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New Crypto Exchange – 100$ worth Tokens Free

Hello friends, you are watching Mr. HM Technological and in this content, I have brought a review of a website where you get cryptocurrency for free in the form of the airdrop. At the end of the content, I am going to show you the payment proof from dogeminingpaid.com Before we go, if you are a new viewer of this page, you are very warm welcome.

I used to bring such free mining sites, free paying sites as well as payment proof. If you are interested to earn the money online then just subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to hit a bell icon for future notifications. Please like this video and do watch it till the end. Without further due, let’s get started.

This is the interface of the website. It is Europe’s largest award-winning cryptocurrency exchange. I think some of you already know about this website. They are distributing CIN tokens with airdrop and referral programs. Already they are completed the first round of airdrop with huge success. With the response of the first round, they would like to continue giving back to the community with the second round and the third round.

In the second round, we can claim $100 worth of CIN tokens by registering on this website and completing the KYC norms. This second round ended on July 9th, 2021. In the third round, we can claim $50 worth in tokens by registering on the platform and completing the KYC norms.

The third round will be started on 10th July and ended on 31 July of 2021. To register on this website, click on the signup button. Enter the email ID and choose a password. Check terms of service and click on register. The verification mail will send to your email ID. Just click on step 1 in verification mail to verify your account.

Now, you need to verify your KYC to claim the CIN token. To start go to the profile section, scroll down, and click verification. On the next page, select your country. Indian citizens, are only accepting Aadhar and PAN cards for KYC verification. Here users need to enter personal information like name, date of birth, and then select gender. Click next to proceed to the next step. Now, enter your official address information correctly. After that, click on next. Now, upload the documents.

After uploading the documents, click on next. For the final step, you need to upload a selfie with the holding official document in one hand and coins bit text with the date on white paper in another. The file must be under 2MB.

After completing the KYC process, you will receive a confirmation mail. After approving your KYC, they will add the claim tokens to your account.

After receiving tokens, you need to stack to earn a 3% profit. For the website link, there is a link in the description box below just to click on the link you will redirect to this interface simply click on the website button now. Let’s see the payment proof of doge mining paid.com. I already reviewed this website in my channel. I will text the review video link in the description.

Go through the link and watch the video till the end. You can see here I have ten doge in my account to withdraw go to withdraw page select doge here. Click on request. You need to confirm this transaction. You can see here there is no fee for this transaction.

Now click on confirm. That’s it. Withdraw process successfully placed and sent instantly. For more proof, I will show my wallet. You can see here 10 doge receiving from that website. Okay, hope you enjoyed this video. If so, feel free to give it a thumbs up and also share it with your other friends. Thanks for watching.

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