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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

My Crypto / Bitcoin Strategy for 2022 To Make MILLIONS!!!

In today’s video, i want to share with you what my investment strategies are going to be moving into 2022.. How am i thinking about the market? What are the areas that i’m looking at in particular, where i think the biggest gains are going to be and where i am personally allocating my money into 2022., my name’s lark everyday?

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All for less than 10 bucks a week for the premium report or if you’d like to join our newsletter for free, you can click on that down below in the link and you can sign up for our free version as well. Now, let’s go ahead and get into this topic, so first we need to talk about bitcoin.

I first like to say i don’t have any plans on selling my bitcoin. It’S just gon na chill in my wallet, man. Well, son was lending so it’s being used for stuff, but it’s just it’s chilling for the most part, i’m not selling my bitcoin.

I will continue to buy bitcoin when we see significant dip situations when we see oversold rsi or something like that. Yeah i’ll add some bitcoin to my stack. That’S fine! That’S fine! We can do that there.

What i’ll continue to do with my bitcoin, though not selling it, but i will continue to activate my bitcoin and use it for something.

Yes, there will always be some sitting in my cold wallet but currently, for example, i’m using celsius to lend out my bitcoin, i’m also uh, using my bitcoin to act as collateral for cash loans.

So what i do is i wrap my bitcoin into wrapped bitcoin. Take that bitcoin on the ethereum network over to maker dow’s oasis app, then when it is over there, i can get die stable coins. In return.

For that i can then take those over to other platforms, for example like uh over to convex finance, where i can earn. You know 20 or 30 percent on those stable coins.

So you know that’s kind of what i’ve been doing, uh with my bitcoin currently, but no plans on selling – that’s probably the most important thing to get across here, we’re just adding on dips and activating the asset. Now, what about ethereum ethereum is also a long term asset.

For me, i do love my ethereum in spite of the crushing fees right now, but they’re going to fix that that will be fixed at some point by the developers so temporary situation, but in the meantime, what am i going to do with my ether assets?

Well, i will continue to seek yield opportunities with them. So, for example, right now, i’ve got a bunch of ethereum on convex finance that earns around 11 apy paid out in curve tokens and in convex tokens it’s been pretty nice so far.

I’Ve also had some of it in the toke mac, which is a d5 protocol, so that’s been earning between like six and twelve percent uh apy paid out in tokamak tokens, so that’s been pretty gosh, darn sweet and of course i got a bit of my theorem. Also lending over in celsius earning like 5.5 uh apy, so also pretty nice.

You know just earning more on my ethereum i’ll continue doing that into 2022. Looking for new opportunities, and also just like point out, i’m not afraid to use my ethereum for liquidity farming to do some yield farming. Yes, there’s always the potential of impermanent loss.

Yes, this sometimes happens. The idea, though, is that you will make enough with the tokens to be able to outweigh the impermanent loss, buy back your ethereum and, of course, have made some money in the process.

Currently, i’m using my ethereum to do yield farming, just a small portion of my theory. Mind you to do yield farming for elluvium, which is a very hot ethereum based game, as well as for mc, which is a crypto gaming guild coin.

So i’m farming both of those coins using my ethereum fingers, crossed the impermanent losses, not too painful. Now, let’s talk about things, i’m probably not going to put much money into in 2022 by the way bitcoin and ethereum. That’S about half of my portfolio.

It’Ll probably stay approximately around there as i take props and altcoins moving into cash moving into bitcoin moving into ethereum. You guys know how the game works, but where will i not be investing my money? Well, one area where i don’t plan on putting a lot of money. It’S nfts look, i love nfts, i think nfts are really cool. I’Ve got some nfts that i really like.

Like my stoner cats, i love my stoner cats. Those are fun. You know. We’Ve got some other cool nfts too right but uh. I, like my stoner cats anyway, nfts are cool.

I will continue to buy ones that i like, but i’m not going to be allocating any serious amounts of money into nfts. I’M not going to be out there trying to flip nfts for profits. I, like nfts and the nfts that i do like i’ll buy i’ll hold, maybe every once in a while.

If i see a collection of things worth speculating on, i might do that, but i don’t foresee allocating any serious amounts of time into the nft space or serious amounts of money into the nft space and look there’s a lot of money to made in the nft Space and other people are going to make that money and that’s okay by me now the second area, where i’m not planning on throwing a lot of new money layer, one block chains. So look i love using solana.

I love using avalanche. They both have nice user experience like using polygon, it’s great, but you know what, if you want to talk about investment opportunities, great roi opportunities, it’s not buying solana and avalanche right now, and i own both of those coins, not massive amounts of them, but i do Own both of those coins and i use their chains.

However, i think that the real money is going to be made on solana on avalanche on polygon, on buying and support chain on ethereum on arbitrary, by buying the ecosystem plays man buying the games on solana buying the d5 on avalanche buying, the games and d5 on Polygon right, this is where the big money is going to be made.

Now, if you want a couple x returns, you know, solana and avalanche will likely offer that in uh 2022

If you want 10, 30, 40, 50 100 x returns, you got to get the ecosystem plays. Man look for those hot games that are like 30 40, 50 million dollar market caps.

Look for those cool new d5 protocols that are 20, 30, 40, 50 million dollar market caps. That’S where the money is going to be made and, of course uh for things like polygon, for example, i will look to unload my bags polygons, not technically a layer one.

