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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

NFT Demand SURGES! Important 2022 Info

What’s up everyone in this video we’re going to be talking about the crypto markets? We do have a small recovery today, and i do think that we’ll continue. I do want to talk about nfts in the upcoming journey. Nft set also and show you guys some previews and talk about the uh, lore and storyline behind this. So before we get started, i do appreciate if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you haven’t already and hit the bell to be notified for regular video videos, [ Music ], all right everyone, so the markets are looking pretty good like we did Talk about in my last video, a lot of people were taking losses for tax reasons, since we’re up so much this year.

Capital gains taxes is going to be huge for a lot of people, so they are trying to offset that and, as we close in on the very end of the year, i do think the markets will be recovering in general and uh. This is already picking up here back over fifty thousand at fifty one thousand dollar bitcoin uh other all coins up uh around ten to fifteen percent as well. Cardano is up ten percent tara, luna up fifteen percent. Everything here is looking pretty good in the crypto space. We have the sandbox up 22.

Like i said i think that’s going to be a top 10 cryptocurrency at some point in 2022, once the game starts picking up mass adoption and uh the game is public. So before we jump into the news and talk about nfts, i want to give you guys a big thank you for supporting my channel. Throughout the year uh beginning of the year, we went from around 40 000 subscribers now over 600 000. I did most of this by myself uh using the same thumbnail picture in pretty much every single video uh. So now, going into 2022 we’re gon na have a big team backing uh the journey uh crypto channel as well as uh the journey club, nft sets and other things.

We are working on massive things. We are working on for 2022 So this may or may not be my last video for 2021. If it is, i wanted to quickly thank you guys, and i hope you all have a great christmas holidays and happy new year as well so uh depending on uh. If there’s any major news or anything, i may do another, video uh before the year ends uh. But i do want to put a lot of focus into uh the journey club and, if he said, we’re getting close to launching uh the next nft set, which will be a free, mint plus gas for all the uh current journey club holders.


So i do want to show you guys, a preview of that and talk about the storyline as well. So if you guys aren’t in the journey club discord yet i do recommend that i will put a link in the video description. This is where i drop announcements. First, for the nft stuff and uh, there are a lot of private channels and stuff here. If you do hold a journey club nft that you can’t get access to by verifying.

So a quick announcement here that i did make today showing a preview of the upcoming nfp set that will be a free mint for journey club holders. Lots of other perks for journey club holders as well like weekly nft market updates, private chat, stuff, uh whitelist to various projects and other stuff as well so uh. The next journey nft set, will take place on the destination planet. There will be a wide variety of voyagers weapons and armor. A very small percent of the total set will be intelligent apes that were brought along on the journey and even smaller percent are going to be alien species that inhabit the destination planet.

The set will also contain the rabid uh, which is this preview here and uh. These are going to be voyagers that were mutated upon arrival of the destination planets below the sneak peaks, so the art for the set is nearly done and uh we’re going to start. Releasing a lot of sneak peeks every week leading up to the launch, i’m not going to announce a launch date for this, because i don’t want artificial pump and dumps on this uh. So here’s the previews of the mutants – and these are just silhouettes for now, but you can get a general idea here. So every voyager and nft is going to have its own weapon.

There’S lots of different uh, unique weapons here, there’s actually over 400 assets, total uh. Once you count in everything uh from the various species and all the weapons and armor, so we also have many one of ones in this set and i believe we have the most one-of-ones out of any nft set out there. We may even have the most uh total assets in the nft set as well, so what a one of one is is a completely unique nft. It doesn’t share any assets with any other nfts in the entire set. Every single one of these is extremely awesome and it’s going to be extremely rare to get one of these, but these will be the top rarity nfps in the entire set.

So uh really excited to start previewing. All of this uh. We have some really rare weapons and stuff as well and uh. We do want to create a couple of games that does tie into this nft set. There will be future drops for this.

