha second, daniel jacobs: how do you differentiate between underperforming assets and undervalued assets? So, first of all, that’s a tough question. Anything that’s underperforming.

Sometimes you’ve got to understand why it’s underperforming and i only exclusively invest in disruptive stocks, so things like tesla, google things that are truly changing the world and have huge amounts of potential return. Amazon i just got into um and that, i believe, is an undervalued asset. So amazon, when you break it up into its component parts, google break it up into component parts, tesla break it up into component parts. It is drastically uh, drastically undervalued and underperforming. Sometimes it can happen at the same time.

So, for example, amazon is undervalued and it’s underperforming um, especially coming up to earnings, but the whole market right now is on is on the edge because of the risk of rates like i just spoke about. So that’s how i look at it but uh. I always also like to buy cheap, so i like things that are beaten down, i’m a bottom fisher and that’s worked well for me and i like to sell the top or hedge at the top, and that’s just my my investing philosophy, crypto papi. What are your thoughts on the russia, ukraine situation and the u.s involvement?

It’S escalating fast and i spoke to a lot of people. I spoke to a lot of people in ukraine, uh people in the us geopolitical experts and when i look at all these different points of view and do my little expected value, i thought the chance of a russian invasion to ukraine at the beginning of the year. Actually late in december, when i did my 36 forecasts, i said yeah russia is probably going to invade the ukraine, but i thought there was a 30 chance of that happening. Now, it’s probably like 40 percent. So it’s gone up, i’m hoping smarter heads, cooler heads will prevail, but uh putin has no fear and he believes he can do anything he wants.

He can hack elections, he can push people’s buttons. He doesn’t give a he’s just playing chess with everybody. So it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens the fact that the us is sending weapons through nato to ukraine to help the people on the ground there. That really doesn’t do much. I mean the eu.

Russia has so many forces already on the border. They could just steamroll a third of the country tomorrow if they wanted so in terms of power and defenses, i’m afraid ukraine don’t have much in terms of what putin will do. I think he’s gon na. Do it, i’m hoping i’m wrong. Um drop me a comment below, if you think, i’m crazy, because the people that uh hear this stuff, they think no he’s just putin’s just playing war games, but it’s just i don’t know it looks too scary, so sage, aesthetic.

What do you think about strong block nodes, passive income stream – i’ve been in for four months and it seems amazing, but want to know your thoughts. I haven’t looked into strong block nodes. Sage aesthetics, i’m sorry about that, but i will check it out. I’Ve heard a couple people ask about that, and i’ve just been so busy with a whole bunch of other things, but i promise you i’ll check it out. Have a quick look but remember if the passive income stream is too good to be true, there is risk of capital loss, so be careful um, chris r, have you looked into alifa zero?

No, i haven’t is that alpha zero or a leaf of zero hang on a second. Let me have a look and again everybody: i’m not a walking encyclopedia lf0 public blockchain, smart contracts, like a million others, if it’s outside the top 300, i would not touch it. It has no rank, it has no data and therefore no, i haven’t looked into it again in investing the key to being good, is to be very, very deep and very few things. It’S impossible to understand what 16 000 tokens are doing, and especially things that are not even ranked and with zero data. It’S a dag!

That’S what i can see here, but there’s nothing, there’s no metrics, no data. So how can you invest in something when there’s no information market data is untracked because it has an untracked listing capability. Hmm super interesting super suspicious, be careful chris, okay, matt wood thoughts on disney stock, snipe price. I don’t like disney stock um, i think. Well, i could tell you, i don’t know anything about the movies they produce or anything else.

I know that the the digital disney thing is supposedly good, but movie theaters are dead. Theme parks are going to suffer during these endemic times um. I i why invest in disney now i’ll have a quick look at the actual stock and see if it has anything going on. I know that. Let me see, i know it rebounded, because they thought vaccines would fix everything.

Oh it just took a big dip. Maybe it explains why i mean i mean the stock hasn’t gone anywhere since 2019, it’s trading at 150. It might hit 190

Why buy something like disney, where you can buy some out of tesla little double triple uh? You know like tesla’s, a three thousand dollar stock, maybe a four and a half thousand dollar stock uh amazon is selling for three thousand. Now it’s going to 4100 um much safer places to park money, not in this children’s park movie silly company – and i don’t know even even consider.

Actually i read an interesting article. It was comparing netflix amazon, prime mgm, disney all the people that invest in content, cbs, etc, and the two best places to park money if you’re interested in that type of creative movie business would be netflix or amazon as well. By the way, my evaluation for amazon – i mean it was aws and the prime membership. Can you imagine you add their movie business, the movie subscription business. If you ever bought a video on amazon, prime at home 399 pressing a button, zero cost to them, they pass 10 15 royalties.

They keep the rest for themselves. Huge margins, crazy, crazy money, printing machine, so yeah don’t mess with disney financial advice. Thanks for the question matt um a2k 5000: our cover call strategy for a couple of hundred micro strategies. Microstrategy shares in a retirement account a good long-term plan, downsides advice. The problem with microstrategy is extremely volatile, so you would only really do a covered call strategy at tops and you have to watch bitcoin price very carefully when the top succeed like when we had a 1200 micro strategy price early 2021.

Perfect time you could have got 300 dollars for a covered call going on three months at that time like would it take you to 1500 bucks, so just wait until we get really really peak volatility, a real kind of gamma squeeze on microstrategy before you do. That type of thing otherwise you’re just going to get called out, but you can do that too. I mean the premium on microstrategy. Right now is incredible: you could buy it at what 450. The call options at three months are going for well over a hundred bucks, buy it on margin.

That’S a 50 return investment. You will get called out, most probably um. So that’s that’s an option. Uh one muddy paw can satoshi mess with bitcoin uh undercover? No, i don’t think so.

It’S not the nature of satoshi satoshi built this because the team, or he or she was frustrated with the current financial system and they had deep experience in cryptography, understood, money, markets, central banks and they built it to help save the world because um you know, inflation Is a silent thief? That’S why bitcoin was built to combat inflation and give the world a money that could be trusted and censorship, resistance and all the other good stuff that comes along with bitcoin. So i it’s not the nature. It’S not the persona of the person to do that, you, don’t you, don’t build a cure for the world and then give the world a disease so absolutely not 99.99 sure that would never happen and a big thank you for your donation as well.

Fantastic. Gt350! There’S a tough one, poor pherogenitus t
S pun, mrs reed german girl in virginia uh cat with that mysterious marissa caleb martin vanden idol sleepless mysterious marissa mark cch. Thank you all for being here. Thank you for donations and make a difference.

We sponsored hundreds of animals last year, so uh we’re trying to put together a collage of everything that we did and all the goodness and we’ll continue to do that too. So big, thank you, everybody, i think. That’S it so have a good night. Everybody bye,

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