It’S an ethereum side chain but i’ll look to unload my bags on that at some point in the future like when, when polygon hits 10 bucks, i’m gon na cash out man, i’m gon na cash out i’ll, say goodbye as friends and move on, because that’s what We do we take profits, sometimes guys and that’s a okay to do now.

Let’S talk about what i plan on putting my money into probably a potentially more interesting conversation for you, gaming in case you haven’t noticed i’ve been talking about gaming. A lot recently 2021 is the year when i have finally seen really beautiful games.

Coming out. We’Ve been talking about gaming on the channel for years now you know 2018 talking about engine. Some of the games were coming out back then um and 2019 and 2020, but really, if i’m being honest in 2021, it’s the first time. I’Ve really started to see games. I’M like that’s a hot looking game.

That’S a game! I would take out and buy a nice dinner, maybe take to a movie or butch yeah yeah anyway seriously, though gaming and metaverse is going to be hot, i feel like the gaming metaverse stuff. This is what is literally gon na bring tens of millions.

Maybe hundreds of millions of new people into the crypto market, they’re gon na play these play to earn games. They’Re gon na win in-game tokens, and you know what they’re gon na need to get those in-game tokens to cash out.

A freaking crypto wallet man, they’re gon na get in-game nfts and you wan na know how they’re gon na get access to those in-game nfts that they’ve won they’re gon na need a crypto wallet man i feel like it’s just so obvious. Maybe i’m missing something here with game: fine, it’s not obvious and uh. You know it’s gon na be a terrible disaster, but i feel like it’s just so obvious that some of these games are gon na. Just go on to have serious like hundred or thousand x returns for investors. It’S gon na be absolute insanity.

It’S going to happen. We’Re gon na see thousands and thousands of percent gains for some of these really hot gaming crypto coins game. Five is gon na be big.

I think it’s going to be a big trend throughout 2022 and look it’s yeah like all trends. Gon na go up and down left right center back forward.

You know how it works in this game. Long term, though, i think we’re going to see some games that are going to provide incredible terms. Not all games are going to make it.

Some games will fail to get users or the developers will have a bunch of you know, drama they’ll sleep with each other or something and you know then it’s all over and the game falls pieces. That stuff happens, but the games that make it are going to go absolutely crazy man, the second destination for money in 2022.

It’S defy man honestly, we’ve seen so many really cool and innovative d5 products coming out in 2021. So much money has been made. Investing in d5 in 2021, so much money was made investing in d5 in 2020.

I see zero reason why 2022 is suddenly gon na stop the d5 train when it comes to gains. I think that d phi is probably one of the most revolutionary aspects of the entire cryptocurrency industry that we’re seeing here the ability to do decentralized, borrowing and lending um provision of liquidity.

All this stuff, it’s absolutely game. Changing it’s crazy defy is not going anywhere. It’S only going to keep getting bigger, there’s only going to be more opportunities, not less opportunities coming forward in d5, the potential for yield farming for getting in early on some of the ecosystem plays on alternative chains. Like you know, farming trader joe over on avalanche, for example, or farming some orca over on solana. Those are potential future big protocols.

So i’m keeping my eye on all this stuff and i keep sniffing out these hot new defy protocols. You know we’ve seen some massive gains for some of the things like tokemak or uh. You know wonderland or stuff like this. This year it’s been crazy. We’Ve seen some really really big gains.

20 22 gon na be more big gains in the d5 space. I’Ll continue. Throwing money into d5 coins and the final thing that i’d like to discuss with you is stable coins. I will continue growing. My stablecoin stack, i’m going to try to keep it around.

You know, 10 to 12, approximately of my portfolio as time goes forward. So i will use those stable coins to continue to create more wealth, basically so i’ll use those stable coins for lending right now, i’m lending my stable coins and anchor protocol, i’m lending them over on celsius as well, i’m using them in a variety of different yield. Farming opportunities to get more coins so, for example, i’m in um convex finances, um, mim pool. So basically i’m earning around 20 or something like that. Uh apy on my stable coins over there getting paid out in convex tokens and in curve tokens.

So i’m earning both of those things for farming, with my stable coins over there and, of course, when i have decent amounts of stable coins on hands. What does that mean? I can do it means i can buy dips when the dips come up. This is one of the most common things that i hear when the dip comes. People are like.

Well, i don’t have any chips. Of course you can’t buy any dips. If you don’t have any chips. Man, you got ta, have stable coins on hand, and this is where the lending and the farming it all comes into play because you can use those stable coins to earn interest. While you wait for dips to come market’s on fire great go, do some lending go?

Do some farming where the dip comes, you got stable coins on hand by the dip. You might even be able to buy the dip just using the profits that you got from lending and farming. So you have a perpetual dip buying machine, essentially pretty cool. Let me start think about it and, of course i will be cashing out money from the market, as i always do. I will put money into stocks and i’ll put money into property moving forward as well.

So this is my goal to continue to diversify. My portfolio. Make it more resilient to be able to ride out any storms in the market and, of course, final thought here? For you remember, none of those numbers you see on your apps are real. Until you click on the sell button, profits will be taken.

I will continue to take profits on alt coin positions. Don’T get married to those bags that you only intend to date for a while guys, it’s a big mistake that people make in the market and end up giving all of their gains back anyway. Just my two satoshi’s for you: what about you? What is your strategy for crypto moving into 2022
Be very curious to hear that down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching today’s video and peace out till next time.

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