Nft set we’re working on all kinds of stuff for the journey club, so i do recommend checking that out. There will be links in the video description to the journey club nft page on openc, so we actually have some crazy news here for nfts, which is huge global search. Interest for nft surpasses crypto for the first time ever. So this is insane when you actually think about that how early we still are to nfts, and it’s now surpassing the search volume of crypto itself, like the ceo of coinbase said not too long ago uh. He does believe that nfts can surpass crypto on the coinbase platform uh, so i do think that’s very possible and very likely, especially going into the metaverse going mainstream.

I think nfts are an extremely important part of the metaverse, so we can see here. The google search for nft versus crypto and uh crypto has been fluctuating, but nfts have been on a steady rise and i do think that will continue. Uh, the bigger the metaverse gets. Of course it will have corrections and you do have to be careful of the nfts you buy into uh, not every nft set out. There is going to make it, and actually a very high percent of nft sets, are just going to fade out.

They’Re not going to have good teams behind them that are integrated into the space and understand how to build good utility and uh they’re. Just not going to have what it takes, whether it’s not enough funding uh the team, all kinds of different factors that can play into this and uh. This is why i put such a focus on finding good blue chip. Nft sets and i go heavy on these uh like i did with uh board api club, and this is another major reason why i haven’t really sold many of my apes yet as well. Even though they’re up so huge, i’m really waiting for the metaverse to go.

Mainstream, which i think is gon na, take uh five years minimum so uh. I will take small profits along the way, but i have a very long term vision with the nfts. We have to keep in mind. Nfts are collectibles they’re, not liquid currency and the better. You understand that the better you’re going to do in the nft space – i see so many people that buy nfts and then they flip them for major loss within the uh.

Next few days or the next month, every single nft i buy i’m buying for the very long term, so i’m holding four to either go to zero dollars or go up uh to a huge uh return on investment when the metaverse does go mainstream. So something to consider and think about uh if you are looking to get into nfts uh, you do have to be careful with this. They are not as liquid as people think and uh. There’S a lot of panic, uh sellers in nfts right now, so uh. You guys can see the chart here.

Nft versus crypto crypto has been doing great the whole year. Nfts has just been on a steady rise though, and i think that will continue. Of course, it will have corrections at different points, but uh regardless uh, as the metaverse starts picking up more and more and we get more companies getting involved which we have been seeing lately. Nike just bought the artifact nft company. We just had adidas do a huge job, all kinds of companies getting involved and that’s only going to continue because they do want to play a role in the metaverse where the future of social media is headed.

So i know a lot of you out, there don’t understand nfts and you want nothing to do with the space. But the facts are here: it’s a growing uh industry and i’ve actually made my best return on investments in nfts this year alone. Actually, in the last six months, compared to even cryptocurrencies, i’ve been buying for the last four to five years, just insane at the huge potential here, and this is only getting started. So, even if you don’t understand nfts, i do recommend at least trying to understand them and trying to find some good blue chip projects and uh having a good long-term strategy with that uh you’re going to be very successful, just keep in mind, there’s so much garbage Coming out in the space with people that just aren’t integrated into space and don’t understand it, so you do have to be very careful with what you’re getting into as well so boardy bia club did a tweet today and we do have mutant apes on the rise. The mutant eight floor is now at 8.

ethereum, just insane uh these minted out for around 2.5 ethereum average in their dutch auction. So they said: hey apes, we’re still working on things with apple the uh bake and make mobile game. It should be up and running. In about four weeks in the meantime, happy holidays to you all and your families quarter, one is going to be insane uh.

So i did a post of uh kennel club holders here um. This is actually a board ape set and i do think it’s the most undervalued one. I do want to talk about that as well, but mutant apes have been surging uh so aboard a kennel club. Uh was a free airdrop to board a biat club holders, and these are basically just doge, nfts and uh. These are actually going up today as well uh with that announcement um.

I actually bought ten of these for the journey club community wallet uh around 2.5 to three uh eath, so um. Why? I think this is the most undervalued out of every set in the board ape ecosystem. They have the smallest amount of total nfts.

Nine point: six thousand uh next is board of yacht club, having ten thousand then mutant apes having up to twenty thousand. So considering that, with a having a 3 2 ethereum uh floor price. I definitely think that’s undervalued. I definitely think they’re going to be doing something big for the board of kennel club. Eventually, right now the focus is on uh, the 40 yacht club and uh the mutant apes as well uh.

They did have a hint on road map 2.0 that they were going to be doing something for kennel club. I do think uh boarded kennel club will have something to do with earning their new ape cryptocurrency as well. That’S another thing a lot of nfts are doing. Is they’re all creating their own cryptocurrencies for staking rewards and utility in their ecosystem for games and other things, and i do believe throughout 2022 all the big blue chip nft sets will be doing their own cryptocurrency.

So i believe a lot of crypto projects will be creating their own nft sets throughout 2022. Also, it’s a huge opportunity missed if they don’t uh, which is just going to bring more and more demand to the nft space and, like i said these two spaces are getting more integrated by the date uh pretty much. Every blue chip nft will have its own cryptocurrency and every uh great uh crypto project will have nfts. Also so uh lots of opportunity here, uh we’re still very early, don’t think you missed the boat uh but of course, board api club, uh nfps are out of the question for most people at this point, but there’s always going to be new blue chip sets coming Out every couple months, so um does take a lot of research and being on top of the markets, which is why i recommend following me on twitter and uh other influencers and stuff um that are integrated into space and uh, have a good outlook and everything. So for crypto all coins, i’m still very bullish on a lot of all coins, also so uh pretty bullish on ethereum for 2022 Uh still variable as sean cardano and avalanche as well as chain link, which is actually one of my top picks now um out of the top 100 for 2022.

They actually get the most partnerships out of any crypto project in the entire space uh they’re gon na be uh. There’S gon na be a huge use case, um coming from chain link for the metaverse and nfts also, so i do think that’s quite undervalued, considering it did peak out over fifty dollars, uh back in may before the market did crash, seeing where it’s at now. I think uh, it’s quite undervalued. It actually peaked out not too long ago, around 35 dollars, so uh pretty ridiculous. It is this low uh, since the markets are recovering as well and like i said that did peak out over 50, so over 2x potential, just getting back to previous all-time highs, which is very likely to happen in 2022, with everything they’re doing and uh the use Case they provide as well uh.

Besides that i am bullish on eos for the uh bullish exchange that is launching and uh. They do have a uh nft platform called voice and uh lots of other big things happening here as well. They just got uh new team management and uh. They are making some shifts in uh how the project is being ran and everything, so that is higher risk. But of course that’s a much smaller market cap and uh does have huge potential previous all-time high, for that was over twenty dollars, uh, actually, during the last full uh markets and uh during this bull market.

It hasn’t really done too great with the announcement of the bullish exchange launching this year. It did peak out around fifteen dollars, so uh, getting back to just fifteen dollars where it peaked in may is a huge opportunity here. Um, i do think a 5x potential is in the cards, uh very possible that could happen in quarter one as long as bitcoin ethereum and the crypto space is growing in general uh. Besides that, there’s a lot of small caps that are much higher risk, but also much higher reward if they do um actually pick up and have huge demand and, like i said sandbox, i have been waiting for that to drop. I was lucky enough to pick up a lot of that dollar cost average throughout uh most of 2021, and i’ve been talking about that for quite a while, so congrats.

If you did get in uh sandbox, i do think that still has huge potential going forward. But it’s gone up so much that correction can be expected at certain points. Uh crypto gaming is huge. In general, i do recommend keeping your eye on crypto gaming uh. There is the c device launch pad which i am an advisor, for they have brand new crypto uh gaming projects launching through that regularly and uh staking rewards and other great benefits for that project as well.

So that’s pretty much it for this updates um. If this is my last video for 2021 again, i want to thank you all for the massive support this year. Uh huge things happening here, uh we just hired a few people and we’re gon na start hiring a lot more people. I will be hiring from the community as well uh for anyone that does want to work in crypto and nfts full time. I will let you guys know when i do post those forums where you guys can apply.

So i will be doing a lot of giveaways here for the holidays as well. I will be giving away some journey club nfts as well as ethereum and nfts, and some other sets so be sure to follow me over on twitter at grny crypto. There’S links to my social pages in the description below and links to other useful resources for crypto as well again, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys have a great uh holiday christmas and new year and i’ll see you guys, you

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